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"Come talk to me anytime you'd like darling."

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a character in “Children of the Zodiac: Righting Wrongs”, as played by FunnyPen





Daughter of Cancer

Zodiac Basics:
Color(s)- Silver
Planet- Moon
Animal or Symbol- Crab
Starstone- Pearl

Role in Revolution & Sub-mission Number:
Mother of the Children - Sub-mission 1
Weapon of Choice:
While Dara prefers not to fight, she understands that she needs to protect herself, so she carries a small dagger, the blade slightly wavy and the handle having a pearl embedded into it.
Physical Description:
Dara has a gentle appearance about her. Her shorter and seemingly weak build makes her far from intimidating. But she is toned, her thin arms strong and her lean legs able to run for long distances, Cancer saying that she would need strong arms to hug and carry the children in their time of need. Her hair is a dark blue and her eyes are the same color, clashing against her fair skin.

Initial Garments:
Dara wears a loose fitting white dress, a silver cord tying around her waist shoulders to keep the dress in place, her silver sandals being tied around her feet. She has a long necklace with a single pearl at the end, and another pearl on a clip in her hair.

Dara is a hopeless romantic, often times losing herself to her romantic fantasies. She's soft-spoken, hardly ever raising her voice to anyone. It's easy for her to empathize with people, her imagination allows her to easily put herself in someone else's shoes. To on lookers Dara seems wise, calm, and intuitive, a true motherly type. She often lets people keep their first image of her as a motherly type, though those who she's close to see that she's also playful and childish. She always lends an ear to anyone, sometimes even trying to get them to talk about what they are feeling so she can see if she can help them feel better. She's very easily flattered but can also brood on insults that are often imagined. Dara is easily influenced by those she cares about but often changes her opinion on some manners. She's a bit clingy to those she really likes, talking to them more than others and finding opportunities to be near them. Dara actually dislikes being given advice, it's her job to give advice, not take it.

Training in the Basillica:
When beginning her training, Dara was terribly afraid of having to lead others, not thinking of herself as a leader. She was trained by her mother Cancer, being taught to love and care for others as a mother would. She needed to be compassionate for people besides herself. Cancer taught her by being very motherly to Dara at all times, causing her to see herself as a child in Basillica with her Mother. She was constantly being encouraged by Cancer, causing her confidence in herself to rise. She often interacted with the other children, always putting them first in her thoughts. At the end of her training, Dara was finally confident enough to lead, and possessed a certain motherly charm about her.

Son of Aries-
Daughter of Taurus-
Son of Gemini- "Very intellegent, and so talkative! But I love to listen to the other children so I actually love it!"
Daughter of Cancer-
Son of Leo- "Oh I barely spoke to him but he seemed like such a nice boy, so loyal and talented."
Daughter of Virgo-
Son of Libra- "He's very empathetic, and quite the diplomat. Whenever he needs help all he has to do is call me over!"
Son of Scorpio-
Daughter of Sagittarius-
Daughter of Capricorn- "I've only seen her once or twice, if you ask me what she needs is a hug and someone to talk to."
Son of Aquarius- "I'm very glad to know him, he may be a bit crude but he's very driven, he'd make a great leader."
Daughter of Pisces- "I wish she would talk to me, my instinct tells me somethings wrong but she's yet to tell me a thing."
*Note: Because Dara is the motherly type her opinion on those she feels protective of, which is really all the Children, are hardly ever negative.*

So begins...

Dara's Story


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Dara felt calm and secure the the darkness that consumed her, seeing nothing in front of her and feeling nothing around her. She could hear Vitus speaking, feeling comforted by the familiar voice. Suddenly she could feel the ground beneath her. The grass scratched her slightly and she reveled in the feeling of life underneath her. Dara slowly opened her eyes, the bright light blinding her for a moment before her eyes adjusted and she could see all the other children around her. Vitus offered his hand to help her up and she graciously took it, smiling up to him, "Thank you Vitus, you've done well." She patted his shoulder, looking over the other children carefully. She'd felt obligated to fuss over all of them, even if they hated it

She couldn't help the smile on her lips as she watched some help their fellow children up, looking over to the daughter of Pisces, Elena. She was helping the son of Libra up. And out of the corner of her eye she could see Amos, the son of Gemini helping his sister up. Leo had practically sprung up himself, ready to face any danger. Dara glanced over to son of Aries, unsure of what to do. She was only second in command, surely she had to wait for the leader to speak. She eventually cleared her throat, "Is everyone alright? No one's hurt are they?" Was the first question to slip off her tongue. It only felt natural to see if anyone was hurting before speaking of the missions. She glanced to her dagger, knowing for a fact that it was practically useless to her, considering she did not spend her two years training in the ways of fighting. She stood next to Vitus, glancing over to the son of Aquarius, "Tell me Vitus, will you aid me in leading this mission?" She questioned, feeling a little unsure about her leadership skills still.


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Darkness wasn't really something Seras feared. It wasn't something that was scary, but, then again, not comforting. How long had she been dwelling in it? That was a mystery, but not one she bothered to ponder, for in that blackness, Seras felt, heard, and thought of nothing. Other than knowing that that truly hated it.

Luckily for her, that horrid sensation finally ended when she heard the words of her brother, "The Daughter of Taurus will hold out the hand of mercy, inspired by her mother!" That was her. Her title. "Life to my brothers and sisters, I say! Let them have flesh, let them have bone, let them bleed blood! Give them mortality, for only those who can die can give all!"

Her eyes opened at the sound of Vitus calling her. While she saw nothing, something felt familiar, and then there was light, and within seconds that she hadn't counted, she felt the ground, and upon opening her red and unnatural colored eyes, she saw clearly the world before her, "Finally..." She said after gasping her first breath of fresh air.

Unlike a few of the others who got help, or needed help getting to their feet, Seras took her strength and straightened herself as she stood up, tall and proud. Perhaps she bring mercy, but only to those who truly deserved it. She was not kind-hearted and weak person that couldn't get herself off the ground. At least, she didn't want to look weak amongst the others. Even if she wasn't a leader, Seras most likely had the pride of one.

She raised her hand in front of her, grabbing it with her other then looking at the rest of her given body, "Mmm... Not bad." She murmured to herself then took a breath again. Seras knew she'd enjoy the air for a long time.

"Is everyone alright? No one's hurt are they?" Seras heard Dara ask.

However, she didn't respond, feeling no need to. She would have gone to help the others, but also found no need to. They weren't babies. They weren't helpless. Maybe she was being a little too harsh, but she found them to be fine. Her role in battle was to show mercy, but outside, Seras could feel and act the way she felt she wanted to.

Seras stretched her arms upwards, her sharp red eyes still scanning her surroundings, including while looking at the other children; Elena, Amos, Dara, Vitus, her dear and loved brother, then there was Viggo. Seras wasn't quite sure she would come on right terms with him, despite all of them being in the same boat. She didn't help the others because she felt they didn't need the help. His reason, she assumed, was probably different.


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"TO A BOY WITHOUT SIGHT, darkness is meaningless..."

Silence is the worst thing to a blind man. There is nothing there to gauge his place in time and being. It is truly horrifying, a world that may as well be fully empty for all he knows. He could be the only man alive in the world and never know it.

It's not that this silence had been unexpected; indeed, Libra had warned Caecclius of such a handicap prior to placing him in his still-life, between worlds state of being so that the Son of Aquarius may resurrect him into Taushin in due time.

Caecclius frowns slightly. He has never really minded Vitus, but the conceited kid always made sure to let others know his pride in lacking handicap, during which Caecclius could practically feel his mocking gaze. But he wouldn't hold grudges. It is, after all, quite certainly the truth, whether he likes it or not. He might as well get used to the discrimination; surely more would come soon.

Caecclius feels his heart leap as the silence finally breaks with a single phrase from the very man he had been thinking of. "The Son of Libra will judge those who deserve no mercy and reek of sin, as impartial as his father!"

A smile crosses Caecclius's face at the thought. Yes, as impartial as his father, thanks to the very handicap that set him out from the other Children. But he trusts Father to the fullest ability of his heart; surely the god of judgement and discipline knew what he was doing when he took his only son's vision from him.

"Life to my brothers and sisters, I say! Let them have flesh, let them have bone, let them bleed blood! Give them mortality, for only those who can die can give all!"

Caecclius thinks about that statement momentarily. Only those who can die can give all... But wasn't it their goal not to die, to stay alive to redeem Taushin? But perhaps it would inspire the Taushinians, seeing the risk they're taking for these people... Maybe, just maybe...

However, he hasn't the oppurtunity to ponder the matter fully, as just then, his suspension ceases and he collapses to the ground.

Caecclius, head spinning, struggles to get to his feet, to find his very balance. He barely has a chance to try before a small hand slides into his own. A voice that seems to match its gentleness fills his ears. "Here, let me help you stand..." He concedes, allowing her to pull him to his feet. "My name is Elena. I am the Daughter of Pisces. Though, you probably already knew that. What is your name?"

"Thank you, Elena," Caecclius says quietly. "My name is, um, Caecclius. I appreciate your help. I was having abit of trouble coordinating myself, there." He laughs softly. "It's funny, though; you're voice doesn't sound familiar. I assume we never ran into each other at the Basillica?"

"Is everyone alright? No one's hurt are they?"

Caecclius's quiet laugh reccurs at Dara's fretful clucking. "I'm alright, Dar! It's good to know that you're alright as well." He waves in her direction carelessly, taking inventory of the other voices and sounds while still paying attention for Elena.