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Killian Ferrer

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a character in “Chronicles of Domhanda”, as played by leetlewetbeaner



N a m e s a k e:
Killian Ferrer
A l i a s:
N u m e r i c a l:
Age: 17 │ Birth: Ninth of June

S o c i o l o g i c a l :
Profession: Baile Guardsman (trainee) Martial Status: Single Homeland: Baile Allegiance: Dukedom of Glasliugh Status: Commoner, Guardsman

B i o l o g i c a l :
Height:5'8" Weight: 195 Ethnicity:Croasarian

P s y c h o l o g i c a l:
Killian has always been unsure of himself, in both matters military, and blacksmithing. Self-confidence has always, and will continue to be an issue for him. He prefers not to be seen or noticed, a trait brought on by his older siblings who had once pretended he did not exist for an entire year. As the 7th child out of nine, he has met with a considerable, and not unexpected amount of sibling torment. Despite, he has garnered an admirable amount of determination to do what needs to be done, and do it right, unfortunately, like his older sister, his clumsiness and social awkwardness makes a lot hard to achieve.
P r o f i l e :
Killian bears a lean strong built, brought on by many nights working with his father and brothers. His time training with the castle guard has helped immensely as well. His hair best resembles a golden bird's nest, placed haphazardly atop his head, beneath it sit glinting green eyes. He has plain features, in a crowd one's eyes might pass over him if they weren't looking for him.
K i n d r e d:
Killian has 8 other siblings, but he is closest to his older sister Nadia, who serves as a maid in Baile. Although he is distant from his elder brothers and sisters, he is closest to Nadia, who tends to share his awkwardness and general personality. He cares very much for his sick mother, and does his best to send his wages to her as often as he can.
F e a t s:
Killian is knowledgeable in basic combat, using both sword and spear. He can also ride quite well, if not better than some of his peers. Killian is literate, and likes to spend his free time reading the few books he's collected. A number of them are rather dog eared and worn from continuous use. Some of the few that have heard him have noted that he has a 'lovely voice', but Killian's love for singing is a secret he's tried hard to keep, even from his sister Nadia. His reasons being that most of the male singers he knew were bound for nothing, sly, or both.
A r s e n a l:
Military issued armour, weapons and horse. The only 'weapon' Killian owns is a smithing hammer which he wears around his belt occasionally, but not recently since it goes against regulations.
A r c h i v e:
Born as the 7th child to what would become a total of nine, Killian was set to work almost as soon as he could grip something. He lent his services to his father and brothers in smithing, but felt like he could be better used elsewhere. Since he could remember, he had always been fascinated by the colourful pageantry of the military, the shine of their armour and how mighty they looked at the annual parades. He swore to himself that as soon as he came of age, he would join and serve to his best capacity.



So begins...

Killian Ferrer's Story


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1409, Third of June| Midday

As the Duchess entered Trenton inclined his head to her. He had at one point counted her amongst his good friends, perhaps he even was attracted to her, but she had grown into something cruel and unlikeable. She was cold and unkind. She had always had a shadow looming around her. It was like her shadow was controlling her and making her do things she would usually do. It made her turn into something dark and without life.

"No doubt, Captain Trenton...You must be eager to see your kin once more," the Duchess stated. Trenton inclined his head once more. He didn't have an answer to this question. It was a very odd task he had given himself, he was excited and fearful. He could very well find out his brother is dead. so Trenton simply replied with an "Aye m'lady.".

"Trenton, we cannot afford rash action, but very well, go with a small party." Anerin told Trenton. Trent could see that Anerin was somewhat strained due to his cousin. She had that effect on many people.

"I'll take my leave then. Duke, Duchess." Trenton said he walked up and clasped the Duke on the shoulder. He then bowed lowly to the Duchess and took her left hand kissing her ring finger. Trent always did this when he didn't know if he was going to be coming back or not. A way to say goodbye without words he guessed. Trenton then turned on his heels, as he did so another guard came out of the servant passages and brought Trenton his helmet that he had earlier dropped. It was one of the senior guards. Tegan was his name. He was a couple years the elder of Trent, his hair was beginning to grey with age and stress. Tegan had Trentons full trust, though he was somewhat a smaller and leaner man he was vicious in a battle. With his size came great speed and agility.

"You dropped this damned thing again, lucky there's no dent in it." Tegan chuckled at Trent. Trent smirked, but then the facial expression washed away. Trenton snatched his helm in Tegans hand and placed it on his head. "No time for jokes. You're with me, we have a possible threat on the north-western shore outside of Kreth Village." Trenton told the old guardsman. He didn't have to say anymore, Teagan knew what to do. They both disappeared out the great doors of the hall and down the stairs that lead towards one of the City's most prized buildings. The Stable. The building itself was somewhat unspectacular, it was constructed of a mixture of stone and wood. The stone made up the walls and wood made the roof. The stable here though was hundreds of years old compared to many of the other buildings. Glasliugh wasn't "Land of The Horse Lords" for no reason. Inside the stable however was a large open area. There were no pens. Just horses galloping around in the grass that made up the buildings floor. The horses obviously loved it here. They could graze all they wanted and run at their own leisure. Trenton let out a complex whistle with a mixture of notes in it. Tegan did the same, letting out a different, and quite unique whistle. Every horse in Baile and all of Glasliugh was much smarter than any horse from any other nation. Century's of strenuous breeding had resulted in that, and these brilliant "Lords" as they were called among horses were ideal for a guardsman like Trent. A couple seconds after Trenton and Tegan had whistled their horses came running to them. Trenton's horse was Gull. He had named her after his original home in Fearaan. She was a bigger horse to compensate for Trenton's size. lucky for her Trenton needed a larger horse, otherwise she would be a work horse at some farm. She was white with speckles of grey all over her. sometimes it was hard to clean her because you don't know where she's dirty and where she's clean. Trenton grabbed a saddle from the wall closest to the door, they were reserved for guards and those higher in society. He lashed the saddle over Gull's back and tightened it in all the correct places. He put the reins in her mouth, which she liked unlike many horses, and then he mounted her. As he did this Tegan had done the same as him in just a matter of minutes. The guards should all be masters at quickly preparing for battle.


The door were opened by the guards the attended the Stable. There were always at least two. As the doors opened, Trenton and Teagan rode out on their mares and picked their way through streets that were nearly lifeless. The market was where everybody would be at this time of day. As Trenton looked around to find another unoccupied street he saw the same Traineee that had earlier humiliated him. "Boy!" Trenton called to him. "Get your horse and join us at the main gate in ten minutes." Trenton needed to give this trainee a sense of battle, then maybe he would learn to be more cautious. The Fearaan were less likely to take a jumpy trainee as a threat than the Kirhareshians. Trenton examined the streets that had been his home for so many years now. The buildings all constructed mostly of stone brick and wood. Some buildings like taverns were made fully of stone to prevent drunkards from burning the place down. Trent liked the buildings though. They had a sort of... Warmth, that he had come to love, compared to the cold of Fearaan, one could actually become warm in Baile. Tegan got Trent's attention as he rode ahead of him. Trenton took his cue and kept up with the senior officer. The reached the gates taking back roads in about five minutes. For a portion of it they let the horses run at a full gallop. They always loved to run. Enthusiasm with speed was a great quality in a horse, especially ones as smart as those in Baile.


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1409. Third of June │ Midday

Killian's head snapped up at Trenton's call, serving to turn more heads than the young guardsman would have liked.
"I have a name, you know..." He grumbled to himself, turning as the captain sped off after an older guardsman.
At the gates in ten minutes?
He'd make it in five.

Speeding to the stables, armour all a-clatter, he pushed his way past a stable boy, roused from his nap. "Whadda...wait!" The boy grunted, chasing after Killian, "Wait!"
"No time!" Replied Killian breathlessly, "Quick, saddle up your fastest."
"Now, and there's three coppers for you." Killian promised, shaking the coins out into his palm and clinking them invitingly.

In a blink the lad led a bridled and saddled mare to Killian, handing over the reins proudly. Killian grinned and poured the coins into the boy's waiting palm. "Thanks!" Leaping into the saddle he spurred the mare into a gallop, navigating the twisting back alleys and pathways as deftly as if he traveled them daily.

If there was anything he could do, it was ride. For a moment he forgot his earlier embarrassments before the queen, the berating of his commanding officer and the failures of his post. He forgot the upcoming wall duties, the worries of the coming war, and rode. He leaned in close to his mount's neck, seeing what she saw, the passing blur of passerby and street. Reveling in the brief burst of utter freedom he closed his eyes as the wind swept past his face.

When he opened them again, the gates were in sight, as was his captain. He couldn't help a broad grin when he pulled up next to his superior, his chest heaving with unbridled exhilaration.

5 minutes.