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He's comfortable on land, but always carries water around with him. as he feels safer with it by him.

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a character in “Children Of The Night”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Nickname: arl
Age: centuries
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

Clan: Water
Role: Clan Member
Power: Freezes water

Love interest: None Yet


Personality: Kind hearted, and soft, But when he is approached in a bad manner he can become easily angry and flustered, which can sometimes cause his powers to become unstable and out of control, He's very lonley with no family left, He lives on his own on the edge of the clan, a slight outcast, because of how he looks different to the rest of the clan.

Likes: Water, Summer and Winter

Dislikes: Being alone, having no family and not being liked.


Weapons: Arlyn carries a staff around with him and small potion like bottles that contains water that he uses to assist his spells.


There isn't much known about arlyn expect that he lives on the edge of the clans land alone, without any family.

So begins...

Arlyn's Story


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"Why am I here? You know just as well as I do that I should be training our warriors..." the Animal King complained. By his side was the queen, Sofia, wearing a white, nearly beige strapless dress that just barely covered her entire chest and reached down to her lower legs, exposing the light skin between her head and breast. Instead of having floral patterns to complement vine-like printing, it had actual flora impressed upon it courtesy of Esmerleda Green, with different flowers of varying sizes and shapes. Their realms otherwise relied on each other, and the two didn't have any underlying problems with one another, so they made a decent pair.

"As much as I would enjoy our clan being prepared for the worst, this meeting is mandatory for all of us." Sofia, having really only taken Leon as king for the physical strength that the clan could rely on, was almost as bored as the young brute. She could have acquired any intelligence necessary from her friends and have it communicated to the others, this meeting was going to be little more than just wasting time for her. Really, she'd have preferred to be grooming the lynxes that were currently acting as watchdogs outside than sitting with the entirety of vampire clan royalty. "Just stay calm, especially if they say anything that could be taken offensively. I'll take care of it." Frankly, with the animosity between most of the clans, anything could be insulting for no reason other than to solicit a response.

Sofia noticed clearly when Scout came in and took her own place between her king and queen. The tattered clothes were unbefitting but always somehow appropriate, and her "siblings", so to speak, Kishan and Mrala, took up their temporary residence in the gap between the three's seats. It seemed like much of the animal clan had members who were raised by animals from an affinity with them before being accepted in, from the king hisself to the highest-ranked warriors to just random vampires. One of the lynxes walked in and nudged its head against Sofia's hand before leaving again, notifying her of someone besides the kings and queens joining the party. She remained quiet about it.

Meanwhile, Skyler Stón, King of the Earth Clan and in her classic attire inspired by modern teenage human clothing, arrived with her own queen Esmerleda. With beauty overshadowed by her choice in clothing and being less-endowed than other women (which is quite the understatement), most of the vampires outside her own clan actually thought she was a man, and everyone tends to respond with shock when it came to finding out the truth. Taking her seat with the open one for her queen adjacent, Skyler quickly grew unsettled. Not only was it that the Water and Animal clan representatives felt as if they were practically across the room while Skyler was stuck near the crazies (aka Fire and Shadow royalty), but she didn't want to involve herself in the matters of the other clans; it would have been much easier should everyone had dealt with their own elder.

Then she felt something, taking a deep breath to soothe herself of the immediate mental menace to be nearby her. It wasn't royalty; their footsteps (if they ever took actual steps, in the case of the Air clan) always resonated with a higher quality. It was something-- someone, sneaking in. It wasn't Earth clan, and most of the Animal clan would've gone by unnoticed since many could become animals -- quadrupeds and birds. This was bipedaled. The Fire clan isn't subtle, and the Water clan isn't exactly nosy. Shadow clan wouldn't have been detected, either; most of them could use telekinesis to keep themselves afloat. Obviously it wasn't the Air clan; who was it? Then the footsteps stopped and became faint beats, pulses. The intruder was filled with adrenaline, having snuck into a meeting almost exclusively for clan leaders and finding a hiding spot to watch. Skyler planned to keep an eye on it for a short while before making a big reveal.


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"Sho when does this meeting start? I'm starting to get restless." Airie whispered into to his ear looking around the shadow clan ruler's walked on in he deiced they had waited long enough and he was not the only one. the only leader's that were missing was the fire clan's funny Sho thought they had the most men there and yet they themselves are not here. looking around he saw the others were also ready to go so Sho deiced to step up although he was the second youngest there after Airie. "well i do believe now would be the right time" should got up from his seat and looked at all the member's gathered before him. despite how it looked he was rather worried and that was not the best thing to show here: weakness. he cleared his neck and snapped his finger's making it so his voice would be loud enough for everyone to hear him over everyone else. "My fellow Lord's and Lady's we have gathered here to discuss the matter of the awakening of the Elder's and i do believe that we have waited long enough to start. I will give my apology's to the rulers of the fire clan about starting without them. so i call this meeting to order." Sho sat back into his seat and waited for everyone to gather themselves and take ther seat's well if that was not nerve racking i don't know what is he thought to himself


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#, as written by neej
Zerlinda had been hiding her presence from the others. She was learning how to for the past couple of decades, but she couldn't go as far as concealing her existence from the king and queen of her own clan. She sensed them coming, and this was her cue to stop whatever she was doing.

"Well, it was fun while it lasted," she thought to herself before looking at the blue-haired boy who had been staying there. He was a couple of feet away from her. She was fighting herself, thinking about whether or not she should get this boy away. If the Shadow Clan's queen senses him, who knows what'd happen.

She was sure he didn't mean harm, not the least bit. He didn't seem to be a spy. She just sighed in the most silent way possible and, in an instant, she was behind him. She let him, alone, know of her presence and she muzzled his mouth immediately. "I think we should leave, if we didn't, we'd be in grave danger," her telepathy was good enough to, at the very least, send that thought to him. They were a split-second away from the Shadow Clan's king and queen finding them. She didn't wait for a response, and as quickly as she could, they were enveloped in darkness and were already in another place before she let go of him and was suddenly in front of him in part of the forest right next to a river.

"Water clan, right?" She asks.

((Oops, I lost internet connection some hours ago. This is quite late, and it's set just before the Shadow clan's leaders arrive ^^; ))