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Stella Howards

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a character in “Cirque Du Soir”, originally authored by JacquelineJuliet, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Stella Howards
Stage Name: Stell
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: Freak and Contortionist
Blood Type: O


Eye Color: Light caramel
Hair Color: Light grey almost white
Dressing Style: Stella is usually caught in tighter fitting clothes, such as tank tops, t-shirts,skinny jeans, and leggings, rather than sweaters and sweatpants. Not that she wants to, but because she has to. Because of her body, baggy or loose fitting items seem to look outlandish.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Height: 5'9


Likes: Reading
Shy and kind people
Dislikes: Being pushed around
Being talked about
Cocky people
Habits: Usually, Stella is tapping her fingers or knotting her fingers together.
Crush: None as of right now.
Personality: Stella is typically smiling and bouncing off the walls. She hates when others are down and will try her best to cheer them up, however it mostly does not work. Although Miss. Howards loves being around people, she is awkward to some extent. Her awkwardness causes her to freeze in front of a small group of people she doesn't know. When on stage, it is different. Stella seems to push all the butterflies away and do what she loves: stretch and bend.
Despite her bubbly personality, Stella quickly becomes irritated around those who bother her, and she makes no effort in hiding her dislike for them.

Skills: Stella can clean, cook, and stretch herself. Oddly, she has a gift for puzzles. Other than that, she's useless.
Family: Lucy Howards (Mother)- Dead
Johnny Howards (Father)- Alive
Stephen Howards (Brother) - Alive
History: From a very young age, Stell had been able to bend herself in ways no one had ever seen. Her tricks usually consisted of wrapping her body around herself, but they changed when a classmate told her to wrap herself around a flagpole. With ease Stella did so.It was then that she realized that she wasn't just flexible, but special. Her parents eventually concluded that she had elasticity, explaining her soon to be paper-thin body. Everytime the little girl twisted or turned,
her body seemed to elongate and thin out. As a result, this created a problem for her growth, and she stopped developing all together at the age of 12. Then, her brother, Stephen was born. When baby Stephen came in, Lucy, her mother, went out. With her mom dead from giving birth, Stephen became the apple of Stella's eye within seconds. Her father was heartbroken and couldn't look his children in the eyes anymore, especially his elastic daughter. However, her father did show interest in his son. At the age of 15, when she had had enough, Stella ran away and joined the circus when she could express her elasticity. It wasn't easy for her to leave her brother, but she knew she had to leave.


So begins...

Stella Howards's Story


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A soft moan escaped Stella's lips as her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. Waking up had always been a dread for the teenager, especially when she barely received any, like last night. She had had worse nights where she gotten none at all, and was barely able to stay awake while preforming. Gladly, she knew today wasn't one of those day. The thought of preforming caused Stella to jolt from her bed. Had the show already started? She was unaware of the time, and this made her skittish. Quickly throwing her normal attire on,-a tank top and a pair of leggings-she groped about for her hairbrush. The small, worn out brush glided through the upper half of her hair, but then refused to move through her knots. The bristles caught between the dead ends of white, tangled hair. Sighing, she took the ponytail on her wrist and wrapped it around her hair twice, creating a messy high ponytail. She'd deal with her hair right before the show.

By the time Stell had exited her sleeping area, she had been up for only a few minutes. The grogginess of sleeping had completely subsided, and her body was now alert. Her stomach seemed to be more alert than any part of her, considering its extremely loud and unnecessary grumbling. Placing her bony fingers on her abdomen, she made her way to the kitchen. Scents of breakfast wafted through the air, causing her mouth to water. Finally, when Stella had reached the caravan, she entered with a hop to her step. To the others, this was normal. From her third day here, Stella had always been so happy and upbeat, even though she felt like she was always dying. Over the years the dying feeling had diminished, and she was thankful.

As she neared the others already in there, she smiled. The company of others always made her happy. She would eventually greet them, but not before she got her food. Grabbing a plate, Stella piled on eggs and a few pieces of bacon, never forgetting about her daily pear. Then, when she had gotten all her needed items, she seated herself. Once she scanned the faces and saw who was in the room, her smile grew. "Hey guys," she greeted. It seemed as if others were having their own conversations, and Stella didn't mind not being talked to. As long as she said hello to everyone and wasn't alone, she was a-okay.


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Mia & Maya each took a separate plate; Maya opting for an orange and apple while Mia piled her plate high, taking as much as possible without it all falling off.
The only problem Mia & Maya never faced was loneliness, always being with someone, if anything they wished that they could be on their own every once and a while - Or at least Maya did.

Taking their seat on the large, oak table Mia greeted everyone warmly while Maya watched a small ant, making its way slowly along the chair next to her, pulling out a small pocket knife she cuts a pea-sized chunk of apple from her fruit.
placing it on the seat, she marveled as the tiny ant scurried over and managed to pick up the little piece that, while still small, was the big than the size of the ant's body.
Smiling, Maya thought about how amazing it was that an ant could do such things.

"Hey guys" Maya looks up from her new friend and smiles at the contortionist while whispering a faint "Hello." Going back to taking nibbles out of her apple - She never was hungry in the mornings.

Mia grinned widely as she greeted the others, greeting them all as a whole and starting on her breakfast - She was starving
Taking a quick glance over at her twins meal, she sighs when she notices the two measly fruits, her sister never ate hardly anything.
Shrugging, Mia turns back to the group and then remembers that they still need to get into their costume to see if they fit properly- after seeing Alynna in hers.


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Stella had been fully absorbed in her food when the conjoined twins sat themselves at the table. The change caused the elastic girl to look up, and smile when Maya, the shyer of the two, greeted her back. Her voice was almost inaudible, but Stella managed to catch what she had said. To be quite frank, Stella had always been a tad envious of Maya. Her calm, shy demeanor was somewhat cute, like that of a scared puppy's. Of course, that was as far as the paper thin girl would go on about others. She was indeed entitled to her opinions, but she never dared to share them. Around the circus, she was known as friendly and upbeat, not judgmental and such. Judging physical appearances was something she would never dare to utter. Considering what she looked like, she had no room to talk.

When her eyes landed back on her half-eaten meal, Stella quickly finished what remained of the fluffy eggs. After, she went onto her bacon, which seemed to melt under her tongue. Alynna's voice seemed to snap Stella out of her thoughts, even though she wasn't thinking of anything. Normally her mind raced, and it was hard for her to concentrate on a specific topic. This time, her mind was placid. The girl had been talking to Brink, but Stella had to listen in. Besides the two of them talking, only attempts of small talk seemed to be thrown around. When Alynna finished speaking, Brink returned an answer, one that Stella figured would make Alynna happy based on the male's response. From what she heard, she knew it was about the performances. Stella stuck to the same routine for the most part, only throwing in a few new things every once and a while. The little change of her rote created no need to talk to Brink, and no need for people to ask if her routine was any different than the last one she had done.

Every piece of fruit to be consumed by the female had to be thoroughly wiped on her shirt. Even if the food had been washed, cleaned, and wiped, Stella had to take it upon herself to re-clean it. Bizarre things began to cross the teenager's mind. Some of them even caused her to shudder, and her fingers to twitch. What had made those thoughts occur was a mystery, one that Stella wouldn't want to solve. Maybe she was still hungry, due to the fact she had the bare minimum of food the previous day. When she was satisfied with her pear, she bit into it. The sweet juices slid down her throat, filing her hunger needs completely.