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Loyde Pegasus

Tenant of Apartment Building 304

0 · 577 views · located in New York City

a character in “City Living”, as played by Torrentwolf



Full Name: Loyde Pegasus

Nickname: Pegasus

Age: 23

DOB: April 27

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Loyde is a 6’2 male with black hair typically extending down to the base of his neck tied up in a short pony tail. His face has a closed shaved and nicely groomed beard. His eyes are dark brown that at appear black unless you look closely at them. Loyde is by no means overtly built but he is fit and keeps himself in good shape.

Weight: 175

Personality: Loyde is a simple man who wants to succeed in life but at the same time keep things simple. That’s not to say he has no ambition but Loyde doesn’t see the point of making things complicated when they can be straightforward. Which means somethings things go over his head such as say a woman subtly flirting with him. In his mind Loyde thinks if you have something to say, get to it and if it doesn’t make sense simplify it until it does. Though living by a simplistic nature this doesn’t mean he can’t make things complex and intricate, something which helps him in his profession.

Loyde is a very kind and loving person with an open mind. He tries to get along with everyone when he can, but don’t assume he gets along with everyone. Loyde is also a helpful person, if you knock on his door and ask nicely he’ll help you out to the best to of his abilities. Loyde was raised to be a perfect gentleman and treats woman as they should be treated, with respect. But Loyde also treats women as his equal, never seeing them as an inferior. He appreciates many forms of culture and doesn’t discriminate by race or culture. But at the same time he has a sense of morality, seeing things in black, white and sometimes grey. Loyde is a stubborn man, no doubt from being a Taurus, and does not give up easily. If he thinks it can be done he will dig in his heels and keep pushing until he gets a satisfactory result. Lyode is an intellectual and prefers to give some thought to actions and decisions before acting, often erring on the side of cautious.

Likes: Loyde likes intellectual pursuits like chess, reading and gaming to a mild degree. Loyde also likes breads, spicy foods, most things made with apples and pizza. He also enjoy’s cooking foods as a relaxing hobby. Loyde likes Akido and Kendo, he finds them both good exercise and a nice way to unwind when he needs to relax. Loyde loves putting his literary talents to paper and when he comes up with an idea very little can stop him from writing a story or book, which sometimes results in binge writing for days at a time. Loyde loves animals and children and would love to have a child of his own in the future. Loyde also likes music of most kinds and will listen to most music as long as its good in his opinion but he will always have a fondness for Classical and R&B music. He also loves Japanese culture and would love to revisit the country some day in the future.

Dislikes: Loyde hates most bitter and sour foods unless they blend with other foods. Loyde also hates people spoiling a good story before he’s had a chance to read/watch it. Loyde hates wasting his time and if he feels it’s been wasted he tends to get a little put out and tends to becomes a bit snappish. Loyde may indulge most music but he absolutely hates punk rock and can get quite agitated if exposed to long to it. Loyde also hates people who cheat on their significant others. Loyde dislikes his other siblings but absolutely despises his brother and will have nothing to do with him.

Background: Loyde’s life is one of those typical suburban children, grew up in the mid class with his brother, two sisters and his parents. Both came from respectable backgrounds that were well off but both families disapproved of the other. That didn’t stop the couple from falling in love and later on getting married. Both held respectable jobs and managed to make enough money to afford the life of a mid class family. But growing up in the mid class with three siblings ment their parents were always on the go with little time for the children. This not to say their parents were neglectful or put their careers ahead of the children. In fact their parents had wanted a large family but Loyde and his two sisters had arrived before the couple had settled down financially and thus created an financial gap both parents had to work hard keep from turning into crippling debt. This left Loyde and his siblings were often left starved for attention and this lead to some resentment in their young childhood days. Though close they disagreed, sometimes harshly, on the priorities of their parents but never the less the four children were as thick as thieves and looked out for each other. If someone pick on one of them the other three were their to protect the one. If there wasn’t enough to go around, they split it evenly amongst each other. The four were so close they were nicknamed the Four Musketeers of Hayes Valley. It seemed like nothing would ever separate these four siblings apart. But once they reached their teens the personalities of all of them changed.

Loyde found a deeper insight into the lives of his parents and came to understand and respect them for time they spent making sure the family live in relative comfort. But his brother Ryan slowly turned from a dependable brother into one of those cliche bad boy’s the girls like with an attitude to match. Loyde’s sister Margaret and Alicia also changed with Margaret turning into a bratty stuck up bimbo and Alicia a trend following rebellious teen. The last three also were more resentful than before about their parents not being in their lives. This lead to much friction between the four as Loyde was the ‘parents pet’ as his three siblings called him. It didn’t take long for the Four Musketeers to suddenly turn into the lone wolves of Hayes Valley. Though Loyde tried to keep them together he ultimately gave up as he realized their radical personalities were not only here to stay but also got on his nerves. With that the four typically traveled in their own social circles, Loyde with the respectable and intellectual groups (AKA the nerds), Ryan with the ‘’cool boys’’ and the football team, Margaret the other elitist girls and Alicia with whatever group was the most popular for the week. Though this kept them away from each other for most of the time when they were within the same area the four typically got along like water and oil. In fact some times things got a physical between Loyde and Ryan, the latter often using his size and athletic build to bully his own brother. This lead to a growing resentment between the two and even their parent intervention didn’t stop Ryan. After a while of this Loyde had suffered enough and enrolled in some martial arts classes he was interested in to even things out. Though this did little to deter Ryan at first, he later on figure out not to press his luck.

Things didn’t change much between the four over the years as they continued through school. Progressively Ryan was expected to attend college on a football scholarship, Margaret was getting through just barely and was aiming to get a job as a high paid secretary while Alicia surprisingly was going to college on a business major. Loyde did indeed get into college on a literature scholarship with the aim of becoming a writer. During his last year of highschool Loyde somehow got himself a girlfriend. A redheaded beauty named Olivia who typically ran with the same crowd as Margaret. Loyde didn’t complain, he was excited to have a girl of his own and being able to go to college. But like a lot of things in his life things did not go according to plan. His first year at college was rough and because he didn’t go to college to have fun Loyde spent a lot of time in his studies. He wasn’t neglectful of his parents or girlfriend but he didn’t give a lot of time to them. This didn’t negatively affect his parents who were proud of his devotion but his girlfriend thought he should devote more time to their relationship. But between studies and his part time work as a cook he didn’t have anymore time to give her other than what little he could. This strained their relationship and Loyde wasn’t sure what else he could do. Even when he came home for vacation periods it didn’t appear to be enough for her. Thankfully his first summer break came and Loyde intended to to make the most of it. He intended to spend a month home then take Olivia with him on a trip somewhere for a month with what he had managed to save.

But when Loyde came home things fell apart. He wasn’t home a few days when he heard gossip at a local gas station that Olivia had been seeing someone else. Loyde was shocked that Olivia might be playing him, he knew they had problems in their relationship but he would have thought she would at least respect him by breaking up with him. But Loyde knew better than to assume anything and quickly went to work trying to figure out what was true and what was false. It took a lot of fallowing, spying and questioning but Loyde got the answer to his question. The answer, yes Olivia was indeed seeing someone else, his brother Ryan. Livid, sad, hurt and ready to hurt Loyde for the first time didn’t think things through and confronted both with his evidence. Back in a corner Olivia responded like most people caught in her situation do, she didn’t mean for it to happen, it meant nothing to her, he was the only one she wanted, the typical responses. But Ryan was still the obnoxious bully he was and he rubbed the fact in Loyde’s face the fact he stole his girlfriend from him. Loyde was livid but didn’t let his emotions get the best of him and walked away from them both. As expected things over next few days things were even more tense than before. Around this time Olivia continued to downplay and and convince Loyde the affair was nothing while Ryan continued with his smug taunting. Even his sisters and parents were getting involved with his sisters just adding salt to the wound and his parents trying to defuse the situation before it turned into an all out brawl. Finally Loyde couldn’t take anymore, he came home to relax and enjoy himself, not be involved in a cold war with his brother and ex. So he packed up his things and purchased a ticket to somewhere to get away from the madness.

Before he could leave though everyone was either trying to make him stay and work it out or just keep degrading him. His parents and Olivia were the former his siblings the latter. But for some reason Ryan kept escalating his insults, most likely taking Loyde’s leaving as running away. But that had been a mistake, Loyde isn’t quite sure which word he said was the catalyst but next thing he know Ryan was barreling down on him ready to pummel him into oblivion. Only to be laid out on the glass coffee table in the living room just a few moments later. Everyone was occupied with checking on Ryan they didn’t see Loyde load the last of his things and drive off. Loyde made sure to send most of his things back to his dorm before boarding his flight and heading off for his vacation. His destination? Japan. Loyde had planned to take Olivia elsewhere for their vacation but considering he was now single and he had always wanted to go to Japan he now had the means and motives. Needless to say Loyde had a blast while abroad and made every opportunity to relax and enjoy the trip. Sure he had to deal with family calling him and giving him lectures for the fight with his brother and leaving suddenly but it did little to damper his mood.

Loyde spent more than just two weeks in Japan, he spent two months. During which he found an appreciation for the culture, the land and the people and made some good friends during his stay. Of course when the time came to go home Loyde had some regrets leaving and promised his new friends to keep in touch and one day come back. Things back home did not go as Loyde suspected. First, the trip had near obliterated his funds, despite working part time during his trip to pay for it. Next his brother had been hospitalized for a broken arm and while it was done in self defense somehow things were mixed up and ended with Loyde being arrested. This combined him “fleeing the country” for two months landed him in some very nasty trouble. Needless to say after all of the lawyer fees, court costs and other fees, Loyde was dang near broke. But of course word got back to his college and even though things had been corrected during the trial his scholarship had been revoked. Needless to say Loyde’s good mood from his vacation quickly turned sour and to make matters worse his own parents, people he once held with respect for what they had to do, were now siding with his brother on this whole incident for how Loyde handled it.

Now at the age of twenty Loyde found himself out on his own with no help from anyone at the age of twenty. Loyde had very little and no way to earn him a living outside of part time work. Plus even if he could he wouldn’t ask for help from his family, much less be near them. It may have sounded harsh but considering his mood at the time he couldn’t stand any of them at the time. So Loyde made an impulsive decision, he loaded up his car and set out on the road to look for a new home far from Hayes Valley. For about a year and a half Loyde bounced from job to job across the US heading east bound. He didn’t have a destination in mind but knew he would stop when he was sure he put enough distance between him and his former home. Things with his family did cool down but despite them asking him to come home the damage had already been done. Eventually Loyde settled in New York where he felt at home in a sense as it reminded him of Tokyo when he was vacationing in Japan. For a while Loyde lived in his car writing stories for magazines and working in and out of kitchens to live. In his spare time he tired to write novels and books and with time made a few successful books which managed to get him his footing. Eventually enough of his work managed to bring a nice flow of royalties in to get him a decent place to live. Now he works as a full time novelist, having written sever good fictional books and some good children’s books as well. He also retains work as a part time cook, mostly as a side hobby but also just in case he needs extra money for rent or other expenses. But Loyde is confident he is on his way to making a name for himself.

Occupation: Author and part time cook.

Hometown: Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Face Claim: Lorenzo Richelmy

So begins...

Loyde Pegasus's Story


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