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C:H:R:O:M:E || W:A:R:S

C:H:R:O:M:E || W:A:R:S


The original 8 hybrids have escaped and brought others with them. After the war, they are now in a clan, and trying to survive. Unknowing if they are still being hunted or not.

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this roleplay was created by another very skilled and creative roleplayer on a different website. i do not claim any credit. this was all her. [url=]c:h:r:o:m:e || w:a:r:s[/url]


☣ History ☣
Dr. Joseph Clifford has been one of the greatest scientists and doctors the world has seen, finding the cure for cancer through animal DNA and recombining it with the cancerous patients. While the patients fully recovered from the cancer and the cancerous cells completely stopped, there was ethical rage among many nations. The United States was the only place to allow these surgeries go through. So, thousands of people rushed into the country to get treatment. The cure worked so well, and Dr. Joseph Clifford was so famous that anything he did was in the public eye. However, some things went unnoticed. An underground laboratory in Washington state housed his “children”. He had for almost forty years been experimenting splicing DNA and creating, what he called, Hybrids. They were genetically altered humans with animal DNA. They are smarter, faster, stronger than regular humans. Ultimately, perfect. Dr. Joseph Clifford loved them. He wanted to protect him, but he never thought a nuclear war would break out.

☣ Storyline ☣

Leaders of other territories vocally expressed their distaste to the animal DNA splicing but the nations were secretly trying to create animal hybrids as well. They worked together, but someone betrayed someone and that person had already betrayed them and then the bombs went off. Boom. So many areas of the world were destroyed but the laboratory remained safe. However, Dr. Joseph Clifford died in the aftermath of the war and so his children were left to be tortured to see how they would fare as weapons. Horrible experimentation happened upon them which caused them to hate the humans.
The Original 8 hybrids were the Doctor’s favorite since they had multiple animal DNA and were by far the most powerful of all the other hybrids. They often endured the worse torture and became like animals, often having many mental disorders due to the extreme stress. And then? 01 snapped, and all hell broke loose.
The original 8 hybrids have escaped and brought some of the other hybrids with them. They are now in a clan, and are trying to survive, not knowing if the laboratory is after them or other humans. The original 8 are the only ones with multiple and various animal DNA and the other hybrids only have one animal combined to their DNA. None of them morph into animals but instead some of their features are quite animal-like such as having cat eyes or claws. They’re overall very human looking, but. . .Different.
Dr. Joseph Clifford would have said, they are perfect.

☣ Setting ☣
The hybrids have escaped to Midwest America. Humans are dying out, all there is are the mutated and animals. The water is fine underground, and the world is moving on, beginning anew. Things are growing back together. The hybrids live in a small crater of the earth and have created a labyrinth of tunnels to hide themselves deep into the Earth’s surface. They hunt the animals that are not mutated and collect the fruit or vegetables that are still edible to eat. The most noticeable spots the hybrids are at are in the tunnels, grasslands or the large forest 10 miles away. There are city ruins, about 20-25 miles away, and they tend to stay away from those. The year is 2020.

☣ Specific Spots ☣
Original 8 Hybrids:
They have multiple animal DNA and can either be 70% to 95% human. They are by far the strongest.

01 (The Leader, open)
02 (Blaire Rosewood- Female)
03 (medic, Toajojo-Female)
04 (Thehalfbreed443-Female)
05 (second in command, open)
06 (open)
07 (open)
08 (open)

The Hybrids:
Anyone can play a hybrid that has only one type of animal DNA in them. No limited spots.

☣ Character Sheet ☣

||S T A T S||
||W A N T-T O-K N O W-M O R E?||
||N O S E Y-A R E N'T-Y O U?||
||D O N'T-F O R G E T-A B O U T-M E||

Toggle Rules

1. Literate, please. A paragraph every time -- five to eight lines.
2. Human faceclaims.
3. Your character cannot be all powerful, I suggest you do some research about the animals you’re using to enhance your humans so you don’t sound stupid. Weaknesses and Strengths!
4. All hybrids have their animal abilities and then one special supernatural power like telepathy, illusion creator, teleporting, etc. But nothing too powerful like invincibility.
5. Reserve a character.
6. Even Genders are preferred, or as close to even as we can get.
7. Be nice to everyone, please, in OOC of course.
8. May have at maximum two characters, but must be opposite genders and only one of the original eight.

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Character Portrait: Maya Rimming
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Character Portrait: Zera Nightly
Zera Nightly

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Character Portrait: Zera Nightly
Zera Nightly

I'm not always violent but when I am, I'm lethal.

Character Portrait: Maya Rimming
Maya Rimming

"There's only one way to solve a problem"

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Character Portrait: Zera Nightly
Zera Nightly

I'm not always violent but when I am, I'm lethal.

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@Shouko, I am sorry but that spot has already been claimed. Though, you can still have a female hybrid of the original eight.

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Could I reserve a female hybrid for second in command?

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I'd be interested Could I reserve a female spot?

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