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"Blood and gold, my friend."

0 · 247 views · located in Domhanda

a character in “Chronicles of Domhanda”, as played by The Cynic


ImageN a m e s a k e:
Dareios Nicanor.
A l i a s:
N u m e r i c a l:
Age: 29 | Birth: Tenth of June.
S o c i o l o g i c a l:
| Profession: Mercenary Captain.. | Martial Status: Single.. | Homeland: The Dales.. | Allegiance: None..| Status: Nomad..
B i o l o g i c a l :
| Height: 6'3ft. | Weight: 200lbs. |Ethnicity: Daleish.

P r o f i l e :
Like most Dales, Dareios is quite tall and lean. His eyes are bright blue and skin bronzed from desert sun. He keeps his hair well groomed and often weaved into a loose braid. Dareios is most often seen wearing leather armor and light chain, with a hooded cloak perched on his shoulders.
K i n d r e d:
Dareios has no living kin, save for his brothers of the Bloodsails.
F e a t s:
All mercenaries of the Bloodsails are renowed for the weapon expertise and cunning; they dedicate much of their lives to honing their craft. The only honor a "Man of Blood," carries with him, is his honor to his sword. Dareios is an adept duelist and incredibly skilled with the shield and spear. He is strong, swift, dexterous, and has the gift of perception, which not only aids him in battle, but with persuading friends and foes as well. Dareios is intelligent, ambitions, and overall very dangerous.

Image A r s e n a l:
Dareios favors the spear and shield and the bow-and-arrow. He is an excellent marskmen, and skilled with light blades. On his person he keeps a scimitar, several knives, and occasionally a quiver and bow. His shield is smooth, painted gold and beautifully engraved, and his spear is light and two-pronged.
A r c h i v e:
Dareios was born a child of the Dales, and as such, doomed to a life of struggle. He was born during the peak of the Croasarian wars, and lost his family early on in life. As a child, he had lived with a nomadic tribe of entertainers, where he learned the flamboyant art of sword-dancing and spear throwing. During his time as a gypsy, he became adept in thievery, performing, and the art of persuasion. At the age of sixteen, his caravan was besieged by a band of sellswords, claiming the lives of most of his adoptive kin. With nothing else to hold on to, Dareios began traveling across Domhanda, offering his services to the highest bidder; stealing and killing his way to success. Overtime, he became renown in the underground of Cathair, the Imperial City, and established his own company of killers and thieves. Dareios is now the leader of The Bloodsails, a mercenary band that travels across the realm, offering their services to rich lords and ladies whom are willing to pay for it.

So begins...

Dareios's Story