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Cyrus Jahangir

A wandering swordsman with a unique fighting style and a clawed gauntlet on his left hand

0 · 167 views · located in AU, Play-by-Email (RbE), Play-by-Post (PbP)

a character in “Chronicles of Sha'Lazar”, as played by Bloodthunder


Height: 5"7'
Weight: 150 lbs

Cyrus is a well built man with a very dark complexion. He has long black hair that he keeps tied up in his head scarf and deep emerald green eyes. He is often seen wearing a symple layered vest that is light and doesn't make a lot of noise and a pair of dark brown pants with a pair of dark leather boots. He often has the vest open to reveal his realitively toned chest and to help keep his body tempature cool. Due to his upbringing in the harsh desert Cyrus has grown accustom to the heat and all the time in the sun that he has become very resistant it.

Just by looking at him he could easily pass for a bandit, when in reality he is the exact opposite. He hones his skills with the sword to protect those who need it and is constantly looking for a new adventure. He is also quite agile and acrobatic. What is probably the most bizarre part is the clawed gauntlet he wears on his left hand. It is mostly used in with his high manuverability to grab ledges and scale walls, he can also use it as a sort of shield to block attacks and to help defend against ranged ones.

So begins...

Cyrus Jahangir's Story