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Chronicles of the Dark Flame

Chronicles of the Dark Flame


In the future of a parallel universe where magic exists a new kind of magic has appeared that many people fear. What will happen after 50 years of no action haven been taken?

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The Dark Flame



In the years following the events of what people call “The Appearance” and “The Corruption” society has split on their views of the Dark Flame. Some feel that those that have been “corrupted” should be isolated or purged, while others think that those with the dark flame are still the same and should not be treated any differently, others even believe that those that use the Dark Flame are superior and should be feared or even worshiped, and as with any split there are even those that have no real interest on any side and feel that nature will take its course. Of course there are Dark Flame users on all sides of the split.

Following “The Appearance” most cybernetic companies were pressured to do something since at the time all Dark Flame users had cybernetic arms with the augmentation to be able to use magic, leading most to believe this was the cause of a virus or bug in the systems. You will find most big cybernetics companies on the side of isolation, lobbying for the government to do or create something to isolate those that “have become corrupted.” While at the time of “The Appearance” sales of cybernetic implants had decreased they have since recovered.

Because no real action has been taken in the 55 years since “The Appearance” and “Corruption” by the government there is the occasional riots in the streets. Some have decided to take action into their own hands and have attacked and even killed those who use the Dark Flame in public. Others have even gone so far as to become serial killers, the most recent appearing around Washington and attacking those close to users instead of the users themselves. While most is not known about this newest killer it is known that he lives somewhere in Washington state and targets those close to Dark Flame users, some have even said he is equal to Jack the Ripper.

Important Events:

1100’s: Discovery of magic with the first pyromancer and discovery and exploration of other magics.

1500’s: Colleges of magic start being formed. Discovery of magic crystals that become used for limbs.

2040: Discovery of Liquid Magic and that it can be used as a fuel.

~2300’s: Cybernetic limbs become available at first only to officials and eventually to the general populace.

2380-2450: Cybernetic wars/revolution. Following Cybernetic limbs becoming part of everyday life discrimination started leading to riots which eventually escalated into war.

2510: The Appearance, the time when the Dark Flame started to appear with pyromancers that had cybernetic implants.

2519-2530: The Corruption, the time when the Dark Flame started spreading to others that did not have cybernetic limbs/enhancements.


Humans have always had the ability to use magic, however, in the early days they did not have an idea to channel it. The first mage discovered magic by focusing on fire and wanting to control it. Magic started to then spread like a flame the idea of control enveloping more people's minds. Soon other kinds of magic became common.

Pyromancy: Being the oldest magic pyromancy is highly respected by mages, it also has the highest amount of “common” users since early spells have a high amount of uses in everyday life. Pyromancy includes the ability to both control and generate fire, heat and lightning. Because of this manipulation they seem to be able to reach into a flame without being harmed. They also have the ability to cover their arms in fire, this can only be done by keeping a gap between the flames and their skin, however. This gap becoming harder to hold the more there is which is why they can only go up to their arms.

Aquamancy: The creation and control of water through magic. While more of a defensive magic aquamancy has the ability to fight in the right hands. Believed to be the second magic created aquamancers are almost as revered as pyromancers. Aquamancers have the ability to create a wall of water from the water in the air as well as heal minor wounds.

Giamancy: Magic of earth and nature, giamancers have control over both rocks and plants. Most of them seem to be able to control only one or the other however there are a few that can do both. Giamancers are one of the hardest to move either because they make themselves like rocks or by wrapping their feet with vines. Some giamancers that control plant life have the ability to create a poison mist.

Aeromancy: The manipulation of air through magic. Because air is all around us it is unknown if aeromancers can create air from them or if they are just manipulating the air around them. Aeromancers have the ability to increase their speed or even fly.

Necromancy: The magic of manipulating death and dead things. Necromancy is seen as a black magic and while some necromancers use it for good most people do not like it. It has a rather dark history of how it was created which is a big reason that people fear it. Unlike the elemental magics that was created by observing the element necromancy was created by obsession. A king whose kingdom was plagued with death became obsessed with preventing it after his son died. He locked himself in the castle with his son’s dead body and after years a decrepit old figure came out followed by the rotting corpse of the son.

The Dark Flame: Also know as; The Black Flame, Dark Fire or Black Fire. It is seen as a corruption of those that use it, while most who use it use it for good it is still feared. It has only been around for about 30 years. The first users where pyromancers that had cybernetic limbs, causing mages to mistrust cybernetic limbs, they themselves had no idea how it happened or how it worked. With the shock of it all and the fear of it caused it to spread to others. It is seen as a corruption of the user both because of its look and that it seems to create a block to all other magic. The Dark Flame looks like a regular flame other than it is black with a thin white outline, it also seems to pull light into in. Despite the fear and hate a few of the users have started teaching both people who have become “corrupted” by it and those who wish to learn how to use it, how to both use and control the dark flame. Those who have been burned by it, while they have scars just like if they were burned with a regular flame, say that it felt cold. The area that the flame seems to pull the light from is affected by the size of the flame, one the size of a candle flame would only seem to pull from a couple inches from the flame where if a house was to be set on fire using the dark flame the area around the houses next to it would feel like a moonless night.

Artificial Limbs:

People can only have one kind of artificial limb/enhancement, the body rejects it if more than one kind is used. So you will never see someone with one arm being crystalline and the other being cybernetic.

Armor limbs: Also known as the commoners limb. Armor limbs are just armor that has been animated with magic to replace limbs. The cheapest to buy, most “commoners” that need a limb go for them. They are not good for combat because they are slow and luggy, hard to channel magic through and easily dented which can quickly lead to the limb no longer working. Commonly accepted because it looks as if you just have armor over the limb.

Crystalline arms: The most famous with magic users because of how easy it is to channel magic through. Crystalline arms are made of a clear magical crystal similar to that of crystals used as a focus. They move very smoothly, and have to be almost fully severed to stop working which can be hard to do especially because they can self heal slowly over time while not taking damage. While it looks very similar to a human arm most people do not like them because of the carved out look and they they are clear until someone uses magic with them. When a mage uses magic through their crystalline arm the arm takes on the color of the magic (ie, fire magic the arm turns red)

Cybernetic limbs: The most versatile of the limbs and the newest and in recent years has become distrusted. Cybernetic limbs have a wide variety of use from lifting heavy objects, fighting and defending and can even use magic with the right upgrades. Cybernetic limbs start off in a basic state that is just like a regular limb, you can buy upgrades (also known as augmentations) that can expand the usage of the arms, things from a built in shield, weapons, projectiles, and improved strength. While cybernetic limbs normally cannot be used with magic you can buy an upgrade that allows magic to be used through them. While still not totally accepted by the general public they are more accepted than crystalline arms because they are smoother and look almost human except for the gray/black color.

Other Information:

This is an alternate reality to our own where magic exists so no fantasy creatures in the world.

Fuel is a mix between a liquid magic and nuclear.

Space travel is limited to our own solar system and humans have yet to make any colonies on other planets.

The world is not too much farther technologically advanced from our own (no holograms yet sorry), some technology is farther advanced such as recognition technology and other obvious technologies.

This is a partial sandbox, you may choose to place your character anywhere in the world. From time to time I will update what is going on through the world and how it has changed because of player's actions.

Toggle Rules

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[color=chosencolor][b]Alliance:(Isolationist, Equalist, Elitist, Neutral)[/b][/color]

[color=chosencolor][b]Artificial limbs/cybernetic implants:(optional)[/b][/color]

[color=chosencolor][b]Physical Description:[/b][/color]




[color=chosencolor][b]Goals:(please have at least 3 goals your character would have)[/b][/color]



  1. No Godmodding
  2. No Metagaming
  3. No unkillable characters, this includes characters that can only be hurt/killed by specific things (a resistance to something is fine as long as it makes sense (ie. a poison resistance because of cybernetic lungs)), your character will not die unless you wish it.
  4. Respect other players
  5. Respect posting rounds, don't post more than once per round unless in direct conversation or battle.
  6. Try to post at least once per week, if you are waiting for another player that is fine.

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Re: Chronicles of the Dark Flame

MayContainPlagiarism wrote:This is like a really lame version of Shadowrun.

Not that that is necessarily a bad thing; Shadowrun is an incredible setting that's been rewritten for decades. It's hard to live up to an RPG masterpiece.

Anyway, I have a few questions:

1. "This is an alternate reality to our own where magic exists so no real fantasy creatures in the world." What does that sentence mean? "No real fantasy creatures" ? Fantasy creatures, by definition, aren't real so I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

2. How has the government not taken any action regarding magic? It's like, a huge deal, isn't it?

3. So is the plot supposed to follow the hunting down of this serial killer? Or are we all random schmucks doing whatever we want?

If you find it so lame that why do you care so much about it? Isn't basically almost every story inspired by another story? I have never heard of Shadowrun so I cannot say if this is a copy or not, if I was to say anything had influence with it it would more likely be Deus Ex: Human Revolution and maybe Dragon Age.

Now to address your questions.
1. The roleplay does have fantasy elements in it that sentence is there to inform people that might want to join that they shouldn't expect dragons and such or try submitting a half elf.

2. Why did it take so long for the American government to allow women the right to vote or fully give blacks equality or give marriage quality?

3. If you had read all of the "Other information" section it says it is partially sandbox. People can do whatever they want but it will affect the world. If you want to be some dick that uses the Dark Flame to go around and kill people go ahead but that will make it more likely that isolation or possibly extermination will happen. The serial killer is just a subplot that players can use if they wish.

Re: Chronicles of the Dark Flame

This is like a really lame version of Shadowrun.

Not that that is necessarily a bad thing; Shadowrun is an incredible setting that's been rewritten for decades. It's hard to live up to an RPG masterpiece.

Anyway, I have a few questions:

1. "This is an alternate reality to our own where magic exists so no real fantasy creatures in the world." What does that sentence mean? "No real fantasy creatures" ? Fantasy creatures, by definition, aren't real so I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

2. How has the government not taken any action regarding magic? It's like, a huge deal, isn't it?

3. So is the plot supposed to follow the hunting down of this serial killer? Or are we all random schmucks doing whatever we want?

Chronicles of the Dark Flame

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