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Lucia Keat

"Hey baby..."

0 · 544 views · located in New York

a character in “Children”, as played by Maci-Care



Lucia Keat.

“Name’s Lucia, yours?”

Lucy .

“I go by Lucy or Lucia, nothing else.”


“I know I look older than that, well I have been dead for more then a couple years."


“You blind?”


“I have different tastes than other people.”

Love Interest:
No one yet.

“Love isn’t overrated, just underdone.”

Daytime Appearance:
During the day Lucia looks the same as her picture, nothing really different. She is a very beautiful girl who has golden blond hair, which she usually keeps in a ponytail unless a special occasion, but her bangs are highlighted black, and she has blue eyes. Lucia usually wears dresses, like the one in the picture along with black two inch high heels, which she is actually good at running in. She usually has her hair up in a ponytail. Also she wears some black eyeliner most of the time along with a dark red lipstick. Lucia is also 5”6.

“I look human enough.”

Night-time Appearance:
At night Lucia doesn’t change much, just her eyes. They turn red and in them is the symbol of the devil, or what she calls, Father. After she gets done with a kill each night, Lucia will wear fake contacts that cover up the symbol in her eyes so people dont suspect her so much.

“Blessed by the Father…”

Lucia has a short temper and will attack another vampire if they piss off her off, but she won’t kill him or her. Lucia is more flirty than nice to other vampires, both female and male, though she does this for fun, she already died once alone, and she doesn’t want to again. During the day, she acts like her old human self, making fun of people for her own laughter, and laughter of other people, she basically doesn’t care about anyone others feelings, except some of the vampires'. When people say that she doesn’t have a heart, she agrees, and say that the only emotion she has is anger, and laughter, knowing those aren’t exactly emotions. Lucia kills out of fun and sport, she has to kill people, why not make it fun. She doesn’t like how the Angels always try to stop her when they have to kill also, when she senses an aura, she keeps her guard up because she can’t tell if it is a vampire or an angel, and if it is an angel, she will either attack, try to avoid, or attempt to talk to them, all depends on her mood, and yes, sometimes she is more passive than aggressive.

“Hey hey, can't we just talk?”

Twin Arm Blades, they attach to her arms when she has them.

“I like getting close to people.”

Even though Lucia is a vampire, for some reason she didn’t get any enhanced strength, so she is as strong as she was as a human, not that much. Lucia also is short tempered, which causes her to not think stuff out when pissed off. Her weakspot is her left shoulder where she was shot, also she cant sense auras as good as the other vampires, reason unknown.

“Weaknesses? Well I was shot in the shoulder...”

Lucia actually died from being bleeding to death from a gunshot wound in her left shoulder. She was shot because one of the many kids that she had embarrassed got tired of his life and came to school with a gun. The kid killed 12 students, 2 teachers. He also wounded about 15 students and 3 teachers, he also shot himself in the head, killing him instantly. Lucia didn’t die from the bullet, she bleed to death on the way to the hospital.

“What? You expected something else?”

As a human, Lucia was the popular girl all the girls wanted to be, and the guy always wanted to be with. Lucia was the head of the cheer leader every year, and same with prom queen, she only had a few friends who were exactly like her, but not as popular. Every time a guy would ask her out, she would say yes, but then embarrass them a couple days later, either with a personal picture, or a secret that they didn’t want anyone to know. Whenever a girl would insult her or even look at her the wrong way, Lucia would spread rumors about them, which everyone would believe and then laugh at the girl. Lucia actually made more than 12 students actually quit or drop out of high school because of what she had done. Besides being a mean bitch, Lucia actually was actually about to go into the model business before her death, he knew the walk, how to act, and how to pose. In her free time, when she wasn’t shopping or hanging out with friends, she would actually be with her uncle who actually taught her how to use many different blades for mainly defense, but she learned more than just defense.

“It’s a long story, but if you really want to know…”

To find someone to actually like her for who she is, but she has no idea.

"I'm a vampire because I was naughty, I think."

When Lucia is pissed off, she will basically kill anything in her way. Also she wants to fall in love, but that feeling is slowly drifting away.

“Piss me off, and you will be dead.”

Bleed It Out

“For thy father Saint Lucifer, I, Lucia Keat, send your soul to the depths of hell, may the demons not have mercy upon you...”

So begins...

Lucia Keat's Story