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Isabella Kreven

Daughter of Howard Kreven, she seeks to end his corrupted company.

0 · 178 views · located in New York

a character in “Children”, as played by The Protagonist



Isabella Kreven

"The last name is from my father."






"I guess you could say that I like to keep my options open."

Love Interest:
None yet.

"I haven't really put much effort into finding on yet."

Daytime Appearance:
Blonde hair, blue eyes. Stands at 5'6" but often looks 5'9" with heels. Often she prefers what's elegant and classy over what's practical.

"I could always afford the best and so it is what I went with."

Night-time Appearance:
Isabella recieves very little change at night, only growing one inch which makes her 5'7"

"I feel a little taller."

Despite having a rich and spoiled upbringing, she is generally kind to others. She is thoughtful of others and shows mercy to anyone, even vampires. Still though, growing up rich; she can be spoiled and immature at times but that is mainly out of habit.


A short sword, she was interested in these growing up.


"Water is my weapon."

The weakness is dependent on how much water is in the general vacinity. A bowl of water nearby won't exactly provide a whole lot of use compared to a pond. Also, it will be harder for her to control too much water because it requires extra strength and concentration.

"It comes down between too much and not enough."

Isabella and her mother, Ingrid were killed in an "accident" by an armored car. Truth be told, this was a paid agent by Howard who wanted the two dead while looking incidental.

"My father and his company have become corrupt."

Isabella was conceived out of wedlock in a careless sexual intercourse between her American father Howard and her Monegasque mother Ingrid. Her pregnancy caused many problems with their relationship which is mainly because Howard didn't want to take the responsibility of being a father and Ingrid thought that his dirty life would be a bad influence on their child. The arguments between the two were so bad that there was a risk that Ingrid would spill all of Howards secrets out of spite. Howard came up with a compromise: He would give her $1,000,000,000 as long she takes responsibility of her and does so away from him. Ingrid accepted and moved back to Monaco shortly after Isabella's birth. Isabella grew up as an American-born Monegasque socialite who lived a large and luxurious life but she never knew the dark secrets of her family. Ingrid only told vague things about her father such as "He was likable but it didn't work out." or "He wasn't ready to be a father." never really going into specifics. Ingrid however learned of recent news that a priest had been murdered and that an ancient book was stolen. Ingrid knew that her former lover had a huge fascination for ancient mythology and crushed a number of people to learn more about it. Enough was enough she decided and she was going to reveal all of Howard's nasty secrets. As it turns out Howard had been secretly keeping tabs on his former lover and so he used his wealth and many connections to have both of them killed while looking incidental, viewing Isabella as a threat who could take Ingrid's place.

"Evil... Has corrupted their souls."

Isabella was brought back as an angel in New York so she could end Howards wealth and his powerful, corrupted company.

"This must end."

Isabella speaks French and English with a French dialect.

Will add later.

So begins...

Isabella Kreven's Story