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Cabel "Cabe"

"I hate cats."

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a character in “City of Demons”, originally authored by Forensic_Anthro, as played by RolePlayGateway


Real name: Cabellum Joseph Hannagan

New name: Cabel

Nickname: Cabe

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Role: Gifted fledgeling

First Former

Affinity: Gifted by Bast, the Egyptian Goddess of cats. He has an affinity for cats.

Bio: Cabellum lived the average life of a boy from around Long Beach, California. Well, at least until he turned sixteen. He woke up one day to find a strange hooded man standing in his room. As soon as the man noticed that Cabellum was awake, he began speaking in a booming voice, saying that he had been chosen by Nyx to attend the House of Night. The next thing he knew he felt like he had been branded and fell out of bed and onto the floor with a loud thump, hitting his head on his nightstand on the way down.

Personality: Dark and childishly cruel are two traits that Cabe could easily be described as having. He absolutely loves games, but that's mostly because he gets bored with things quickly and games are never exactly the same. He is not afraid to kill, but doesn't want to do it in front of the few people he cares about, since he is afraid they will run off, though he would never admit it to them. Inside this very, very hard outer shell, Cabe's actually quite fun and cheerful, though even his friends rarely sees beneath the rough exterior. He is often found making sadistic jokes or comments and enjoys watching people's reactions to them.

Appearance: Cabe stands at five feet eight inches tall, is slightly muscular, and has light colored skin. His eyes are a brilliant, luminous shade of green that is indescribable. His hair is whiter than snow and is long enough that it is usually swept to one side of his face, though it often hangs over one eye. It is obvious from these traits that he stands out in a crowd. His normal outfits consist of black t-shirts, a jacket, and jeans, none of which are baggy on him. He wears black Converse sneakers.

So begins...

Cabel "Cabe"'s Story