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"Blood is nice, but even the strongest man is a slave to the booty."

Full Name: Darius Tepes Arteria
Gender: Male, and I identify myself as such.
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation:

Vampyre, of course. Fangs aren't just for show.

Class: A

Stress Point Smash: A specialized form of telekinesis, I can locate the weak points in any non-living solid and then cause that particular spot to vibrate at incredibly high speeds, resulting in the object either outright shattering, tearing itself apart, or bursting into flames. Since I'm a vampyre, this is useless against crosses and other holy symbols of major religions(So some hick worshipping a tin of sardines isn't going to saved by the key used to open the tin), and liquids and gases cannot be outright damaged, but most liquids CAN be boiled by my ability, the exceptions being holy water and, for some reason, orange juice. I was raised by an Italian woman, so I've gained enough of a resistance to garlic to be able to affect it with my abilities.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 173 pounds, almost all muscle. Hey, I'd like to see you live on a farm and not exercise.

Tattoos: Just a Celtic cross on my right forearm. Yes, it hurts for me to look at, but the ink itself doesn't injure me since it's the PERCEPTION of the holy symbol that causes pain, not the possession. This is why most vampyres can handle being near cats, Bastet's holy symbol, or other religious symbols that they do not believe the deities exist to. Since my tattoo is just that, ink, I don't see the ink itself as a holy symbol, and so am not affected by it.
Scars: None.
Oddities: As I said in my talk about how I can have a cross tattoo, I can't touch any holy symbol that I have been taught to accept if I'm aware of what it is. This extends to crosses, stars of David, crook and flail, etc. However, if I can't see it, I'm not affected by it, so I can block out most problems by just closing my eyes. Cats are the big weakness, because not only are they living things that seem to want to always cuddle those who can't cuddle them, I'm allergic.

{Pervert, Brave, Loyal, Determinator}
You want to know what I'm like? Well, for starters, I'm Christian. As impossible as that sounds, I make it work. Blame my upbringing. Anyways, as an ACTUAL Christian, not like those people who say they are and then proceed to lie, steal, etc., I try to be kind to all who need help, and once I befriend someone, will be there for them every step of the way. HOWEVER, all the faith in the world can't stop my biggest vice: I am a pervert. A horny, horny pervert. And that same determination that will cause me to take a fireball to the face for a friend is the same determination that will get me punched for trying to grope someone. Also, don't play around with someone's heart in my presence just because you like manipulating people. I will personally find a way to kill you without anyone ever knowing it was me.

-Praying(And let me tell you, it is REALLY hard when you can't even think of the deity's name without getting migraines.)
  • The booty
  • Good food
  • Type O blood(a bit more savory compared to the other blood types)
  • Jesu-OW! Chr-F***!... The kid of the man in the sky.
  • Performing for others on stage.
  • People who think the world should bow to them.
  • Small breasts
  • Type AB blood(Too bitter for my tastes)
  • Cats.
  • Oranges. Seriously, not clementines or tangerines, oranges. Something about the peel sticking to the flesh just irks me.
Strengths: Determination, above-average strength, holy resistance, and pervert skills.

Determination: Darius never gives up once he sets his mind to something, and nothing short of killing him will stop him from eventually reaching his goal.

Above-Average strength: For a vampyre, Darius can overpower most of equal age and size. This comes from having been raised by his adopted mother, which will talked about later.

Holy Resistance: Darius' weakness to holy items comes not from their existence, but his acknowledgement that they are holy items. So while he can have his tattoo without his arm bursting into flames, if an actual cross comes near him and he KNOWS it's a cross, he's going to shy away from it. This means that he is effectively immune to prayer beads, holy wafers(They're just crackers, SERIOUSLY, people.) and wine(Still don't like the taste of it, though.), but a star of David or a menorah can harm him just as easily.

Perversion: When Darius is pumped up at the thought of achieving a perverted act, he surpasses his previous mental boundaries and reaches a state similar to that of a human with an adrenaline rush, undoing several of his limitations, up to and including his weakness to holy symbols(He's still allergic to cats). From here in combat, his attacks focus on pressing people to his groin, where his Stress Shatter is at it's strongest and bypasses his normal restraint of not being able to damage living things, however it remains nonlethal, merely inducing unconsciousness. Truly there is little more to be feared than a man wearing a pair of panties on his face, aiming to have you feel his golden balls.

Shown-Darius in his "Pervert Master" mode. His already impressive strength and speed are tripled, and he becomes proficient with whips and ropes, capable of tying people up rather quickly. He is fully aware of what he's doing during this time, he's just willing to go along with the rush for the perversion of it.

Weaknesses: Perverted, more holy weaknesses, idiot hero, TOO determined

Pervert: As you'd expect, being a pervert takes a toll on his social life, making those who aren't his friends have an awkward time getting used to him. However, he IS able to somehow stay likeable by everyone else, kind've like that one guy who nobody knows why they're in the group of friends, then you end up getting bullied and he's the one who has your back and you remember why you two are friends.

Holy Weakness: As stated in every other section, Darius, while able to resist holy items under certain circumstances, is also susceptible to even more than most. If he knows that it's a holy symbol(And his mother made him LEARN) and it's being wielded as such, he's weak to it.

Idiot Hero: Yeah, he's a great guy, but he's also unbearably stupid. Like, it's only his social skills and general know-how that keep him from being labeled medically as an idiot. If something comes out of his mouth and seems intelligent, it's either dumb luck or one of his rare moments of genius, which he's started calling "Shonen Moments", for how they only really occur when he's in the middle of losing a fight and needs to pull something out of his ass quick.

Determination: As nice as never giving up can be, it is every bit as much a curse, as he sometimes pulls himself into situations he can't get out of and keeps pushing to the point of injury.

History: Most vampyres grow up knowing they are something to be feared, a beast that exists as an apex predator. Darius... Not so much. His birth parents dropped him off on the doorstep of a childless pair in Tuscany, Italy. This pair, thinking him a regular boy, raised him like they would their own, Christian child... Until he started grasping the concept of religion and having headaches every time they prayed at dinner. It was then his vampyre traits started beginning to show, from his capacity to do the work increasing fivefold(Thus, he started pulling five times his work around the farm) to his need to not say the Lord's name when giving thanks. His moment of realization at what his monstrosity was occured when the local priest began to start raising a mob against him, merely because he thought a being of the night was the Devil's work, despite Darius being one of the most pious Christians in the town, notorious lechery aside(He was getting by on blood bags from a faraway hospital.). Darius, in one night, went from the local farm boy who occasionally snuck looks at the local girls bathing to the beast who no man was safe from. One night, the pastor finally whipped the mob up into a big enough fury that they attempted to storm the Arteria property. I say tried because Darius was still a vampyre against mere men. He also discovered his Stress Smash then, as he broke every torch, pitchfork, and non-holy object in the area, declaring to the mob that yes, he was a monster, but he was a CHRISTIAN monster, and requested they let him live, even if merely as an exile. That a year and a half ago, when Darius and his family fled from those who couldn't see past the skin(On a different note, the pastor was struck by lightning during a sermon the next week, right after mentioning how the Lord shall strike down the sinners. There wasn't a cloud in the skies.).

Recently, Darius received a letter at the family's new house, inviting him to some Chianti Academy or something like that. Darius figured the name sounded fancy enough, and so decided to enroll, and the rest, as they say, is history, or rather, history yet to be made.

Face Claim: Issei from High School DxD


So begins...

Darius Arteria's Story

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Darius' voice echoed through the school grounds and dormitories, leaning back in his chair and smiling as he held the mic the school had been fool enough to trust him with for morning announcements.

"It's the start of a new year, and let me tell ya, it's gonna be GREAT! I mean, you can always tell it's gonna be a good run when your cohost miraculously gets a sore throat and lets you take over the entirety of the first casting of the year, right? But enough talk about what Sharla does in her spare time, let's get to the announcements! Since I can assume anyone who wasn't awake before is now, let's get down to it! Everyone will meet up in the auditorium first thing at 8:00 to allow for the sorting out of homerooms and all the jazz, so don't miss it unless you want Mrs. Harker, and sorry Ma'am, but from personal experience, putting up with you is a pain in the neck, heh. Lunch is at 12:00 sharp, you will be split into lines based on your species, freshies, settle in for the good grub. Today it's gonna be steak and potatoes or salad bar for the vegetarians, vampyres will be getting their blood as well at this time and can get lunch as well if they're hungry after. The potatoes have garlic though, so just warning you now if you have the usual vampyre allergy. That's all for the morning announcements, this is Darius Arteria, wishing you all a school year you won't forget!"

Darius hung the mic on its position and laughed. Today was gonna be a good day.

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The red blaring numbers on the clock read 6:00 AM. Emma closed her eyes, rolling onto her side and attempting to fall asleep but to no avail. She sighed, running a hand through her dark hair and sliding out of bed and onto the wooden floor, taking her blanket with her. The girl yawned and stretched, raising her arms high above her head. It was odd that she felt so tired and yet could not fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. The female rubbed her eyes and stood, placing the covers back on the mattress and heading towards the closet of the dorm space she occupied. Her roommate had vacated the day prior, having found some other species to room with that she liked better than humans; leaving Emma alone in this space. The girl didn't mind, she had a bathroom to herself and plenty of room for all of her junk.

Emma dressed herself in the school uniform, pinning on the armband that said Human. She was the only species that had to wear its kind like a badge of pride, all of the others had no need for such adornments and although it was for the human's safety that they had to wear it, Emma felt as though it were more an attempt at segregation. She stepped out of the bathroom and glanced at the mirror that hung on the inside of the closet, pulling her hair up into its normal black pigtails. Today was her first day of her second year of high school and although she might not have looked it, Emma was a bit nervous. She had been training to come to this school for years, wielding the mini cannon to the best of her ability. Apparently it had gotten her noticed and placed in the early program, as she was now a year ahead of those who had taunted her back in prep school. "Look at me now Mom and Dad, bet you didn't think your little girl would make it this far." Emma spoke to her reflection and smiled, feeling a pang in her chest for the parents she missed so dearly.

Emma glanced back at the clock and sighed, going to make her bed. She still had quite some time to kill and this would no doubt be a boring wait. She sat on top of her mattress, figuring she could catch up on her summer reading when a dizzy feeling suddenly overcame her and the girl fell sideways, hitting her head against the wall. The black haired girl awoke to the announcement blaring from the loudspeakers and jumped, touching her forehead to reveal dried blood. Emma gasped and ran to the mirror, luckily it was in a spot that was covered by her hair. She must have hit the wall hard to have caused such a wound and the girl was careful to wash away all traces of plasma so as not attract any vampyres or lycans.

Quickly Emma slipped on her shoes and ran to the dining room so that she wouldn't miss breakfast. Thankfully there were still quite a few students lingering around, talking and laughing. The girl sighed with relief and got on line, picking out something light and grabbing an empty table by the window.

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With a jolt Yaku rolled out of his hammock landing on the tacky green shag carpet. His face was submerged among itchy strands of green, fuzzy pillars of regret. He flailed his left arm around above him to hit the alarm clock. Although he missed the snooze and instead hit 'radio' in a matter of seconds showtunes were blaring. He stood up with a bit of a yell as the music picked up, he began marching through his house. Making his way into the kitchen he saw his cat Hatchi, Hatchi was mewing about hunger. Walking over to the cabinet, which the doors were stuck on, Yaku struggled and fought a bit before he managed to rip a door off. His eyes narrowed in disgust. Then with a sigh he grabbed some tuna, opened it, and set it down for his little friend.

He then glanced at the clock which as still playing in full vigor.

"Jesus! Is that the time? Shit, shit, shit, shit!"

Yaku ran into his closet, putting on pants and throwing on a T-shirt. Then he shouted a goodbye to Hatchi as he sprinted out the door. He wanted to leave precisely at 6:33 AM, unfortunately he had mess it up, now it was 6:34 AM. His entire routine was thrown askew! Grumbling he opened the doors to the dining hall. He was going to become the best friggin' alchemist ever. That'd show that old fart that Yaku was worth more than a sack of rocks. Nodding at his own private vow he went over scanning what was left of breakfast. Not much. Per usual, he had missed it. That announcement had told Yaku about orientation in the assembly place. Turning sharply on his heel Yaku began heading for the auditorium.

Yaku arrived at the auditorium at precisely 7:33 AM. He hoped this would re-balance his day. Once inside, no one was there, save a few adults setting up shop. So, Yaku sat cross-legged in the center of the floor waiting. His hair twitched slightly in anticipation.