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Captain Armedus Lohran

I sail with purpose, and tame the un-tamable. Nature's wrath bends to my whims.

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a character in “Chronicles of Cre' Est”, as played by KumoriRyuu



Age: 41
Height: 5' 8" (172cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (75kg)

Ship: The Silver Moon
Ship Type: Galley
Crew: 24 (max capacity 38)


Personality: Calm. Courageous. No nonsense. Doesn't tolerate failure or negligence from his crew. And his sense of right and wrong is... Flexible.

Biography: He was born into a family of sailors and fisherman, and as such he considers both to be noble and worthy life pursuits. He spent much of his early life helping his father in the fishing business, and also served as a carrier hauling carts of fresh fish from town to town. He acquired his first vessel, the Holy Tempest, by winning a duel with its former Captain. And ever since he's built himself a reputation as a tough but powerful leader and Captain of six different vessels, and counting.

So begins...

Captain Armedus Lohran's Story


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... Meanwhile...

At the docks beside the calm and tranquil sea, a single large Galley gently rocked too and fro in the waves whilst her Captain sat in an ornate chair beside the steering wheel. To his left, a small table with a chess set, ready for a game at any time. From below deck, the doors opened revealing a scrawny, spindly character missing his ring and pinky fingers on his right hand. He approached the Captain cautiously, with his head slightly dipped.

"Er, captain?"

"Aye?" Came a calm, powerful response followed by a sip of red wine.

"Might we be loadin' the ship, sir? We leave in three days time, correct?"

"Aye, mister Jiggles. That we do."

"Then why ain't we loadin' the Silver Moon, sir? Surely we be needin' ta prepare ahead of time, aye?"

"Fer this trip? Of course. So why ye still be here, Jiggins?" The Captain asked, calmly setting his wine glass down on the table with a frown.

"Er-Ah-Um... Right away Cap'n!"

Jeremy "Jiggles" Braun quickly dashed down the stairs to the deck, across the plank to the docks, and called to all the men to follow him in preparing the ship for departure while they had time in the night to spare.

The Captain, meanwhile, looked to his chess set and moved a black pawn two spaces forward.

"Cap'n, sir!"

"Aye, mister Zank?"

First Mate Yallen "Zank" Opaul gave the Captain a tip of his hat.

"While the dogs gather and load the cargo, what be our job?"

The Captain moved a white pawn two spaces forward, directly across from the black.

"We be conserving out energy for the long, long journey ahead, mister Zank."

"Aye, Cap'n. One more question, if I may?"


"Not that I doubt yer decision, sir. But why we be chasin' rumors of a "new world just because that wench spun a good yarn?"

"It be more than a yarn, mister Zank. I've seen many an island left unexplored during my time on the seas. There's no reason to believe this one be any less real."

"... Very well, Cap'n."

The First Mate spun on his heel as the Captain moved another black chess piece.

"That woman be stir crazy. But I like her spirit. And we be needin' a vacation, don't we mister Zank?"

Zank paused as he descended the steps.

"Aye, Cap'n. That we do." He replied with a dark sneer. "So what about the girl?"

"What about her?"

"Do we be meanin' ta just let her roam, sir?"

"Of course not. That's why we got the new box below deck."

"Ah. I understand, Cap'n."

"Then be off with ye. And make the box presentable. Just because we need her out of the way don't mean we need to treat her poor like."

Zank nodded and disappeared below deck as the Captain moved yet another white chess piece.

"If ye be draggin' me across the seas, lass. Ye gonna entertain the ol' beard and sword."

Using the black Queen, he knocked over the white King piece with a soft, throaty chuckle.


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Character Portrait: Captain Armedus Lohran Character Portrait: Tora Lithenmiir
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... Midnight...

Into the sleepy maw of town walked a wanderer. His tan cloak billowed gently behind him in the soft winds. And the sounds of his footsteps barely scratched the dirt underfoot. Atop his head, abamboo hat indicative of his origins from the far West reaches. But on this calm, quiet night, few would be awake to take notice of his intrusion.

Pausing in the central square, he examined his surroundings.

A central pond for ducks and other birds. Benches encircling it for onlookers. To the north, empty market stands ready to be filled and stocked come the morn for sale of wares big and small. To the East, the docks, just barely visible through gaps in the buildings lining the road. To the South, the most dense area of rural housing for the inhabitants. And to the West, from whence he came, the entrance to the gently rolling grasslands, and the world beyond.

Several small birds whizzed past his head and began bathing in the pond whilst he contemplated his next move.

I sense your stench, wicked ones. But do you come by land, or sea? He thought to himself.

The town remained dormant. Not daring to answer his unspoken question. The blade at his left hip, left hand resting on the guard, sat still as stone while his eyes glided from one corner of their sockets to the other. Once finished, they slowly closed as his ears subtly twitched.

The howl of a wolf far off in the distance. No doubt hunting with its pack on the plains. The birds at the pond. The gentle hum of the winds. And... The sounds of movement from the road leading to the docks.

His eyes opened, and he walked slowly and with purpose towards the horizon line of the sea ahead. And upon reaching the docks, he beheld what seemed an ordinary crew of sailors prepping their vessel for travel.

"C'mon lads! We can't be worryin' about noise! We gots ta fill the storage unit by sunup!" Jiggins called.


"Ey? Watchya want there?"

"Pray. What's the purpose of your hauling so much stock in the dead of night?"

"Ehh? Whatchur purpose bein' askin' us that question? We be sailin' in three days. And we always be prepared ahead a time."

"And you do so without paying heed to the fact that those in this town are trying to sleep?"

"We ain't got time ta worry 'bout that, stranger. Go 'bout yer business an let us do ours."

"I'm afraid that this is my business, now." Drawing his blade, he held it flat towards Jiggles' throat. "I'll ask only once that you refrain from shouting. You and your men can carry these loads in silence, can you not?"

"E-ey! Easy there! We got-" The tip gently kissed the flesh of his neck beneath the adam's apple.

"Did I not just tell you to refrain from shouting?"

"And what be goin' on here?" Captain Lohran asked as he descended the plank from the ship to the docks.

"Ah! Cap'n!"

"Do ye have a problem with my crew there?"

Without moving the blade from its position, "Only their lack of courtesy for those who live in this town. If you would, inform them to do their task in silence."

The Captain's gaze moved to the stranger's feet, and back up to the hat which hid his eyes.

"Yer a strange one. But so be in. Jiggles? See to it that you and the men do yer jobs quietly. I'm feelin' a wee bit sleepy myself. And ye knows what happens when ye wake me up, don't ye?"

Jiggles gulped with the most subtle of nods as the blade was slowly retracted and held calmly, but with readiness, at the stranger's side. Jiggles then returned to his task, whispering to the others to shut up while they continued working.

"My thanks, Captain."

"It be my pleasure. I don't need my crew gettin' in trouble with other folks and losing a limb or whatever ye had planned fer him."

"Just a bump on the head and a headache come the morn."

"Hehehee... That seems right fair ta me."

"Your man seemed more than a little frightened of the implications of what you said to him. Would you care to elaborate on his fears?"

"Jiggles be somethin' of a cowardly man. Gets scared just from a mouse poppin' out the bottom of a cabinet."

"Is that so?"

"It be so."

A rather long moment of silence followed.

"Very well. Then I'll be on my way. Please continue to mind your crew, Captain. I do not wish for trouble in this town. They've done nothing wrong. So they should be treated with respect. Don't you agree?"

"Oh, hunderd percent." He replied with a smile.

The stranger gave a subtle nod of his head and turned while sheathing his blade. And as he disappeared into the town around the corner of a building, the Captain's smile faded to a deep frown as Zank approached to his left.


"I don't like that one, Zank. Keep yer eyes peeled fer him."

"Aye, Capn'. But why don't ye like him? He be trouble?"

"No... But I can tell he could be trouble if he wanted ta be. So keep yer eyes peeled..." He turned towards Zank."Ye know I don't like ta repeat myself, Zank."

Zank gulped with a hard nod and returned to the ship as the Captain glanced over his shoulder with a scowl.

"Good luck to ya, mister high and mighty goodie two shoes. And pray ye don't cross me or my crew again. It be most unpleasant fer ya if ye did."

With that the Captain walked back on board his ship blissfully unaware that the stranger had paused to listen from the corner of the building he'd disappeared behind. With a soft huff through his nose and a tightening of his lips, he turned and walked further into town.

That one's trouble. He thought.


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Coldas, 14th day of the 3rd Ertal Moon

... Morning...

The morning sun brought with it warmth and joy. All throughout the morning market, the stalls were freshly stocked and sales were happening left and right.

"'Scuse me! Three fresh fish, please!" One man asked, waving a slim tan sheet of paper.

"Certainly, sir! Three fish comin' up!" Replied the stand keep, who tied the tails of three fish and raised them up to hand to the man who in turn gave him the paper.

With the paper tucked away, the next sale could begin.

"Momma! Let's goooooo!" Lemnia called.

"Yes, yes my love! I'm coming!" Cretas replied, trying her best to carefully and (relatively speaking) politely shove her way through the crowds.

Lemnia's size allowed her to slip between adults at a healthy clip. And miraculously she had no troubles with navigating the gauntlet. However, once free of the crowd with the stall she desired in sight, she took all but one step and her left foot caught on her right ankle causing her to- "EEP!" BAM!... Face plant.

Cretas shoved the last of the crowd out of her path, and found her daughter face down on the unyielding cobblestone floor.

"Lemnia, dear. Are you all right?" She asked as she helped Lemnia to her feet.

Her forehead was a bit red, and she sniffed back a few tears and wiped them away quickly.

"I'm fine momma! C'mon! We hafta get to that stand and buy some rice!" Lemnia urged as she grabbed her mother's arm and tugged her towards the stand.

A crowd had gathered around it, preventing any easy access to the vendor. And try as she might, she couldn't get the woman's attention over the shouts of the crowd. Of course Lemnia wasn't content with this. She crouched and pushed at the knees of the adults around her to force her way through the throng of bodies to the front where, at the final push, fell forward onto her face again beside the stand. Overwhelmed by the crowd, the woman behind the stall didn't notice.

Lemnia got to her feet and walked around the stall, tapping the woman's elbow.

"Can I have some rice please!?!?" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Hey! Get that runt outta here!" One man screamed.

"Yeah! We've been waiting our turns this whole time! She has to wait too!!" Another woman shouted.

One man yanked Lemnia by the arm, hauling the girl off her feet before letting go and watching her sail almost six feet through the air before she hit the cobblestone ground and rolled onto her side.

... This did not go unnoticed by Cretas.

Quickly dashing to Lemnia's side, Cretas helped her daughter to sit up only to see a heartbroken face caked in tears and pain looking back at her as she held her now bleeding elbow. Cretas' heart burned. Her lips tightened. And she took a sharp breath through her nose before looking at the back of the man who'd thrown her.

Looking at Lemnia and gently lifting her chin to look at her, she mouthed I'll be right back. With Lemnia nodding and trying to wipe her nose and face of her tears, Cretas stood up and dropped her shopping basket by Lemnia's side and marched up to the man. Not wasting any time, she grabbed him by the back of his hair and yanked him backwards until he was bent as far as he could go without falling. Walking around his side, she balled up a fist and slammed it into the man's lower stomach just above the groin causing him to immediately lose his balance and fall to the ground. Cretas, keeping a grip on his hair, yanked him to the side causing the hair in her hand to tear free leaving a large, red bald spot where the hair used to be.

The crowd observed and went silent as Cretas turned towards them with a dangerous scowl, holding the hair up and opening her fingers to let it sail away softly in the wind.

"Would anyone else like to get in the way of my daughter trying to get some rice?" She growled.

The entire crowd backed away a step, and Cretas huffed through her nose at them.

"My love. Come here, please."

Lemnia, still sobbing and holding her elbow, got the basket and limped over to her mother. Cretas took the basket, paid for a bag of rice, and hoisted her daughter up into her arms with the basket dangling around her elbow, and walked away. Once she was gone, the crowd looked to one another, to the stall, and resumed their feud over who was next in line.

Meanwhile, taking a seat on a bench down the road away from the market, Cretas sat Lemnia on her lap and gave her a once over.

"Do you think you'll make it?" She cooed playfully while giving Lemnia's belly a tickle.

Lemnia giggled.

"Yeah. But my elbow and knee hurts."

"Let me see."

Examining Lemnia's elbow, she saw a rather nasty scrape. White skin torn away leaving the way for blood to flow freely down the flesh of her arm to her fingertips. Her knees seemed fine, though. Just a bit bruised. Thankfully her knee pads took most of the damage.

"Come on. Let's go see Qinta. Maybe she'll have a treat for you like last time."

Lemnia nodded and sniffled away the last of her tears as her mother kissed her nose, and the two walked (limped) hand in hand down the road slowly. Several minutes later, they had reached the Raven Eye Clinic where Qinta, an old friend of Cretas', was a doctor.

Seated on a medical bed a minute later, Lemnia breathed calmly while Qinta, a woman in her early-30's with long red hair and a scar over her left clavicle examined her knees and elbow.

"You got quite the ugly little nick there, didn't you?" She asked as she examined the elbow.

Lemnia nodded.

"Well... The good news is that it's treatable. I won't have to lop off that cute little arm of yours just yet... Darn it all." She teased.

Lemnia giggled and shook her head.

"Atta girl. That's the smile I like to see. Now, let's get that thing cleaned up, shall we?"

Dipping a wash cloth into a small tub of warm water, she allowed it to soak through before lifting it and gently covering the wound. Lemnia squeaked a yip, and Qinta chuckled.

"You always make the cutest noises. You know that?"

Lemnia giggled again, and Qinta carefully used her thumb to wipe the bulk of the tiny pebbles and dirt bits out of the affected area before removing the cloth and dipping it in a smaller, separate tub of water. Once done, she rung it out thoroughly before gently dabbing it against the wound to soak up some of the blood.

"How'd you get this one, dear?"

"Some oaf at the rice stand grabbed her arm and threw her."

Qinta paused, glancing over her shoulder at Cretas.

"... Threw her?"

Cretas nodded sternly.

"Tell me you crushed his lame excuse for family heirlooms?"

"No. But he's missing some wind in his lungs and a fist full of hair."

"Psh. You're too soft, Cretas. The brute throws your baby and all you do is rip some hair off? C'mon."

"Well, I'm not a barbarian. Much as I'd like to say I was sometimes."

Qinta sighed.

"Lemnia, dear. Do me a favor and grow up tougher than mommy, okay?"


"Mommy's too nice sometimes. For throwing you, that guy deserved to get kicked between the legs as hard as you can manage."

"What's between his legs?"


"DAT-DA-DA-Da-Da-da-da-da... Dat's not something to talk about in front of her just yet, Qinta."

"Oh please. I'm a doctor."

"And she's only nine."

"Ugh. Fine, fine. Maybe tomorrow."


"Okay, okay Cretas. Sheesh. I'm just toying with you."

"And I wish you wouldn't. How am I supposed to focus on the discovery of a new world if all my friends do is make me crazy?"

"Cretas. Sweety. You went crazy a long time ago."

"I-... Okay, maybe so. But still. You know what I mean."

"Right, right. I got it. No more talk of man parts."

Lemnia was completely lost as she looked back and forth between the two.

"Well, there we are. All wrapped up and ready to go, dear."

Lemnia checked the bandage on her elbow and smiled.

"Thank you miss Qinta!" She said gleefully as she jumped forward and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck.

"Oof!... Aww. Lemnia, dear. How many times do I have to say you can call me Qinta? I practically raised you didn't I?"

"Excuuuuuuse me?"

"Ah ha ha ha haaaa... Cretas! I forgot you were still here!"

Cretas shook her head with a sigh as Qinta let Lemnia down.

"Be good for mommy, okay?" She asked while holding up her hand.

"Always!" Lemnia cheered, giving Qinta a high five before walking to her mom who lifted her into her arms again.

"Thanks for the help, Qinta. What do we owe you today?"

"Ugh... How many times do I have to tell YOU that little things like this are on the house? We're practically family, Cretas. I can't believe you're still asking me about pricing after all these years."

The two women shared a laugh before Cretas and Lemnia departed.

"Feeling better, my love?"


"Good. Anything else we need to get that I'm forgetting?"

"Umm... Nope! Just the rice!"

"Well all right then. Looks like we can-"

Cretas paused as the shadow of Captain Lohran descended upon her in the street. With the sun at his back, she couldn't see his face. But she recognized his hat.

"Good morning, Captain." She said as she walked forward and slightly to the side to get the glare out of her face.

"Mornin', missy. How ye be today?

"Oh, you know? Just shopping."

"Aye. Getting the last of the favorite ingredients for the meals at home before the trip, eh?"

"Something like that, yeah."

"Well, don't let me be standin' in yer way. I'll meet ya both at the ship when yer ready in two more days."

"Thanks, Captain. You won't regret taking on this journey with me. I promise!"

"Oh, I know I won't missy. Don't ye worry yer beautiful head none."

"You think mommy's beautiful?"

"Aye, me wee lass. She be prettier den the mornin' sun herself."

Lemnia chuckled.

"You have a funny way of talking."

"My love. That's not polite. Please say you're sorry."

"It be fine, missy. I take no offense. Let the little one have her fun."

Cretas sighed and gave Lemnia a knowing look which earned a chuckle and a hug from her daughter.

"Well, we need to be off. Until we set sail, Captain."

"Take care, missy. We be seein' ya soon."

The two walked away and disappeared, leaving the Captain to watch Cretas' movements. The sway of her hips. The curvature of her rump and thighs. The long, slender musculature of her legs. The trim waist and the reddish-brown hair. Even if she was a mother for the runt, she was almost too appetizing to resist. He licked his lips and turned towards the docks just in time to see that stranger staring him down from beneath his bamboo hat.

"Ah. It be you, stranger. What can I do fer ye?"

"I heard everything. So she's going to be on board your ship, is she?"

"Aye. We be settin' sail in two days ta find a new world. Or at least, that's what she be hopin' for."

"I see... Then you won't object to another tag along, would you?"

"Ye be askin' ta board me boat for the new world, do ye?"

"Precisely. Forgive the intrusiveness of the request. But I simply can't resist the call and promise of lands yet unknown."

"Ah. A traveler and explorer at heart, are ye?"

"Very much so." He said with a smile.

"Well, if ye be boardin' my ship. I need ta know yer name."

"Tora." The man said with a light bow. "Tora Lithenmiir, at your service."

"Tora... I haven't heard such a name before."

"I come from afar, so it's not surprising."

"Well, mister Tora. Welcome to me crew." He said, holding his hand out for a shake.

Tora approached, and shook his hand.

Even without the hat, Tora stood a few inches taller than the Captain. But he was unfazed, as he gave Tora's hand a very firm grip and shake which was returned in kind. Neither man let go for a long moment, until at last Tora yielded and unfurled his fingers.

"I suppose I'll see you in two days. What time will we be departing?"

"We be sailin' at midday to catch the East winds."

"Excellent. I shall see you there and then. Good day."

Tora walked further into town with the Captain glaring at his back the whole way until he disappeared.

Welcome to me crew indeed, mister Tora. If ye be the trouble I think ye be, then we gots ourselves a bit of fun on our hands. He thought with a menacing smirk.


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Collen Merah

Collen swiped off sweat off from his forehead after placing down another crate of food supplies. It was a warm, sunny day and the crates were heavy on his slender arms. Another crew member was already bringing in the next box and the boy moved out of the way, heading to get the next one. Even if he felt a bit exhausted already, his time on the ship had taught him not to complain about mundane tasks.

Captain Lohran walked back to the docks from his encounter with the man named Tora. And he still had a bit of a mischievous smirk on his face thinking about what to do if the man presented him with any issues. And as he approached he took notice of who was doing what, and what kind of effort they were putting into their work.

"Ey! Mister Ocrest!" He called.

"Yes, Cap'n?" Ocrest replied, dropping the corner of the crate he was carrying onto his foot causing him to muffle a scream of pain through tightly pressed lips.

"Ya seem distracted, mate."

"N-nnnnnot at all Cap'n!"

"Hmm... How's yer foot?"

"Hurts mighty right but I ain't bothered by it, sir!"

Captain Lohran's eyes narrowed, and Ocrest gulped as he hoisted the crate a bit higher.

"Carry on, mister Ocrest."

"Yes, Cap'n!"

Ocrest continued on his task, and Captain Lohran spied the lad walking off the deck to pick up his next crate.

"Boy. C'mere a moment." He called, gesturing for him to approach.

Collen gave a quick glimpse as Ocrest dropped the crate, the exchange between him and Captain one of the many he had witnessed around the ship. Just as he was about to take another crate, he heard the Lohran calling him.

“Yes Captain?” he walked towards him and did his best to stay calm. One wrong move or word could test the Captain’s patience.

"I need ye ta go into town and fetch me favorite drink. Ye know the one, right lad?" He asked, handing Collen a small stack of paper bills. "Two 10-pack boxes should do, lad."

Collen took the bills and nodded. "Yes sir." He wasn't sure how he'd carry 20 bottles, but he wasn't going to mention that to him. He would do it even if it took several trips.

"Good. Try ta be quick 'bout it, lad. I'm harboring a rather insatiable thirst right about now."

Collen nodded once again. “Yes Captain!” he replied firmly and took off running towards the town making sure the paper bills were tightly in his pocket as he ran down the streets looking for the closest tavern. He could already imagine the look on the tavernkeep’s confused look as he’d ask for 20 bottles of Hilgrande, Lohran’s favourite red wine. Lately it had become more and more common for Collen to be the one fetching that precious drink for him every time they docked. Collen didn’t dare to question it but most tavernkeeps definitely questioned a kid buying wine. Luckily the name Armedus Lohran was rather well-known, and it hadn’t been just once or twice he had used his name to get what needed.

As he arrived to the tavern, he saw a couple of patrons chatting and drinking but it was rather quiet that time of the day. The patrons gave a side glance at the young boy with messy hair and dirty clothes entering.

"Hey boy! Lost your daddy?" One of them laughed loudly.

Collen turned at the man feeling the sting of his words inside but kept no expression on his face. "None of your business, old man." he remarked back as he walked up to the counter. Not seeing the tavern keep around, he reached to ring the bell to call them.


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Ros chuckled at at boy's comment of her being nosy. Maybe she was, who was to say. She simply shrug her shoulders as she focused on her food for a few moments before the man who's name was Gus had walked over to the boy she was talking to moments prior. Not paying them much mind as she had more important matters to attend to, as well as focus on. She had one mission to follow through with, and she had no idea if she was anywhere close to her target in question. She had traveled for months, traversing the land in search of the one in question. She didn't care for much as to who this man was per say, all she cared about was the bounty on his head, and it was more than enough to garner her interest. High profiled targets with an even higher bounty on their heads upon following through with the deal were almost impossible for her to pass up. Locate the target, monitor for hours before moving in, making her strike, and taking proof of the kill back with her as proof for her reward. And repeat. An endless cycle of cat and mouse, something that never exactly caused her to grow bored or tired, but it was something that kept her life entertaining enough. At least for now until something else called to her.

Her attention was taken back for when she heard Gus and the boy talk from across the tavern. Her well trained ears had a knack for picking up on things that may have gone unnoticed. Most of what she heard didn't interest her, until she heard the name Lohran. Lohran. So it was true, he was close, not even close, but he was here. In the small town. What were the chances of that? Ros mused as she sat in the chair, finishing up the remains of her her food as she turned her attention back to what was before her. Not wanting to gain any unwanted attention if others managed to pick up on her easedropping.

Turning her head back to look at the boy as Gus came around with the crate and boxes of the boys order, with a small cart to carry them along on. So he was one of his crewmen? Seemed to be a bit too young, but who was she to judge. Silently Ros watched as the boy took his things, bidding Gus fairwell and walked out the door. A long journey? With Lohran? Things couldn't be lining up more perfectly than she could have asked for.

"Excuse me, Gus?" she called.

The man turned, looking back at the woman in question, "Yes, ma'am. What can I do ye for?" he asked with a kurt smile.

Shuffling in her chair Ros looked at the man before speaking up once more, "I couldn't help but over hear you and the boy. Is it true that Captain Lohran is in town?" she questioned, raising a brow.

Gus rung his hands together for a moment as he grasped a towel in one hand, and a glass in another. "Uh well, yes. He's been in port for some time now. Him and his men plan on going on a journey for some unknown amount of time. Why ye ask?"

Ros stirred in her seat for a moment before looking up at the man again, folding one arm over the other, "I was just curious. I've been in search of him for a while now so, I was just curious. I've been needing to speak with him." Ros said as she gave him a small smile and nod of her head before she slowly stood up, tossing a few extra bills on the table. "Looks like I've had my fill. Thank you, Gus. See you again sometime, hm?" she mused as she gave him a small wink.

"Yes ma'am. I wish you the best of luck with your err-endeavour. Thank you once more." the old man mused as he swiped the bills from the counter, watching as the woman walked off and out the door. "Strange one, that woman is..." he chuckled to himself as he went back to work.

Ros stepped out of the tavern, her feet hitting the dirt as she took in a long, deep breath as she stretched. Pulling up the hood of her cowl, she tucked her hands behind her back and began to make her way towards the port, taking a stab in the dark as it'd be her best bet to assume where Lohran would be. As she made her way down the street, she came across a small group of people to the side of the street. A man she had never seen before, must have been early twenties or so, dressed in some odd choice of clothing, and a young girl with an older woman who she could only assume was the girl's mother. Ros gave the small group a small smile and nod of her head as she approached, not wanting to come across as a threat or danger. "Pardon me, folks." Ros looked down at the child as she grew closer, giving her a small wave of her hand as she did so.


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In the blink of an eye, the day of departure had come. The entire crew of the Silver Moon had gathered on deck, and a large crowd had gathered, more out of curiosity than celebration, to see the event. The Captain waited in his quarters, not one for conversation or festivities. Cretas, meanwhile, was on deck with Lemnia waving to the crowd.

"Everyone! Thank you so much for coming to witness history in the making! A new world awaits beyond the horizon. And WE shall claim it for our own in the name of Mar' Valoa!"

Exchanged looks and murmurs spread through the crowd. And as she looked to Gus from the tavern, Cretas gave a wink.

"Gus. Look after Derf for us, okay?"

Gus gave a thumbs up, patting the dog's head with his tail wagging happily.

"Everyone... Farewell!"

A customary glass of wine was broken against the hull, and the anchor was raised. The ship slowly drifted into the bay, and then opened the sails before turning and heading out towards the open ocean.

They were underway. And Lemnia looked sadly back at the shore as her mother stroked her hair.

"Don't worry, my love. We'll come back for Derf once we discover the new world and build a home for us all to live in."


"Promise. Plus, this ship isn't exactly dog proof. We'll need a better vessel to carry him in when we bring him to our new home."

"Okay." Lem said sadly as she hugged her mother's leg.


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Korrin looked about the ship before it began moving out of the Bay and into the open ocean. Waving at the small gathered crowd as the ship went. It took the young hunter/warrior a lot to not marvel at the open water. The most captivating thing about it was it was so large and blue! He never saw water much like it. Though the way the ship moved about in the water, made Korrin a little bit uncomfortable. If boats moved in water this big, does the waves get big as well was a question floating in his head.

“Well, maybe that will finally snuff out the Flame crawling in my mind.” Korrin thought to himself. But that was pure speculation, for how can one put a fire inside their own mind? Sighing he reflected on the crowd that gathered. ”Would Mother and the rest, excluding certain parties, have seen me off if I wrote to them beforehand of what I was doing, here and now? It’s been... Desmiel knows how long. Oh well. I’ll just do the Job and come back safely. Give Cretas enough credibility about the New World. That would be enough.”

Korrin simply stared out at the Horizon, and took a deep breath. Then almost gagged at the salty scent of the ocean. It seems traveling by sea had a few more caveats for him to get used to. ”Does the sea air have to be so salty Ms. Cretas?” He asked aloud coughing at the word ‘salty’.


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Collen Merah & Lemnia Estallamos & Captain Lohran

Collen wasn’t one for farewell celebrations. He had gone up the deck for just enough to see Gus, give him a small wave and then return to his work below the deck. As usual he was doing whatever he was told to. Running around the ship’s nooks and crannies had become familiar to him.

“Ey boy! Cap’n wants his breakfast.” A cook shouted as Collen was walking past the kitchen area. Collen just gave the man a little nod as he took a tray with the food. He walked up carefully, the ships movements felt natural to him. He stepped out from below deck and headed up the stairs towards Captain’s quarters.

Lemnia leaned on the guard railing at the edge of the ship as a small school of flying fish were leaping out of the water and soaring like birds a short distance away. Her eyes sparkled at how beautiful the rainbow created by the spray of the water as they leaped about was.

"So prettyyyyyyy." She cooed.

As the fish began to disappear behind the ship she hopped up, dusted herself off, and hopped in place.

"Mom needs to hear about this!"

The instant she turned around and took one step across the deck, Lemnia face planted into the hardwood floor with both arms outstretched ahead of her. The crewman at the wheel jumped at the sound, brandishing his sword.

"WHO DARES TA-... Oh."

Sheathing the sword, he walked over and helped Lemnia to her feet.

"Ya all right there missy?"

With watery eyes and a quivering lower lip, she nodded and continued on her way. Dashing across the deck to the far-side stairs, she planted her foot and turned too late to see Collen below her. The fault in her concentration caused her foot to slip from beneath her, and she tumbled down the stairs directly at Collen.

Collen had no time to react as the sudden hit made him fall backwards as well, causing the tray fall from his hands.

"Hey! Watch where you're" his harsh voice faded as he realized that the girl in front of him was the daughter of that important lady on the ship. He didn't want to get into trouble for shouting at the girl.

He pushed himself up quickly remembering the food. "Shit." He cussed as he saw it spilled over the stairs. That he was going to get in trouble for.

Lemnia rolled onto her side facing away from Collen, gripping her elbow and half curling into a fetal position.

"Ooooowwwwwie." She muttered, trying her best not to cry despite the watering in her eyes beginning to build.

Collen was cleaning up the food as glanced at the girl who still hadn't gotten up. "Uh.... You okay?" He asked carefully now worried the girl was hurt because of him. "I'll be dead if she is" He thought in his mind as he moved closer to her. "Can you get up?"

Lemnia continued to grip her elbow and, unsuccessfully, fight back her tears as the pain shot through her arm.

"Oi! Boy! What'd you do?" One of the crewmen asked as he approached the scene.

Collen swallowed from both seeing the girl cry and hearing the crewman shout. "I-i-it was an accident!" He said quickly. Knowing full well he'd get all the blame he didn't even try to claim the girl was one running into him. "I'll clean it up!" He got back down on his knees to pick up the food in a hurry.

The crewman knelt down next to Lemnia and helped hoist her up.

"Did Collen hurt ya, girlie?"

Sniffling and holding her elbow, Lemnia shook her head.

"I slipped down the stairs." She sobbed.

"Didja now? Well, be careful wouldja? Takes a while ta get yer sea legs."

Lemnia nodded, and the man turned to Collen.

"Boy. We'll clean up here. Go get a fresh one fer the Cap'n. Keep him waitin' and it'll be all our backsides fer not helpin' ya get him his meal in good time."

"Y-yes sir!" Collen scrambled up and practically run back to the kitchen. "I need new meal for the Captain." He said to the chef in a hurry hoping they wouldn't ask too many questions.

"Wait. Whaddya mean you need a new meal? What happened to the first one?"

"Uh.... an accident." He said carefully and then rubbed behind his neck. "It fell in the stairs" Collen knew the cook would hear what happened sooner or later so he might as well admit it.

The cook shook his head.

"Boy... You'll be the death of all of us."

The cook quickly whipped up the Captain's meal again and handed the tray to Collen, holding tight to it for a sec before letting go again.

"Drop this one and I'll be the one to tan your hide. Got me?"

Collen was waiting as he made the meal staring down most of the time. He hated being on this ship. He hated Lohran and most of his crew. He had no say in anything and simplest mistake could be a death sentence.

"Yes sir." He simply stated knowing full well the threat was true. He took the tray and walked back up, this time being extra careful.

He reached the Captain's quarters and knocked on his door. "Breakfast Captain!"

"Come in." Came the Captain's voice from inside the cabin.

As Collen stepped in he saw Lohran standing at the back of the cabin facing away from Collen with his hands behind his back and looking out the big window at the ocean. The boy placed the tray down on the table and turned back to leave.

"What took so long, boy?"

Collen froze and turned back at him. "Sorry Captain. Won't happen again"

His left hand was in a fist, gripped at the wrist by his right hand. The fist opened and the fingers rolled before becoming a fist again.

"That's not an explanation, Collen."

Collen swallowed as Lohran was getting irritated. He knew that just like the cook, Lohran would hear about it sooner or later. Collen braced himself for his anger as he spoke "I accidentally run into the girl and the food fell on the deck so the cook had to make second patch Captain." He said once again taking full blame.

The Captain turned his head ever so slightly, but not enough for Collen to see his eyes.

"How do you accidentally run into someone, boy? Is there not enough room for two children on deck to move around?"

He swallowed again frozen in place like a scared deer. "I-I wasn't paying attention Captain."

He was certain if Lohran wasn't going to throw him overboard right away, his punishment was going to be even worse. Especially if he found out the girl was hurt.

The Captain turned halfway, glancing at Collen out of the corner of his eye.

"We're at sea now, boy. This is the last place and time to lose focus on anything... Understood?"

"Yes Captain" As Lohran waved him away, Collen hurried off. His face was paler than he realized as he had no clue how he was alive still. The boy hurried off and hide back below deck hoping to avoid anymore problems for the day.


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Cretas and Lemnia waved to Collen as he went about his duties, and Cretas bounced her daughter, much to her delight, before tickling her with her free hand.

"Ready to meet the Captain, love?"

Lemnia nodded, and the pair went up the stairs beside the wheel and knocked on the doors to the Captain's Quarters.

"Come in." Came a muffled voice.

Cretas opened the door and walked inside. As she shut it, Lemnia took in the sight of the Captain sipping at a mug. Their eyes met, and the hair on the back of Lemnia's neck instantly stood on end and she turned her head to hide behind her mother as she turned around.

"Greetings, Captain."

"Miss Cretas. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if-wait... You didn't used to talk like that, did you?"

"I talk to my crew as I would another sailor. But for you, I think a more eloquent manner of speech is warranted. Don't you agree, as our esteemed leader and guest aboard our vessel?" He asked with a smile.

"Hm. Well, I don't think special treatment is really warranted. I'm just a cartographer. But I appreciate the sentiment."

The Captain stood up and walked around his table, giving Cretas a short nod as he looked at Lemnia who was still hiding her face over her mother's shoulder.

"And is this who I think it is?"

"Indeed. This is my little sun and stars, Lemnia. Love, say "hello" to the Captain, please."

Lemnia slowly turned her head. Putting on her best brave face, she smiled for the Captain and said "Hi."

"She's as beautiful and charming as I could imagine. Well met, young lady." He said pleasantly.

He took Lemnia's hand and gave her a bow of his head before letting go. Lemnia quickly retracted the hand, wrapped it around her mother's neck, and went back into hiding.

"She's a little shy."

The Captain chuckled.

"Not a problem. I'm sure we'll become good friends before journey's end."

He walked around the table and sat down once more, gesturing to the fruit bowl he had on display. "Would you care for some fruit?"

"Oh, thank you so much. But I've eaten my fill today and couldn't possibly indulge another bite lest my poor stomach explode."

Both of them laughed. And Lemnia began to tremble in her mother's arms. Hoisting Lemnia into a slightly more comfortable position and height, Cretas stroked her hair and back.

"Well Captain, thank you for your time. I wanted to take a moment to get you two introduced. Now that you have, I think it's time to take this one below deck for some rest."

"Of course, miss Estallamos. Be well. And miss Lemnia? I wish you a pleasant rest."

Cretas gave her a little bounce, and Lemnia said "thank you" before Cretas left the room. As the door closed, the Captain walked over and locked it as his smile faded and he took a deep, deep breath.

"Aye... She's exactly what we need, isn't she?" He asked seemingly to nobody in particular.

His hand gently stroked the wooden frame of the door in the same manner that one would stroke the hair of their lover before making his way to the back of the room to look out the window once again in silence.

On deck, Cretas took Lemnia to the bow where she sat on the railing.

"You okay, love?"

"He scared me." She squeaked.

"Aww, love. Don't worry. And try not to judge too early, okay? He's not that bad. You'll see."

From his perch on the mast beam, Tora watched and listened to the pair before glancing back to the Captain's Quarters doors. His glare hardened slightly, and he looked down at Lemnia who happened to glance up and see him. Giving her a smile and a wave, Lemnia smiled shyly and waved back.


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The man punched by Korrin doubled over in pain and lost his breath, slumping to the floor and coughing as others around him watched in a mixture of amusement and anger.

"Aye! Watcha do that fer ya pint-sized brat?!" Bellowed one of the deckhands.

"Ye'll pay fer that!" Yelled another as he rushed at Korrin.

Several members of the crew tried to make peace between those that started rushing, but the adrenaline and testosterone flowing like raging rivers swiftly caused the entire affair to break down into a massive brawl as nobody could agree on whether this deserved punishment or peace.

Cretas, holding Lemnia, was pushed aside as she too tried to get everyone to calm down. But it wasn't until Lemnia was hit in the arm by a stray backhand and yelped in pain that Cretas too lost herself to a burning rage. She forced her way out of the crowd, set Lemnia down in a safe spot by the stairs leading to the upper deck, and raced into the crowd leaping onto the back of one crewman. She wrapped her arms around his neck, legs around his stomach, and wrenched his head back and to the side causing him to fall down as she choked him into submission.

Tora attempted to come down from the sail and help subdue the combatants, but he too was met with no luck as fist after fist either sailed past him or into his torso. Most were glancing blows not intended for him. But the pain began setting in nonetheless.

Suddenly, the sound of a gunshot rang out stopping everyone in their tracks. As they looked up towards where it had come from, the Captain stood by the wheel aiming his gun at the lantern in the center of the brawl which had been broken and the fire from the candle had fallen onto the deck causing a tiny flame to sizzle beside its former container.

"Mister Lubcre... Put that out." The Captain said calmly as he blew the smoke from the barrel.

"Aye Cap'n!" Mister Lubcre replied.

He swiftly grabbed a bucked of seawater and dumped it onto the fire, putting the deck into darkness save the light of the moon overhead which was just enough to see.

The Captain walked slowly down the deck after holstering his gun, hands behind his back, and walked calmly to the center of the gathering. Everyone around him moved away like bugs from the light in a cave until they all came to a stop as he did.

Slowly, he turned and glanced to everyone's faces.

"Would any of ye care to tell me what happn'd on me ship to make such a fuss?"

Silence was the answer until Cretas pushed her way forward through the crowd. Lohran eyed her warily.

"Miss Estallamos... Was this yer doin/?"

She nodded her head.

"Mm. If I be a bettin' man, I'd say ye tried to have everyone share names and stories o' themselves for some kinda bondin' exercise. That be about right?"

Again, she nodded and gave her apologies.

"I see... That be all well and good. But all of ye should know better." He said with a bit more of a growl in his voice as he scanned the crowd of his crew.

"Ye've all been here long enough. Ye know me rules... Ye know me patience is very thin, don't ye?"

The crew all nodded vigorously.

"Then who be the one who threw the first punch?" He asked.


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Korrin didn’t know how long he was fighting, but by the time the haze fell the crew was in dead silence as the Captain was not happy in his walking and was trying to determine the punishments. That meant Korrin’s life was on the line as the question to who threw the first punch was called out by the Captain.

”What good will it do if I admitted it?” He asked Himself in all honesty, but knew there’d be worse punishments if no one came forward. So wordlessly, and grunting and groaning from the various bruises upon his body, still shaking from the fumes of the flame, Korrin walked till he stood with Cretas in front of the tall Imposing Captain.

”You should teach your men better then, sir if they see fit to judge things by how things look. If they can’t take an angry sucker punch after insulting a man, then what good are they if someone took you by surprise? My only regret is that I showed my employer my darker side, who’s quickness to anger is just as thin as your patience, Sir.“ He asked pointedly, jade eyes looking up at the Captain still wild and angry from various things that happened in the brawl.

Korrin knew this would probably lead him to more pain, pain of punishment, and possible pain of death. But he kept his eyes locked on the Captain, well prepared for anything that was going to happen. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time he was punished for letting loose the Flame, and, Desmiel willing, might not be the last.


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Everyone's faces in the crew drained of color and their stomachs dropped lower and lower with each word.

The Captain, however, remained silent and unflinching in the face of the outburst and insulting tone.

"Mister Lubcre."

"Aye, Cap'n?"

"Be this the one who punched first?"

"Aye, Cap'n!"

"And be I correct in presuming he be insulting me leadership skills?"

"Aye, Cap'n!"

Everyone began to sweat visibly, and some even started trembling.

"... Then I be knowin' what to do with the likes of this urchin." He growled unnervingly softly.

He walked up to Korrin, standing just a hand taller and glaring down his nose at the young Hunter/Fighter.

"Ye have a strong fightin' spirit, boy. But yer accusin' be far outta line." He said as he leaned down closer, putting them nose to nose. "And I don't be appreciatin' it, none."

He stood up straight, waiting to see if Korrin had anything to say in response or in his defense.

”I do not mean to accuse or insult you sir. If it came off that way, then I am willing to give an apology to your leadership, sir.” Korrin replied, having a really bad feeling for his life as the fumes of the flame started to sputter out.

He cursed himself in his mind for speaking the words of his outburst. The Flame was going to get him killed one of these days, Damn it all!

The Captain, meanwhile, took in a breath.

"Aye... That be better."

He turned his back and walked towards the railing looking out over the sea.

"There be two kinds of people who know me temper and the consequences of stokin' that temper. Me crew..." He turned his head, eyeing Korrin out of the corner of his eye. "And me enemies." He growled again in that unnervingly soft tone.

Returning his gaze to the sea, he spoke loud and clear. "It be wise not to tempt fate while yer on me ship, boy. Here, on the Silver Moon, the laws of the land don't apply. I be the law supreme."

Turning around after a few moments, he walked forward and scanned the faces of his crew.

"As fer the rest of ye... Ye know me rules. And the boy be right about one thing. I expect me crew to behave in such a way as to not endanger the Silver Moon." He pointed at the burn marks and bullet hole left in the deck from the gunshot and the little bit of fire from the candle flame. "She be worth more than all yer lives put together... So when I wake up tomorrow and come out of me quarters I expect those planks to be replaced and lookin' like the rest. Do I be clear?"

"YES, CAP'N!!" The entire crew yelled in unison.

"Aye. Then I be goin' to bed."

The Captain walked slowly with his hands behind his back to the stairs, up the stairs, and to his quarters. Each step and foot fall on the deck sounded like a hammer in the silence of the crew. And at last the sound of his door shutting sounded, and silence once again reigned supreme.

Cretas took in a deep breath.

"I take full responsibility for this, everyone. I'm sorry." She glanced around the crew, all of whom looked like they had just come back shell shocked from war. "I'll... Get to know you all individually as we go along... Good night."

Cretas walked over to where she left Lemnia, and found her curled into a fetal position holding her ears and facing the wall underneath the stairs.

"Lemnia, my love? Are you all right?"

The girl was trembling uncontrollably. But not from the cool night air.

"My love?" Cretas cooed softly.

She put a hand on Lemnia's shoulder, and the girl practically shot to her feet, nearly hitting her head on the stairs, eyes wide as saucers and filled with tears and a line of mucus dripping from her nose, as she backed away like a cornered mouse under the gaze of a hungry cat. She crammed herself as far back under the stairs as she could manage, still shaking like a leaf and staring at her mother as if she'd never seen her before.

Seeing this reaction instantly brought Cretas to silent tears of her own as her mouth hung partially agape.

"Lemnia..." She whispered, finding her voice at long last. "My love. It's okay... It's mommy."

Lemnia continued trembling and brought her arms in defensively as Cretas carefully and cautiously crept forward on her hands and knees towards her daughter.

"My love," she whispered ever so softly. "It's all right. He's gone, now."

She gently wrapped her arms around Lemnia who continued to stare up at her mother with wide, vacant, tear-filled eyes.

"Your father's not here, my love. It's just you and me." She cooed, kissing Lemnia's head.

The light seemed to return to Lemnia's eyes in that moment and she slowly melted into sobs and buried her face in her mother's chest. Cretas scooped her up into her arms and rubbed the back of her head and sang softly for her through her own tears.

"Rest, my darling. Welcome sleep. Momma will be here, so don't you weep. Rest, my darling. Wait and see. Momma's always here... Please trust in me."

As Cretas continued to sing, Lemnia's trembling slowly subsided and she sang with her mother whilst tightly gripping the fabric of her shirt. It took almost ten minutes of cooing and singing before Lemnia finally drifted away into the land of dreams. And Cretas wasted no time in taking her below deck and tucking her into their designated spot and stroking her hair.


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Collen Merah

As the fight started Collen was scurrying away to the side. He kept himself low, but doing so he was accidentally elbowed on his cheek. Collen had no time to see who it was as he groaned, the pain making him see stars momentarily. He stumbled on the side and took hold of the railing. "That's going to leave a bruise." He muttered.

Having his back towards the Captain's quarters, the sudden gunshot startled him as he turned around and looked at Lohran. Just seeing the Captain angry made him swallow. As he listened the conversation between Lohran and Korrin, Collen was certain the hunter was going to be hunted and thrown overboard. He was just as certain that few more crew members would end up with broken fingers.

Collen watched Captain in silence with everyone else. He didn't dare to move an inch but was surprised Lohran was letting Korrin go. As the door closed behind him, Collen let out a deep breath, only to realize he had been holding his breath for a good while. With the rest of the crew he hurried to fix the deck, fetching whatever supplies he was told to. The crew worked in hushed whispers to stay as quiet as possible. Even the sound of hammering was muffled with a piece of cloth between the nail and hammer. No one wanted to anger Lohran again.

Collen felt irritated as he was losing important rest. He blamed Korrin for it and in his opinion the hunter should have been the one fixing the deck since he had been the one angering the Captain and starting the fight. Collen had already decided he would avoid him the best he could. But he was also giving Cretas some blame. After all she had woken him up and dragged him on the deck to begin with. With the long days on the ship, Collen wanted every chance to rest.

As he finally got below the deck to sleep, Collen rubbed his cheek slightly. This time it had been an accident, but there had been many times where it hadn't. There was a barely audible sigh as he drifted to sleep. Sleep that was restless with memories he didn't want to remember.


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Collen Merah

In the morning Collen felt groggy. His cheek felt sore and just as he had expected there was a bruise now. But he had no time to complain or worry about it as he headed straight to the kitchen. It was his daily task to take breakfast to Captain and this time he was extremely careful not to drop it. The boy was relieved as he made it to the door and knocked on it.

"Breakfast Captain!'

Getting the permission to enter, Collen walked in and placed the tray down quickly. He kept his head low and was dismissed straight away. He walked back to the kitchen to get a small portion of breakfast for himself. He sat on a crate in the corner as he was trying to stay out of the way as usual.


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Korrin stops short at Collen’s words as he looks back to him incredulously with a pale complexion on his face. ”Are you trying to get me killed now?!” He thought frantically. Was the boy serious, joking, or was this Karma for causing the fight last night Finally biting him in the arse?

”After we just agreed my luck is probably done he wants to throw me under the wagon so he doesn’t want to deal with whatever foul mood the Captain’s in due to my outburst! Clever lad all the same, joking or not!” Korrin was nonetheless terrified at the prospect of what Collen proposed.

”Very well, if you insist on testing my luck further.” the young hunter said as he walks out of the kitchen and, though his every instinct told him not to step one foot further towards potential death, he finds himself at the Captain’s door, raising his hand to knock on it. For a brief moment, he was in a dark place in his memories, vividly recalling himself facing a man and rightly being afraid of him. No. The Captain from what Korrin could understand from Collen’s information, was worse then him. ”Don’t even pay those memories a second glance, He can’t hurt me. He’s miles and years away.”

With that, he knocked on the door. ”Fetching your dishes Captain. Lad’s got his hands full down below.” with that, Korrin entered and quickly took the used dishes trying to avoid eye contact as much as possible.

The Captain's back was to him, facing the rear window gazing out at the sea. But his head turned over his shoulder at Korrin's entry and a single black furry eyebrow arched beneath his Captain's Hat. Korrin barely noticed that, as he finished collecting the dishes and leaving the Captain’s quarters to go back to the Kitchen. He’ll not ask Collen if he needed help for the rest of the morning that’s for certain.


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At lunch time Collen walked up to Captain's quarters with yet another tray of food. "Your lunch Captain!" He said knocking on the door precisely on time.

"Enter!" Came a sharp, almost shrill response.

Collen swallowed but entered and placed the tray down on his table quietly keeping his head down.

The Captain was facing Collen as he entered the room. Hands behind his back, and a calm, stern frown on his face.

"... Did I give you permission to pass your duties off to that troublemaker from last night?" He asked in a low voice.

Collen was clearly nervous seeing him that stern. "N-no sir."

The Captain's right hand slammed on the desk, shaking it and sending his pen tumbling to the floor.

"Then why did that disrespectful whelp take the dishes in your place?!"

Collen swallowed and backed away slightly. "Uh... I..." his hands clenched as he tried to stop himself from trembling in front of Lohran.

"He asked if he could help me, Captain." Collen looked back up at him.

Lohran's lips curled and pressed tight together, almost disappearing among his mustache and beard as he straightened his posture and took a deep breath through his nose.

"If you want to pass off your duties to someone else, you ask me first." He snarled.

He walked slowly around the desk and stood in front of Collen, glaring down his nose at the boy.

"Is that understood?"

Collen quickly looked back down again as he stood completely still.

"Yes Captain." He said quietly, his hands still clenched.

Lohran's hands relaxed and went to rest behind his back as he walked around the desk and sat down. Pulling his plate and drink in close, he leaned back in his chair.

"Get out of my sight, boy. And I expect to see you retrieve these dishes when I'm done."

Collen nodded and left the room quickly. He was cursing both himself and Korrin as well as Lohran in his mind. He hated this ship.


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Lemnia listened intently. Eyes sparkling with wonder until the very end as she held her little fists up by her stomach and made little "Ohh" sounds every few words.

"So big mister bear went to Hiber Nation? I haven't heard of that nation before. Isn't Ma' Valvo supposed to be a biiiiiiiig nation? Where's Hiber Nation?" Chirped.

Meanwhile, in the Captain's Quarters...

"Miss Estallamos. Of what service can I be for you today?"

"I've determined that we're slightly off course and asked the Helmsman to adjust accordingly. But he says only you steer the ship. So I'd have to take it up with you."

"Did he now? Well, we can't have that kind of miscommunication and lack of cooperation on such a voyage now, can we?"

Cretas only smiled in return.

"Never you worry, miss Estallamos. I'll be sure he understands the circumstances and that whomever else may find themselves on the wheel does as well. Please call him in here for me. I'll handle everything."

Cretas gave a nod of her head in thanks and stood up to leave. And while she couldn't see it, she had that feeling that eyes were upon her as she made her way to the door.

And on her they were. Every twist of the tight fabric of her shirt at the waist. Every curve of her hips, thighs, and posterior. The Captain watched it all as she moved with a wide grin. As she reached the door he made sure to look up to her face as she opened it and closed it behind herself, both giving a final nod of acknowledgement. And as the door closed, he took in a deep breath.

"This wait is killing me." He hissed with a long, sloppy lick of his lower lip.

Outside, Cretas informed the helmsman to go see the Captain and said she'd hold it for him until he got back. And the instant he was inside, she brought out her compass and made the adjustment, holding the wheel steady and putting the compass away long before he returned. When he did, he was ashen and trembling as he informed her that he'd be more than pleased to take her orders on adjusting their course from now on. Cretas thanked him and walked downstairs before disappearing below deck.

And all the while, Tora kept a close watch on her.


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Lemnia held Korrin's hand, which was quite a lot larger than hers despite his own slightly shorter stature, and followed him down below deck taking extra care on the steps.

"No tripping on the last one." She said to herself as she hopped to the floor from the final step.

Scanning the room, Lem caught sight of her mother's red/brown hair in the corner over by a hammock.

"Momma!" She said, pointing to Cretas.

The two walked over to her and stopped short when they saw she was rubbing Collen's shoulder as he slept. Lem put her free hand over her mouth and tip toed forward with Korrin before letting go of his hand and climbing up onto her mother's lap.

"Thanks Korrin." She whispered.

Lem looked at Collen and smiled.

"Lubber Boy's tired." She whispered.

Cretas smiled and poked Lem's stomach.

"Let's just call him Collen, okay love?"

Lem nodded. "Mkay."

And with that, she leaned against her mother and quickly fell asleep.


6 Days Later


The sun was high, and the wind was dead.

On deck, several crewmen fanned themselves with their shirts as sweat poured off their bodies.

"Desmiel above... Why's it so damn hot?!"

"Aye. Didn't take ya fer the religious type mister Hog."

"Nah. Just like sayin' it."

"Ah. I gotchye."

Nearby, several crewmen were casting rods while another in the crow's nest kept an eye out for anything in the waters around them as the rest of the crew below hit the oars to make up for the lack of wind.

Below deck, things weren't much better. Sweat pouring off the crew as the temperature inside the belly of the ship rose with the sun. No wind, no fresh flowing air. Several men's hands slipped, letting the oar fly wild and sometimes hitting the man in front of them in the back. This almost ended in a fight on one particular instance after a second offense.

On deck, Cretas was wearing loose, thin sleeveless top and had taken one of her pairs of pants and cut the legs mostly off to make a pair of short shorts. She knew that showing this much skin was probably not a wise idea on a ship full of men who knew they'd not see women again until/unless they landed somewhere that had a brothel. But it couldn't be helped. She was melting.

Lem sat beneath the stairs where it was shaded with her own sleeveless top and shorts while trying to fan herself with one of her skirts.

"By Desmiel..." Cretas whispered. "What's with the wind today?"

By far the worst day at sea they'd had yet. Storms be damned. Nothing was worse than a dry, hot, windless day on the ocean where there was practically no shade or anywhere to escape the scorching heat.

However, the crow's nest spied something on the horizon.

"BLACK FLAG SHIP AHOY!!" He shouted.

This could only mean one thing...

The Captain burst out of the Captain's Quarters, fully dressed with his large Captain's Hat on as he leaned on the balcony near the wheel.

"To yer battle stations ya field rats! We'll not be lettin' no rival Pirates be takin' our ship er supplies!" He bellowed.

He then pointed to Cretas.

""You be gettin' below deck, there missy! And yer brat too! Won't be riskin' the two o' ya's in this fight!"

Cretas didn't need him to tell her that. But she appreciated the thought. She dashed to Lem beneath the stairs and picked her up to go below deck. On the way down, she passed Tora who was fully dressed himself and already had his sword primed with the thumb pushing it just so out of its scabbard.

Cretas grabbed his arm as they reached the same step.

"Be safe, Tora."

"You as well, miss Estallamos. If you hear anyone banging on the door, don't hesitate to grab that spare rifle there and fire directly at the center." He said, gesturing to a rifle sitting just by the stairs.

She nodded, and Tora exited the belly of the ship and closed the doors.

The enemy ship drew nearer, black flag waving as the oars propelled her through the water on a collision course with the Silver Moon.

"Stand fast me mateys! We'll show 'em what REAL pirates be made of!"

The crew roared in fury and anticipation. A far cry from the complaining, lazy maggots they'd been looking like but a minute ago.

Below deck, Lem huddled against Cretas.

"Momma, I'm scared."

Cretas rubbed her back.

"It's okay, my love. Everything will be okay."

"Are Hunty and Torrie gonna be okay?"

"Yes, my love. They're warriors. They'll be just fine. You'll see them when it's over. I promise."


She buried her face in her mother's chest, and Cretas held her close as she looked up listening to the sounds of the crew.

The ship grew closer and closer, turning at the last second as their own crew shouted a war cry and the first ropes were throw to try and get their men to board. Others grabbed their swords and bows and started preparing to battle as boards were prepared to be placed between the two ships so they could run across and engage in battle.

"SEND EM TA HELL BOYS!!" Lohran shouted, pointing his sword at the enemy ship.


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Korrin liked heat as much as the next guy. But right now, with the wind not blowing, it was unbearably hot! It had him go without his cloak or a shirt! The ship wasn’t moving too, and it made him feel stranded. He did not like feeling stranded! Still, it did meant all he could do was wait for the wind, or something to happen.

Unfortunately, the latter happened. Another ship came and it did not look like it wanted to chat given how everyone was starting to scramble. Korrin scrambled to get his own weapons and be on deck as he watched Cretas and Lemnia get below and Tora looking ready for the fight to come. Korrin nodded towards him and got his bow ready and placed an arrow in it. He couldn’t spot young Collen so all he could do was hope for his safety during the coming insanity. He felt the flame twinge awake from the now growing possibility of the fight at hand.

When the Captain sent the signal, Korrin knew the fight had begun and he took aim towards anyone on the other ship and fired an arrow. He wasn’t sure whether the shot would hit in a shoulder, an arm, or the head of whoever the arrow would land, or just hit the side of the enemy ship. He just readied another arrow and aimed again.

He fired his first shot in this fight. He’d just have to keep fighting until the fighting was done. ”Desmiel Protect us!” he thought wildly.


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A red spray erupted on the side of the ship as a cannonball ripped through the torso of one of the crew near the railing on deck. He was trying to prevent an enemy from swinging over after using a grappling hook to grab the mast. Instead of resistance, he swung over neatly and landed in the puddle that used to be a human being.

"Aye! How now ye bleedin'-"

Tora slid in front of him and slammed his sword up through the bottom of his chin through the top of his skull, meeting the man eye to eye while he was still momentarily alive.

"Be gone." He growled.

Tora ripped the sword downward, pushing the blade forward at an angle so it sliced through the remainder of the brain on its way out. Blood pooled around the man's crumpled body as Tora looked left and right to assess the situation.

The Captain was by the wheel firing his pistol into the head of the first man to dare landing on that part of the upper deck. Afterwards, he tossed it aside and drew his sword to engage all comers in direct combat.

To the left, the crew were holding their own surprisingly well. While normally uncoordinated and somewhat hostile to each other, when under pressure they came together as a solid unit. One man watched for those swinging over, and another backed him up with a pistol or a sword. When someone made it onto the deck, they tag-teamed them two to one for a fairly easy kill.

"Not bad."

Tora looked ahead as planks were lowered so the enemy could run across. Manning the middle plank, Tora kept his blade tucked to the side ready for a single draw and slash across the belly of the first man rushing him. However, the enemy managed to block this with their own blade at the last moment.

Hmm... This one's fast. He thought.

Tora had to take a step back to avoid getting struck by a follow-up attack. And as he did so he let the enemy's blade slide off his own towards the deck before thrusting forward into a stab. His blade pierced the enemy's side just below the ribs, and upon retracting the blade and kicking the man he fell over the railing into the waters below.

The next man across made it before Tora could turn quickly enough to stop his bull rush, and Tora was sent sprawling to the deck by a shoulder bash as the man then drew a sword and aimed a slash downward in his direction. Tora's blade came across his body and caught the majority of the blow, but the tip managed to slice into the flesh of his shoulder where it met the traps. A little blood, a sharp zing of pain through the shoulder area, but otherwise non-lethal. Tora slammed his boot into the man's nether region to get him to drop his blade and back off to tend his family jewels before rising and stabbing swiftly in and out of his throat to open his arteries and slash the wind pipe.

With another down, Tora noticed the deck beginning to fill with bodies. Some their own crew. Some the enemy crew. The only thing separating the enemy from their own crew in terms of appearance were the presence of black bands around their arms at the bicep.

This will get messy. He thought.

On the upper deck, Captain Lohran was having a whale of a time. He thrust his sword into the belly of the man he was tangling with and grabbed the throat of another with his free hand as he tried to rush up the stairs.

"Ye scurvy rats think ye can take over the Silver Moon? Pride and joy of Captain Armadeus Lohran?!" He screamed.

The blade was pulled free and pushed downward to spill the mans guts before being thrust into the belly of the other who then met the same fate.

"I'll send ALL OF YE ta meet yer maker beneath the crushing depths o' the sea!!" He roared.


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The Battle in Korrin’s mind, was hectic. The bodies of both ally and foe began to pile around him, as well as for a moment, his fear. He swapped from his bow to his sword letting the familiar feel of it’s leather wrapped handle touch his grip as he then cut into an invading buccaneer in the side before slashing the man’s throat. He could feel it now. The Flame crawling up and taking stock of the situation.

Yes. Now his fear was being burned by the flame as it began to flare in his mind. It just needed one more thing, as Korrin began to fight off the enemies with his sword. Just one thing to be set loose. Korrin knew what it wanted. He didn’t want to give it, but he gradually was running out of options as he saw more coming from across the planks, and Lohran’s shouting was also a factor. He took in a deep shaking breath, as his teacher once taught him. From his teacher, he also was told if this Flame in his was indeed living thing in his mind, give it a reason, a thought even, to let him try to have control. Now was a good time as any. ”I’ve got to Protect Cretas and Lemnia. I’ve got to live so I can protect them. Let me protect them!!!!

With a bellowing yell he allowed the locked away fury of the Flame to envelop his mind like a cloak thrown onto his back. Then came the rush of adrenaline as Korrin rushed at an enemy combatant, who he figured was wearing a black band on his arm as he swung his sword, slashing the man on the right side of his stomach before slashing his throat. Turning an almost fiery jade glare at his next enemy he leapt at him and gave him a resounding kick to the face before delivering a stab in between his ribs for a fatal wound.

Kicking that one off his blade, Korrin looked around and noted Tora manning one of the planks to try and stem the flow of enemies coming onto the ship. Before he could do anything another enemy leapt and gave him a kick to the face. Korrin barely had time to parry the following attack which thanks to it’s path, rewarded him a fine clean line of blood on his cheek. Bellowing with rage he began engaging the man as the enemy and allied bodies piled around him.

”This one’s just as skilled a fighter as I am. I just have to overpower him and terrify some of the oncoming enemy with this kill.” He thought in this fury-filled state he was in. He engaged the enemy in front of him for a time. Exhchanging slashes and parries that eventually gave Korrin two wounds; one to his shoulder, another that was a mistimed parry which gave a cut across his left pectoral that mingled with a scar from an animal attack years ago. Had he not parried that blow when he did, Korrin very well could’ve lost his leftmost eye.

He locked blades after what felt like an eternity fighting this individual and began to push the man towards the left plank. Then with a yell of fury, pushed the enemy blade upward then sliced downward, carving into the man’s thigh. The man screamed in pain which was magnified to a howl when Korrin slashed into his left side, slicing into the stomach, before he then stabbed into his right side and upwards into his liver.

Withdrawing his blade he gave an almost animalistic glare in the direction of the enemy ship. ”Who’s Next?!” He stated, half growling as he got into his ready stance.

”Got to maintain... what little control... over the Flame I got... for Cretas and Lemnia” Was the only sane thought in his mind at the moment.


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Korrin slashed the throat of another enemy, sending the man’s blood spraying on the deck as Korrin flicked the blood off the blade. His rage filled mind had to take stock of the situation. ”This battle is too hellish.... if it starts to settle down I need to calm myself. Teacher always taught me how to control it in a fight. She never taught me to calm down afterwards...or she did and I just never took it in or believed her.” he thought wildly. ”Shit, don’t think about Teacher or anyone from back then! Worry about the now, or you’ll be either dead or gone!

As he thought this Korrin began to engage another enemy who was wielding a wooden club. Korrin made the mistake of rushing this opponent, causing him to receive a blow from the club that knocked the wind out of him. It was at this moment, Korrin felt the world slow down as he took small, deep breaths to get the air back in his lungs. He felt as if Desmiel gave him this moment to make him regret his decision and reflect on his life before joining this adventure. Why did he even join this expedition? To have the chance of being his own man like he always should’ve? To prove something to a Father that never loved him? But in the midst of all the noise and battle, he thought he heard someone cry for help. Teacher’s Words came flooding back to him.

”You want to be better then your Father? Care for all those who need your help.”

The moment ended, and Korrin’s breath returned. The Flame returned as well, it’s wrath tenfold as he barely dodged another swing from his opponent’s club. He let loose one more guttural roar as swung a parrying strike at the next blow, sword edge digging into the club as he then kicked the man in his groin. The man went down on one knee, as Korrin’s knee rammed right smack on the nose, giving a resounding and satisfying crunch. Well, satisfying to the rage-filled Korrin who was probably going to have a bruised stomach and a bruised knee to show for fighting this fool.

After removing his sword from his opponent’s wooden weapon, Korrin finished the man off with a stab into his chest. ”Tora! Need a hand over on your end?!” He called out to his fellow swordsman, actually wondering if he needed help. He was certain the Captain was handling himself just fine.


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Tora managed to bottleneck his central plank quite well. In fact nobody was trying to use it anymore and instead were flocking to the outer planks where the crew, tough and scrappy as they may have been, were having difficulty containing the remaining enemies who tried to force their way on deck.

Tora dashed to the bow where the first plank was guarded by two fellow crew members fighting for their lives against a pair of rather slender enemies Tora could only assume to have been thieves more than pirates before joining the crew. They were giving Tora's allies a run for their money and had gotten a few choice cuts in on them already as well. Tora forced his way between the warring brutes and shoved the thieves back over and onto the plank where they nearly lost their balance. Tora hopped onto the plank and held his sword nearly vertical with the blade perfectly aligned with the first enemy's head.

"Get back on your ship." He calmly growled.

The two thieves sniggered and charged at Tora who had but to drop the tip of his blade for the first thief to run himself through on it. But the second had tilted his body sideways to avoid the blade coming through the back of his companion and shoved the man into Tora causing both to fall off the plank and to the deck of the Silver Moon. Tora tried to get the first man, who was still very much alive on his blade, but the second was already above him and preparing a stab downward into Tora's chest. However, he'd forgotten Tora's allies who each gripped the man by one of his arms and proceeded to pull until both were horrifically wrenched from their sockets with a sickening 'POP'. The man was thrown to the ground and stabbed several times until he moved no more.

Tora stood up, withdrew his blade from the first man's chest, and stabbed down through the thinner section of the skull at the temple until he felt his blade hit wood beneath. The man twitched several times, and then was still.

Tora pulled his blade free just in time to see the central plank now being overrun by two new enemies. Heaving a breath and shaking his shoulders he dashed over to intercept. Korrin was handling things on the other end towards the upper deck which gave Tora the room he needed to engage and quickly dispatch these last two intruders. When finished, Tora noticed that the Silver Moon's crew had prevailed as they were rushing the enemy ship, now all but deserted, and cheering with swords pumping as everyone breathed a collected sigh of relief.

Tora had been so focused on his task that he barely noticed Korrin had called out to him earlier. But thankfully it hadn't been necessary.

Sheathing his sword with a heavy exhale and wiping the sweat from his chin, Tora slowly leaned on the railing and sat on it with a hunched posture.

"That was tiresome." He mumbled to himself.

The chaos of the battle caused Lemnia to tremble in her mother's arms. The entire time, Cretas had her hands over Lem's ears to mitigate the amount of sound she had to take in while keeping her own eyes closed for the majority. But when Collen screamed for help, her eyes shot open. She saw Collen tangling with the man and immediately tried to pick Lem up to put her down on the side so she could help. But Lemnia wouldn't let go. She clung tightly to her mother refusing to leave her spot.

Cretas pleaded with Lemnia to let go, but the girl wouldn't hear of it. And, too late, Cretas looked up in time to see Collen stabbing the man several times, caking them both in blood, as the man died up against Collen.

The look on the boy's face alone...

The sounds of war all around them came to a stop all at once. A few cheers and the sounds of their allies running onto the other ship were all that crept through the hull's openings. Collen dropped the knife and asked for his mother. And Cretas's cheeks were stained with tears as she whispered to Lemnia that it was over. Lemnia looked up and asked Cretas if she was all right, to which Cretas replied that it wasn't her who needed help right now.

She was finally able to set Lemnia down and approached Collen. He seemed in a daze, almost. Not really acknowledging her approach. But nevertheless she knelt down in front of him and, without saying a word, gently coaxed him into her arms as she placed her cheek against his, stroked his hair, and started humming.

Collen was still deep in his own mind, not registering it was Cretas hugging him. However he replied to the touch and moved ever so slightly closer to her. He was sobbing quietly, tears running down his cheeks as Cretas kept humming. Even with his eyes closed, he saw the lifeless eyes staring at him.

Cretas accepted Collen's subtle move towards her, and wrapped her arm around him slightly tighter as she continued humming and stroking his hair.

Lem came up behind her mother and held onto her sleeve while looking up at Collen. She couldn't say anything. She didn't see what happened. She saw a lot of blood and all the guys laying around not moving. But... Mommy would help her understand later. For now, she buried her face in her mother's sleeve and refused to move.


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On deck, the Captain's blade slid free of the torso of one who dared oppose him on his own ship. And before he was thrown unceremoniously into the watery depths, the Captain gripped his lapels and held him against the railing, leaning him back to put him off balance.

"Ye honestly thought ye could seize this ship? Fool. Ye shoulda quit the moment ye saw her flag. But take this to yer watery grave... He pulled him in close.

"Ye were sent to Hell by the greatest pirate the world's ever known."

The Captain them pushed him over the edge and into the water, smiling broadly as the waters turned red and a single shark fin cut through the surface before promptly disappearing.

And that's the end of that. He thought to himself.

Looking out over his ship, he noticed quite a number of his crew had been hurt or killed.

"Hmph... Looks like it's time to resupply."

The Captain made his way across to the deck of the opposing ship and faced those who were left alive, now tied to the mast so they couldn't harm the Captain or the crew of the Silver Moon.

"So, ye scurvy rats. Ye got one chance. Join me crew, er be sent ta the bottom o' the sea. Whichov'ya will join?"

Two out of seven agreed to join. And the rest promptly had their throats slashed and their bodies dumped into the sea.

This is still a skeleton crew... We'll need to make a detour if we're going to finish this little journey of hers.

The Captain returned to the deck of the Silver Moon with the others and stood at the wheel.

"Well done lads! Those ov ye who're still breathin', get to cleaning and repairs. We're gonna need ta make a little detour. And I want this ship lookin' ship shape when we get there. Ar har har har har!!"

The crew all laughed. Some nervously. Some genuinely. However...

"Oh. Before I ferget... This crew of miscreants did quite a number on tha Silver Moon. And that's... Not good, me mateys. Not good at all. When we make it to port, all of us're gonna have a nice long chat. Now get ta work!"

The crew's faces drained of color as they shouted "YES CAPTAIN!" and got to the cleaning and what repairs they could make. The Captain, meanwhile, returned to his quarters to sit quietly and check his charts.

Hmm... This'll set us back at least a month. But the Silver Moon will never make it to this so-called 'new world' of hers in the shape she's in now. Still, this could be beneficial in more ways than one. Once we're at port, it'll be easier to get that fox alone for some... Intimate conversation. He thought with a slowly spreading grin on his face.


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From the gloom of the night behind Collen a silent figure emerged. With but a few short steps, they were standing beside him.

"So, my lad. I heard you killed a man today?"

Collen didn't move as he kept looking at the sea. "Yes Captain." He stated simply as he wasn't surprised he had heard about it.

"Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, my lad. He said, putting a hand on Collen's shoulder.

Were you scared?

The boy glanced at Lohran and then nodded. "I was, at first. But I don't remember much after."

"Well, get used to it lad. On the seas, you won't stop at one. But it will get easier the more you do it."

Lohran gripped Collen's shoulder more tightly.

"Now, my lad. Tell me of the crew down below when it happened. Who fought bravely? And who died a coward?"

Collen's fist clenched slightly at the question. What did it matter anymore when everyone, the men he had spend months on the sea, were already dead? Couldn't the Captain just accept that everyone had done what they could?

After thinking a while he answered what he thought to be the best answer as not to tarnish the name of the dead. "Mr. Figgs and Thorpe were the first ones to attack the enemy, Captain. Others joined as more climbed aboard."

Lohren nodded slowly.

"Mm... So none turned tail, then. That's somewhat surprising."

He let go of Collen's shoulder and turned around, hands behind his back.

"Some of those on deck weren't so brave. So I'll have to have a chat with them tomorrow."

He began walking away, but halted after a few steps.

"Lad... We'll be making a detour to a nearby island to resupply the men we lost today. But you'll have a special job."

He looked over his shoulder at Collen.

"You're going to make sure miss Estallamos doesn't leave the ship. In fact, once the others have left to replace our lost crew members I want you to escort her to my quarters yourself so she and I can have a chat. Understood?"

Collen felt a slight relief as Lohran seemed to accept his words, but still felt disgusted from his words. If he hadn't killed that man, would he have been a cowards in Captain's eyes as well?

He was slightly confused about the request. "Couldn't you just ask her yourself?" he wondered but then said "Yes Captain" and nodded.

However, before Lohran could leave Collen looked at him, facing the man. The boy had made up his mind. "Captain? I would like to learn to fight."

Lohran raised en eyebrow.

"... Do you now?"

He turned his head and let out a sigh through his nose

"Fighting can wait, lad. We'll be at the island in a few weeks. I'll teach you once we've restocked our crew and supplies and are on our way again. Until then, continue your daily duties and help with repair efforts. Understood?"

Collen nodded with determination. "Yes Captain." and then after a pause added "Thank you."

Lohran nodded with a slight grunt and returned to his quarters.