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The continent of Cre' Est has come a long way since the day of its founding. This RP is an experiment in chronicling some of the major historical events which helped shape how the continent and five nations came to be.

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Character Portrait: Ros Borralian

former soldier

Character Portrait: Collen Merah

Fisherman's son

Character Portrait: Korrin Arzan

I hunt, you eat. It’s easiest thing to remember!

Character Portrait: Tora Lithenmiir

"My blade is justice that the rest of the world refuses to enact."

Character Portrait: Lemnia Estallamos

Mommy likes to explore, and I like to too! Do you wanna explore with me?

Character Portrait: Cretas Estallamos

I know it's true! There's a new world beyond the horizon! Untamed and unclaimed! Let it be ours!

Character Portrait: Captain Armedus Lohran

I sail with purpose, and tame the un-tamable. Nature's wrath bends to my whims.