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Hazel Middleton

"I think I'm the only one here qualified to play with fire."

0 · 901 views · located in Cirque Regalis

a character in “Cirque Regalis”, originally authored by Felilla, as played by Vix


"I know better than anyone that you can get burned by playing with fire."

The Basics


Full Name: Hazel Catherine Middleton

Nicknames and Aliases: Hazel's stagename is "Blaze"

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian//American {English, Greek, and Irish descent}

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Occupation or Act: Fire Eater//Fire Acrobat//Fire Dancer
"I'll do anything that involves fire; I guess I'm a very enthusiastic pyromaniac."

What's on the Outside

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1.57 m or... 5'2"
Weight: 49 kg or... 108 lbs
Tattoos: She has a small tattoo of an infinity side on the inside of her right wrist.
Scars: Several burn scars on her hands, arms and legs.
"Even I make mistakes sometimes."
Description: Because Hazel is only 25, she has a very youthful appearance. She is very thin and lithe with somewhat tan skin and long, curly blonde hair. She has full pink lips and gentle bright blue eyes that display more emotion than she would like. Her face is very rosy, accenting her high cheekbones. Though Hazel normally looks laid back and fairly average, she dresses herself in more eccentric fashions when performing. Her only noticeable wrinkles are the beginning of smile lines at the corners of her mouth.


What's on the Inside


{Bubbly, Sociable, Stubborn, Tempermental}
Hazel is seen as a very bubbly woman that almost always has a smile on her face. She tends be optimistic, but isn't blinded by her positivity. She can see what's happening in Cirque Regalis and, despite loving being in a circus, is not about to let herself be walked on. Because her step-father, Olivier, taught Hazel to always smile, she will grin through any situation. Hazel is also seen as very eccentric, even for a fire-breather; she will wear elaborate clothing for her shows and even for just walking around. Although she is a very sociable person, there are some kinds of people she can't stand and she has a very short temper. Even when her patience snaps, she continues to smile, but it is easy to tell the difference between her real smile and her "I'm going to rip your head off" smile.
As a performer, Hazel becomes much more serious, playing her part as a fire-breather perfectly. Despite Hazel's seemingly laid back appearance, she will not let anybody slack off and will finish any job she is given with efficiency. However, Hazel does not stand for selfishness and is a very giving individual. She believes that everyone deserves a chance, but is not very quick to forgive. She makes friends very easily, but her trust is earned, not given.
Whenever Hazel is alone, her demeanor changes entirely. The smile drops. The light in her eyes fades. And all the energy surrounding her seems to have vanished. She is prone to doing quiet activities when out of view and she reflects on her true feelings towards people that she pretends to like. Away from others, Hazel can seem like a very solemn and brooding individual, but her outer personality seems to overtake her inner one.

Hazel has a habit of tilting her head when she's confused. She also bites her lip when she's nervous and tends to pace when she's thinking.
Oddities: As a result of years of fire-breathing, Hazel is slightly addicted to alcohol, but she makes sure that she only has two glasses a day, not including her shows. Hazel is also prone to skin irritation, but uses a special lotion given to her by Olivier (she has crates of the stuff).

  • Books
  • Smiling
  • Animals
  • Fires
  • Eccentric Clothing
  • Meeting new people
  • Being in the circus
  • Doing shows
  • Dmitri (she often comments "I don't remember Dmitri's show tonight. Oh, wait...")
  • Arrogance
  • Pessimism
  • War
  • Talking about her past
  • Chosen ignorance (she can't stand when people choose to be ignorant)

What's Done Is Done


Place Of Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana
Birth Date: October 13, 1924
Hazel was born in a small cabin to Edith and Max Middleton on October "Friday the Thirteenth", 1924. Unlike most people, Catherine believe that this was instead a blessed birth because the couple had experienced several miscarriages and stillbirths before Hazel. Hazel's parents were very loving and were determined to make Hazel's life as happy as Max's meager wages could afford. When the Great Depression reached Louisiana, Hazel was only six years old. Her family was hit extremely hard and they could barely afford food. To keep his family safe, Max traveled to California, hoping to get lucky. He began sending his wages back to Hazel and Edith from the odd jobs he came by. Unfortunately, Max disappeared under mysterious when Hazel was only eight years old.
With no other choice, a heartbroken Edith began searching for a job. During her hunt, she stumbled upon a wealthy well-traveled man named Olivier Hunt. Edith married him only a few months later with the promise of a happy life for her and Hazel. Hazel liked Olivier well enough; he was kind and gave people who needed money jobs. It was from him that she learned the art of "fire-breathing". He claimed to have learned it in Africa and thought that she could become even better than the natives. Olivier also taught her to always put on a smile, even when things seem tough, because too many people look past the good of the world. In 1941, when Hazel was 17, America entered WWII. Olivier was sent to active duty and died in action. Hazel was dismayed.
Edith sunk into a deep depression, leading Hazel to quit school in pursuit of helping the war effort. On August 13, 1943, Hazel returned home to find Edith dead. Apparently, Hazel's mother had been taking opium pills and she overdosed. Hazel never learned if it was accidental or suicide. With nothing left for her at Olivier's house, she sold the property and donated the majority of the money to the war effort. For several years, Hazel worked odd jobs, performing as a fire eater on the side. In 1946, she stumbled upon Cirque Regalis. Entranced by the idea of joining a circus, Hazel showed Dmitri what she could do and earned her place among the others.
Happiest Memory: Hazel's happiest memory is the first time Olivier showed her his fire-breathing. She was hypnotized by the swirling flames that he spit from his mouth and even thought he was a dragon for a few weeks. She begged for him to teach her how to do it and he finally agreed.
Saddest Memory: Hazel does not really remember her biological father that well, but she is unsure whether her mother's death or Olivier's death is the saddest memory for her. Each one gave her different feelings of grief and anger, neither of them directed at the deceased. Hazel was angry at war for taking both of them away and is a pacifist as a result. She understands that war has it's uses and that it is needed to help society move forward, but she hoes that one day, it can be done so without the cost of many lives. So, the beginning of the war could be accounted for as Hazel's "saddest memory", because it led to most of the other hardships in her life.

Face Claim: Emilie de Ravin

So begins...

Hazel Middleton's Story


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#, as written by Felilla


This. This is what she lived. This is what she was born to do. The roar of the crowds enveloped Hazel and her attuned ears could hear some people screaming for her alone. She loved it. It enthralled her, sending rushes of adrenaline and joy through her. She raised the torch to her face one last time and blew out the alcohol. If anyone but a professional had done it, it would've looked sloppy, but she made the fire look like it had been tamed by one person alone. Hazel twirled the torch, laughing joyfully as she threw it into a bucket of water and bowed with the other performers. Then, it was over.
She sighed softly as the last of the crowd trickled out. She was one of the last people remaining in the tents aside from the trainers, who were coaxing their animals into their cages. Hazel finally regained her senses as the adrenaline wore away. She didn't want to go back to the car she shared. No, she wanted to perform for the rest of her life, until the moment she dropped dead. Unfortunately, not all dreams can come true.
The fire-eating girl was still a little dizzy from the heat of the tent. For her, it was always three times as worse. She couldn't actually control fire, no one in the world could possess such an ability. Hazel merely guided the fire, like a shepherd guides his sheep. Outside of performing, the most she ever did with fire was light a few candles. She never went as far as starting a bonfire. As unusual as it was, Hazel was extremely cautious of even the smallest flame, even if she possessed a little bit of fire within her.
She finally exited the tent, craving a nice dinner. She had saved enough money to do many things, because she was not one to buy things on a whim. All of her costumes were handmade and most of the fabric was left over from one-time acts. It made her quite proud of herself, and she knew that her mother would be proud of her too.
At the thought of her mother, Hazel's dazzling smile faded slightly.
She walked past the other performers, forcing another smile onto her face. The cool New York air was refreshing for her singed skin and she simply reveled in it's feel as she walked along. New York vaguely reminded her of New Orleans, the only real difference being that New York's humidity was not nearly as bad. She was on her way to her car when she suddenly stopped in front of "Mr.Petrov's" personal car. A thought suddenly popped in her head.
Tonight, she deserved a night on the town. She wouldn't let anyone take it from her, not even the owner himself. And she knew just the person to bring along.


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#, as written by Felilla

With her typical smile plastered on her face, Hazel made her way over to the bonfire. She had stripped off her flamboyant costume of silk and mesh, trading it for a more conservative dress. There was a slight bounce in her step as she wandered over. Evelyn was as close to Clay as possible. They were all acting like normal people instead of circus freaks. That was something Hazel still found interesting. When the curtains fell, everyone became just like everyone else. Even Hazel became a new person. If she had been walking down the street at that moment, no one would've given her a second glance. With a small content sigh, Hazel continued to the bonfire.
She tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, offering Evelyn and Clay a small smile and scratching behind Argos' ear. Then, she made her way over to the big tent. Inside were Evee and Belle, talking. Hazel walked up to them. "Hello, Belle," she paused here.
Like everyone else at the circus, she knew that it was not her real name. The only thing Hazel could really figure out about her was that she was Arabian. The fire eater couldn't help but be curious about the exotic dancer. She was new, not well acquainted with the acts. It made her interesting and Hazel wasn't really sure what to think of her. So, she decided that tonight she'd drag "Belle" out of the circus grounds to see how she did around other people, whether the Arabian dancer wanted it or not. However, Hazel was not one to push things on people, so she acted as if her greeting was just that. A simple greeting. Hazel turned to Evee, "What have you been up to?"
It was one of Hazel's favorite pastimes to tease the younger girl. She was just so naive. Hazel briefly wondered what her mother was doing. She loved watching Ana's act. She could do simple things on the floor, but nothing like what the Parisian Princess could accomplish. At the last moment, Hazel ruffled Evee's hair. She turned towards where the bonfire was, a distant and thoughtful look on her face. She thought back to when her stepfather had first taught her fire breathing. Who knew she would end up doing it for a living? With a small chuckle, she turned back to Belle, "How about a night on the town? Just us?" she questioned, leaning forward slightly. "I'm dying for some better vodka and I need to get some stuff for my act. I could use the company."
Hazel smiled widely as if to show that she was friendly. Curiosity destroyed the cat's social life, she thought as she waited anxiously for Belle's answer. The Arabian continued to move, her skin glowing in the firelight. With her smile still on her face, Hazel ran a hand through her long blonde hair. This was the make or break it moment.


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Her giggle came as a surprise to the Pin Cushion not because he hadn't heard her laugh, but because it was so light and childlike. He'd almost forgotten Evelyn was only seventeen. He looked down at the girl, nuzzling into the fluffy dog. How many times had he also turned to the large dog for comfort? Clayton looked back to the fire and squinted slightly as he tried to discern the faces of the others to no avail. Evelyn's response might have missed him, but he managed to hear the whispered "thank you" as he focused back on the two figures to his side. Clay matched her smile with one of his own, causing the tattoos higher on his cheeks to dance.

"If you say so," he replied, adding a nod of the head and a shrug of his shoulders as he settled back on to the overturned bucket. He was never skilled at reading emotions, but even a man as dense as he could tell that it was more than that bugging the young woman. Clay shifted on the bucket and turned slightly so that he faced her while she looked into the fire. "You can tell me if you want, kid. I won't bite." When Evelyn didn't take the beer bottle, he finished off the rest of it and set it by the bucket.

Looking to Jack now, he crossed his arms on his lap to support himself more, for he was leaning over quite awkwardly. When Jack looked up, he waved again, smile still broad on his lips. It wasn't a mocking wave; it was simply overly-enthusiastic. That was typical for Clayton though. Clay looked at the out-stretched arm of Jack's that held the bottle and took it carefully. After downing a sip of the austere liquor.

"I'm good," Clay said, holding the bottle out to Evelyn for her so take a sip before he passed it to Jack again. "Thanks, by the way...d'you want me to grab you a beer?" Before Jack replied, he heard a high pitched voice call out to the assembled carnies. Pivoting on the bucket, Clay turned and noticed Sugar, to whom he offered a quick child-like wave by opening and closing his hand. He was, perhaps, overwhelmingly cheerful right then, but he could not have cared less, for he enjoyed being cheerful. The cheerfulness was his way of pushing down other emotions or dark thoughts. It was an alcoholic's alcohol to him-- necessary for survival, necessary to keep the darkness away.

He didn't see when Belle first appeared, but he heard her accented voice clear as day and turned to face her. "Nah, you ain't interrupting," he replied, taking charge of the situation. "The more, the merrier, right?"