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Sofia Luca

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a character in “Children Of The Night”, as played by TornZero


Name| Sofia Luca
Nickname| Sofi
Age| 347
Sex| Female
Sexuality| Biromantic asexual. (This by no means means she has no sex drive.)

Clan| Animal
Role| Queen
Power| Full obedience of and telepathic communication with all canines, felines and almost all birds of prey (as well as a few minority animals such as sloths), though she primarily summons the cats to her aid; the constant viciousness of wolves and the overall predator lifestyle of big birds are less desirable to her, although she enjoys their pack mentality and the birds' accuracy and power of flight. She's also able to take on the form of any feline animal she wishes, and turn back as she pleases. In her feline forms, she's almost completely indistinguishable from other cats of the species she chooses, making her crafty with stealth.
Skills| Sofia is fluid and reflexive, much like her feline friends. She also has their balance, gracefulness, sneakiness, and flexibility, not to mention their cunning. As a vampire, she also possesses remarkable senses, speed and superhuman strength, able to lift a large truck with relative ease and defy gravity through sheer running speed on vertical and upside-down surfaces (if she ever decides to put on something besides a dress).

Appearance| The first thing someone would normally notice about Sofia is that she takes care of herself. She puts work into her appearance and health, making it evident that she's well-groomed. Sofia is just over 170cm tall and has a naturally slender body type. With light-fair skin and prominent facial features, she puts her waist-length platinum blonde hair in multiple styles and manages to look good in quite a few, if not all of them. She usually sticks with either leaving it straight down or keeping it up in a ponytail, though, keeping some of her bangs out to lay right outside her face to draw more attention to her greyish-blue eyes and full lips that are commonly found as a charming smile. As for clothing, she usually wears dresses of varying lengths and styles, though typically enjoying a flowing, wider lower-body design.

Personality| Lively and active, Sofia enjoys being around people, even if she doesn't talk much; she likes watching and learning more than involving herself. As she judges people from their actions instead of looks, she would even call her friends "neutral ground" if she doesn't know much about them. The things Sofia /does/ know, however, she never forgets and can hold over someone's head for years, regardless of it being good or bad. That said, she isn't a forgiving person if someone's wronged her. Second chances, yes, accepting apologies, not so much. (And, as queen, she reserves the right to execute anyone who is stupid enough to wrong her twice.) She isn't much for apologizing herself either, at least when she knows what she's doing. If it's something accidental or unintended, she'll say sorry, but that's typically not the case.

While she isn't "top class," Sofia is still moderately intelligent, and likes to put it to use in helping others when they're having trouble. This is still eclipsed by her knowledge of random facts, and she'll bring things up whenever a related topic comes in if she feels talkative. That said, her opinions are just as voiced, usually keeping things to herself since the king is repeatedly considered to have more power.

With an active imagination, Sofia will think of just about everything she hears like it was something right in front of her, whether she wants to or not. If it's pleasant, she might laugh, and shake or smack her head if it's undesirable. Since she thinks almost entirely visually, she's better at remembering faces than names, and she can remember things easier by sight.

Strangely, she's not as rowdy as the others of her clan, opting for enjoying the lax style of a calmed cat in the off-times instead of partying. During her relaxing times, it's recommended not to rile her up or tick her off, lest the murders of crows come down on you.

Likes| Music; loyalty; independence; and relaxation.

Dislikes| Noise; disobedience; lack of free will; enclosed spaces; and constant activity without a break.

Weapon| A bamboo bo staff with titanium on the hollow inside. It's her only weapon, and she wields it as expertly as a well-trained samurai his sword and bow.

History| There's more than enough history to go around in three and a half centuries. However, the first thing always noted is the fact that Sofia has ALWAYS made better friends with canines and cats than she has with anything fully sentient. Even at birth they, along with many birds, gathered around her location to watch her arrive into the world. They became her guardians and friends, some never leaving her side.

As she grew with her family and friends, Sofia was rather different in that she didn't seem to have as much fun. They'd always try taking her out for some entertainment, but she continually tried to assure them she enjoyed being around her animals more. Her family even tried hooking her up with vampires from all six clans, even women!

However, she did manage to discover her own sexual identity through this. In spite of meeting handsome and beautiful people and having a decent number of partners, she found that she'd never acquired a sexual attraction to any of them. While she definitely had a sense of lust and romance, the former could never be applied to man nor woman regardless of their performance, and no one she acquainted herself with appeared to manage making an emotional bond with her.

Soon enough, even without a King to accompany her, Sofia, using her army of obediently wild animals, grew into the position of the animal clan's queen, enjoying herself more now that she was busier taking care of clan affairs than she was getting dragged to parties and dealing with suitors that'd only waste her time. However, she decidedly needed a backbone for the clan's physical stability some time after becoming queen, accepting the raised-by-lions Leon to hold the title of King, at least in title alone.

By extension of her subordinates, she's gained moderate control over all animals over the years, though she only fully retains her natural affinities, being forced to appeal to any other animal's willpower, loyalty and interest before gaining their obedience.

So begins...

Sofia Luca's Story


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Leon was sitting impatiently upon the throne set aside for him in the meeting hall. I am warrior not a diplomat, what am I doing here? the only thought locked into Leon's mind. Scanning over the other Kings and even some of the Queens valuing their worth in combat. In a fight broke out Leon needed to know who to take care of first. And who would be an asset against the Elders. The Elders have awakened was all Leon was told this meeting was about, it sound more like a Job for Sofia diplomacy was what she seemed good at. Pushing his mane out of his eyes and ears Leon started a simple vigil keeping his eyes and ears open to the arrival of Max and the new Air King. All this secrecy and waiting is making me impatient I need a sparing partner Looking over Leon asked Sofia "Why am I here? you know just as well as I do that I should be training our warriors for the upcoming battles!"


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"Why am I here? You know just as well as I do that I should be training our warriors..." the Animal King complained. By his side was the queen, Sofia, wearing a white, nearly beige strapless dress that just barely covered her entire chest and reached down to her lower legs, exposing the light skin between her head and breast. Instead of having floral patterns to complement vine-like printing, it had actual flora impressed upon it courtesy of Esmerleda Green, with different flowers of varying sizes and shapes. Their realms otherwise relied on each other, and the two didn't have any underlying problems with one another, so they made a decent pair.

"As much as I would enjoy our clan being prepared for the worst, this meeting is mandatory for all of us." Sofia, having really only taken Leon as king for the physical strength that the clan could rely on, was almost as bored as the young brute. She could have acquired any intelligence necessary from her friends and have it communicated to the others, this meeting was going to be little more than just wasting time for her. Really, she'd have preferred to be grooming the lynxes that were currently acting as watchdogs outside than sitting with the entirety of vampire clan royalty. "Just stay calm, especially if they say anything that could be taken offensively. I'll take care of it." Frankly, with the animosity between most of the clans, anything could be insulting for no reason other than to solicit a response.

Sofia noticed clearly when Scout came in and took her own place between her king and queen. The tattered clothes were unbefitting but always somehow appropriate, and her "siblings", so to speak, Kishan and Mrala, took up their temporary residence in the gap between the three's seats. It seemed like much of the animal clan had members who were raised by animals from an affinity with them before being accepted in, from the king hisself to the highest-ranked warriors to just random vampires. One of the lynxes walked in and nudged its head against Sofia's hand before leaving again, notifying her of someone besides the kings and queens joining the party. She remained quiet about it.

Meanwhile, Skyler Stón, King of the Earth Clan and in her classic attire inspired by modern teenage human clothing, arrived with her own queen Esmerleda. With beauty overshadowed by her choice in clothing and being less-endowed than other women (which is quite the understatement), most of the vampires outside her own clan actually thought she was a man, and everyone tends to respond with shock when it came to finding out the truth. Taking her seat with the open one for her queen adjacent, Skyler quickly grew unsettled. Not only was it that the Water and Animal clan representatives felt as if they were practically across the room while Skyler was stuck near the crazies (aka Fire and Shadow royalty), but she didn't want to involve herself in the matters of the other clans; it would have been much easier should everyone had dealt with their own elder.

Then she felt something, taking a deep breath to soothe herself of the immediate mental menace to be nearby her. It wasn't royalty; their footsteps (if they ever took actual steps, in the case of the Air clan) always resonated with a higher quality. It was something-- someone, sneaking in. It wasn't Earth clan, and most of the Animal clan would've gone by unnoticed since many could become animals -- quadrupeds and birds. This was bipedaled. The Fire clan isn't subtle, and the Water clan isn't exactly nosy. Shadow clan wouldn't have been detected, either; most of them could use telekinesis to keep themselves afloat. Obviously it wasn't the Air clan; who was it? Then the footsteps stopped and became faint beats, pulses. The intruder was filled with adrenaline, having snuck into a meeting almost exclusively for clan leaders and finding a hiding spot to watch. Skyler planned to keep an eye on it for a short while before making a big reveal.


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"Sho when does this meeting start? I'm starting to get restless." Airie whispered into to his ear looking around the shadow clan ruler's walked on in he deiced they had waited long enough and he was not the only one. the only leader's that were missing was the fire clan's funny Sho thought they had the most men there and yet they themselves are not here. looking around he saw the others were also ready to go so Sho deiced to step up although he was the second youngest there after Airie. "well i do believe now would be the right time" should got up from his seat and looked at all the member's gathered before him. despite how it looked he was rather worried and that was not the best thing to show here: weakness. he cleared his neck and snapped his finger's making it so his voice would be loud enough for everyone to hear him over everyone else. "My fellow Lord's and Lady's we have gathered here to discuss the matter of the awakening of the Elder's and i do believe that we have waited long enough to start. I will give my apology's to the rulers of the fire clan about starting without them. so i call this meeting to order." Sho sat back into his seat and waited for everyone to gather themselves and take ther seat's well if that was not nerve racking i don't know what is he thought to himself


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Come, I need you here, is what Tenebre heard. Truth is, he was already there! Sticking his head out from the shadow of Seraphina's chair, he poked his white-eyed, pitch-black head over between the queen in question and her respective king and Tenebre's only other charge, Dante.

"You called, y'highness?" With a smooth exhale, a purplish-black mist seeped out from what could only be thought of as the formless man's mouth and along the table for a few inches before dissipating and disappearing.

That never ceases to creep me the hell out, Skyler thought to herself. Sofia felt quite the same, since she wasn't one for surprises. En Vi was always getting such a shock out of people with all of his sudden appearances, and added to his love of chaos it was disconcerting as to whether he was truly allied with his own clan, or working with the elders. The fact he was just a black blob with glowing white eyes didn't take anything off the creep factor, either.

When Tenkuu Shominteki, a.k.a. Sho, started to speak about why everyone was gathered, the shadowy monster Tenebre formed a stool out of his own Darkmass and sat in it right behind his king and queen. "Darkmass" is what he called it; a simple portmanteau of "Darkness" and "mass", and he could make anything out of it. Well, anything that doesn't involve changing colors, since everything he makes turns out as pitch-black as him. Speaking of making things, little Mini-Vis, hardly more than half a foot tall, ran out from legs of the stool and spread around outside as guards. It let him make sure his job was getting done, and he could still pay attention to the meeting.


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Skyler noticed that the intruder just... disappeared. It seemed odd, but nothing was really said during the meeting. With that, she could relax a little more... or not. Seraphina proposed a blood pact between the royalty; that practically sets their deaths in stone. Sofia interjected, hopefully everyone knowing the obvious dangers of something so hazardous.

"Why essentially guarantee everyone's destruction? Even a contract sealing someone's death isn't going to be enough to stop some of the more daring of us. We all know how provocative much of the Fire clan's members can be, regardless of if they're faced with their own demise or not."

"Let's ease them in to it instead of forcing everyone with the consequence of death or making a battlefield out of what used to be a home," Skyler started. "Start with the armies; we could have commanders from every clan work with and train another's. It at least assures that we'll be able to hold our own against a different clan's elder, and it lets the most dangerous of each clan get introduced to the fighting style and culture of the others.

"The Blood Contract can simply be a last resort, as in 'if all else fails.' We don't have to pull it out right off the bat, that's just too risky."

Incena Fleuri

Incena woke up a little earlier than the other elders, as per her normal hyperactive self. She took the extra time to explore the new, industrialized world around her, get a little meal, get a haircut, and pick out some new clothes; a blazing and fairly revealing outfit fit for the Fire Elder, with a new hairstyle to match. She learned French, too, because the word "Français" rolled off her tongue nicely. But then she had to find the others. However, she realized something.

"I haven't even tried using my powers since I woke up. I must be getting lazy." Snapping her fingers in an empty place she found called a bathroom to create a flame, no spark formed; no oxygen burned; no heat was generated whatsoever. "The hell?" Trying again, Incena received exactly the previous result. "What the hell's going on? Can I at LEAST still transform?"

Spreading her arms and taking a deep breath, a fire engulfed the woman's entire body before emitting a pair of blazing wings in place of her arms. A flowing tail took its place over her entire lower body, and her torso and head were replaced by flames, too. Bursting out of the room and rising into the air to a safe height, she spoke to herself as a burning beak opened from her face.

"At least that's checked off."

Flying over cities in search of any of the other woken clan elders, Incena found that she could generate a ball of sparks and flowing lightning in front of her beak when she was trying to play with the fire she used to control so well. Releasing it, the ball of lightning turned into a bolt and seared a patch of ground totally black. Amazed and happy to have something new to play with, she fired off more of the electric blasts and wondered what else she was able to do, but she ended up finding Saren and Melissa before she could experiment.

"How can I surprise them?" she thought. The next thing she knew...

In a flash of lightning, she was back to normal and standing in a now-seared tree near the pond where Melissa and Saren were residing.

"Oh ho, that is so SWEET!" She couldn't wait to find out what else she can do.


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#, as written by neej

The way they all acted was amusing Zerlinda. She didn’t need to do anything to notice that a lot of them had hate for each other. It was wicked, or so she thought. She was, perhaps, getting too carried away with this. But she didn’t forget that her time was nearly over. She had to close the portal, or they’ll notice—and who knows what dangers she’d face by then.
Before she could close it, a man announced the Fire Clan’s King’s death.

“They’re already starting?” Zer thought, referring to the elders, of course. She completely closed it, and life seemed to continue on its boring pace. “Heh,” she refrained from chuckling, “Time to play with the others.”

In a second or two, she was already in the Fire Clan’s territory, and this wasn’t the first time she came. Before she could even make a step, someone bumped into her. “What bad luck,” she thought.

When did you get there?” The lady asked her, she was thinking as to whether she should reply or make a run for it, but she couldn’t, she stayed long enough to, at least, be recognized.


Both of the Fire Clan nobles must be here and all I see is a guard, no offence, Vladimir, and a messenger, no offence yet again.” The Water Clan’s queen spoke.

“No offense was taken, ma’am,” she replied in all sincerity. Afterwards, she remained silent. The only thing she could do here was to reply if she was being talked to, she couldn’t push her opinion in, it wasn’t her job to, and she believed she wasn’t in place to do that.

It was getting frustrating, watching all the others try to be polite and calm, but she knew they could barely stand being with each other. Draconi was merely listening until she felt as if some ice hit her, though it was different… It seemed unreal; it was unreal. This wasn't a very good sign, indeed. Suddenly, she felt another’s presence. Her head jolted to look at the man, “Pardon me, my lords and ladies, but I have a private message for Vladimir.

Her eyes were filled with suspicion; it was rare for someone, especially a man that’s not of high ranks, to just barge in during a meeting like this. Everyone knew these things were important, and Draconi was well aware than this wasn’t an ordinary message, nor was it just private. It was, in her assumption, important. Thoughts were invading her mind, she didn’t even have any idea what anyone else was saying. It was rare for Draconi, especially due to the fact that it’s necessary for her, not to pay attention.

In a couple of minutes, Vladimir came back and announced something, “It seems that there has been a complication. The Fire King is now myself. It seems he was brutally scorched to death. A shame.

Her eyes widened, but she immediately composed herself, “It seems that I have to attend these Goddamn meetings. Well, if I’m going to be stuck here, I might as well make myself comfortable.” Vladimir, now a king, continued. The way he acted surprised her, but she couldn't protest, at all. Not now, not ever.

Kenshi couldn’t die so easily, and there’s only one person—if they can be considered such—that can do that… The elders.

In one of the flames in their territory, a dragon, no more than 4 feet in length, spawned. It was one of her pets, so to speak. It slithered into the mansion, she had to see for herself, but she can’t just leave the meeting place after going there.

Meanwhile, the cloud in her mind was vanishing, “May I have the permission to speak?” she asked the others.