Caleb Spencer

Power; a jerk jock with a heart of gold.

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a character in “City of Angels”, as played by bandgeek9


A tall, athletic boy who stands at about 6'3" and has an imposing enough appearance to intimidate anyone. He has dark hair and brown eyes and seems to be perpetually frowning. He's the school's star athlete and thus there are plenty of girls who would like to go out with him, but he just doesn't seem to be interested.


Caleb if gruff with people he doesn't like, and with people he does. It takes precisely the right situation to draw him out of his rough shell and show that deep down, he really does have feelings. He has a passion for fbasketball and football, and once played baseball. His father is demanding of him in athletics and it shows. His grades tend to be sub par, but contrary to what what everyone thinks, he has a brain; he just chooses not to use it.


Switchblade, pocket knife, and football.


Caleb is the oldest of two; he has a smart younger sister named Lucy who he loves, although it doesn't show. His mother is flighty and tends to be neglectful, and he's had more fights with has father than he'd like to count. He started sports when he was six or seven, and it's been his passion ever since.

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