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Saint Shadows, the Boneless

Rumor has it Saint Shadows sleeps around with women to make up for the affection he never got.

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a character in “Cirque de la Lune”, as played by Saint Bella


Saint Shadow

The Earlier Years | Saint Shadow the Boneless | Valentine

Name: Valentine does not have a determined name. He's gone through several, and has ended on Valentine since the 21st century. Most now know him as Valentine, but some are so fed up with the constant change they call him by a former name or Saint, maybe Shadow.

Appearance: Valentine is a distrubingly handsome creature with shadow-y features and deep chocolate eyes he's certain he's received from his mystery father. He definitely has his mother's height, standing at 6'1 barefoot. His mother's alluring pale skin and sparkling white hair is lost on his linky frame with his managable silky brown hair and creamy vanilla skin. He has eyes filled with a disturbing mix of innocent curiousity and dark mistrust. His slim frame does not handle the abundance of food and amounts of heavy objects his mother's willowy frame somehow can. Even to him, it is a mystery. He does have her regal presence. He has a contortionist's body, slim and very flexible. his He often eats less not just because of his inability to, but because of his desire to be skinny at all times. Valentine loves to wear hats, and will usually wear a top hat. He has many different styles and colors of suits, and three tuxedos. His costume isn't much, as to not restrain his limbs from their flexibility. He usually wears one of his suits, but for the times he becomes sick, he'll pull on some sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Personality: He can easily become a seductive, cunningly dark man in a matter of minutes, but children find his soft side, especially lone children in his contortioning audience. He can also become a man of the shadows, a vicious and cruel man only known as Shadow. Valentine has his mother somewhat idolized. He believes that he would not be who he is without his mother. He would've died years ago. He's strongly opposed to anyone who talks bad about his mother, and fiercly aggressive about it. Only the people in the circus crew have seen his bipolar sides. Some say he's as crazy as his mother. But none can say that and not get smacked in the face. He is cold, dark, aggressive, bipolar, and all this comes to one word: a freak. Valentine has made this word into a compliment, considering his mother and circus family is constantly called that, mostly in an affectionate way.


Shimmer, Shine, and Aero are a trio of acrobats that Valentine has come in a close bond with. They are hardly seperated, for the fact that they all help each other. Shimmer can become a very violent person, but Shine is always the one to calm her down. Shine can often shut herself down when she gets nervous, and it takes Aero to build her back up. Aero is a very emotional guy, and strangely Valentine is the one to comfort him. Valentine is cold and mistrusting to almost anyone, so Shimmer is the only one that can liven him up. Without each other, Shimmer would be a violent freak, Shine a shut down stranger, Aero an emotional wreck, and Valentine a cold stranger. They are almost always seen together, working on something.

Act: Saint Shadow is head contortionist in the cirque. His act involves all of the contortionists, bending in impossible ways even humans can't pursue. His act always involves a dark mist clinging to the floor and all the contortionists. He bends himself in the ways unknown to the normal, as the normal screech in disgust and awe. Being able to lick his elbow is a recent accomplishment which gets a laugh out. Twisting so his head ends by his feet after a backbend. Standing on his hands and doing archery with his feet. Throwing knives while in a backbend, watching the knife go past his legs and onto the bull's eye. His special is standing on his hands and lifting with his feet on his shoulders. For the adult shows, he is one of the strippers, who will often lead unruly women into his bed with no memory of it in the morning.

Zalvema: He adores his mother, she is his greatest idol, biggest mystery, and can be his worst enemy. But overall, he loves her more than anyone at the circus. He's even gotten away with one "Zuzu" in private, alone. Sometimes he believes she should be more caring, more affectionate - especially when he is in need - but that would ruin his perfect picture of her.

Delilah: She is a maternal figure, an affection mother when Zalvema wasn't. She was always there, and he is interally thankful of her. She also has this taming effect, which is probably why she's the lion tamer. Other than that, he has nothing to hate her for and no problems with her. After all, she's apart of his cirque family, and that'll never change. Even if it grows.

Theo: He sees Valentine as a kid, which is not something he likes. But Theo hasn't seen a side he chooses not to show him. He sees Theo as a mentor of sorts, also a older brother to wrestle with. He has no beef against him, but wouldn't want to get on his bad side. Who knows what would happen. He onjoys the lion act dearly, and often watches it on free time or when he's sick.

Eyra: He completely dispises spider, from an unfortunate event that he doesn't speak of, but he absolutely loves her. She's a little old for his taste, but gorgeous and he always finds time to at least talk to her, if not spend some time with her. He adores her almost as much as he adores his mother. He's like a little puppy, following her around cutely. As he hopes.

Xavier: He's Valentine's hero, a man of mystery and awe. He is envious of his illusions, and often watches his show, since it is most often before Valentine's. He tries to teach him to contort, but it never seems to work. Valentine always blames it on his stravation habit, to make Xavier feel better. Nothing wrong with him for Valentine, he's really cool.

Olaf and Oleg: They're not his favorite people, but their act is definitely something he's amazed by. He knows he should never be alone with them in a dark room. They seem to have something against him, but that he hasn't figured out yet. For now, he'll just keep his distance.

Moe: Moe's the grandpa he never had. He's there whenever he's needs him, and always seem to make Valentine laugh.

So begins...

Saint Shadows, the Boneless's Story