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Ethan Carter

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a character in “Childhood Rivalries - Secrets Untold”, as played by TvJunkie19




Name:: Ethan Lucas Carter

Nickname(s):: "E" or Luke

Preferred Name:: "I don't really have a preference. Since I was kid my family has always called me by my middle name. Not because I asked them to but just because I guess. So at home I'm use to being called Lucas or Luke. Outside of my home and family members everyone else calls me Ethan. So, typically my friends and school teachers and stuff call me Ethan or if were talking about friends it's just "E".

Age:: Seventeen

Birthday: December 9th

Gender:: Male

Sexuality:: Questioning

..::A Bit More in Depth::..

Group:: Outcast

Personality:: When it comes to his level of openness Ethan falls somewhere in-between Jane and J.T. There are certain things that Ethan just doesn't like to talk about and if you do bring up something that he doesn't want to speak on he'll either be silent or try to change the topic. When pushed about things that he obviously doesn't want to get into he goes into a sort of fight or flight mode and depending on who you are he'll either just walk away or punch you in the face. This response to things has gotten him in a lot more trouble then he'd like to admit but it's just the way he is. He doesn't like to fight but he is a fighter and when pushed he's not afraid nor will he hesitant to let his fist start flying.

Ethan is generally a cheerful person with a good sense of humor. He is a very honest and straightforward person. So much so that people have often said that he is "rude" and "unemotional". Which Ethan doesn't really agree with. Yes, he is blunt but typical the so called "rude" things that he says he doesn't say meaning to be intentionally rude. People just take it wrong way. As as him being "unemotional" he personally feels that he is the exact opposite. He actually feels like he is far too emotional. Ethan isn't one of those types of people who hides or downplays or lies about his emotions. So, with Ethan you never have wonder what or how he's feeling because he doesn't hid it. Between that and his straightforwardness, you never have to wonder where you stand with him or how he feels about you because he'll flat out tell you or show it in the way he treats you.

On the lighter side of things Ethan is extremely ambitious, especially in regards to his art. While his grandparents aren't exactly enthusiastic about his want to be a legit artist, they've supported him in his aspiration which means everything. When it comes to his art Ethan can be very sensitive and he isn't always respective of everyones criticism. If your not one of the other Outcast or a member of his family he doesn't really value or give a damn about your opinion. Unless of course your opinion is a positive one or your someone important in the art community.

For the most part Ethan is a really laid back guy. He isn't the kind of person who goes looking for a fight or drama. He'd rather spend all day in his studio or with his friends then waste his energy dealing with people he doesn't care for. While he isn't the most social person in the world he is definitely not antisocial or socially awkward. He can carry a conversation with just about anyone if he really wants to, it's really just about him figuring out if he wants to.

Likes & Dislikes:: "The one thing that I love possibly more than my family and friends is my art. In the beginning I use to just tag graffiti and murals everywhere but I think back then I was just trying to be rebellious or something. Nowadays, I've stopped tagging other peoples' shit and you'll find all my work in my studio ... otherwise known as the garage. I would really like to become a legit artist one day but as my parents haven't failed to point out on numerous occasions it's highly unlikely that it will happen. Call it my pipe dream. Am not a fan of animals but I like pets. Don't know if that makes sense. By pets I mean I like domesticated, household pets. Cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and all those kinds of pets am fine with. I don't do scaly pets though. I don't do lizards and snakes and I think fish are like the worst possibly pet a person can have. You spend all this money on tanks, decorative things to put in the tank, the fish themselves, fish food and when it's all said and done you do nothing but look at them. It's always been stupid to me. I can't cook but I love to eat. I wish I could cook but I just can't. I tried. Failed. Stopped trying. I like music. All different kinds of music. As long as it's in a language I can understand I'll listen to just about anything. "

Fears:: "Death scares me more than anything else in this world. The thought of closes your eyes and never opening them up again. Your corpse rotting in the earth and you becoming nothing more than maggot food. It just scares the hell out of me and the thing that makes it worst is that I know it is one day going to happen. If your fear things like heights and clowns and flying you can just avoid that stuff, but the one thing that no one can avoid is death. Which just makes it that much scarier."

Secrets:: "I know that am attracted to woman. That's something that I've never had to think twice about. The thing that I'm struggling with and I guess questioning is whether or not I also feel the way about men that I do about women. No one outside of my sister, Sebastian and myself know I have feeling of confusion towards my sexuality. I told my sister just because were close and I guess if anything I needed to know how she would feel if I did turn out to be ... not exactly straight. I told Sebastian because I know that he's bi and if there was anyone who was going to understand what am going through it would be him.

With senior year just around the corner I've started looking into colleges. When it comes to my art, while my grandparents have been supportive enough to let me turn our garage into my personal art studio they are not exactly optimistic about me turning it into an actual career. Which is why I've been keeping it a secret from them that I've actually been looking into art schools and have begun developing a portfolio that I will hopefully have finished by the time it's time to send it out."

..:: Somebody's looking fine::..

Tattoos/Peircings:: "I have one tattoo and it's on the right side of ribcage right underneath my chest. It's a quote from peter pan and it means a lot to me. I’ve always had a fear of death but realize that when I do die, I will just go on to a new adventure.”

Faceclaim:: Jeremy Sumpter

Scars:: Nothing serious. Just the usual old cuts, scratches, and scrapes from childhood that have long since healed up.

Brief History:: Three months after Ethan's first birthday and a few weeks after the birth of his little sister Nicole, their mother brought them from sunny LA to the small town of Riversdale. Their mother, Claudia Carter, had been born and raised in the small town and her parents still resided in her hometown. In California Claudia was a model on the rise and she was far to busy living in fast lane to make the commitment that being a mother required. So, after spending less than a week with her parents, year old son and newborn baby Claudia pack up her stuff and went back to California leaving her children with their grandparents. In the beginning she would call twice a day everyday just to talk to him and she was fly in on his birthday and christmases to be with her kids. However, as both Ethan and Nicole got older the calls and the visits became less and less frequent.

Instead of calling or visiting she would send Ethan and Nicole packages and money from California. Every once in a while she would even send a postcard or letter telling them how much she missed them and how she would eventually send from them and they could be one big happy family in California. It's been seventeen years and Ethan has given up all hope of his mother ever actual "sending" for them. While he could see himself moving to California for college he doesn't see himself having much of a relationship with his mother if he did. When it comes to his personal feelings about his mother he can't really put into words how he feels about her. He doesn't know if his angry or resentful or if he just doesn't care. He doesn't know who his father is and probably never will and his mother has never been much of mother. He loves his grandparents who have basically been his mom and dad, and in spite of the fact that the run in different circles Ethan and Nicole are nothing like Charlotte and Sebastian. They do argue sometimes and neither one likes the company that the other keeps but at the end of the day they do love each other.

So begins...

Ethan Carter's Story


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Nicole arrived at the local diner at 12:50 p.m. on the dot in the car that she and her brother shared. When she had left the house for her little meet-up with her friends Ethan was still tucked away upstairs under his covers. He wouldn't be needing the car. She and her friends had agreed to gather at the diner promptly at 1 p.m. for brunch. As she stepped out of her car she noticed that Toby's jeep along with some of her other friends cars were parked in the lot. All except Raevyn's which didn't surprise her at all. The gang was just being seated at one of the large booths when she arrived. "Morning peoples!" Her voice was gleeful as she slid into the booth. "Anyone else willing to wake up Ray? I did it last time." Nicole wasn't about to volunteer for that one as she picked up one of menus that sat on the table in front of them and began to skim through the selections.

Toby sighed,"Okay, I'll do it, again. But I'm tired of texting her mum, it's awkward." he admitted to which Nicole peeked at him from over the menu that hide the smirk on her face. "Soon you and Ray's mum will be pretty tight. New besties maybe." Nicole couldn't help but laugh at Tanner's words as Tobias gave him a lighthearted punch in the arm for it. "Watch what you're saying, people will go spreading rumors that I'm banging my friends' mums." A mental image of Toby and Ray's mom getting hot and heavy immediately popped into Nicole's head that sent shivers down her spine as Tanner sat laughing. "That's a mental image I could have really done without." Nicole said sitting her menu down in front of her.

"Oh I've done it again, she's pissed. She said she'll be late, so lets order up." Nicole shrugged, "This is Ray you're talking about here. Are you really surprised?" Nicole had already made up her mind as to what it was she was going to order. So she just sat and waited for the waitress to come along as her friends pondered on what it was they wanted. "For a second I thought we'd have to wait. Glad we don't have to, I'm starving." he says looking at her with a grin on his face that Nicole grinned back at. "If Raevyn asks who woke her up, we all don't know. I'm not taking the blame for it, she probably suspects me anyway." Tobias spoke talking to everyone at the table as he looked over the menu. "Find with me." Nicole said just as the waitress came to the booth with a pen and pad in hand ready to take everyones order.

Seeing as everyone else was still contemplating on what it was they wanted Nicole went ahead and ordered first. "Let me get the barque bacon burger with cheese fries and a frozen iced raspberry smoothie." Nicole may have been a size four girl but she could eat like a linebacker when she was feeling really ravenous. When it came to food as far as Nicole was concerned the only thing better than making it herself was eating it from somewhere else. At least then she didn't have to clean anything up afterwards."So, do you guys think Ray would love me or hate me if I got her an alarm clock for her b-day coming up?" Nicole figured that Raevyn would hate it for it and more than likely not even use it but at least it would send a message that the girl needed to get her punctuality in check.

2014 Crystal Black Pearl Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

Clothes, Nails, Hair (Dutch Braid Ponytail), Hat

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Specials (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Desserts, Kids, Beverages


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#, as written by Ky-Lin
Jane pulled herself out of the pool, gasping for air after that last lap, and grabbed for her towel that was neatly folded beside the ladder. The sun had warmed it nicely while she had been playing around in the water and it felt wonderful on her skin as she dried off and wrung out her thick hair. Twisting her hair back and into a messy pony tail she walked into the house, towel now wrapped around her like a small dress but way less effective. Jane was quick to strip and head into the shower once she was in her own bathroom, the door locked behind her as the water slowly turned the air into steam. She had woken up early despite it not being a school day, like every day, although she had swam a bit longer than she usually did but it is good exercise. In the middle of her rinsing her hair of the salt water she heard her phone play a few beats of "Dirty Little Secret", a smile slide on her face as she wiped her hand on a wash cloth to look at her message.
- We're all at the diner, so if you want avoid I understand. Or you could stop by, so I can see your beautiful self. -

Janes face created a pained expression as she finished reading the message, questioning how she had even gotten into all of this, and put her phone back down to finish her shower. She enjoyed the smell of her blueberry wash that she had had a difficulty finding and when she did she had ended up cleaning them out, so she had enough for decade or so. Showers were probably the best thing of the world and she enjoyed everyone she took no matter what she was thinking while standing under the spray, it was like escaping to a small world of her own. Jane wrestled with whether if the long meal by herself with her listening to Tobias' friends "whisper" at another table would be worth the small moment they would get to themselves. But she did owe him, after having to have canceled their last few dates for work and it had been her fault since she had willingly picked up the shifts. She picked up the phone, already pulling out whatever reached her hand first from the closet, and sent Tobias a message. Then a group message out to her friends, it had been a bit since they had all gotten together and it wouldnt look as bad if she wasnt there alone.

-Ill pop by in a bit, this hair likes to take a bit to dry.-

~Group message sent at 13:25 p.m.~
-Hey everyone, if your not busy how about we all meet up at the diner? On me of course-