Kouta Hatusume 'Hatu'

"Are you evil or are you good?" the angel said to the vampire, the angel shoots the vampire, drawing the holy symbol in it's blood "evil... what a pity"

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a character in “Children Of Heaven and Hell”, as played by Cazuki


Name: Kouta Hatusume 'Hatu'
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Role: Angel
Appearance: Image
Kouta is a tall and thin man with a height of 5ft 10in and a weight of 120. He normally wears a black jacket with a couple of bandages soaked in blood around his eyes and his right shoulder. He also wear black jeans and a white shirt underneath the jacket, though this isn't shown in the image.
Weapon: Dual Knuckleguns Image
Ability: Pyrokenisis
Weaknesses: The fact that he cannot see, due to both of his eyes having been gouged out. His other senses are slightly higher because of this, so he has no probleum moving around, but it still puts him at a disadvantage.
His love of family and friends, if someone close to him is hurt he will become enraged and attack anything.
Personality: Kouta, despite his off-putting appearence, is actually a rather carefree guy to the people he doesn't hate. To others though he is stand-offish and agressive, but he has a storng sense of justise and never kills unless the target is either a vampire or, in the case of when he was alive, evil humans. He loves to listen to jokes and likes helping others as well as protecting the weak, though he has a habit of hiding this behind snide comments and walking off on his own most of the time.
How did you die: Kouta lived in a dangerous world back when he was alive. Finnaly the talons of his enimes caught up to him and, by luring Kouta out by killing some innocent passer-bys, shot him in both of his eyes. He died due to blood loss and now the loss of sight in both eyes is his weakness.
History: Kouta lived a fairly normal childhood, listneing to stories of guardians and heroes from his father at a young age. He used these stories to his advantage and soon became the school guradian, always protecting anyone he thought was a ood guy and hurting those who he though were evil. This continued even into his adluthood, when he became a self-proclaimed guardian of the city, taking jobs to protect people from theives and people who were after them. Many different types of companies hired him and he gained alot of friends, as well as enimes. One day he was lured out by some of his worst enimes, a group of big-time drug dealers who he had stopped on numerous occasions, either always leaving them with an ingury or even killing one of their men. They lured him out by fireing at innocents and, as expected, Kouta came out to save the day. He took out a good few of the guys but a marksmen managed to shoot both of his eyes, making them unusable. Kouta died and now fights to kill vampires, some of whom he recongnizes as the old drug-dealing gang.
Other: Kouta does fight the vampires, but he fights by his own rules and makes his own judgements, meaning that on very rare occasions, if he sees a vampire or, in fact any person he is fighting, as good instead of evil he will leave the person alone.
Theme Song: Hero-Skillet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuyupBmHfVQ

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