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Aubriano del Toro

A Human just trying to live a little and get filthy rich

0 · 472 views · located in Wulfhaven

a character in “Chronicles of Valore”, as played by TheFinalOne


ImageName: Aubriano del Toro (A-Oh-Bree-Ano dell Tor-rho)
Alias: The Liar
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 153 lb.
Age: 26 years.
Species: Human
Caste: Human Outcast

Aubriano is a medium height human, mesomorphic in build and has long flowing black hair. He walks and talks like a noble but isn't, at least now. He wears a black scarf, and dark blue shirt and pant. Usually he wears his cape, a long black rectangular piece of black cloth on which crow feathers are quite masterfully attached.

Personality:- Being treated as like upperclassman, he has picked up many bad habits. He is prideful, obnoxious and a hypocrit. He is a spendthrift, which considering that he is now an outcast -a wanderer whose clan died ten years ago- is a bad thing. Though after years of toiling he is no longer as prideful, he has picked up that habits. Lying, distrust and lack of sympathy guide his shenanigans now. He has learned that because he is an outcast, working together does work well in these parts. He is always serious making it difficult to detect his lies.

Equipment:- He only has a small butter knife. He was trained to fight when he was a kid but lack of use of these skills had made them rusty. He can win against most peasants in a hand to hand fight but anything more skilled, or larger and defeat is certain. He can usually talk his way out, those it doesn't always work.

So begins...

Aubriano del Toro's Story


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Character Portrait: Aubriano del Toro
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"Look at them. Those fools. Leaving the town unguarded," Stanislaus spat on the ground. He and Aubriano stood near Stanislaus' shop, a few hundred feet away from the angry mob and the captured feral. Stanislaus looked at the mob with anger as cleaned the ground. He was the only one in Wulfhaven who bothered to keep the surroundings of his shop this clean. Aubriano moved out of his way quickly. Getting in the way of the big G'aelian was not his agenda, or on anyone else's. Aubriano walked back into the shop and sat down in the corner. He removed his purse, a black piece of cloth he kept hidden in his jacket. He counted the coins and sighed as he failed to get past four. Three coins... Two square meals...

"When the feral's remaining friends decide to join the party, it will quite the sight" spoke Aubriano as he helped himself to a piece of Alderian Seff, a round juicy fruit, tasty and stomach filling. "I don't see myself distracted enough to let have that for free," spoke the miser. Aubriano tossed a coin through the window of the shop towards Stanislaus and took another bite. Should people care about some feral so much that they would be out with sticks and shovels and what not? Should people be angry enough that they leave the town unguarded while they fight over the fate of the feral who is destined to be killed? Definitely. The people hated these creature with so much heart that it scared Aubriano just to mention a werewolf. But he wanted to know something and only a man like Stanislaus would remain calm when asked the question.

"Why?" asked Aubriano, curiosity dripping from his mouth. He hadn't bothered/was scared to ask this question but this seemed like to be either the best time to ask or the worst. Aubriano took his chances. Stanislaus stopped sweeping the ground and looked at Aubriano intensely. "Children should not concern themselves with the myths and legends of old." Aubriano stood up, finished eating the Seff and walked outside the shop where he had worked for the last three days. He never worked at one place for long for he feared the monotony. He would ask tomorrow to be relieved of his duties as the gatherer of supplies and insulter of customers.

He offered a weak smile to Stanislaus and shifted his view to the castle of sorts. The people were still there. The werewolves had been defeated hours ago but still people were interested in knowing the fate of last one. The one they managed to capture. The attack had really rattled the feathers of the happy little community and now they wanted to taste sweet revenge. Unfortunately, the dumb masses thought killing was the best form to revenge. Aubriano laughed at how far from the truth it was.

"It began one fateful day many years ago," began Stanislaus surprising Aubriano. He composed himself and got ready to know why the town was called 'Wolf haven'.

Many Years Ago
King Artemus paced along walls of his room. His mind raced, thinking about all the possibilities. Could they- No. But maybe- Oh god... But then I'll- No not good enough... "Calm down," spoke a gentle voice, filled with love for the one it was directed towards, near the door. The woman to whom the voice belonged walked inside and placed a gentle kiss on the stubble of the man she was married to.

"My Queen, now is not the type to be calm. Now is the time to be..." The king realized what he just said and broke into a laugh. The queen smiled as she moved herself to the bed and sat down. The king looked at her and her swollen abdomen. "Should you be moving this late while you are carrying?" If his concern for the events that were transpiring was a water droplet, then his concern for his queen and their child was no less than an ocean. He was fifty and feared his seed wasn't strong enough to bear him children but his wife, his love and life, was going to prove the naysayers wrong. He smiled at her as she spoke, "Strong mother, strong child"

The day stretched into endlessness as evening grew near. Artemus sat on throne and looked at the people gathered there, waiting. The hall was spacious, for a castle hall. Adorned with paintings and heads of animals, the hall was truly one to be envied about. Artemus wondered what was taking them so long. What is taking them so long? Should they be travelling th-

The alarm broke Artemus' train of thought. But he wasn't angry. He stood up and walked towards the door to embrace them...

Many more years ago

Two brothers relaxed on a small hill on soft grass. The sun was going home, going back to sleep ready to let the moon rule the roost for a while. A big red sun always amazed the younger of the two brothers while the bigger brother was there merely to kill his brother once nightfall hit. "About to be time soon brother," the younger one spoke and smiled. His death was inevitable but he did not care. "True Jim," spoke his brother, showing a brave face. But would he really do it?

As the sun set down, the smaller brother's teeth grew, his face became angrier, his body thinner and his nail became fangs. His brother sighed and stood and the smaller one followed suit. "As King Vesla, ruler the city of Franz, I declare you a threat to us lives," spoke Vesla to prince Schafer. His brother was still in control, just barely. "Should have killed me when I could have stood down," spoke the prince.
"Never" Schafer gave a weak smile and spoke his last words as he a sane, sentient human.
"Life sure is fun, while it lasts." "It sure is"

The transformation was complete. The feral creature attacked Vesla instantly, so nearly catching him offguard. He blocked the deadly fangs with his shield and slashed hard at the beast who dodged it easily. The beast roared with angry and swiped again, this time meeting the fuller of the blade. "Wile creature, for the sake of my brother I shall kill you!" He charged at the creature who effortlessly swiped Vesla aside. Vesla flew a meters and landed on his behind, sword and shield landing a few feet away. The creature looked at the fallen man; the fallen man trying desperately to get up but his legs not wishing to be thrown like that again. The feral waited for the king to get up before punching him straight in the stomach. Vesla spat blood as he fell on his knees. As he looked through his blurred vision at his former brother a few more ferals joined Scafer. "What..." Words too, like hi legs, did not wish to be on his side for the fear of getting murdered.

The feral prince laughed, "Your blindness, your misunderstanding of the werewolves has gotten to you this time."
The king was stunned. "Cannot be. Ferals are but animals." The other werewolves looked at the king angrily but Schafer stopped them. "Your death saddens me. More than my death saddened you. You shall be punished for looking down upon us werewolves. You shall witness the death of your foolish rules. You shall see your kingdom become a place where all can live free. A haven for man and wolf alike. And I shall call it Wulfhaven"

Vesla laughed as hard as he could and spoke with an authoritative voice, "Foolish child. I do not hate the ferals because they are what they are. I hate them because they will back stab. Once they back stab you, you will understand." Schafer picked up Vesla's sword and drove it through Vesla. "We'll see about that"

Schafer spoke to his comrades, "Now we must find his son so we have a puppet." He grinned...