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Nael Avenier

"A kaleidoscope of a world, and I am both the conductor and the serf. Strange irony, all things considered."

0 · 1,353 views · located in Eden ; The perfect city

a character in “City of Eden”, as played by SasoriRinku




“Beauty may grace our features, but Humans are naught but shadow and blood on the inside. The colors of this world are garish and harsh; I, of anyone, should know.”


♔ Normal ♔: || Gekidō | Uverworld ||
♔ Angry ♔: || Heavy Violence | Toshrio Masuda ||
♔ Emotional ♔: || Bauklötze | Mika Kobayashi ||


♔ Full Name ♔:
Nael Lero Avenier
♔ Nicknames ♔:
‘If I ever have to use a pseudonym, I tend to use ‘Noah’. It’s close enough to my real name that I won’t get confused, but different enough to still hide my identity. In my line of work, there are people who only know me as Noah, so it’s kind of a second name to me.’

♔ Age ♔:
‘I am barely beyond what some consider a man, yet I have seen more than many twice my age.’

♔ Gender ♔:

♔ Race ♔:
‘An unfortunate lot in life, as far as the other options are concerned. Still, we make do with what we have.’

♔ Master/Servant ♔:
His master is the second youngest Geremi child.

♔ Romantic Interest ♔:

♔ Sexuality ♔:
‘Not like I have time for that sort of thing, but…if I like you, I like you. That’s all there is to it.’

♔ Face Claim ♔:
Shu Ouma – Guilty Crown

♔ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ♔:

Nael is not very physically imposing or very remarkable, befitting his lot in life: a slave, someone who is biologically determined to be inferior. He is of an average height of five feet and seven inches, meaning Nael is unlikely to stand very far above any noble men, barring the exceptionally short. His frame is not very intimidating either; lithe and not very muscular, Nael’s figure belies the strength and flexibility he is capable of.
His colorings are, for the most part, also neutral. Light, creamy skin covers his meager frame, proceeding mostly uninterrupted. His hazelnut colored hair hangs in flowing locks over the back of his neck and the graceful, subtle lines of his brow. The element of his color that betrays his identity to those who are aware of it is the color of his eyes. The rings that lock around his pupils are shaded crimson, giving him a piercing and almost unearthly stare.

‘I’ve been told that I have a fairly handsome appearance for a slave, probably because I take so much after my father. I’m glad that I inherited most of my looks from him; it has probably helped me survive more than I’ll know.’
♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ♔:
He has no birthmark, piercing, or tattoo to color his skin. However, its expanse is crossed with a number of scars of various sizes and positions, a result of his service to the Geremi family. His most noticeable feature is his blood colored eyes, and they are something of a trademark of his.
‘I haven’t been able to avoid getting injured on all of my assignments, and my body’s a testament to that. Sometimes seeing my scars motivates me to ensure that I don’t get any new ones.’

♔ Weapons/Abilities ♔:
As a slave, Nael is not vastly skilled in either magic or weaponry. However, he does possess a signature ability for which he is still held as one of the Geremi family’s slaves. This ability was the original technique of his father, and it was imparted to him as part of his inheritance. Dubbed by his masters and those who knew his father as ‘Grayscale’, the ability allows Nael to steal the color from objects and transform it into a weapon appropriate to the color taken. These weaponized colors vary in form and ability, but are usually considerably powerful, and the only real weapon that Nael can wield. Grayscale manifests itself in a number of different ways, such as Nael’s oddly colored eyes, and grants him a few other related abilities.
‘My greatest inheritance from my father is this weapon, the Grayscale. With it, I shall continue building my father’s legacy! The power to make the world my weapon, that is what it means to be Avenier!’

♔ Personality ♔:
Nael’s character can be somewhat hard to scrutinize, because much of the man that is Nael Avenier is obscured by all of the rules, regulations, fronts, and deceits that his position as a noble’s slave necessitates. Knowing that his life hangs precariously each time he sets foot in the cutthroat world of the nobles, Nael has tried to remain as passive and unassuming as he can, so that he does not risk offending others. Always punctual, formal, and gentlemanly towards his superiors and those of the “light-side” of Eden, Nael has strived to keep his head attached to his shoulders and his heart beating in his chest.

However, underneath the pretense of the ever-obedient slave, Nael is significantly less bland. Fiercer of spirit and mind, he certainly holds opinions that are not simply mirrors of his superiors. Rash, aggressive, and somewhat cruel, Nael appears to brim with heat the moment he is unleashed from his master’s eye. He is fiercely proud of his lineage and the legacy that he embodies, to the point of revering his father and clutching almost maniacally to the position that he fills. In many ways, Nael is not just one with the power to create weapons; he is practically a weapon himself. Full of intent, violent and crackling, unrelenting and ready to instigate change and not afraid to dirty himself.

Yet, Nael is not without compassion or happiness. Like anyone, he has his mellower moments, though the contentment from them seems to rest uneasily on his shoulders. Rarely does he smile, but sometimes he cannot help the corners of his lips from twitching up, or from the bloodiness of his eyes cooling until they were a swimming shade of wine. Rare though they are to come by, Nael does have his better moments. He is not mentally unsound – the breadth of human emotions are available to him – though his personality is often very compartmentalized, with different aspects surfacing depending on present company and surroundings.
‘I will make no apologies for who I am; I have not wavered from my purpose in life. Mine is to serve and to fight, nothing more. Those who have a problem with that will like be on the other side of my blade.’

♔ Likes ♔:

|| His heritage || ‘My name carries with it a power, the power of my father, and it is my life’s mission to do naught but add to that name. Such is my greatest passion.’

|| Serving || ‘What better way is there for me to survive and prove myself than by serving those who are in the midst of it all?’

|| Cats || ‘There’s something about the furry beasts that just makes me smile. Or go into a rage. I’m usually somewhere in that zone.’
♔ Dislikes ♔:
|| Other Slaves || ‘It’s not that I can’t be sympathetic to my own race, it’s just that…it’s hard sometimes realizing that you’re just like them. That no matter how much I build myself up, I’m the same as this guy in front of me.’
|| Overpowering Opponents || ‘There’s practically nothing harder to face than the fact that you’re simply too weak to beat the person in front of you. That it’s no contest.’
|| Overt physical contact || ‘It doesn’t really bother me when other people do it, but I always get bristley when someone touches up on me too much.’

♔ Talents ♔:
|| Mixed Combat || ‘My father’s technique lends itself perfectly to a fighting style of mixed magic and martial ability, and I’ll say I’ve gotten pretty good at it.’
|| Playing the social game || ‘If there’s one thing that saves me outside of combat, it’s my ability to know how to address people in just the right way to ensure I remain safely un-gutted.’
|| Mental collectedness || ‘Sometimes the best quality a person can have is being well put together. It keeps me from breaking down under adversity, and keeps my determination ironclad.’

♔ Flaws ♔:
|| Tunnel Vision || ‘I’ll admit, sometimes I can get a little…too focused on the goal at hand and miss a few important things.’
|| Obedience || ‘She’s my master; I wouldn’t dare to disobey her, no matter what she orders. Even if I don’t agree with it, even if I feel like it’ll be too dangerous, I do as my master commands.’
|| Overconfidence || ‘A small side effect of my belief in my father’s technique and my own ability is that I can times – how did my master put it? – Cocky.’

♔ Fears♔:
|| Death || ‘Not in the same manner as others; I care naught for what befalls me in the afterlife. But, I cannot be ended now. There is still so much that I must do to honor my father’s name. I have no choice; I must continue, so I simply cannot die yet.’
|| Nobles || ‘I am indebted to my master, and serve her willingly. I am likewise grateful to all the nobles who give us slaves a chance to make something of ourselves. But, subconsciously, I can’t help but to…cringe, sometimes, when they walk by, as if my very blood fears their retribution.’
|| Intimacy || ‘If I am to continue on the Avenier line, then I know I must find a woman to marry and have a child with. But, the thought of binding myself to another in such a way makes me shudder. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.’

♔Secrets ♔:
|| His Mother || ‘Long ago, I went looking for my mother. All I’ll say is, she is not dead, despite the fact that I reported that lie back to the nobles. If I’m lucky, maybe she’s keeled over by now.’
|| Thought stealing || ‘It wasn’t always like this, but since I reached adulthood, I’ve had a…vague sense of everyone’s emotions. Not anything concrete, but enough that I can tell how someone’s feeling. It’s part of the reason I’m so good at not upsetting the nobles. I know how to act around them because I can sense that sort of thing. Naturally, the ability is something I try and keep quiet.’
|| Nightmares || ‘I’ve gotten good at hiding the outward signs of it – though who’d be checking anyway? – but I have had a lot of strange, unsettling nightmares. They’re like memories, but they’re not my own, and they’re always disturbing that I’ve woken up after many nights feeling like I haven’t slept at all.’

♔Bio ♔:
Nael’s father grew up in the slums as the worst kind of Slave, but after a string of luck and unexpected developments, found himself in the service of the Geremi family as one of their personal warriors. In that position, he gained some renown for being able to hold his own against those of more powerful bloodlines than him, to the point of gaining a bit of favoritism of the Nobles that held him. He was able to do so because of a unique ability of his, named the Grayscale, which allowed him to steal the essence of colors and transmute them into a weapon that he could use.

The exact details of what transpired are not known to the public, as the knowledge is a secret safely guarded by the Geremi family, but one day a son joined the slave-turned-servant in Mastaut. This young boy, who would come to be known as Nael, was fated to inherit his father’s position from the day he was born. From the time he entered the world of the Nobles, Nael was trained thoroughly by both those of the Geremi household’s staff and his father to be able to exist safely in that world. Furthermore, his father sought to pass on the Grayscale technique to Nael, and to his immense pleasure, the boy demonstrated at least a very basic grasp of the technique when he turned seven.

Just as secretive as the appearance of Nael, the disappearance of his father is not known to any but the decaying members of the elder generation of the Geremi family. But, while unknown, the details are no less fact. Before Nael could turn ten years old, his father was gone, undoubtedly taken in the midst service to the nobles. After the loss of that favored and somewhat exotic fighter, the Nobles of the household made a point to redouble Nael’s training, hoping that he could one day fill his father’s shoes.

Surely enough, he did. Now a young man of his own right, Nael has become a killer with as much of a reputation as his father did. Well known for being a favored bodyguard of the family, the Geremi siblings count Nael amongst their favored charges. In fact, Nael has progressed from his childhood position of a servant of the family in general to being the personal attendant and combatant of the second youngest Geremi child. Pledged thusly, Nael seeks to expand upon his father’s name and make of himself a great warrior under the command of the second youngest.

‘I cannot remember much of what life was like before I was fully employed in the Geremi household. And though I fondly hold onto what memories I have of my father, I strangely cannot seem to remember much of him either. My whole world has been, for about as long as I have known, the employment of the Geremi family – first the elders, now their children. Such has been my lot, and I do not question it; I will only grow and expand from here.’

So begins...

Nael Avenier's Story