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Nathaniel Wright

"The Mind's Eye is a tricky thing, Love. All have it, but few can see through it."

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a character in “Cirque Regalis”, originally authored by Scripter, as played by Vix


"The Mind's Eye is a tricky little thing, Love. All have it, but very few can see through it."


Full Name:
Nathaniel Augustus Wright.

Nicknames and Aliases:
Nathan || Monsieur Right
"I am not French, but 'SeΓ±or Right' just doesn't have the same ring to it."



Hispanic | Cuban.

Sexual Orientation:

Occupation or Act:
Fortune Teller.
"But, for a pack of smokes, I'll be so much more..."


Hair Color:
Light Brown.

Eye Color:


~ 170 lbs.

Nathan has a tattoo of an open 'seeing' eye on each of his palms. He got them as a joke, never really taking it completely seriously, and tells his costumers that they clear his vision into 'The Void'. Who knew they would actually believe him?

None above the collar, but he does have a medium-sized, silver loop piercing his left nipple. A small charm dangles on a thin chain from it, but he's not one to tell anyone what it's for.

Many burn scars and thin slices are visible on his hands and lower parts of his arms, but no others.

Nathan is a rather average sized man. None-too-tall, and no where close to looking like a Strongman, but he is lean and fit, and wears his body proudly. His face is all sharp lines, with high cheekbones that stand out dominantly, exaggerating the hallows in his cheeks, and a heavy brow that hangs low over smart hazel eyes. Deep laugh lines and light, purplish dark circles frame his narrowed eyes, and his plump lips always seem to be pulled up in the corners in a coy smile. His skin is a natural tan because of his heritage, but slightly darker than it had been in his younger days from years of being outside at the circus. His clothing is nothing eye-catching, just a plain button-up unbuttoned at the top, a loose pair of trousers held up by suspenders, and a black, dulled-n-damaged pair of shoes.



{ Amused || Devoted || Facetious || Gentlemanly || Liar }

Life should never be taken seriously, because it's all just a big joke, anyway. At least, that's how Nathan sees it. To him, there is never a time where one should have their whole heart set on, because it will, more-often-than-not, fail to satisfy.

Unless what you're waiting for is death, then, by all means, be hopeful!

It's a rare sight to see Nathan caught without a large grin on his face, shouting across the grounds in a fool's euphoria or chasing after the first pretty gal he lays his eyes on. But, alas, it does happen. When Nathan enters his tent, amidst the perfumed smoke and dim lighting, is when his true self comes to life. He takes his readings very seriously, deathly so, but he lies ever so easily to his costumers about exaggerated misfortunes or false riches in the near future for his own amusement. Their reactions are just too precious, he cannot resist. However, no one can ever call him rude. Nathan is the textbook definition of a gentleman. You will never hear a swear nor open distaste cross his lips, he bows low in respectful greeting or farewell, and he makes a point to strike up polite conversion with any whom look down or left out. He's loyal to a fault when it comes to the circus, and would protect it and all the people in it if it came down to it. Nathan's a real piece of work, but you can't say he's not admirable in his own way.

- Chasing After Girls.
- Getting Customers To Bring Him Packs Of Cigarettes.
- Flirting With/Teasing Other Performers.
- Hanging Around The Big Cat Cages.

- Shuffling His Card Deck Thoughtlessly.
- Switching Back And Forth Between Speaking Spanish And (Heavily Accented) English Frequently.
- Biting His Lip When Nervous Or Worried.

- Oneirophobia: The Fear Of Dreaming.
- Insomniac.
- Heavy Smoker. (But, if asked, will lie about trying to quit.)

  • People Watching.
  • Eccentric People.
  • Cigarettes.
  • Incenses.
  • Pretty Girls.
  • Mystery Novels.
  • Rainy Days.
  • Big Cats.
  • Jokes.
  • Flirting.

  • Silence.
  • Sleeping.
  • Close-Mindedness.
  • Being Alone.
  • Sweet Foods.
  • Being Serious.
  • Tedious Tasks.
  • Hot Weather.
  • People Skeptical of His Readings.
  • Being Mistaken for Being a Magician.




Place Of Origin:
Havana, Cuba.

Birth Date:
May 11th, 1918.


Born under the name of Manico Herandez, Nathan did not grow up like most children. He was raised by his grandmother, a Miss Maria Herandez, in dilapidated shack near the ports. Maria had been a seer in her youth, and a good one at that, living a life of comfort for the majority of her long life off the fortune she accumulated from the readings she would do for tourists from the States. She was famous for her perfect readings and her beauty, having many suitors lining up at her threshold at that time. However, the years grew less kind to the once beautiful and enchanting seer, withering her away to but a shell of the woman she once was. Nathan, from his earliest memories, knew her as blind and feeble, with a bitterness that knew no bounds. With her body growing older, Maria could no longer preform readings to the public to support both herself and her grandson, leaving them in poverty. Nathan started to take odd jobs around the port from the time he learned to toddle, spending his days scrubbing the docks and running packages to and fro. He was lucky to get a nickle here and there to try to keep his meager family afloat.

When he grew to be the age of ten, his grandmother decided abruptly that he was a seer too. Obviously, Nathan did not put credit to her words, having never been able to 'see' the way his grandmother told him she saw. But, one does not argue with a Miss Maria Herandez if one does not want a good smack across the cheek. She was old and blind, but her slaps still stung. After that, when he would come home from a day of running and scrubbing, she would set him to work. Years of reading cracks in bones when they were cast into the fire, flipping tarot cards and memorizing their meanings, and learning how to lure customers in with alluring words and gazes. She even went to the extent of forcing him to use scraps of English, so that he could speak with the tourists. Once Maria felt she had taught him enough, she sat him outside the door of their shack and told him he wasn't allowed back in until he earned a week's supper. Nathan hated every minute of it, and as the days ticked on, in a childish sort rebellion, he made it his own little game. Lying about misfortune was much more entertaining than predicting a humble future, that was for sure.

By his seventeenth year, his grandmother was but a distant memory, though, finding no other work, Nathan continued his trade. He made his living by being larger than life, boasting his skill and doing readings for the navy boys who docked in Havana. They paid well, and helping to fill lonely times with stories about the war. Sometimes, when rich women from the States came to vacation, he would do extra favors on the side for some pocket change, but Nathan never took any of them seriously. That was, until he found a little French woman wandering about the port. With all his fortune teller charm, he slipping in beside her, nothing more on his mind then some spare change and something to fill his time. What he got, however, was his heart stolen. Events unfolded, details unimportant, and before he knew it, he agreed to leave Cuba and go back with her to the States.

Though, the omens were not in their favor, for the woman, a maiden by the name of Rene, had a father whom disapproved of them being together. Nathan, after working for so long to pay for his paperwork and his own ship ticket, was kicked out of Rene's household in no time at all, left with absolutely nothing to his name but the clothes on his back and the frayed tarot cards in his pocket. Heartbroken and just plain broke, Nathan filled his time and his stomach by sitting in front of shops, asking a nickle a reading, or wiggling his way into girls' hearts so they would buy him a meal. That's where the Russian found him, that Demitri, years later but no where better off. Nathan was promised a better life within the circus, and he feels no room to complain. The circus is now his home, and everyone in it is his family.

Happiest Memory:
Nathan can still remember the feeling he had, standing there on the boat with Rene at his arm. Havana , the place where he had lived at his entire life, was slowly fading into the distance, but he didn't feel sad at all. Nathan was happy, then. Leaving Havana with Rene meant he no longer had to swindle rich women of their pocket change, or be forced to go hungry when the boats all left. But, most of all, it meant Nathan would be able to stay with her. His head was filled with dreams of marriage and a humble life. Nathan would easily say that that was the happiest moment of his life.

Saddest Memory:

In his younger years, in the long days of his grandmother training him to be a proper seer, Nathan was not an obedient child. He was a troublemaker and was defiant toward her, yelling and refusing to do anything the elderly woman asked. However, Miss Maria Herandez was the kind of woman who was listened to. In punishment, the old seer would jam his hands into hot embers, or give him a few good lashings across the arms and hands. (Sometimes even the face, but there she never did it hard enough to leave a scar.) Nathan cannot remember hating his life and grandmother more than during those times, but the memory of them still leaves a bitter taste in his mouth now.

Face Claim:
Jon Kortajarena

Dialogue Color:

So begins...

Nathaniel Wright's Story


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Nathaniel did not perform like the others did. He did not flip, nor twirl, nor parade around on wild beasts from far off lands. He did not share the stage with his kin, and tonight, like every other night, he did not bask in the glory of the cheers like the others did. Oh no, his job was not in the lime-light like the others, whom took their shining places in the spotlights with such vigor and ambition. His job was a more shadowed kind. Once the spotlights clicked on, and Mr. Petrov opened the show, Nathan's job was done. Not that it mattered to him, Nathan quite enjoyed sitting behind the main tent, his back rested against an empty cage as the show ran it length. He listened closely to the roars of wild cats and the cries from the crowd, not denying the smile that tugged on his lips. The 'Oh's and the 'Ah's of the crowds being the tell-tale signs that his family members, the performers who coaxed those reactions from the wide-eyed crowd's lips, were doing a particularly good job that evening. Usually, Nathan would have stolen one of the women on their way in, taken her back to his empty cart, his bunk-buddy busy with the night's show, and they would have done what grown ups do. But, tonight, Nathan hadn't felt up to it. It was all so much work, and he was tired from so many sleepless nights.

ImageSlowly flipping the tarot cards he had splayed in the grass before him, the fortune teller couldn't help but broaden his grin at their tellings. The cheers were finally dying down in the tent behind him, and the performers were beginning to spill from the exit. Nathan quickly plucked the cigarette from his lips and snuffed out it's tip in the dirt before scooping up his cards. Pushing himself to his feet, as to not be trampled by the assortment of carnies who were milling about, he reached for the stars as he stretched out his back. He had grown stiff sitting there since dusk, painfully so. Then, long before a moment had passed, Nathan easily slipped his way into the crowd. Now that the show had finished, the inhabitants at the circus were free to do and go where they wished.

As Nathan elbowed his way through the crowd, he called out to a few 'Good show, guys!' over the chaos, maybe smacking a few on the back as he passed, but he didn't stay long to joke around. Dragging his feet slightly, rubbing at the sore spot on his neck, Nathan crossed the grounds to a small make-shift bench that sat near the long line of carts. Throwing himself down on it, too tall for its length so that his legs hung off the end at the knee, he produced an apple from his pocket. Mentally, Nathan claimed this bench as his, being that it was where he had spent almost every night since they arrived. It was uncomfortable and far too small, but at least that kept him awake. Taking a rather large bite from the apple, Nathan rolled his head to the side to watch straggling people mill about.