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"How noisy. THIS is why I needn't use telepathy."

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a character in “Children Of The Night”, as played by neej


Name: Zerlinda
Nickname: Zer
Age: 152; Physically 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Clan: Shadow
Role: (ex-)Spy; now unknown/uncertain
-She is good in telekinesis
-Her telepathy is not as good, she basically fails at that (she also doesn't want that power)
-She is quick, both physically and mentally. Hence, she rarely thinks before she acts.
-She can project illusions if she wants.
-She can hide her own presence; no one can sense her if she wants to.
Love interest: None


She is someone with the face of an angel although only few can see her angelic side, as she picks the number of people she is nice to. She's rather mysterious as she often vanishes.

-Melee weapons
-Sweets (Particularly, fruits)



She uses a Falchion and 6 thin throwing daggers, which she manipulates/controls with her telekinesis for good/terrific accuracy.


She has no idea of her own past, yet it is believed that she was of royalty. She does not know her own heritage or anything, t'was like she was "reborn" as a vampire, with the exception of knowing how to speak and that she was in the body of a 15-year-old lady with gleaming silver hair.

So begins...

Zerlinda's Story


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#, as written by neej
Zerlinda had been hiding her presence from the others. She was learning how to for the past couple of decades, but she couldn't go as far as concealing her existence from the king and queen of her own clan. She sensed them coming, and this was her cue to stop whatever she was doing.

"Well, it was fun while it lasted," she thought to herself before looking at the blue-haired boy who had been staying there. He was a couple of feet away from her. She was fighting herself, thinking about whether or not she should get this boy away. If the Shadow Clan's queen senses him, who knows what'd happen.

She was sure he didn't mean harm, not the least bit. He didn't seem to be a spy. She just sighed in the most silent way possible and, in an instant, she was behind him. She let him, alone, know of her presence and she muzzled his mouth immediately. "I think we should leave, if we didn't, we'd be in grave danger," her telepathy was good enough to, at the very least, send that thought to him. They were a split-second away from the Shadow Clan's king and queen finding them. She didn't wait for a response, and as quickly as she could, they were enveloped in darkness and were already in another place before she let go of him and was suddenly in front of him in part of the forest right next to a river.

"Water clan, right?" She asks.

((Oops, I lost internet connection some hours ago. This is quite late, and it's set just before the Shadow clan's leaders arrive ^^; ))


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#, as written by neej

Zerlinda quietly watched from the rooftop, it kind of bored her… Just sitting there watching some mortals, and some fellow vampires in disguise, walk around. She was concealing her own presence, as she didn't like being questioned. Her eyes were still focused in some of the vampires which were, apparently, following their food, that was until she felt the need to leave. Maybe it was time to check out whatever was going on in the meeting… But that was prohibited, and she's the type to be strict with rules. She did take on thing into her mind after all of this: “It's not prohibited if you're unseen.” That was the code of nearly all that were like her.

She was a spy, and one of the best, otherwise she'd be dead by now. The risky part was the fact that the king and queen of her kind were there, and there was only one way to eavesdrop.

In the blink of an eye, she was out of the place, and already inside their clan's territory. She was still invisible to others, and she was grateful that there was no one around. There's a small sphere of darkness in front of her, opening some sort of portal in the meeting place, though it was invisible in the eyes of the others for a limited amount of time. It wasn't as risky as her going there, and if she's unlucky enough, they'd find out that it was her doing. But, having concealed and cleaned everything, it wasn't at all that bad. This could give her only up to ten minutes, or at least before they notice. Blatant lies could also get her out of this, anyway. She cleared her thoughts and started looking at the sphere, already showing the image of the meeting place. It seemed so simple yet grand, and she heard someone speak, “The Blood Contract can simply be a last resort, as in if all else fails.” The voice said. Zerlinda wasn't much of a good guesser, but she knew who might've suggested the said contract–Seraphina, of course.

“Daring as ever,” she thought silently as she watched what could be called a ruckus, “I wonder how this would go,” she talked to herself in her mind, even imagining whatever could happen. Years and years of being separated, surely this wouldn't end without a fight, and blood.


“I'm terribly sorry for all this, I do not mean to interrupt,” she says as soon as she entered the room, eying the others. They were all different in so many ways, and she was, apparently, the youngest-looking one there. She was, although, aware that the Air clan's leaders were young--far too young, maybe.

“We didn't wish to burden anyone in any way,” she clarifies, “There has been some trouble, my clan's King and Queen had some rather urgent business, so, I'll be their representative for now. Rest assured, they are to arrive.” She tried to look as encouraging as she could, but truth be told, she had no idea what happened to them, and wherever they were. She felt somewhat uneasy, and that wasn't a good thing. But the only thing she could do was to substitute them, because this one meeting was essential to everyone.

She walked to where Vladimir was and sat near him, “Do enlighten me with whatever happened, Lieutenant,” she says in a quieter voice without looking at the man, “Spare me the unnecessary details.” Her golden-like eyes still looking around, staring at each person in the room for a short while, she didn't want to seem rude, not in any way. She couldn't risk messing anything up.


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#, as written by neej

The way they all acted was amusing Zerlinda. She didn’t need to do anything to notice that a lot of them had hate for each other. It was wicked, or so she thought. She was, perhaps, getting too carried away with this. But she didn’t forget that her time was nearly over. She had to close the portal, or they’ll notice—and who knows what dangers she’d face by then.
Before she could close it, a man announced the Fire Clan’s King’s death.

“They’re already starting?” Zer thought, referring to the elders, of course. She completely closed it, and life seemed to continue on its boring pace. “Heh,” she refrained from chuckling, “Time to play with the others.”

In a second or two, she was already in the Fire Clan’s territory, and this wasn’t the first time she came. Before she could even make a step, someone bumped into her. “What bad luck,” she thought.

When did you get there?” The lady asked her, she was thinking as to whether she should reply or make a run for it, but she couldn’t, she stayed long enough to, at least, be recognized.


Both of the Fire Clan nobles must be here and all I see is a guard, no offence, Vladimir, and a messenger, no offence yet again.” The Water Clan’s queen spoke.

“No offense was taken, ma’am,” she replied in all sincerity. Afterwards, she remained silent. The only thing she could do here was to reply if she was being talked to, she couldn’t push her opinion in, it wasn’t her job to, and she believed she wasn’t in place to do that.

It was getting frustrating, watching all the others try to be polite and calm, but she knew they could barely stand being with each other. Draconi was merely listening until she felt as if some ice hit her, though it was different… It seemed unreal; it was unreal. This wasn't a very good sign, indeed. Suddenly, she felt another’s presence. Her head jolted to look at the man, “Pardon me, my lords and ladies, but I have a private message for Vladimir.

Her eyes were filled with suspicion; it was rare for someone, especially a man that’s not of high ranks, to just barge in during a meeting like this. Everyone knew these things were important, and Draconi was well aware than this wasn’t an ordinary message, nor was it just private. It was, in her assumption, important. Thoughts were invading her mind, she didn’t even have any idea what anyone else was saying. It was rare for Draconi, especially due to the fact that it’s necessary for her, not to pay attention.

In a couple of minutes, Vladimir came back and announced something, “It seems that there has been a complication. The Fire King is now myself. It seems he was brutally scorched to death. A shame.

Her eyes widened, but she immediately composed herself, “It seems that I have to attend these Goddamn meetings. Well, if I’m going to be stuck here, I might as well make myself comfortable.” Vladimir, now a king, continued. The way he acted surprised her, but she couldn't protest, at all. Not now, not ever.

Kenshi couldn’t die so easily, and there’s only one person—if they can be considered such—that can do that… The elders.

In one of the flames in their territory, a dragon, no more than 4 feet in length, spawned. It was one of her pets, so to speak. It slithered into the mansion, she had to see for herself, but she can’t just leave the meeting place after going there.

Meanwhile, the cloud in her mind was vanishing, “May I have the permission to speak?” she asked the others.


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Melissa was about to just leave to find the others when she felt a hand grab her from behind. Out of instinct her hand swung out and grabbed the throat of the person behind her. However she stopped before she did when she realized who it was. Missed me? Asked Akane as Melissa slowly retracted her hand, partly wishing she had let her long nails dig into the elders throat when it would have seemed like an accident. She despised the elder, for more than one reason that may or may not have been her fault.

First off, she annoyed her. It was plain and simple. You can't like somebody that's voicemakes you react like nails on a chalkboard. Another thing was the fact that her clan was the one that put her to sleep! That alone was enough to want to rip out this elders throat, even though it wasn't her fault. After all, Akane went to sleep before she did. But she was still the reason that those vampires had existed in the first place. So in a way, she was responisble for her long slumber. So no, she did not miss her.

But instead of saying how she truley, really felt, she said this, "Dearly. You should stop being so late, you had me worried." At that moment both Saren and Incena left her alone with Akane. Wonderful! Now she was going to have to deal with her lunacy alone! But her worries were rested when only a minute or two later Incena reappeared, but looked somewhat different. Blood stain, there was a small bloodstain on the side of her shirt. The throbbing in her gums worsened and she said to Incena, "Seems like you were having fun without me." She needed to feed, but yet she still refused to for reasons she could not quite think of.


The girl she had bumped into remained wordless and just continued to look at her. Scowling Alex said to the girl, "You know it's not nice to stare." Looking at the girl she couldn't help but wonder how she managed to run into her. I mean, sure she wasn't paying attention, but she should still be able to tell if there was somebody in front of her. Maybe her eyesight was getting bad. No, if it was, the girl's face would look all fuzzy and unfocused to her. But she could just appear out of nowhere right?

"Where did you come from? Did you just walk in front of me purposely so I could run into you or something?" She had never seen this girl before, and she didn't like her already. Rude enough to purposely run into her or weird enough to do some weird invisible or teleportation thing. But fire clan members can't teleport...that has nothing to do with fire. Awesome, now she had a headache because she was thinking to hard about something as simple as a collision while walking. It wasn't that big of a deal, but it still didn't make any sense.


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#, as written by neej
You know it's not nice to stare.” Zerlinda was quite surprised of how the lady reacted, and a chuckle escaped her after hearing this.

“My deepest apologies,” she bowed down in respect, “I didn’t mean to come off rude.”

Where did you come from? Did you just walk in front of me purposely so I could run into you or something?” The girl asked again.

Zer looked up before standing up straight. “Purposely? Oh, you’re mistaken, of course not,” she insisted, reading the confusion on the lady’s face, “I was lost in my thoughts as I was running. I wasn’t able to stop any earlier as I hadn’t noticed you until the last minute, and I am at fault.” She explained as though it really did happen, “Although you seemed to be wandering off in your own world, as well, am I right?”

“I really am sorry,” she apologizes for the last time before turning her back against the girl, “But I’ve to hurry, I am to deliver a letter,” she says matter-of-factly, waving up an envelope in the air, but not so high, just enough to show the other.