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Chivalry is a Useless Trick

Chivalry is a Useless Trick


Wonderland has just been made into a booming business.

910 readers have visited Chivalry is a Useless Trick since Tyro created it.


The Chivalry is a Useless Trick is the amazing new nightclub that has only just arrived here. Inside, you'll find a new you every time you walk inside.

"This 'nightclub' is an abomination of both physics, psychology and above all, nature. Its a shoddy building from outside glances, the owners haven't done much to change anything in here. Places have been coming to a halt since this place started. Every new place was sucked dry of money before a new place was found. Its all mad. Entire villages and towns have become deserted! What could possibly be in here that its making a ghost town out of my home? So I will endeavour to find out. Douglass is this places latest victim. I recognise the sign, y'see. Its on internet forums with pictures. This is, is not natural." There is a quiet fumbling, a high pitched squeal then the middle aged voice returns. "They don't seem to have done anything with the interior either. What the heck is it with this place? What is in here that its worth missing work for? That happens, y'see. People skive off the stay in here all day. No wonder everywhere is going broke: no-one is making money. I've seen men looting from peoples houses, taking what they like after they turn up here. They might have swept up a little better in here." A scuffing noise, presumably the man kicking at dust. There are further sounds of walking. "I don't see why no-one hasn't closed this place down. Its a tip, really......" There is momentary static before quickened breath, then running. Shoes banging loudly on cold floor. What the f***?! What in God's name was tha" The tape ends.

What we have here is a highly dangerous and apparently, addictive new form of nightclub. This tape recording was collected from in front of the "Chivalry is a Useless Trick" night club, Douglass, Isle of Mann. It was now moved once again to Cheshire, Daresbury, England. It has literally, just set up shop in an old Cinema.

Tests have confirmed a presence of a sort of field of corruption, assumed to be a link to a new dimension of the space it takes up. One of great size must take a long time to create, so pockets of this field will mesh together over time. The source of this field must be found and destroyed before it chokes Daresbury to death. Tests on humans report wild changes in personality and physical appearance of the subject. Traits that are considered distasteful, even hateful to the subject are imposed, creating a new person where the old one was. This new person is drastically different to what they were originally with their new distasteful traits. The same can be said for the building contained with in, turning into a warped forest of some kind rife with luminescent life.

Agents have been called forward to infiltrate and shut down the nightclub before it drains the economy dry.

Those chosen were chosen because they were the most likely to succeed. None were given any choice in the matter. National security is vulnerable once more of these nightclubs appear.

Those chosen can be considered expendable in the eyes of this organisation with citizen rights (if any are present) completely striped. Safety is important in case of permanent effects with these negative personal traits in character and appearance.

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Appearance: (Pics or text is fine)
Personality: (This is important because this will be warped in the RP. A warped version is optional.)
Anything Else?:

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Re: [OOC] Chivalry is a Useless Trick

Personality and Appearance are both factors. The essentially become the people they would usually think of as the very worst in society, but slowly depending on the mental strength of the character. Hope that last bit makes sense.

Sorry about the lateness of my reply, I don't know anyone had taken an interest until just now.

Re: [OOC] Chivalry is a Useless Trick

I'm actually really interested in this. I'm a little confused though, is there a specific way ppl are changed or are they direct opposites or some strange middle ground? and is it only personality or is appearance also a factor?

[OOC] Chivalry is a Useless Trick

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