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Sebastian Nole

"Don't worry, I'm NOTHING like my sister.."

0 · 656 views · located in Riverdale

a character in “Childhood Rivalries - Secrets Untold”, originally authored by Squeekey, as played by RolePlayGateway


Group: Outcasts



Full name:
Sebastian James Nole

Faggot-boy (by his sister), Sebby, Seb

Preferred Name:
Seb or Sebastian



Bi-sexual, with a preference for men


..::A Bit More in Depth::..

Due to a difficult up-bringing alongside his sister; Sebastian has been through several cases of depression in his younger life, and five total suicide attempts. Luckily, having survived the darkness of his mind for so long, Sebastian grew up to realize that he could shake off his own sadness, by helping others who are sad to be happy and to love themselves. Sebastian is determined to be the opposite of his cruel sister, and so he strives to make his friends as happy as he can even if he has to be pushy about it.

At home, however, Sebastian's normally optimistic and smiling attitude that he has around his friends vanishes somewhat as he is forced to be around his sister, and do all the housework which she is too lazy to do herself. Fortunately though, Sebastian leaves the house enough each week to stay sane and stable, and so he enjoys the time he has with his friends and dreads going back home.

|| Candy/cakes/sweet things || Quiet moments to himself || Cats || The sound of rain ||

|| Snakes || Suffering/seeing others suffer || The term 'faggot' || The smell of mint ||

|| Watching a friend die || Losing control ||

(1) Has failed suicide multiple times, no one knows



General Appearance:
Sebastian has the appearance of a typical 'emo'. Pale complexion, black hair, dark eyes - but despite that, he tries his hardest not to live up to stereo-type. To refrain from being called 'weak', Sebastian keeps up his strength with regular visits to the gym and sometimes the pool when he needs some cardio training or just wants some alone-time.

Again to push himself away from stereo-typing, Sebastian tries to wear clothes that give off the cool-guy approachable look. He likes for his appearance to reflect his friendly attitude, so he opts for casual clothing instead of the heavy, dark, typical 'emo' stuff he wore when he was younger.

|| Example One ||
|| Example Two ||

Tattoos and/or Piercings:

Mostly on his inner wrists, from suicide attemps and self-harm. Has some burn marks also on his arms, again, from self-harm.


Faceclaim: Nicholas Hoult

So begins...

Sebastian Nole's Story


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#, as written by Ky-Lin
Jane pulled herself out of the pool, gasping for air after that last lap, and grabbed for her towel that was neatly folded beside the ladder. The sun had warmed it nicely while she had been playing around in the water and it felt wonderful on her skin as she dried off and wrung out her thick hair. Twisting her hair back and into a messy pony tail she walked into the house, towel now wrapped around her like a small dress but way less effective. Jane was quick to strip and head into the shower once she was in her own bathroom, the door locked behind her as the water slowly turned the air into steam. She had woken up early despite it not being a school day, like every day, although she had swam a bit longer than she usually did but it is good exercise. In the middle of her rinsing her hair of the salt water she heard her phone play a few beats of "Dirty Little Secret", a smile slide on her face as she wiped her hand on a wash cloth to look at her message.
- We're all at the diner, so if you want avoid I understand. Or you could stop by, so I can see your beautiful self. -

Janes face created a pained expression as she finished reading the message, questioning how she had even gotten into all of this, and put her phone back down to finish her shower. She enjoyed the smell of her blueberry wash that she had had a difficulty finding and when she did she had ended up cleaning them out, so she had enough for decade or so. Showers were probably the best thing of the world and she enjoyed everyone she took no matter what she was thinking while standing under the spray, it was like escaping to a small world of her own. Jane wrestled with whether if the long meal by herself with her listening to Tobias' friends "whisper" at another table would be worth the small moment they would get to themselves. But she did owe him, after having to have canceled their last few dates for work and it had been her fault since she had willingly picked up the shifts. She picked up the phone, already pulling out whatever reached her hand first from the closet, and sent Tobias a message. Then a group message out to her friends, it had been a bit since they had all gotten together and it wouldnt look as bad if she wasnt there alone.

-Ill pop by in a bit, this hair likes to take a bit to dry.-

~Group message sent at 13:25 p.m.~
-Hey everyone, if your not busy how about we all meet up at the diner? On me of course-