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Children of the Sabbaths

Children of the Sabbaths


In the country of Gar, 5 children have been born on special days known as Sabbaths. One such child is Oscar Schwarzwald, a boy born with unnatural dark powers that will send him and his friends through hell and back.

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"Where do you think you're going, freak?"
A tall, burly young man, about 17 stepped in front of Oscar blocking his path. To make things worse, he had a bunch of other teenagers with him as well, all about his age and of a slightly less muscular build. Oscar turned round to go the other way, but the boy's lackies were behind Oscar as well.
"I don't have time for this, Lars, do you?" Oscar snarled, making it obvious that he would use violence to get out of his predicament if words weren't sufficient.
"You don't scare me, and you never have." Lars chuckled, "I've beaten you to a pulp before, what makes you think this time will be any different?"
"Because I'm not holding back this time." Oscar replied, still angry, causing Lars to lunge at him.
Oscar jumped over Lars, making strange movements with his left hand as he did so, mumbling in some strange, incomprenhensible tongue. As Oscar landed behind Lars, a long, ebony spear rose from the cobbles into Oscar's open right hand. Lars' eyes widened with fear as he tried to run, but a quick snap of Oscar's fingers had chains of dark matter shooting from the walls of the alley and binding Lars' arms to his sides. He tried to pull himself from the chains' grasp, but his efforts were futile. Oscar approached him slowly, gaining power from the fear Lars was emitting, a malicious grin splitting across his face.
"I've wanted to do this for so very long..." Oscar sneered, pulling his arm back, poising to strike with his spear.
Oscar drove his spear mercilessly into the centre of Lars' chest, resulting in him crying out loudly in pain. Oscar clicked his fingers, causing the spear and chains to dissipate, letting Lars fall to the floor, bleeding from the hole through his chest.
"I should have killed you." Oscar spat, "Count yourself lucky I didn't."
With that, Oscar turned to leave, and the teenagers who had previously blocked his way scuttled away in fear.


Oscar Schwarzwald was born on Walpurgis Nacht, one of the many Sabbaths. However, this is one of the dark Sabbaths, days feared by those with strong religious beliefs. Because of his birthday, he was granted the ability to mould dark matter into an form he wished. Oscar was frequently bullied because of his powers, and lacked anyone he could call a friend. Oscar finally snapped when he was 16, nearly killing his worst enemy, a boy named Lars. Oscar decided that now would be a good time to leave the village, and set off to make his own way in the world. You are one of the 4 other teenagers born on a Sabbath who is to cross paths with Oscar and accompany him on his journeys.

Character Bio





Birthday/Sabbath: (Exact date not required, just the Sabbath your character was born on.)





Toggle Rules

  1. No autohitting.
  2. No godmodding.
  3. No powerplaying.
  4. No two characters may share a Sabbath.
  5. No two characters may share magic abilities.
  6. Your Sabbath must be relevant to your character's abilities.
  7. This roleplay has a medieval setting.
  8. If you wish to create a sub-plot, PM me first.
  9. Stay active.

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Character Portrait: Scarlet Vetris
Character Portrait: Annalise Linwood


Character Portrait: Annalise Linwood
Annalise Linwood

The cold without hides the warmth within

Character Portrait: Scarlet Vetris
Scarlet Vetris

"'I'm Scarlet Vetris, the Radiant Witch!' what I'd say if I was still an excitable little kid. What do you need me to do?"


Character Portrait: Scarlet Vetris
Scarlet Vetris

"'I'm Scarlet Vetris, the Radiant Witch!' what I'd say if I was still an excitable little kid. What do you need me to do?"

Character Portrait: Annalise Linwood
Annalise Linwood

The cold without hides the warmth within

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Scarlet Vetris
Scarlet Vetris

"'I'm Scarlet Vetris, the Radiant Witch!' what I'd say if I was still an excitable little kid. What do you need me to do?"

Character Portrait: Annalise Linwood
Annalise Linwood

The cold without hides the warmth within

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Re: Children of the Sabbaths

Not to put words in Flexar's mouth, but mayhaps he is awaiting the last two members of this super secret boy band? Afterall, this particular world tour will take a lead singer, a pianist, a drummer, a guitar player, and a bassist, no more no less, to rock everybody's socks.

Idk =3 but seeing as its only been alive for a week, I think we should give it some more time and see if something hits the fan. For all we know Flexar might have a...gulp...a life. (Screams internally) But! Like I said, its probaly not dead, Flexar just hasn't done anything for X reason(s).

P.S.- That Boy band metaphor? BEST extended metaphor I've ever made. I'm incredibly proud of it now ^.^

Re: Children of the Sabbaths

The new and correct character sheet has been posted! Forewarning: a lot is the same word-for-word. The only things that really changed are her power and birth sabbath. =)

Re: Children of the Sabbaths

Oh! Okay! Thank you very much!

Re: Children of the Sabbaths

Just fill out the sheet in the description box.

Re: Children of the Sabbaths

Question: would you like the character sheet posted here or *insert some other place here*? Sorry, I'm not familiar with this site. I submitted a character thingy for approval but I'm not sure what to do with this character sheet you provided. I'm half tempted to fill it out now and post it here, but I don't want to do that because I am afraid of the chance that I posted it in the wrong place or did not need to post it anyway. T.T Ananorai is very confused...

(Please excuse the poor language and bits of bad grammar! This was written at 2 .m.! I promise I shall use proper English the next time I'm here!)

Re: Children of the Sabbaths

I submitted a character for this...should I have posted here first? =/

Re: [OOC] Children of the Sabbaths

@Darkness: A Sabbath can be any day with religious symbolism. You can have whatever power you like as long as it isn't ridiculously powerful and it is related to your chosen Sabbath. For example, being born on the Spring Equinox and being able to command animals is fine, but being born on Passover and having the power to kill everything around you or being born on Halloween and using light magic isn't.

I would use a character sheet, but I'm rather confused by process of character creation. If anyone could explain, that would be great.

EDIT: Nevermind, I've worked it out.

@Goddess: Yes, it would.

Re: [OOC] Children of the Sabbaths

would winter solistic considered a sabbath?

Re: [OOC] Children of the Sabbaths

^------ Elaborating on powers and stuff would be good.

Re: [OOC] Children of the Sabbaths

Looks cool, but could you elaborate on the Sabbaths and powers a little? Also, are we getting Character Sheets or are we going to let our imaginations run wild?

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