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Dominick Tsaravich

Don’t underestimate me because of my attitude…! You’ll regret it.

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a character in “Children Of The Night”, as played by goddessofhell


Appearence: Image

Name: Dominick Tsaravich
Age: 7165, looks about 20

Power:He has absolute control over water as well as any aquatic animals. He can cause tsunamis or even change water temperature to boil it or freeze it. His affinity for aquatic animals is weaker than the one he has for water, but he is quite formidable

Love interest:Sakura, the Water clan queen

Personality: He’s a gentle, fun loving vampire who’s enthralled by life even though he’s over 7000 years old. He genuinely adores his clan and especially his wife. He is more than ready to agree to a treaty between the clans as he feels that all vampires are ‘family’. His angelic face and friendly manner has gained him a lot of allies.

Despite his gentle attitude, Dom suffers from wild mood swings(but they happen only rarely) that leaves him unpredictable and more than a little dangerous.

His clan


Weapons: A sword made from mystic ice and a few daggers.

History: Hmmmm. Wouldn’t you like to know

So begins...

Dominick Tsaravich's Story


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Dominick threw an arm over Sakura and watched the Shadow Royals make their way into the room. The queen sat on the throne beside him and he offered her a polite smile that she returned. He looked around the room, at the assembly of these very diverse people(well, not exactly people).

"You can walk on the tension in this room" he whispered to Sakura. He continued observing the mannerisms of the Royals and their Warriors. He liked to observe people and found it a very educational experience. But now, he was getting bored, and that was saying something.


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"Sho when does this meeting start? I'm starting to get restless." Airie whispered into to his ear looking around the shadow clan ruler's walked on in he deiced they had waited long enough and he was not the only one. the only leader's that were missing was the fire clan's funny Sho thought they had the most men there and yet they themselves are not here. looking around he saw the others were also ready to go so Sho deiced to step up although he was the second youngest there after Airie. "well i do believe now would be the right time" should got up from his seat and looked at all the member's gathered before him. despite how it looked he was rather worried and that was not the best thing to show here: weakness. he cleared his neck and snapped his finger's making it so his voice would be loud enough for everyone to hear him over everyone else. "My fellow Lord's and Lady's we have gathered here to discuss the matter of the awakening of the Elder's and i do believe that we have waited long enough to start. I will give my apology's to the rulers of the fire clan about starting without them. so i call this meeting to order." Sho sat back into his seat and waited for everyone to gather themselves and take ther seat's well if that was not nerve racking i don't know what is he thought to himself


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"She is right" Dominic finally spoke up " The severity of the circumstances is forcing us to work together, but it's a bad idea to throw our warriors together. We might end up stretching their loyalty to the limits." He looked around the room, observing the reactions of the others. Yes, they needed to create a truce, but recklessness would be suicidal in these circumstances.


"I have to agree with the Water King. Besides, we need a truce to make sure that not even the members of our clan will antagonize each other , atleast until we deal with the elders. We need a Blood Contract, signed by the Kings and Queens of all 6 clans. After that, we'll decide what to do with the elders."

As she finished and sat back on her throne, Sera realized that her tone was a little too commanding. She was too used to giving orders that she'd forgotten how to make a request. Well, what's done is done. She gripped her husband's hand and began reading the auras of the gathered crowd. A volley of colors assaulted her vision as she took in the moods of them all.


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Sakura was shocked that Saphera asked about forming a blood pack and then even more shooked that it sounded like Saphera was trying to command her Sakura started to stand to protest when a blazing fire arived around whare the fire nobles where supposed to be and for a second she thought that finally they had arived. A second latter she relizad it was only the fire clans noble messinger and she saw her oppertunity and stood up to addres the colective "I agree with the blood pack but we must form one with all of the clans" she let that hang for a second and started agein "both of the fire clan nobels must be hear and all i see is a guard no offence Vladamer and a messinger no offence yet agien" she said staring at the fire clan "Also i dont think the wind clan welps even know what a blood pact is the last time we formed one was over 6000 years ago" Sakura said to the collection as a hole as she sat back down and wisperd to Dominic in a childish voice"was i to rash ...if so can you forgive me dom... "


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Dante Xavier

Dante much like the earth queen was 100% against the Blood Contract, but since he wife was the one to propose the idea he couldnt very well come out and say this. Dante would turn to Sera he can tell she is reading the auras of those in the room being married to her for so long he has developed a way to block her from reading his, which is quite useful. He would lean close to her "Are you sure that a blood Contract is the best course of action here." He then turn to Tenebre en Vi who was sitting behind them. "Have you come across anything noteworthy Tenebre," it was obvious he that Dante is looking for an excuse to leave this meeting. He then would turn back around and listened to what he would consider bickering at this point. Being around all of the other clan kings and queens was starting to wear on his patient, being in the company of so many people he considered "trash" only make this more and more unbearable.


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#, as written by neej

The way they all acted was amusing Zerlinda. She didn’t need to do anything to notice that a lot of them had hate for each other. It was wicked, or so she thought. She was, perhaps, getting too carried away with this. But she didn’t forget that her time was nearly over. She had to close the portal, or they’ll notice—and who knows what dangers she’d face by then.
Before she could close it, a man announced the Fire Clan’s King’s death.

“They’re already starting?” Zer thought, referring to the elders, of course. She completely closed it, and life seemed to continue on its boring pace. “Heh,” she refrained from chuckling, “Time to play with the others.”

In a second or two, she was already in the Fire Clan’s territory, and this wasn’t the first time she came. Before she could even make a step, someone bumped into her. “What bad luck,” she thought.

When did you get there?” The lady asked her, she was thinking as to whether she should reply or make a run for it, but she couldn’t, she stayed long enough to, at least, be recognized.


Both of the Fire Clan nobles must be here and all I see is a guard, no offence, Vladimir, and a messenger, no offence yet again.” The Water Clan’s queen spoke.

“No offense was taken, ma’am,” she replied in all sincerity. Afterwards, she remained silent. The only thing she could do here was to reply if she was being talked to, she couldn’t push her opinion in, it wasn’t her job to, and she believed she wasn’t in place to do that.

It was getting frustrating, watching all the others try to be polite and calm, but she knew they could barely stand being with each other. Draconi was merely listening until she felt as if some ice hit her, though it was different… It seemed unreal; it was unreal. This wasn't a very good sign, indeed. Suddenly, she felt another’s presence. Her head jolted to look at the man, “Pardon me, my lords and ladies, but I have a private message for Vladimir.

Her eyes were filled with suspicion; it was rare for someone, especially a man that’s not of high ranks, to just barge in during a meeting like this. Everyone knew these things were important, and Draconi was well aware than this wasn’t an ordinary message, nor was it just private. It was, in her assumption, important. Thoughts were invading her mind, she didn’t even have any idea what anyone else was saying. It was rare for Draconi, especially due to the fact that it’s necessary for her, not to pay attention.

In a couple of minutes, Vladimir came back and announced something, “It seems that there has been a complication. The Fire King is now myself. It seems he was brutally scorched to death. A shame.

Her eyes widened, but she immediately composed herself, “It seems that I have to attend these Goddamn meetings. Well, if I’m going to be stuck here, I might as well make myself comfortable.” Vladimir, now a king, continued. The way he acted surprised her, but she couldn't protest, at all. Not now, not ever.

Kenshi couldn’t die so easily, and there’s only one person—if they can be considered such—that can do that… The elders.

In one of the flames in their territory, a dragon, no more than 4 feet in length, spawned. It was one of her pets, so to speak. It slithered into the mansion, she had to see for herself, but she can’t just leave the meeting place after going there.

Meanwhile, the cloud in her mind was vanishing, “May I have the permission to speak?” she asked the others.


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Sighing out of slight disbelief in what she was about to say, Skyler continued from Seraphina's statement.

"I have to agree that being here is unsettling for all of us, but we can't instigate a furious debate between any of us; it'll get us nowhere. First, to at least get everyone on the same page, I propose a general toast to Vladimir as the Fire Clan's king." She wasn't going to thank Vlad for replacing the lecherous cretin that was the late King Reikokuna, but she could at least give him a congratulations on the newfound status.

"Second, I'll return to my previous notion of a general from everyone's army temporarily training alongside another clan's warriors, teach them how to fight like a different clan does." And now she had a good reason for saying it, even if it did go against her reasons for wanting to leave the meeting. "Think about it. Kenshi was scorched to death. He, king of the Fire clan and (regrettably) a master of everything heat, was burnt. It's obvious the only things capable of that would have been the Fire's Elder and himself. I doubt even a volcano would keep him from coming back just to screw another girl." Herself not included, since she'd have smothered him in dirt and buried him alive.

"What would happen if Dominick had to fight the Elder of the Water clan?" Maybe he'd be drowned, or dehydrated; worse, exsanguinated if his Elder could control more liquids than just water. "What about ANY of us with our own respective Elders? How long before another of us is destroyed by what we know best? As much as I hate saying it, and I've said it at least once already, we should prepare our warriors for more than just our own Elder, because we may as well decapitate ourselves trying to take them on as we are." Then came the conclusion; what Skyler could see as the best logical choice. "An exchange of generals and trainers to allow a clan to fight another's Elder -- one they could have an advantage against -- may be the only way we will have a fighting chance."

It was then that she noticed another soldier coming in. Just another common messenger approaching Vladimir. Since Skyler was right next to the guy now, she could hear every word. Well, the messenger wasn't very quiet anyways.

"Sorry, sire," he said, "but the queen has expired. Suicide. It's recommended to choose a new consort amongst your subjects." With his head down, the messenger disappeared in a mass of flames.


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Dom grimaced when Skyler mentioned him and the water clan elder. He resisted the natural impulse to tell her that he wasn't that helpless. After all, she did have a point, he had no idea what the elder was capable of... His attention was soon captured by the messenger. Dominic was shell shocked as he relayed his message "Sorry, sire," he said, "but the queen has expired. Suicide. It's recommended to choose a new consort amongst your subjects."

Suicide? Mari committed suicide? He ruefully shook his head. Why she decided to follow her husband who was the ultimate pervert was a great mystery to him. But more than that, so much instability in the fire clan at such a time was going to cause them problems. He was only half-listening as Vladimir, the new 'Fire King' gave his little speech. But he did approve of Draconi being the new queen. Who else was there?