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Alexander M. Geremi

"Our race of Nobles have all but the basic principles of morality."

0 · 860 views · located in Eden ; The perfect city

a character in “City of Eden”, as played by aarondalea




I will right what my family has wronged.


Normal || Armory | Daft Punk ||
Angry || Prelude no. 4 in E minor | Fredyryk Chopin ||
Emotional || Breath of Life | Florence + the Machine ||


β™” Full Name β™”:
Alexander Marlow Geremi

β™” Nicknames β™”: *
Alex || Alexei || Mars || 'Ares'
"Alexei was a name my siblings chose for me when I was younger...the last was a name my father used to mock me with, laughing at my martial prowess and strong-willed mind. What he did not guess was that I would later use it for my banner name, a trademark claim to name."

β™” Age β™”:
"Many say that my siblings and I are young, but we are ready. Ready to change what has taken ahold within Eden and topple this fake Utopia!"

β™” Gender β™”:

β™” Race β™”:
"A race filled with nothing but intermarried, genetically-modified people of weak body and mind."

β™”Servant β™”:
Sonica Fujioka || First Slave
"My childhood friend...or at least, that is what I believe we were back then when we were both naive and young."

β™” Romantic Interest β™”: *

β™” Sexuality β™”: *
"I would say that itself is something I do to...go against the basic wishes of my father. Nothing more. Provide me with a good reason to like someone besides wealth, family, power and I will consider."

β™” Face Claim β™”:
Griffith || Berserk

β™” Physical Description/Clothing Preference β™”: *
β€’ Social || Obviously, with his plans in mind, Alexander must conform to the ways of those around him. He dresses up extravagantly like other Nobles, with sashes and lace and the like. As a trademark of the Geremi family, Alexander tends to wear navy blue, light blue and white, the combination of colors signifying his allegiance to the Geremi family. Sometimes, though, Alexander likes to rebel against the constraints of society. From time to time, Alexander likes to wear his armor- shiny and silver- to outdoor events which no Noble has ever done before.
β€’ With Family || Here, Alexander pretty much wears what ever he can get his hands on. Obviously, he has a sense of decorum and does wear non revealing clothes when with his family, but he does not don the suffocating garbs that Nobles are expected to wear, nor does he dress up in his armor out of both comfort and efficiency. When with his siblings, Alexander tends to wear normal hoses, shirts- or a surcoat- and formal jackets. Never does he get too comfortable, but he believes it is good enough. Anyways, Alexander sometimes walks around with just a hose and surcoat on but only when he is around Anastasia and Sonica or when he is out hunting, training, or fighting.
"The clothes of this era really don't suit my taste; the sheer constraints against our bodies and the weird, 'futuristic' styles look utterly ridiculous. I believe I was not born to be part of this time period."

β™” Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features β™”: *
"I was made within my mother's womb to look novel- so were most of my siblings. White hair, light blue eyes, androgynous features...I was modified to look like this. To an extent, many others went through the same process as I have. Rather than thinking that my hair as a noticeable feature, I think of it as a curse. A curse upon the Noble race as a whole."
β€’ Alexander does have a birthmark in the shape of a star set right above his heart. This birthmark scared his parents, as he had been modified to be what they considered 'perfect'. As he grew older, the birthmark has grown with him, and now it nearly covers his whole left chest.

β™” Weapons/Abilities β™”:
β€’ Contrary to most other Nobles, Alexander does wield a weapon- a thin, solid diamond rapier. He has another that is rumored to be made of meteorite- and he does, but Alexander rarely uses it as it is a family heirloom, a symbol of the crumbling Noble race. With a gold hilt and a shining blade, Alexander's rapier tends to draw many eyes onto him as he walks around in court or when he trains, cleaving through everything that is put in front of his sight, mainly based on the composition of his blade rather than due to his prowess in swords fighting.
β€’ Magic || Just as all the other members of his race- especially so, as a member of the Geremi family- Alexander shows great control over magic, though more so in some facets of magic than others. He is known especially for his great mastery over enchantments and light magic, and tends to utilize them when battling others whom he cannot better in terms of swords and physical strength when the time allows him to do so.

β™” Personality β™”:
{Cold | Leader-like | Reserved | Caring | Selfless | Careful | Reticent | Distant | Secretive}
Alexander shaped his personality based on the knights and kings he read in the books that his mother passed down to him. From his father, he gained a sense of authority and control; from his mother, caring and decorum. Many would think him near perfect, but this is far from so. Alexander, more so than others, has an extreme amount of self-control. This has helped him develop the 'perfect' personality he has today. Within, Alexander is far from perfect and would rather play all day, release himself into an idle life without any worries- but he knows he cannot do so. His overarching sense of responsibility to both his family and other people- such as Sonica- force him to act on what he believes is the right thing to do.

To an extent, this also translates into a sense of 'selflessness', as Alexander tries to give his all to his siblings rather than keep whatever he has to himself. He is willing to leave and give what he wants to others just so that they can be happy. All he wishes is that they can attain happiness and freedom compared to what he had as he grew up under the controlling claws of his father- and only Anastasia really understands the sheer oppressive power their father had been while he was still alive. His time under their father has caused Alexander to grow rather reticent, speaking only when he wants to and when needs be. He is distant from most but a few, preferring trusted companionship rather than hollow friendship. With others such as Sonica and Anastasia, Alexander is almost like a completely different person, his soft laughter and crude jokes echoing in the hallways whenever he is with one of them. With his mother, Alexander is patient, kind and caring, just like he is to the younger Geremi siblings.

Though crude remarks and jokes tend to pass his lips, Alexander is extremely secretive. From his ideas to his ideals, Alexander can keep his lips sealed if he wishes to and rarely does he ever let them pass through from his mind. Alexander is also extremely leader-like, and tends to take on a sense and air of leadership wherever he goes. This was mostly thrust upon Alexander, as his father died early and Alexander was, pretty much, the legitimate heir to the Geremi seat. Though he received this position without consent, Alexander has molded himself well enough to fit into it, much with the help of Anastasia and Sonica.

β™” Likes β™”:
β€’ Practicing swords fighting || "A sheer act of rebelliousness."
β€’ His Siblings || "Anastasia, especially, helps me pass my time whenever Sonica cannot- especially during large events. The younger ones are close to my heart, but, obviously, age differences do create profound distances between people."
β€’ Riding his horse || "Veralion is my only companion in this...closed off world that Nobles live in."
β€’ A Great Sunny Day || "Though rainy days are not bad, a good sunny day still does help raise one's spirits."
β€’ Nature || "The small botanical gardens and the tall glass buildings of Eden do not satisfy my craving for nature anymore."
β€’ Spring || "Every year, the first call of the first bird of Spring is one to wait for."
Trees | Mid-day walks | Reading | the smell of Scrolls | Writing | Flowers | His Dogs | Sonica | Rainy days | Areas outside of Eden | 'Ares' | Attending Dances | His Rapier | Swimming | Ponds | Wildlife

β™” Dislikes β™”:
β€’ Large Gatherings || "I do not like them; I do not look highly upon the idea of soliciting with other Nobles through dance and fake smiles. They do not irritate me, but they do leave me extremely tired and much more disillusioned than I already am."
β€’ Lying || "Since young, I disciplined to my younger siblings, contrary to my father and just like my mother, to not lie at all. I cannot say that I have been successful, but at least within our family lands I know that I have honored my mother's wishes."
β€’ Being Angry || "I would rather have a calm mind than a turbulent one."
β€’ Segregation || "Once more, the separation of our people into different classes is wrong. The system is oblique and the basis faulty- this is something that I shall destroy with my own two hands."
β€’ Politics || "It is sad that what I hate is what I am best at."
β€’ Idleness || "To leave oneself without anything to do is, to an extent, taking the first step to debilitating one own's mind."
Cities | Constricting Areas | Noble Women | His Deceased Father | His White Hair | Tight Clothes | Close Contact with Noble Women | Crying | Weakness | Mirrors | Dancing | Masquerade Balls | Flowery Clothes

β™” Talents β™”: *
β€’ Light Magic || "Pertaining, mainly, to illusions. Obviously, I can dabble in the other areas of magic as taught in school, but this sect mainly caught my attention."
β€’ Enchantments || "As a Noble experimenting in the ways of physical combat, it is obvious that I cannot compare to the numerous Knights that train since birth. I have delved into the art of enchantments so as to gain whatever upper hand I might be able to create."
β€’ Sword fighting || "Mother was the only reason why I could pick up the sword at the age of 10. Otherwise, father would have gotten his way with my upbringing- and along with that of my siblings."
β€’ Persuasion || "Anastasia says that my mouth is useful when needs be- I suppose that is good enough."

β™” Flaws β™”: *
β€’ Gullibility || "I trust Alexandra to help me judge others whom I must interact with."
β€’ Dark and Healing Magic || "For all the classes I take, I believe that I am not good enough in these two fields of magic."
β€’ Snarky || "Though I try, sometimes I just cannot contain that one quip, snarky comment that could ruin everything that I have planned so far for Eden and it's inhabitants. I can only thank Anastasia for holding me back before they come out of my mouth."
β€’ Callous || "For all that I am worth, it seems as if I feel less emotions than others. Only for great causes can I stir up a minimal amount of emotion- and care. For my family, I try my best."

β™” Fearsβ™”: *
β€’ The Death of His Mother || "She has been a constant pillar within my heart. I cannot fathom what I shall do the day her demise comes."
β€’ Fall From Grace || "To fulfill the image that I have in my mind, a fall from power and from grace shall not be condoned in the near future. I cannot let that happen to myself and to my family."
β€’ His Father || "Or, at least, what power he still holds on my heart. I look too much like him, and from memory and what others say, I act too much like him. I fear that one day I shall become but a mirror image of my deceased father."

β™”Secrets β™”: *
β€’ Secret Love || " a certain person; I cannot say whom, but that person is of a different social class deemed 'below' the Noble race. I love that person with all my heart- if only that person could know how I pine for their presence!"
β€’ His Father's Death || "I did not cry at my father's funeral simply because it was another step for the grand scheme of things that Anastasia and I have been planning."
β€’ Mental Lapses || "These have been occurring rather infrequently, and, thankfully, within the barriers of my own quarters. But they still scare me- why would one not be afraid when they cannot fathom what they are thinking and what one feels during certain periods of time?"

β™”Bio β™”:
Born as the eldest child within the last branch of the Geremi family, Alexander had large responsibility thrust upon his young shoulders. Since he was a young child, his father had emphasized that Alexander had to be perfect, and nothing less. It was expected out of the Geremi family and especially so from the probable heir to the highest placement within Eden. Alexander strived to be as his father said, as the young boy had looked up to the imposing image of his father. His mother, before she caught the illness, constantly made sure to be around her children. Her union to the Geremi heir was, much to the surprise of most of the Noble race, out of love and free will. She lived a happy life, creating a sphere of care and love for the subsequent children she gave birth to after Alexander. The boy adored his mother, and rose within the ranks of his school and became the perfect model that his father had wished him to be.

And so, all was good within the Geremi family. Every weekend, the whole family- with just Anastasia, Alexander and their parents- would gather for picnics at the large garden that was reserved purely for the Geremi family only. Laughter would echo throughout the whole hall, including the laughter of Alexander's father and mother. But this all vanished within the time of a few days. "My mother caught a disease. A deadly disease- one that had never been seen before. Her hair- her white, glistening hair- slowly turned into a brown color. Her laughter died off to be replaced by coughs and splutters; it was obvious that she was dying." From both external political pressure and the sudden sickness that plagued his wife, Alexander's father had broken down. The Geremi family had long been in decline, not just in terms of wealth and power, but also-extremely so- in numbers. Reality crushed the head of the Geremi family, and he slowly started to warp into the feared man that dominated much of Alexander's teenage years- the man whom he later clashed heads with about the separation of Nobles, Knights and Slaves. For Alexander's mother's hair had trigged a sense of fear and urgency within Alexander's father- he knew that if the council knew that Alexander's mother had changed, they would sever all power relations to the Geremi family.

"And so, he donned the face of a tyrant. He made sure that we would not talk about our mother's hair outside of the house, nor the change of the composition of her eyes. She is, even now, the secret of the Geremi family. Why did I...kill my father, then? He asked for it. Both Anastasia and I knew that he was on the brink of madness, driven by many years of fatigue and political struggle. A look in his eye was enough to tell me he had had enough. So, well, I helped him- because I loved him, the stern, cold father whom had been the kind, loving father back many years ago. I know that many of my siblings- including Anastasia- does not remember that side of him anymore, but it does not matter anymore. I shall now take up the brunt of all criticism so that they can grow up happy and strong."

β™” Other β™”: *
β€’ As a fetus within his mother's womb, Alexander had been placed under heavy incantation to 'perfect' his looks, as per to the wishes of his long dead grandfather. His father had gone under the same process, but the a side product from this process had been an extremely unstable mental health.

So begins...

Alexander M. Geremi's Story