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Chronicles of Domhanda



a part of Chronicles of Domhanda, by The Cynic.

The world of Domhanda, where our story takes place.

The Cynic holds sovereignty over Domhanda, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Current main country: Glasluigh.
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The world of Domhanda, where our story takes place.


Domhanda is a part of Chronicles of Domhanda.

18 Characters Here

Sauska "Azzurra" Condwiramur [16] "I swear upon the Goddess Moon that I will serve and protect you till the last of my breaths."
Anerin [14] "Until death take me..."
Trenton Brentson [13] "You call me filth because I'm not 'pure'. Your hate makes you filthier than anyone else."
Suhayla [10] "A good Queen does what she must to protect her people, whether she like it or not."
Krea Halvard [10] Chief of the Elk Tribe, "The Bone Splitter"
Urfith the Eight Fingered [9] Dark meat makes for a dark man.
Kaleb Salazar Erskine [9] None are immune to the twists of fate. Take nothing for granted.
Brenton Brentson [8] "I will not bend to your will."
Hakon Far-Killer [8] "Yes I've killed children, I've killed women too, I've killed just about every manner of man at one time or another. And I will kill you, if you give me a reason."
Thorvaald [7]

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#, as written by Layla
1409, Third of June | Dusk.

The Great Hall had been transformed. Expensive cloths dyed in marvellous hues cascaded from the polished ceiling as the flicker of candles illuminated the stained glass windows. Laughter and chatter danced with the music that streamed from fiddles and plucked strings in an improvised symphony. Perhaps more attractive that the garments of the guests were the tables lined with delicacies. There were moist plums bathed in cinnamon honey, a roasted goose roasted in colourful root vegetables, sweet potatoes that had the glistening sheen of crystallised sugar and fine porcelain plates piled high with pastries.

A black hooded figure stood unseen in the shadows by the entrance, as still and silent as the coming darkness. It followed the movements for the Kirhareshi Queen and the surrounding people, keen and guarded even in celebration. A woman with a dangerously low neckline strutted in the shadow's direction and bumped into the figure's arm.

"Relax, Captain," the Spearmaiden said, a grin evident on her painted lip despite the near transparent veil. "You were wise. It is better for us to gather information and protect our Queen this way. At least without our normal hideous drabs we won't stick out like sore thumbs." In Azzurra's opinion, the vibrant, sparkling green of the Moon Guard's dress 'stuck out like a sore thumb,' but what would she know, such parties were not in her area of expertise. It was Suhayla's advisor whom had sourced the appropriate clothing. "Come on," Fara said. "Take it off. Let me see."

Azzurra gave a reluctant shrug, tugging the cloak from her frame. Fara let out a long whistle. "You clean up well. I mean, not that you weren't stunning before," she hastily corrected. "I've just never seen you dressed so..." She searched for the least offensive phrase and came up a few straws short. "Feminine. Casual."

Fara hooked her arm through the Moon Guard's elbow, grabbing Azzurra's cloak and tossing it aside. "Remember this?" she asked without looking at the woman beside her. "Before Captain Janyane..." she trailed off. "Before you became Captain." She turned to Azzurra with a melancholy smile. "We used to do this all the time."

Fara's Captain did not reply. She never did anymore.

Midnight blue trailed behind Azzurra like a piece of the sky rippling from her figure. The candlelight illuminated the milky way embroidered into her dress as she entered the Great Hall with Fara by her side. It was more skin than Azzurra had ever showed in her last few years as Captain all combined, which was not saying much. She was paler than her Kirhareshi companions, her skin the flawless sheen of fresh cream and ocean pearls. She blamed it on the lack of Sun, she having hidden beneath her robes and armour all this time. Her dark hair cascaded curled over her neck and brushed the bottom of her spine like a river from the night sky. Coils of obsidian had been pinned on her head with shiny weapons disguised as exotic jewellery. Her dark locks were held in place by an ornate dagger and strands of small crystals hung from it, tickling the side of her face. She wore lengths of thin, wiry silver on her wrists and arms, made for slicing and strangling. Beneath her dress were knives strapped to her thighs. A deep blue veil hid her lips stained red with poison from prying eyes.

"Try to have fun tonight, Azzurra," Fara said, calling her Captain by name for the first time in many years. "I'll see you," she said, her emerald garments and bronze skin disappearing into the crowd.

Azzurra stood alone in the festive, her fingers entwined and hands clenched tight. Where she always stood straight, her spine was even more rigid than usual. She was lost amongst all these people, having no idea how to interact with others. Once, she'd been able to, but now she never felt more alone than when she was surrounded by people. She walked across the hall, scouting, not quite knowing what to do with herself. Suhayla needed space to breathe and it had been so long since she'd been allowed to simply enjoy herself. Even her crowning had been not much cause for celebration, seeing as the Queen had to have to die for Suhayla to have to take the crown. Azzurra did her best to blend into the shadows and disappear but still eyes followed her where she went. She felt naked, the shimmering silk so lightweight she could hardly feel it on her body. A red faced man gave her a drunken smile and a sleazy remark. She replied with a withering glare. It was more difficult than she liked to intimidate when she was dressed so ridiculously and seemingly unarmed.

The Captain of the Moon Guard had never felt so unprepared in her life. She itched for the spears at her back but they weren't there. Without her multitude of weapons and defences to weigh her down, she felt that she might float away. Moonlight streamed through the window and reflected from her glistening dark hair. Azzurra prayed to the Goddess Arunah that Suhayla would be safe and that she herself would survive the night.