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Cretas Estallamos

I know it's true! There's a new world beyond the horizon! Untamed and unclaimed! Let it be ours!

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a character in “Chronicles of Cre' Est”, as played by KumoriRyuu



Age: 29
Height: 5' 3" (160cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)

Profession: Cartographer

Personality: Excitable and a child at heart. She's driven by a "no risk, no reward" mentality, and values curiosity above all else. She's also very competitive. She nurtures a sense of adventure in everyone she meets, and does her best to help them discover their inner adventurer and explorer. She's on a never-ending quest to "fill in the edges of the map," and won't be satisfied until she's seen everything this world has to offer. And along the way, if she can enjoy a few drinks with good people, she'll be extra happy.

Biography: She was born on the 18th day of the 3rd Ertal Moon as Cretas Illuen. Her father's a trader, and her mother's a seamstress. And from her father's stories about all the places he's been and the people he's met across Mar' Valoa, she developed a sense of wonder about the world and a desire to see everything her father did and more. This hunger for seeing the world was only reinforced when she received her first horse at age 14 and was allowed to explore the surrounding area around her home town. The more she saw, the more she needed to see more.

At age 16 she married her childhood sweetheart, Rocklin Estallamos. And by age 19 she was a professional cartographer drawing maps for clients of all life styles. At age 20 she gave birth to her first and only child, a daughter named Lemnia Estallamos. Today, Cretas has heard word of a new world that was supposedly briefly glimpsed by a crew of sailors who came in to port at her home town. They were drunk and had been suffering heat stroke during their voyage. So the validity was questionable. But she refused to let such claims go unexplored, and managed to convince Captain Lohren to be the one to take her there.

So begins...

Cretas Estallamos's Story


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Mundas, 13th day of the 3rd Ertal Moon

... Sundown...

"Mmmnnn... NaaHAAaaaaa!!"

A freshly emptied wooden cup of ale slammed down on the table, rocking the candle lighting its surface casting undulating shadows of the cup too and fro.

"By Desmiel's frown, Cretas. Can you not just drink like a normal patron?"

"Oh come, come Jahck. Ehehe heh hee... You never could handle the liquor you sold! That's why you need me! To make up for your lack of tolerance!"

"May the Maker help me maintain my sanity while you drink yourself to oblivion... Another round?"

"HaaaaaaaNOTHER ROUND!!" She exclaimed, slamming the cup on the table again.

"Are you trying to burn down my tavern, woman?!" He barked as he quickly steadied the tipping candle.

"Naaaawwww... Just tryin' ta get you to lighten up!"

"I'll lighten up when you stop ordering more rounds. You're drunk enough as it is. What does your daughter think of this?"

"Aww. Thanks for worrying about my baby. But she's fiiiiiiiine! She knows I drink, and she knows that when I come home drunk she just needs to make sure I pass out on the bed instead of the toilet. Meh hehehehe heh heee... If I don't make it, she gets the dog to help drag me to the bedroom so she can put a blanket on me."

"I don't know how or why that poor child doesn't ask for adoption."

Jahck quickly distanced himself from Cretas as she continued giggling and knocking her cup on the tabletop. Having removed the candle to prevent her burning yet another table, he was able to breathe a sigh of relief before he remembered she asked for another round.

Maker help me. He thought.

With another round down the hatch, and a happy belly full of mead, Cretas barged out of the tavern into the streets and stretched her arms out to both sides.

"Aaaaahhhhhh... Yeah."

She turned towards the ocean, just visible through the gaps in the buildings up the road, and gazed at the horizon line.

"Not long now, my sweet, sweet horizon. You and I'll be making love real soon. I promise! And when we do, I'll be sure to treat you right as I fill in the empty corners of the map." She giggled.

Some nearby observers sighed and shook their heads as Cretas began walking the opposite direction into the center of town. Several times along the way she stumbled and had to steady herself on whatever was closest. One such item was a bench. Another a trash bin. And another a... Well, an unfortunate passerby who also caught the worst of her losing the belly full of mead she'd buried earlier.

"By Desmiel!" He shouted as he shoved her to the ground.

"You're lucky that you're leaving, Cretas! I can't and won't stand for this kind of nonsense from you another second!" He shouted.

"Uuuoooghhh... Calm down, Kieran."

"No!! I won't calm down!! Every time you drink, somehow I end up on the receiving end of your inability to keep it all down!! And I'm sick of it!!" He shouted again, stomping his feet and shaking his fists at her as she slowly and shakily made it to her feet with the help of a nearby wall.

"Sorry about that." She stammered as she held her stomach and urped several times before a dry heave occurred.

"I swear... For all your cartography, you're a carbuncle on the backside of our town. The sooner you're gone, the better." He growled before storming off.

"Well... Ugghh... That could'a... Gone better." She groaned.

Somehow, she made it home without another incident. Closing and locking the door behind her, she heard two sets of footsteps fast approaching.

"Momma!" Lemnia exclaimed.

The second pair of footsteps belonged to their dog, Derf, named by Lemnia when they got him as a pup.

"Hehe. Hi, my love."

Kneeling down, she embraced Lemnia in a big sweeping hug before partially losing balance and needing to sit down.

"Uh oh. Momma. Did you drink too much again?"

Cretas giggled nervously. "Uuuuuuhhhh... Yeah, I think just a liiiiiiiitle too much."

"Derf! Time to get momma to the bedroom!"

Derf barked and moved in to nuzzle Cretas' arm over his shoulders. Being a rather large dog, standing at Cretas' waist level, she was able to lean on him as both he and Lemnia helped her walk upstairs to the bedroom where she unceremoniously fell face first into the bed with a muffled groan. Derf nudged her feet up onto the bed, and Lemnia threw the covers over her, crawling around the bed to make sure it covered all of her, and tucked her in as Cretas turned her head sideways to offer Lemnia a smile.

"Sorry for the trouble, my love."

"Time for sleep, momma. Good night." Lemnia whispered, followed by a kiss to her mother's nose.

Cretas giggled and immediately passed out as Lemnia gave her another kiss on the cheek.

"Sleep tight, momma. We'll be on the boat soon and you can stop worrying. I promise."

Lemnia and Derf quietly exited the room, closing the window and the door before they did so, and went to bed. Derf curled up on the floor at the foot of Lemnia's bed, and Lemnia herself curled up into a ball as she shivered slightly without her blanket... Which was covering her mother. Hearing the shivering breaths, Derf immediately hopped up on the bed and laid down next to Lemnia who giggled and curled up against him.

"Thanks Derf. You always keep me nice and warm." She cooed.

Derf huffed in satisfaction and laid his head down to rest.


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Coldas, 14th day of the 3rd Ertal Moon

... Morning...

The morning sun brought with it warmth and joy. All throughout the morning market, the stalls were freshly stocked and sales were happening left and right.

"'Scuse me! Three fresh fish, please!" One man asked, waving a slim tan sheet of paper.

"Certainly, sir! Three fish comin' up!" Replied the stand keep, who tied the tails of three fish and raised them up to hand to the man who in turn gave him the paper.

With the paper tucked away, the next sale could begin.

"Momma! Let's goooooo!" Lemnia called.

"Yes, yes my love! I'm coming!" Cretas replied, trying her best to carefully and (relatively speaking) politely shove her way through the crowds.

Lemnia's size allowed her to slip between adults at a healthy clip. And miraculously she had no troubles with navigating the gauntlet. However, once free of the crowd with the stall she desired in sight, she took all but one step and her left foot caught on her right ankle causing her to- "EEP!" BAM!... Face plant.

Cretas shoved the last of the crowd out of her path, and found her daughter face down on the unyielding cobblestone floor.

"Lemnia, dear. Are you all right?" She asked as she helped Lemnia to her feet.

Her forehead was a bit red, and she sniffed back a few tears and wiped them away quickly.

"I'm fine momma! C'mon! We hafta get to that stand and buy some rice!" Lemnia urged as she grabbed her mother's arm and tugged her towards the stand.

A crowd had gathered around it, preventing any easy access to the vendor. And try as she might, she couldn't get the woman's attention over the shouts of the crowd. Of course Lemnia wasn't content with this. She crouched and pushed at the knees of the adults around her to force her way through the throng of bodies to the front where, at the final push, fell forward onto her face again beside the stand. Overwhelmed by the crowd, the woman behind the stall didn't notice.

Lemnia got to her feet and walked around the stall, tapping the woman's elbow.

"Can I have some rice please!?!?" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Hey! Get that runt outta here!" One man screamed.

"Yeah! We've been waiting our turns this whole time! She has to wait too!!" Another woman shouted.

One man yanked Lemnia by the arm, hauling the girl off her feet before letting go and watching her sail almost six feet through the air before she hit the cobblestone ground and rolled onto her side.

... This did not go unnoticed by Cretas.

Quickly dashing to Lemnia's side, Cretas helped her daughter to sit up only to see a heartbroken face caked in tears and pain looking back at her as she held her now bleeding elbow. Cretas' heart burned. Her lips tightened. And she took a sharp breath through her nose before looking at the back of the man who'd thrown her.

Looking at Lemnia and gently lifting her chin to look at her, she mouthed I'll be right back. With Lemnia nodding and trying to wipe her nose and face of her tears, Cretas stood up and dropped her shopping basket by Lemnia's side and marched up to the man. Not wasting any time, she grabbed him by the back of his hair and yanked him backwards until he was bent as far as he could go without falling. Walking around his side, she balled up a fist and slammed it into the man's lower stomach just above the groin causing him to immediately lose his balance and fall to the ground. Cretas, keeping a grip on his hair, yanked him to the side causing the hair in her hand to tear free leaving a large, red bald spot where the hair used to be.

The crowd observed and went silent as Cretas turned towards them with a dangerous scowl, holding the hair up and opening her fingers to let it sail away softly in the wind.

"Would anyone else like to get in the way of my daughter trying to get some rice?" She growled.

The entire crowd backed away a step, and Cretas huffed through her nose at them.

"My love. Come here, please."

Lemnia, still sobbing and holding her elbow, got the basket and limped over to her mother. Cretas took the basket, paid for a bag of rice, and hoisted her daughter up into her arms with the basket dangling around her elbow, and walked away. Once she was gone, the crowd looked to one another, to the stall, and resumed their feud over who was next in line.

Meanwhile, taking a seat on a bench down the road away from the market, Cretas sat Lemnia on her lap and gave her a once over.

"Do you think you'll make it?" She cooed playfully while giving Lemnia's belly a tickle.

Lemnia giggled.

"Yeah. But my elbow and knee hurts."

"Let me see."

Examining Lemnia's elbow, she saw a rather nasty scrape. White skin torn away leaving the way for blood to flow freely down the flesh of her arm to her fingertips. Her knees seemed fine, though. Just a bit bruised. Thankfully her knee pads took most of the damage.

"Come on. Let's go see Qinta. Maybe she'll have a treat for you like last time."

Lemnia nodded and sniffled away the last of her tears as her mother kissed her nose, and the two walked (limped) hand in hand down the road slowly. Several minutes later, they had reached the Raven Eye Clinic where Qinta, an old friend of Cretas', was a doctor.

Seated on a medical bed a minute later, Lemnia breathed calmly while Qinta, a woman in her early-30's with long red hair and a scar over her left clavicle examined her knees and elbow.

"You got quite the ugly little nick there, didn't you?" She asked as she examined the elbow.

Lemnia nodded.

"Well... The good news is that it's treatable. I won't have to lop off that cute little arm of yours just yet... Darn it all." She teased.

Lemnia giggled and shook her head.

"Atta girl. That's the smile I like to see. Now, let's get that thing cleaned up, shall we?"

Dipping a wash cloth into a small tub of warm water, she allowed it to soak through before lifting it and gently covering the wound. Lemnia squeaked a yip, and Qinta chuckled.

"You always make the cutest noises. You know that?"

Lemnia giggled again, and Qinta carefully used her thumb to wipe the bulk of the tiny pebbles and dirt bits out of the affected area before removing the cloth and dipping it in a smaller, separate tub of water. Once done, she rung it out thoroughly before gently dabbing it against the wound to soak up some of the blood.

"How'd you get this one, dear?"

"Some oaf at the rice stand grabbed her arm and threw her."

Qinta paused, glancing over her shoulder at Cretas.

"... Threw her?"

Cretas nodded sternly.

"Tell me you crushed his lame excuse for family heirlooms?"

"No. But he's missing some wind in his lungs and a fist full of hair."

"Psh. You're too soft, Cretas. The brute throws your baby and all you do is rip some hair off? C'mon."

"Well, I'm not a barbarian. Much as I'd like to say I was sometimes."

Qinta sighed.

"Lemnia, dear. Do me a favor and grow up tougher than mommy, okay?"


"Mommy's too nice sometimes. For throwing you, that guy deserved to get kicked between the legs as hard as you can manage."

"What's between his legs?"


"DAT-DA-DA-Da-Da-da-da-da... Dat's not something to talk about in front of her just yet, Qinta."

"Oh please. I'm a doctor."

"And she's only nine."

"Ugh. Fine, fine. Maybe tomorrow."


"Okay, okay Cretas. Sheesh. I'm just toying with you."

"And I wish you wouldn't. How am I supposed to focus on the discovery of a new world if all my friends do is make me crazy?"

"Cretas. Sweety. You went crazy a long time ago."

"I-... Okay, maybe so. But still. You know what I mean."

"Right, right. I got it. No more talk of man parts."

Lemnia was completely lost as she looked back and forth between the two.

"Well, there we are. All wrapped up and ready to go, dear."

Lemnia checked the bandage on her elbow and smiled.

"Thank you miss Qinta!" She said gleefully as she jumped forward and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck.

"Oof!... Aww. Lemnia, dear. How many times do I have to say you can call me Qinta? I practically raised you didn't I?"

"Excuuuuuuse me?"

"Ah ha ha ha haaaa... Cretas! I forgot you were still here!"

Cretas shook her head with a sigh as Qinta let Lemnia down.

"Be good for mommy, okay?" She asked while holding up her hand.

"Always!" Lemnia cheered, giving Qinta a high five before walking to her mom who lifted her into her arms again.

"Thanks for the help, Qinta. What do we owe you today?"

"Ugh... How many times do I have to tell YOU that little things like this are on the house? We're practically family, Cretas. I can't believe you're still asking me about pricing after all these years."

The two women shared a laugh before Cretas and Lemnia departed.

"Feeling better, my love?"


"Good. Anything else we need to get that I'm forgetting?"

"Umm... Nope! Just the rice!"

"Well all right then. Looks like we can-"

Cretas paused as the shadow of Captain Lohran descended upon her in the street. With the sun at his back, she couldn't see his face. But she recognized his hat.

"Good morning, Captain." She said as she walked forward and slightly to the side to get the glare out of her face.

"Mornin', missy. How ye be today?

"Oh, you know? Just shopping."

"Aye. Getting the last of the favorite ingredients for the meals at home before the trip, eh?"

"Something like that, yeah."

"Well, don't let me be standin' in yer way. I'll meet ya both at the ship when yer ready in two more days."

"Thanks, Captain. You won't regret taking on this journey with me. I promise!"

"Oh, I know I won't missy. Don't ye worry yer beautiful head none."

"You think mommy's beautiful?"

"Aye, me wee lass. She be prettier den the mornin' sun herself."

Lemnia chuckled.

"You have a funny way of talking."

"My love. That's not polite. Please say you're sorry."

"It be fine, missy. I take no offense. Let the little one have her fun."

Cretas sighed and gave Lemnia a knowing look which earned a chuckle and a hug from her daughter.

"Well, we need to be off. Until we set sail, Captain."

"Take care, missy. We be seein' ya soon."

The two walked away and disappeared, leaving the Captain to watch Cretas' movements. The sway of her hips. The curvature of her rump and thighs. The long, slender musculature of her legs. The trim waist and the reddish-brown hair. Even if she was a mother for the runt, she was almost too appetizing to resist. He licked his lips and turned towards the docks just in time to see that stranger staring him down from beneath his bamboo hat.

"Ah. It be you, stranger. What can I do fer ye?"

"I heard everything. So she's going to be on board your ship, is she?"

"Aye. We be settin' sail in two days ta find a new world. Or at least, that's what she be hopin' for."

"I see... Then you won't object to another tag along, would you?"

"Ye be askin' ta board me boat for the new world, do ye?"

"Precisely. Forgive the intrusiveness of the request. But I simply can't resist the call and promise of lands yet unknown."

"Ah. A traveler and explorer at heart, are ye?"

"Very much so." He said with a smile.

"Well, if ye be boardin' my ship. I need ta know yer name."

"Tora." The man said with a light bow. "Tora Lithenmiir, at your service."

"Tora... I haven't heard such a name before."

"I come from afar, so it's not surprising."

"Well, mister Tora. Welcome to me crew." He said, holding his hand out for a shake.

Tora approached, and shook his hand.

Even without the hat, Tora stood a few inches taller than the Captain. But he was unfazed, as he gave Tora's hand a very firm grip and shake which was returned in kind. Neither man let go for a long moment, until at last Tora yielded and unfurled his fingers.

"I suppose I'll see you in two days. What time will we be departing?"

"We be sailin' at midday to catch the East winds."

"Excellent. I shall see you there and then. Good day."

Tora walked further into town with the Captain glaring at his back the whole way until he disappeared.

Welcome to me crew indeed, mister Tora. If ye be the trouble I think ye be, then we gots ourselves a bit of fun on our hands. He thought with a menacing smirk.


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Seated on a bench along the main road just outside of town, Cretas watched over Lemnia as she played in the grass and sniffed the flowers.

"Don't go too far, my love!"

"I won't momma!"

Leaning back in the bench, Cretas released a soft sigh and looked up at the clear blue sky and the puffy white clouds floating past.

"Two days..."

Glancing back towards town and the red roof of the tavern, she felt her stomach growl as the taste of mead from the night before slithered onto her tongue. She smacked and licked her lips, but quickly cleared her throat and shook her head.

"Dammit." She mumbled.

"Momma? You okay?"

"Of course, my love! Just thinking!"

Lemnia stood up and walked over, slowly, to sit with her mom, crawl into her lap, and wrap her arms around her neck to nuzzle against her.

"It's okay, momma."

A smile crept onto her lips as she licked her lips and kissed her daughter's head.

"Thanks, my love. I needed that."

"I know."

"May I ask how you knew?"

"You drank before the divorce from daddy. Remember?"

"Ah-... I guess I did, didn't I?"

"Mhmm! But it's okay, momma. Two days and we will be on a big pretty boat to a new place."

Stroking Lemnia's back, Cretas nodded.

"I love you, momma."

"And you are my beautiful," she gently lifted Lemnia up to look her in the eye. "... Intelligent," she brought her in and kissed her nose. "... And amazing little angel whom I love more than life itself." She said with a giggle while the two nuzzled noses.

They shared another big hug before Lemnia went back to the grass to play while Cretas watched happily from the bench.


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It was another fine day in town as the young man walked along the road in the outskirts. He was average in his height. Jade green eyes peeked out the hood of a cloak made from a boar’s Skin and head. Across is back he also carried a bow and quiver. At his side was a knife and a sword. As he walked to enter the town proper, he spied a young child, playing with their mother close by. ”Must be nice, to have a family that loves their children.” he thought, a sad smile forming on his face as he continued his walk. He couldn’t think on such thoughts for long. The Flame was looking for an excuse to run amok in his mind.

“That deer I sold better have been worth not cutting up myself.” Korrin muttered as he entered town proper, and checked how much money he had from selling his last hunt. He assumed he had enough money on hand for use of getting a hot meal or a nice brew, he stopped for a moment to look around at his surroundings. Things were busy and interesting in this small fishing town. Rumors of a new land, a New World has put people’s minds wondering about many outcomes, possibilities. New futures, new resources. Especially new things to hunt. That would be a sight to see surely.

But Korrin Arzan did not see an opportunity for someone like him to go. The urge was there surely, but he didn’t know what to do or how to get there. Maybe if he hunkered down for the evening in a tavern he’d keep an ear open. The window would knock surely. ”Perhaps finding something new to hunt or fight could quell the Flame crawling in my head.” He thought and pondered as much as his mind could allow, scratching his black hair which was dyed blue at the tips. His brain could only think so hard though, as his stomach emitted a noise to get his head back on track of his more immediate needs.

This slight growl it gave him surely did just that. He shook his head three times, his necklace of teeth jangled as he did so. He had a his goals for the day in mind. ”Hm. Eat first, think later.” Korrin mumbled, as he began to move his pace towards the tavern, his stomach growling even further at the possibility of being filled with delicious food, or even sweet mead.


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Outside of town, Cretas and Lemnia continued to share in the joy of play time. Having since left the bench to sit with her daughter in the flower fields and teach her how to make a flower crown, the pair began making each other a crown to wear for the rest of the day. Lemnia was wearing the crown her mother made, while Cretas watched with pride while her daughter put the finishing touches on hers.

"Need any help, love?"

"Nope. I'm almost done."

Cretas chuckled and rubbed Lemnia's head, earning a giggle.

Finally, Lemnia finished the crown and held it up proudly for her mother to take. Cretas bent forward, and Lemnia put it on her head.

"There! Now momma looks pretty!"

Cretas gasped and placed a hand on her heart.

"Does that mean momma wasn't pretty before?"


Cretas moaned in agony as she fell to the ground clutching her chest.

"My heart! Aaaghh!... My love has broken my heart! How will I go on?!"

Lemnia burst into laughter and scooted over to crawl onto her mother's stomach.

"Momma's pretty now that she has my crown!"

"Aaagh... My love. How could you be so cruel?!"

Lemnia couldn't stop laughing. And against such a sound as her daughter's laugh, Cretas couldn't keep a straight face any longer. She too burst out laughing, and the two cuddled and lay out in the flowers under the afternoon sun together for quite some time.


Meanwhile, back in town, the one known as Tora was sitting in the lobby of a local inn sipping some water. And a pair of men, whom Tora recognized as being part of Captain Lohran's crew, entered the establishment and approached the inn keeper.

"Oi, there. Ya know why we be here?!" The taller one bellowed.

"Uh-... Oh. Um... I s-suspect it's b-because I-"

"Answer da question, old man!" The other yelled, silencing everyone else in the room who now paused what they were doing to watch the affair.

"I-I'm sorry! The Captain is owed a favor from his generosity the last time he stayed here. You're here to collect, I presume?"

"Aye, that we be." The first one said while slamming his fist on the table.

"So, what does the honorable and generous Captain want from me?"

"He be wantin' the pleasure ov yer daughter's company tonight."

"He WHAT?!" The inn keeper yelled.

"... Is that a challenge, matey?"

"What?! No! No, no, no, no! B-but my daughter's only fifteen! She's not yet a woman! Why would the Captain want her company?"

"Relax, old timer. The Captain don't want yer daughter's womanhood... YET!" The second man shouted.

The two men burst out laughing as the inn keeper continued trembling and licking his lips.

"The Captain wants ta ask her some questions is all. So send her down to da ship tonight at sundown. He'll be waitin' fer her on da docks." The first one said.

"Yeh. And don't let her be late. Ye know how the Captain hates waitin."

Turning around and laughing all the way to the door, Tora's eyes tracked the men from beneath his hat before they exited and closed the door behind themselves. Looking at the inn keeper, he saw the man sweating and heaving a sigh of relief that those two were gone. Tora rose from his seat and approached the counter.

"Sir. If I may extend to you an offer?"

"Wh-what? What do you want?" The inn keeper stammered.

"Please, be at peace, sir. I wish to provide you peace of mind. In exchange for a room to stay tonight at half price, I will ensure your daughter's safety as her body guard."

"... Wait. You what, now?"

"You heard me, sir. I have met and hold no love for this Captain Lohran. Nor do I trust what his men said here today. I carry only half your regular asking price for a full night's stay. So if you will grant me the right to stay in one of your rooms tonight, I will personally see to your daughter's safety and return when her meeting is over."

"You'd really do that? Against him?"

"Yes, sir. I hold no fear of the Captain, or his men. My blade and my skills have seen me through far worse than them." He said as he indicated the blade at his hip.

"Well. I can't very well come up with a reason to refuse. My daughter is everything to me. So I'll accept your offer. Half price for the night to ensure my daughter stays safe and comes home to us."


Tora set a small stack of bills on the desk top, sliding it to the inn keep who counted it and nodded.

"I'll return shortly before sundown. In the mean time, I have something to investigate."

"Desmiel bless you, stranger. We'll be waiting for you."

Tora nodded with a smile and departed. Once outside, he took in a deep breath through his nose. Looking down, the dirt in the roads was just thick enough to outline the footprints of the two men who'd just left the building and heading for the docks. Tora's mouth curled into a frown, and he began following said footsteps.


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As Cretas napped in the grass under the mid-afternoon sun, Lemnia lay against her wide awake and snuggled contentedly under her mom's arm... Until she heard the muttering from a young man walking down the road nearby. She poked her mother's cheek.

"Mmm... What is it, my love?"

"Momma. There's a weird man mumbling thingies over there." She said while pointing her finger.

"It's not polite to point, love." She muttered sleepily as she tilted her head back until she was looking at Korrin upside down.

She blinked for a moment, and then noticed the way he moved.

"He doesn't seem so weird to me." She remarked while rubbing her eyes.

"Excuse me weird man! Are you okay?" She called.

Meanwhile, Cretas looked at Lemnia in stunned silence.


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Korrin stiffened at the call and turned to look for the source of the voice. Discovering it to be the young child he spotted when he came into town, he did his best to not let the Flame make him get mad over being asked a question. Considering her mother was literally right there waiting to tear him apart.

”Uhhhm. Yeah. I’m f-fine. Just a little wobbly. One drop too much mead. I shouldn’t drink, but I killed a big stag, got paid for the meat and hide, so I thought ‘Korrin, why not treat yourself with a decent meal with mead?’ Well I did.” Korrin explained, not sure if this small child would understand what on earth he was talking about. Especially since he now realized his tipsy self loosened his tongue. ”Then, Well.. I realized I only had enough money for either food or a room...and I think I wasted a majority of that money on the meal. So poor Korrin Arzan, that’s me, has to either go hunting again, or maybe be something else where my arms and strength will come in handy.” He raises his Arm and flexes it. Then he slumps to a tipsy sitting position on the ground.

”But, poor little old me can’t think straight on what he wants to do and is now talking to a concerned small one. Heh, sorry to bug your afternoon Ma’am. You’re kid’s just being nice.” He says this towards the Girl’s mother, to whom he’s wondering if she taught her daughter to not just randomly speak to strangers like that. Especially if they were drinking too much Mead for that afternoon.


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Lemnia pushed her way to her feet and began trotting over towards him. And the instant her feet left the grass for the relatively flat and even dirt...


Face plant.

Cretas flinched with a slight grimace as she rolled slowly onto her stomach and made it to her feet, brushing the strands of grass off her clothing as she walked over to Lemnia, who was laid out with both arms straight out in front of her. The child lifted her now dirt-covered face with tears welling in her eyes as tiny whimpers escaped her lips.

"Oh, my love. What am I going to do with you?" Cretas asked with a sigh.

Picking Lemnia up, she brushed her off and checked her elbows and knees.

"You okay, love?"

Lemnia nodded with a sniffle, rubbing her nose and eyes as she looked up at Korrin and blushed from embarrassment.

"That doesn't happen a lot, mister." She muttered with one last sniffle.

Cretas smiled and shook her head with chuckle and looked at Korrin.

"Sorry about her calling you weird." She said while gently cupping Lemnia's cheeks with both hands. "I could swear I taught her better manners. But sometimes she forgets."

"I do not!" She pouted with a stamp of her foot.

Cretas chuckled again and kissed her nose, earning a tiny grunt of approval from Lemnia as she looked away and kicked a pebble. Cretas, meanwhile, looked at Korrin.

"So, you're looking for work of some kind?"


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Korrin began to try and get up at a quick pace in reaction to seeing the child trip onto the road, but as his tipsy mind and body were not working together, he only wobbled to his feet before sitting back down again when he saw the young girl’s mother help her and dust her off the dirt and dust. As the mother apologized for what her daughter had called him, a chuckle escaped from Korrin’s mouth as well.

”Don’t worry about it too much. Of many things I’ve been called by other people, ‘weird’ is the nicest of all of them.” He explained. ”Of course, I was also as small as her once. I played, and laughed. Happier times they were.” His small smile faltered at the last sentence. Why did he let that slip? A curse on the mug of mead, for it obviously loosened his tongue to let such a sentence slipped. The Flame would take advantage of such things.

It was then the mother asked him if he was indeed looking for work. The sound of the word twitched his ears as he looked up towards her. “Yes, something like that. Allow me to introduce myself, properly.” he then took the moment to slowly get back onto his feet and bowed his head slightly. “I am Korrin Arzan. Hunter, and Fighter. Do you know of anyone who can use either of those services? A bodyguard or personal hunter, perhaps? Somebody who’s good with his fists, bow and blade and a thirst to show the world what he’s made of?” Korrin mentally wondered what she was going to tell him, but he was also partially excited at the prospect of his first steady job in about a year or two.

And who knows? Maybe this was a sign from Desmiel and this woman could point him towards a job that will definitely secure his future!


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Cretas observed calmly as Korrin introduced himself and described his situation. And towards the end, she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Well, Korrin Arzan. I'm Cretas Estallamos. And this bundle of adorable is my daughter, Lemnia Estallamos." She bowed, and gently forced Lemnia's head down into a bow as well.

"I think we could come to an arrangement, actually. I don't really need a body guard, per se. But having a hunter provide us with some extra meat for the journey to the new world would be most helpful. However, I don't have much money left on me. And... Well, circumstances won't see me earn anything any time soon. So-"

"Would you pwease be kind and hewp us?" Lemnia asked, clasping her hands in front of her chest and giving Korrin large, sad, puppy dog eyes.


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Ros chuckled at at boy's comment of her being nosy. Maybe she was, who was to say. She simply shrug her shoulders as she focused on her food for a few moments before the man who's name was Gus had walked over to the boy she was talking to moments prior. Not paying them much mind as she had more important matters to attend to, as well as focus on. She had one mission to follow through with, and she had no idea if she was anywhere close to her target in question. She had traveled for months, traversing the land in search of the one in question. She didn't care for much as to who this man was per say, all she cared about was the bounty on his head, and it was more than enough to garner her interest. High profiled targets with an even higher bounty on their heads upon following through with the deal were almost impossible for her to pass up. Locate the target, monitor for hours before moving in, making her strike, and taking proof of the kill back with her as proof for her reward. And repeat. An endless cycle of cat and mouse, something that never exactly caused her to grow bored or tired, but it was something that kept her life entertaining enough. At least for now until something else called to her.

Her attention was taken back for when she heard Gus and the boy talk from across the tavern. Her well trained ears had a knack for picking up on things that may have gone unnoticed. Most of what she heard didn't interest her, until she heard the name Lohran. Lohran. So it was true, he was close, not even close, but he was here. In the small town. What were the chances of that? Ros mused as she sat in the chair, finishing up the remains of her her food as she turned her attention back to what was before her. Not wanting to gain any unwanted attention if others managed to pick up on her easedropping.

Turning her head back to look at the boy as Gus came around with the crate and boxes of the boys order, with a small cart to carry them along on. So he was one of his crewmen? Seemed to be a bit too young, but who was she to judge. Silently Ros watched as the boy took his things, bidding Gus fairwell and walked out the door. A long journey? With Lohran? Things couldn't be lining up more perfectly than she could have asked for.

"Excuse me, Gus?" she called.

The man turned, looking back at the woman in question, "Yes, ma'am. What can I do ye for?" he asked with a kurt smile.

Shuffling in her chair Ros looked at the man before speaking up once more, "I couldn't help but over hear you and the boy. Is it true that Captain Lohran is in town?" she questioned, raising a brow.

Gus rung his hands together for a moment as he grasped a towel in one hand, and a glass in another. "Uh well, yes. He's been in port for some time now. Him and his men plan on going on a journey for some unknown amount of time. Why ye ask?"

Ros stirred in her seat for a moment before looking up at the man again, folding one arm over the other, "I was just curious. I've been in search of him for a while now so, I was just curious. I've been needing to speak with him." Ros said as she gave him a small smile and nod of her head before she slowly stood up, tossing a few extra bills on the table. "Looks like I've had my fill. Thank you, Gus. See you again sometime, hm?" she mused as she gave him a small wink.

"Yes ma'am. I wish you the best of luck with your err-endeavour. Thank you once more." the old man mused as he swiped the bills from the counter, watching as the woman walked off and out the door. "Strange one, that woman is..." he chuckled to himself as he went back to work.

Ros stepped out of the tavern, her feet hitting the dirt as she took in a long, deep breath as she stretched. Pulling up the hood of her cowl, she tucked her hands behind her back and began to make her way towards the port, taking a stab in the dark as it'd be her best bet to assume where Lohran would be. As she made her way down the street, she came across a small group of people to the side of the street. A man she had never seen before, must have been early twenties or so, dressed in some odd choice of clothing, and a young girl with an older woman who she could only assume was the girl's mother. Ros gave the small group a small smile and nod of her head as she approached, not wanting to come across as a threat or danger. "Pardon me, folks." Ros looked down at the child as she grew closer, giving her a small wave of her hand as she did so.


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Korrin was about to politely turn her down about the payment of his hunting services, but paused when Cretas said “New World”. The popular rumor he was hearing about and musing on. His brain wracked with possible replies to her and was about to say them. But then Lemnia had to pull off the puppy dog act that he swears all children know. His poor sensitive big heart came crashing down. Indeed, this child obviously knew how to use all the tricks in the book! Thus how could he argue against such a weapon this small one possessed?

”Aww, can those eyes get any bigger? I think we can come to some arrangement in terms of like, a payment plan or something. Or maybe perhaps...” he said as he began to think. Korrin thought for a long hard moment before mentally preparing himself for what he might ask. This was his big chance to join up on a journey of a lifetime, something that would prove himself finally to the World and Him, that he was now strong and powerful. After taking a breath he asked, “You think that maybe if I went with you to this New World I might find something new to hunt or fight? If so, I’ll do what you wish if you allow me to go, as payment for getting you some more meat for your journey of course.”

As he finished his part of the business negotiation, he noticed the tall woman from the tavern walking past them, and could almost swear she looked at him odd. It was the boar skin cloak wasn’t it? It wasn’t Korrin’s fault the beast charged into the arrow that took it down. Clearing his throat he looks towards Cretas again. “So what do you think Miss Cretas? Do you think there’s a possibility I could join you on this journey?” He asked, hoping against hope itself and silently praying to Desmiel for a miracle.


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Lemnia's puppy dog face slowly morphed into a happy and energetic smile with eyes practically sparkling with joy.

"It's a new world. There's bound to be all sorts of mysterious creatures never before seen by human eyes for you to hunt. New land to claim! New experiences to enjoy!! The possibilities are practically endless!!!"

Her tone shifted from calm agreement to ecstatic excitement, mirroring her daughter's smile as both mother and child seemed to glow with energy and enthusiasm the more excited they became.

"Oh, I can just imagine it now! Landing on the new world! I have to be the first one off the boat. No arguments from anyone! Oh! And then I have to plant the flag of Estallamos on the shore! What should we name the landing point? Cretamos? Cretestas? Something catchy..."

Lemania's face a she glanced to her mother was one of quiet indignation and embarrassment as her mother continued to go off about all the things she needed to do and everything she thought might be accomplished on day one.

"Thank you fow agweeing!" She chirped, catching sight of the new lady on approach. She gave a smile and a wave back at the woman and trotted up to her. "Hiiiiii! Who awe you?"

Meanwhile Cretas was lost in her own little world of imagination and planning for days not yet come.


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Ros gave the small group a nod, planning on continuing past them. But she caught the eye of the child, who quickly trotted over to Ros, the child asking who she was. Ros hadn’t intended to stay and talk much, but the presence of the child was enough to make her stay.

Kneeling down so Ros could be eye level with the young girl, she gave her a warm and kind smile, “Hello, young one. My name is Ros, I’m just passing through, maybe looking for some work. But what’s your name, young one?” she questioned, cocking her head to the side with the smile remaining on her face as she extended her hand to the small child.

Looking up, past the girl Ros noticed how the woman she assumed was the girl’s mother was, rather vacant? She seemed to be off in her own little world, clearly off in her thoughts. Well this is wonderful.., she thought to herself for a moment. Looking over her shoulder she saw the young man that was in the tavern earlier, the one with the boar skin. She gave him a small nod of her head, before looking back at the small child who so eagerly wanted her attention.


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Lemnia smiled widely and giggled with an open mouth causing the end to rise in a squeak.

"I'm Lemnia! Hiiiii!" She chirped with a little hop in place.

"That's my mom." She said as she pointed to the mindlessly rambling Cretas. "Her name's Cretas. And she's a cartoogopher... cartehgraepher? Um... She's a map lady!" She squeaked.

She ran a full circle around Ros with both arms held out behind her, giggling the whole way.

"What does Ros do?"


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Ros smiled as the girl introduced herself as Lemnia, with a large smile on her face and a small little hop. This child was slowly starting to worm her way into Ros' heart, as much as she wanted to deny it. This child was cute, and was starting to use it all too well. Ros looked as Lemnia introduced her mother as well, Cretas. A 'Map lady' as her daughter put it. Ros chuckled softly as Lemnia clearly struggled to pronounce the word, but she got it. It was an interesting profession for her to have, considering how...air-headed the woman seemed. But who was she to judge?

She watched as Lemnia ran circles around Ros, clearly all too delighted to make a new friend. Watching as she finally came back around and stopped infront of Ros, almost falling over. Ros placed her hand on her chin as she thought for a moment at the young girl's question. She couldn't exactly tell her what she did, a child didn't need to know, and she didn't want to raise any alarm for why she was here exactly. And she didn't want to say she was a soldier, as she wasn't exactly one anymore, nevermind the false alarm of worry it could cause the other three.

"Uhm...I travel, all around the world. Picking up random jobs here and there...Guess you could say I'm an explorer. What does a little lady like you do, Miss Lemnia?" she questioned with a small smile as she poked the young girl playfully.


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Lemnia giggled when Ros touched her chin, tongue just barely sticking out from beneath her top row of teeth as she smiled. Her chin was was a ticklish spot. But she didn't dare say that out loud.

"I have a reeeeeeally important job!" She chirped with another hop. "My job is to make sure momma doesn't get too lost in her head when she's supposed to be mapping. She likes to start talking about things she might be able to see and do a lot. So I have to smack her butt and make her focus."

She giggled.

"Oh! I also have to make sure momma stays pretty by making flower crowns like this one." She said, touching the one her mother had expertly made for her. "Momma can't be pretty without my crowns. So I have to make sure she's the prettiest ever!"

With that she turned towards her mother and, after taking only a single step on the flat dirt road...


Hands out front, face planted in the dirt, and her crown flung off her head to the ground ahead of her with one knee bent and her foot up towards the sky.

"MmmmMMmmmmph." She groaned.


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Korrin got overwhelmed by Cretas' ramblings and almost couldn't figure out whether or not if she was answering his question or not. It was very confusing to listen to. To make it more complicated Lemnia left to bother the tall tough lady! Leaving him all alone with her mom! What can he do!?

"Ms. Cretas? Does that mean yes or no to what i asked? I asked if it was alright to join you in your expedition?" He said hesitatingly. He could not tell if she was actually listening to him as he tried to soak in her ramblings and the tall woman, Now introduced as Ros, speaking to Lemnia. The latter of which ending up tripping again. He notes in the trip her flower crown fell from her head.

Deciding to take a break from the mother, Korrin picked up the flower crown and carefully cleared his throat. "It would seem you dropped this on your fall little one. Let me just...there." As he spoke he carefully set the crown back on her head.

Then the flame put a memory in his mind of his younger days with his own family. On His siblings, mother, Hi-. No. He couldn't think of them. He didnt want to lose his mind to the Flame over a memory. So instead, he kept a large grin on his face, making sure that grin was so big no one would see the hidden pain in his eyes. "There we are. All good."


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Lemnia's eyes were brimming with tears as she sniffled and rubbed it her nose with the back of her sleeve.

"Thank you." She muttered, glancing between the two.

"I gotta get momma back now."

She pranced over to Cretas and, true to her earlier word, opened her right hand and smacked Cretas on the rump with a decently loud "SLAP!"

"EEP!" Cretas yelped with a hop in place.

"Oh, my love. I'm sorry. Did I get distracted again?" She asked, picking Lemnia up.

Lemnia nodded.

"Looks like you took another tumble, huh?"

Lemnia shook her head with an "MmMmm!", and Cretas chuckled softly before kissing her nose.

"Pardon." She called to Korrin and Ros. "Apologies for my rambling over there. I get excited sometimes." She chuckled. "Oh, hello there." She said to Ros. "My name's Cretas Estallamos. And this is my lovely little bumble bee, Lemnia."

"I said "hi" to her already. Her name's Ros." Lemnia said with a smile.

"Did you? Well, good job my love." Cretas looked back to their guests. "Korrin. I believe you asked about coming with us? Absolutely! We could use as many hands as possible for this journey!"

She turned to Ros.

"Might I interest you in joining as well? There's a new world out there beyond the horizon of the ocean. And we're going to find it, claim it, tame it, and make history! What do you say?" She asked with a pump of her fist, with Lemnia mimicking her in almost perfect sync along with a giggle.


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Korrin raised both eyebrows at how Lemnia shook her mother out of her small tangent of being lost in her own world. Forcing a small chuckle down his throat for fear of embarrassing Cretas any further, Korrin listened as she said her answer to him about considering a spot for him on the expedition she’s organizing. Even though she didn’t outright say yes, the fact she allowed him to come in account of needing all the help she can find, caused his eyes to go wide, his grin almost reaching his ears.

”YAHOO! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I promise, I will not disappoint you Miss Cretas. I’m.. I’m as Happy as a Wolf Pup!” Korrin said, barely containing his own elation and happiness. He let out a laugh of relief, inhaling a huge gulp of fresh air before relaxing his grin. He had to contain it all for now, as he then turned to listen to both the banter of Mother and Daughter team, trying to convince Ros of potentially joining and coming along as well.

Korrin actually wondered if she’d join as well, if not for the sake of having more muscle on the team for any trouble that lay ahead, but to help ensure the safety of his, which would hopefully Turn into ‘their’, employer. ”The possibility of new exotic game meat is also there too.” he added, seeing if Ros was an avid hunter like he was. He didn’t have to appeal to her fighting capability, as he could tell when he first glanced at her, he’d stand no chance if he went one on one.