Chronicles of Khroniktus: Twilight Armageddon

Chronicles of Khroniktus: Twilight Armageddon


The red sun rises over the war-scarred world of Khroniktus. For centuries, the free peoples of the Khroniktan Alliance have lived in a golden age of prosperity. However, in recent years rumors of darkness and danger have spread throughout the countryside.

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Disclaimer: Ideas in this roleplay are not complete and are subject to changes. Players are encouraged to give constructive criticism and help build the world

One thousand years ago...

The free peoples of Khroniktus coexisted in relative peace. The Rokin, slender and majestic on the winds, sang their songs, recorded history, and debated philosophy in their Aeries among the windswept peaks of the Rok Mountains. Aryites, imposing yet gentle, farmed their fields, fished in the rivers, harnessed the arcane powers of the cosmos, and created wonders both practical and insightful with magical tools wielded by skilled hands. The Terronians spent their existence in the waxing and waning of the seasons, occasionally breaking the delicate harmony with ambitious skirmishes between clans. Then there were the Derew, wise yet reclusive, that rarely wandered from their deep forests and never acted rashly or without consensus. Finally, there were the nomadic Muhari, who made their homes in the far reaching deserts.

However, the temperate peace was broken when the All Consuming Darkness washed over the land. The Erebon Empire, armed with weapons forged with hate and powerful dark magic dripping with malice, swept over the West like a sickness. The Muhari tribes that were not butchered like cattle were enslaved beneath the tyrannical iron fist of the Empire. It was the Aryite king, Lo'din the Fearless, who answered the plight of the Muhari and raised an army to combat the shadow that loomed over the desert.

He was never seen again.

King Lo'din's two sons, Sheodin and Neodin, then adolescents, reluctantly took the mantle of leadership under the guidance of the Sage-wizard Alphanius - who was the chief adviser to the late king and the Prophet of Leolik. Neodin, the younger, at the behest of Alphanius, was crowned King of Arydia. Sheodin and the nobles of the Twelve Houses, though opposed to the idea, bowed to Alphanius's wisdom.

A diplomat clad in a dark cowl came to the Aryite capitol, Ketajhi vya'Arim. He promised riches, power, knowledge, and prestige on the tip of a silver tongue in return to swearing fealty to his lord. After Alphanius rebuked the mysterious visitor, most refused the temptations. However, there were many that fell sway to his promises of grandeur - especially among the pariahs of society. Hundreds disappeared overnight without a trace.

It was not until He came that the former sons and daughters of Arydia returned. They were corrupted and mutated into hideous monstrosities by powerful dark magic. Incoherent rage burned where there was once intellect, and consuming darkness filled the void of a soul long lost to demonic madness. A vast legion marched at their heels, with the God-emperor [REDACTED] and His chief lieutenants leading the front.

Few knew how long the siege lasted. It could have been days, weeks, or months. It mattered little. Crops were burned, villages were razed, and thousands were slaughtered by the merciless Dark Legion and its Master. When the battle came to Ketajhi, Alphanius stepped into the fray. Armed with the Arcane in one hand, and Leolik's divine Power in the other, countless scores of Erebari fell before him. However, even a mountain eventually yields to the tide. The Emperor's chief lieutenants, Lord Narkaloxan and General Got'mog, assailed Alphanius and struck him down. Broken and dying, Alphanius bestowed his powers over the Divine and Arcane to Neodin and Sheodin, respectively. The Aryites rallied behind their two champions for a final stand against the endless Dark Legion.

The Emperor watched impassively like an imposing mountain while Sheodin battled Got'mog and Neodin clashed with Narkaloxan. He soon grew tired of the Aryites and their tenacity, and He lifted a hand to obliterate the two brothers in one fell swoop. However, He was halted when the earth shook, the heavens thundered, and a blinding light emerged from the east. It was then that Leolik, the King of Kings, and Lion God of the Aryites, descended from with all of His Glory and made Himself known on the battlefield. Leolik, enraged by the death of His Prophet and friend, and the deaths of so many of His children, smote the Emperor's armies with a maelstrom of divine wrath. The Emperor and the Lion God clashed, but the All Consuming Darkness buckled beneath the Everlasting Flame. Leolik imprisoned the Emperor in a magical shard of ice and cast it down into the deepest abyss beneath the dark lord's cursed empire. With their master defeated and their armies routed, Narkaloxan and Got'mog fled into the west.

With the enemy defeated and His children saved from annihilation, Leolik departed the mortal realm. Broken, smouldering, but very much alive, the Aryites recuperated and rebuilt their homes.

Future generations would forever remember this war as The Shadows of Dawn.

One thousand years later, Arydia and its neighboring allies are in the midst of a golden age of prosperity. Priest-king Neodin Shadowslayer and Archmage Sheodin Thundermane, rendered immortal from their conflict during the Siege of Ketajhi, have ruled with gentle yet firm hands for centuries. However, even after the imprisonment of their Emperor, the Dark Legion continued to send war parties against the Aryites and the other nations. A massive wall was erected, an imposing fortress built, and a pact between the Aryites, Rokin, Terronians, and the Derew was sealed. If the Emperor ever returned, they would unite against their common foe lest all the world be consumed by His darkness. With the Erebari raiders little more than a nuisance in recent centuries, the denizens of the Khroniktan Alliance live their lives in relative peace.

However, in recent years, discord has begun to rear its head throughout the land. Tales of dark cultists, traitorous servants to the Emperor, are shared around campfires. Rumors of unrest and imbalance between the Terronian clans are circulated in crowded taverns. Even whispers of blood-thirsty bandits in the northern provinces of Arydia flutter through the countryside.

Shadows are darkest at twilight. Will you be the light to snuff them out, or will you be one of its heralds?

The Story So Far...

Our Adventurers find themselves in a rural village in the Gatzan'makhoz province of Arydia. Some may by natives of the hamlet while others may be simple traders eager to earn coin bartering with the villagers. However, the Adventurers will soon discover that a veil of fear and uncertainty has gripped the village and its denizens by the throat. Will they investigate whatever calamity has befallen them out of the goodness of their heart or a chance to earn their favor and coin, or will they pass by on their journey to wherever fate will lead them?


Aryites: The Aryites are a race of humanoid leonids that vary in body type and fur color. Some are lithe and agile like panthers while others can be massive and muscular like lions. Their height ranges from six to eight feet tall while fur, usually ranging from a pale yellow to glossy black, covers the entirety of their bodies. Many grow manes that cascade down their shoulders, back, and chests like waterfalls, while others keep them neatly trimmed or even braid them into dreadlocks.

The Aryites are renowned for their masonry, craftsmanship, and architecture, and are highly sought after for their skills. They are primarily a peaceful race of scholars, scribes, magi, philosophers, masons, craftsmen, and priests, but when provoked they can be a terrible and awe-inspiring sight on the battle field. Aryites hold honor, courage, and strength in high regard. Over the eons they have been almost utterly destroyed countless times by tyrants and their servants. They are unrelenting and fearless in battle, and they will never stand for their sovereignty to be encroached upon.

Aryites dwell in the Kingdom of Arydia, a Theocratic Monarchy ruled by the wise and immortal Priest-King Neodin Shadowslayer. The Twelve Noble Houses govern their respective provinces more-or-less how they see fit, but all are subject to the divine laws of Leolik passed down through His Prophet, King Neodin. Villages will elect their own leaders from wizened and respected elders, who will in turn elect representatives to lobby for their interests and advise the nobles' courts in the provincial capitals.

Most Aryites adhere to the commandments of Leolik, their patron deity. Leolik is a kind, just, honest, patient, and understanding god. He blesses hospitality, charity towards the fatherless and widows, honoring of elders, the keeping of oaths, protecting the defenseless, and the pursuit of wisdom, but will curse those who prey upon the weak, betray their kin, and show cowardice in the face of the trials He has set. His will is made known through his Prophet, King Neodin, and the Priesthood - which is to be obeyed, to be loved, and for his followers to show love to their kin.

Families seldom ever move far from each other. Most Aryites will spend their entire lives in or near the village of their birth and share their homes with both immediate and extended family. Their neighbors are their in-laws, distant cousins, and lifelong friends. Most Aryites will build sturdy homes out of brick and mortar and live off of crops grown in their own backyard. Villages are often the centers of trade for nearby farms and homesteads, and will send their surplus produce and other goods to larger towns and cities.

Aryites observe a six day work week in which they will labor in their fields and their crafts for six days and spend the seventh resting and worshiping Leolik. They also have several holy days throughout the year, usually centered around the harvests and commemorate important events in their history. One example is Deliverance Day, which honors the end of the Shadows of Dawn in which Leolik descended from Heaven to deliver them from the Emperor. Aryites have a close relationship with the land they live on, and strive to ensure it remains free from dark influences.

Rokin: The Rokin are a mysterious race of avian humanoids that are renowned for their oratory arts. Many travel the lands of Khroniktus as bards, story tellers, or offer their services as scribes and accountants. Poetry, song, and written word are their artistic mediums of choice. Their habitat lies in the Rok Mountains where they govern themselves in a complex Republic seeped in a quagmire of endless debate and bureaucracy

Terronians [LOCKED]: The Terronians are the elemental forces of Khroniktus given life and form. They are divided into several clans, the four primary ones being Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. There are numerous clans that personify combinations of the Prime Elements, such as magma, fog, storm, and sand, but the Primes are the most prolific and powerful. The Primes are ruled by the four Elemental Lords, great and powerful elements with god-like might. First, there is Aeigeoth, Lord of the Sea. Next is Munio Earthshatter, the Mountain King. Then there is Brathadair the Infernal, the Fire Lord. Finally, there is Go'ath the Storm Maker, the Lord of Wind. Each of the Elemental Lords hold nigh complete dominion over their planes. However, there exists one being that surpasses them all: Ter'ran the Warden. He is a mythic figure, the personification of the elements in harmony, and a guardian over all Khroniktus. It is unknown how long he has walked this world, and unknown how many eons he will continue.

Derew [LOCKED]: Little is known about the reclusive and ancient race of the Derew. They will appear as mere trees to the naked eye, and will retain this illusion to all but the most observant of investigators. The Derew are primarily hermits, but they will occasionally congregate in great and mysterious gatherings that no member of any other race has witnessed. Even their single city, Trost, has only been seen by a handful of mortals. Derew are said to be patient and wise, but can be driven to extreme wrath by unsanctioned desecration of their forests and holy places. Despite being relatively independent from each other, they will only act on matters of importance when they reach a consensus.

Character Sheet

Name: Aryite names tend to have a Middle Eastern or African sound to them.
Age: Aryites live to about 150 years. Rokin live about for about 300. However, both races mature at about the age of 25.
Race: Currently only Aryites or Rokin. I might make an exception for a Derew or Terronian of you present a good case.
Appearance: Pictures are alright, but words are better. Does your character have any distinguishing features? Examples include scars, tattoos, missing teeth or fingers, a limp, or maybe something else.

Alignment: Taking only "Good" and "Neutral" alignments right now.
Ideal: Describe one ideal that drives your character. Your ideals are the things that you believe in most strongly, the fundamental moral and ethical principles that compel you to act as you do. Ideals encompass everything from your life goals to your core belief system.
Ideals might answer any of these questions: What are the principles that you will never betray? What would prompt you to make sacrifices? What drives you to act and guides your goals and ambitions? What is the single most important thing you strive for?
Bond: Create one bond for your character. Bonds represent a character’s connections to people, places, and events in the world. They tie you to things from your background. They might inspire you to heights of heroism, or lead you to act against your own best interests if they are threatened. They can work very much like ideals, driving a character’s motivations and goals.
Bonds might answer any o f these questions: Whom do you care most about? To what place do you feel a special connection? What is your most treasured possession?
Your bonds might be tied to your class, your background, your race, or some other aspect of your character’s history or personality. You might also gain new bonds over the course of your adventures.
Flaw: Your character’s flaw represents some vice, compulsion, fear, or weakness—in particular, anything that someone else could exploit to bring you to ruin or cause you to act against your best interests. More significant than negative personality traits, a flaw might answer any of these questions: What enrages you? What’s the one person, concept, or event that you are terrified of? What are your vices?
Summary: Using the information above, build a summary of your character's personality.

Equipment and Abilities:
Armor: Does your character wear leather armor for mobility? Chainmail or plate for protection? Or maybe they don't wear armor and get by with regular clothes or magi robes.
Weapons: Medieval weapons only, please.
Misc. Inventory:
Talents/Skills: Describe in one to three sentences something your character can do that is special. Can they play a musical instrument? Are they skilled in a craft? Are they good with animals or kids?
Training: Has your character received any specialized training? Where they trained in martial combat in the army, or maybe they had a private instructor? Did they attend classes at the University of Alphanius in the study of magic, or maybe they were apprenticed under a graduated mage? Did your character learn the arts of infiltration and subterfuge in the ranks of the Stalkers or on the streets?
Known Spells: If applicable. Please note that dark magic and some of the more intrusive mind magic is highly illegal in Khroniktan Alliance territories. Those caught and convicted of its practice receive an automatic death penalty. Also, approved mind magic is highly restricted and requires a special license from the Archmage to legally practice. You probably don't have one of those...

History: Where did your character come from? Why have they set out on the life of travel and adventure? Every legend has a beginning... What's yours?

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[u]Misc. Inventory:[/u]
[u]Known Spells:[/u]


Toggle Rules

  1. I Am Your Deity's Deity: Scorpion and I have the final say on everything. We are DM. We are law.
  2. I Am Not Unreasonable: Suggestions are welcome. If you can give good reasoning for something to be changed, we will consider it.
  3. Be creative: This roleplay is as much about world-building as it is about actually roleplaying. We encourage you to build upon the lore. Now, I have developed quite a lot of lore for this world, and something you add might come into conflict with it. If you are unsure, feel free to message Scorpion or myself.
  4. No Godmodding: I shouldn't have to say this, but it needs to be said regardless. Do not force actions upon another player's character. This includes NPCs that the DMs will be controlling. Always allow the other character an opportunity to respond and/or counter an action unless the outcome as already been approved OOC between the relevant players.
  5. Be Reasonable: At the beginning, your character is an average or slightly-above-average joe. You are not a mighty archmage, celestial warrior, or war veteran of a thousand battles. Think of this as a D&D campaign. Your character might be a bit above average with their own strengths and experiences in the beginning that set them apart from the average villager, but you are no means a champion of the realm... yet. Don't worry, your character will develop in time.
  6. Post Length: Try to keep posts at least 1-3 paragraphs (3-5 sentences each) long. For now I will not impose a length maximum, but try to use your better judgment. If you want to write a novel, all the power to you... Just please do it somewhere else.
  7. Grammar and Spelling: Proofread. Proofread. Proofread! Please, for the love of Lovecraft and Tolkien, please proofread your work! There is almost nothing more immersion breaking than a post riddled with enough spelling errors, run-on sentences, and tense/perspective changes to make it look like hazardous Swiss cheese!
  8. Post Regularly: One to three posts a week at minimum. If you are going to be absent for a significant length of time, please inform us so we can plan around it and do something with your character so they are not immediately necessary for the story and you will be able to pick them up when/if you return.

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Character Portrait: The Chronicler


Character Portrait: The Chronicler
The Chronicler

"I have been here for a very long time - observing, recording, and contimplating. It is my duty to chronicle all that transpires in Existence. If necessary, I will intervene to preserve it.""


Character Portrait: The Chronicler
The Chronicler

"I have been here for a very long time - observing, recording, and contimplating. It is my duty to chronicle all that transpires in Existence. If necessary, I will intervene to preserve it.""

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Character Portrait: The Chronicler
The Chronicler

"I have been here for a very long time - observing, recording, and contimplating. It is my duty to chronicle all that transpires in Existence. If necessary, I will intervene to preserve it.""

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