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Sofia Nygard

0 · 30 views · located in New York City

a character in “City Living”, as played by Cr33d


Name: Sofia

age: 20

birthday: april 30th

Sexuality: Bi

hometown: stockholm

Personality: She is happy but shy person she gets overy excited. She pretty lazy but if she gets into things she´s really really doing it without stop. She likes to be alone most at the times, She really like to paint and play drums, she sometimes forget that other people in the same room when she paints or play drums she just gets so focused and dont realize she plays to loud sometimes she even plays loudly in the night and disturb the naighbors by accident. She likes to study and likes school a lot, she applied to a school in new york and moved there when she got in but to pay rent she searched for a part time job just in case she has medium amount of money.

likes: avocado, animals, winter, being alone and sports

dislike: spiders, people, tv, big crowds bullies

Background: Sofia was born in stockholm and after her father left she focused on her paintings when she was a teenager she got a drum set from her aunt to her moms disapprovel. When she got older her mom met a girl and after a year the married then she thought that the house kind of was kind of full so she looked for a school in new york to go there after colleage so she saved a lot of money. Her dad later got married to another girl and got a kid with her when they were visited them they became friends sharing a lot of intresting he liked to play the guitarr and talked about starting a band.

So begins...

Sofia Nygard's Story


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