Claire Malone

Her mind is always working.

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a character in “Children of the Eclipse”, as played by Alvetric


Claire is a young girl who stands at 5'6" and has long, black hair. She has black eyes which seem to mesmerize whoever comes in eye contact with her and it really stands out because of her light skin. Claire usually wears a blue and black patterned top and black pants. She focuses mainly on defensive magic, but she does know of some hexes that are very useful in battle, or in a harmless prank.


Claire is a studious girl who always has her head in the books. Ever since Sir Arthur Fairfax took her and the others in, she always had a passion for knowledge. Because of that passion, the gears in her head never stop moving. She has learned to use her environment effectively; from blowing blades of grass as a signal to setting a trap with 18 different ways to set it off. When with the others, Claire tries to always keep the group in a good mood - cracking jokes or relying on sarcasm to get a few laughs (Provided that her jokes are funny). She does love to keep herself happy as well, the only way she knows to do that; is to play pranks on the others. Claire is at times impulsive, for example, if anyone interrupts her reading, she will hurt them. She doesn't care who it is, they will be sorry for disturbing her. She tends to lose her temper quite easily, and when she loses it, things get destroyed. She also hates waiting on anyone, Claire is a bit vain in that sense - she hates waiting for others, but she wants everyone to wait for her. Her personality is very back and forth but she is always protective of those around her. Her and the others are like family to her and she will protect them at all costs. Which is the reason why she has narrowed her studies of magic with Sir Arthur to mainly defence.


Claire owns a rapier with a brilliant design on the handle. She keeps it with her wherever she goes and uses it frequently as her offence.


Because of the amounts of books she reads, Claire knows about the prophecy but only to an extent. No book she has read yet, has gone into details about it, so her knowledge of it is very vague. Claire is extremely grateful to Sir Arthur and she believes that she is in debt to him for all that he has done for her and the others. Claire thinks very highly of him and will not tolerate any disrespect targeted towards him.

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