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Jennie Chun

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

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a character in “Christmas With Friends”, as played by aurban16



"What you think, you become." ~Buddha

Stand By Me || John Lennon
Keep Ya Head Up || 2Pac
Stop This Train || John Mayer


Chun Mi-ja
In South Korea, the family name comes before
the given name, so Jennie's real first name is Mi-ja.

Most people in her family call her by
her given name, but her friends and acquaintances
call her Jennie, a name she made up for herself in


June 15th, 1993


M A R I T A L xS T A T U S



Jennie battled with bulimia all throughout high school, and she has had issues with weight in general since middle school. Whether this is from pressure to be beautiful by her family or her own personal fear and depression is unclear. Eventually, she just became known as the "skinny girl" even though she didn't feel very skinny. She managed to become more healthy during her freshman year of college, and since then, she has been a stable 110 pounds. She is five foot three, but most people think she's shorter than that, probably due to her ethnicity.She has never been self-conscious about that part of her, though. Jennie has never wanted to fix her "asian eyes" or change her skin tone. She loves her hair more than anything about herself, especially now. For the past couple of months, she has been dying her the ends of her natural jet black hair a medium blonde color. She's received countless compliments on it. And even though she isn't able to tan like white people, she loves her skin tone. Jennie's eyes, like her fathers, are a light brown, almost like amber.

Around the house, Jennie still likes to look nice. Maybe it stems from her past issues with appearance, but she will always at least throw on a pair of jeans or leggings and a clean t-shirt or comfy sweater if she's just lounging around. When Jennie goes out, even if it's just to the grocery store or gas station, she wears a dress or skirt. At work, she wears pretty much the same thing. Either a dress or skirt will do, and once in a blue moon, she might wear dress pants and a blouse instead.



The one thing most people know about Jennie is that she is very quirky. She's not "weird" by any means, but she also isn't what one might expect upon first glance. Most people's first impressions of Jennie is that she is quiet and she doesn't have much personality at all, but this couldn't be any further from the truth. Jennie is actually very talkative - if there is an interesting topic to talk about. She doesn't care much for conversation about politics or religion. These things just cause unnecessary drama. Instead, she'd much prefer to talk about books or TV shows or the environment. Sometimes, she can have her head in the clouds. She often spaces out, or the opposite, goes on random rants about random things. Jennie is very clever, though. She has great people skills and, at the same time, she is very intelligent. She did graduate first in her high school class, and third (okay, maybe fourth) in college. She can engage in very interesting conversation because she is well versed in most subjects. She is also really respectful of everyone's opinions and will not tell you that yours is wrong. Jennie is definitely a self-proclaimed feminist. She also is a strong believer in animal rights, and she's been a vegetarian for a year and a half. She loves anything vintage, whether it's vintage clothes, record players, or old books. She is definitely a dog person. Some of her favorite hobbies are reading, doing yoga on her patio, and knitting. Unlike most quirky people, she doesn't really get awkward in weird situations. She tries to find a solution and fix whatever is happening. However, she is pretty gullible, mainly because she trusts people a little too much.

But on the other hand, most people do not realize how down-in-the-dumps Jennie can get. In ninth grade, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and was put on tons of medication to help with her symptoms. She is one of few people who actually found that the meds really worked. After eleventh grade, her psychiatrist took her off her medications, and there were no bad withdrawal symptoms, so she was no longer diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Jennie realizes that she is very lucky to be one of few who overcame such a harsh disorder, but she enjoys every single day the most she can. However, she can still get in depressive moods, and sometimes she fears she is slipping back into her dark days. Only a few select people know she was every diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.


Computer Engineer

C I T Yx O Fx R E S I D E N C E
Long Beach, CA

Chun Juna-ah || Mother || Age 48 || Geriatric Doctor || Alive
Chun Min-ho || Father || Age 50 || Chief Architect of Flad Architects || Alive
Chun Eun-hee || Sister || Age 20 || Student at Harvard University || Alive

ImageB A C K G R O U N D
Chun Min-ho and Sah Juna-ah met each other six days before Min-ho was to move from South Korea to the United States. Juna-ah had lived her sixteen years in a Korean orphanage, and had managed to run away and come across Min-ho two days later. This is one of those stories that the phrase "love at first sight" comes from. Min-ho invited Juna-ah to come to California with him, where he would study architecture at Stanford University. Six months later, they were married. Neither wanted kids at first, but June (as she went by now in the States) got pregnant seven years after their marriage, while she was in her final year of med school at Loma Linda University. Min already had an internship in Madison, Wisconsin at Flad Architecture, so during Mi-ja's first year of life, she did not know her father. But after June graduated, she found a geriatric residency in Wisconsin and moved in with her husband.

Even when she was very young, Mi-ja felt a lot of pressure to be intelligent and perfect from her parents. They put her in violin lessons at age four, had her in private gymnastics lessons at age five, and had her in the best private school in Madison since kindergarten. When Mi-ja was four, June spontaneously got pregnant again. Mi-ja hoped for a little brother, but ended up getting a sister instead. She hated the new baby since the day it was born. She was used to getting all of her parents' love, but now this baby shows up and is the center of attention. And as Mi-ja and Eun-hee aged, they were very competitive in music, school, sport, and especially looks. When Mi-ja -- who now went by Jennie because it was easier for her friends to pronounce -- was in seventh grade, and Eun-hee was in third, Jennie felt as if Eun-hee was tiny and perfect. Jennie wanted to be as tiny as her younger sister, so she stopped eating. Her parents didn't really notice for the first year or so, but then at her yearly check up, her doctor said her weight was dangerous and unhealthy. It wasn't until freshman year of high school that she started bingeing and purging. Eun-hee found her hunched over the toilet one night during Jennie's sophomore year and told her parents. They took her to a nutritionist, who wasn't very effective until her senior year. At that point, Jennie was ready to go off to college and get her life in order, so she was more willing to work with the nurtitionist.

After touring colleges all over the country, Jennie decided she wanted to go to the University of Michigan. It wasn't too far from home, and they had an amazing engineering program. She started there her freshman year, and continued on to graduate in four years. After graduating, she found a job at a Mercedes-Benz plant in Long Beach, California.

So begins...

Jennie Chun's Story