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Tarcozenne: "Rather unpleasant to see you beneath my feet, oh dear all mighty nobleness."

0 · 932 views · located in Eden ; The perfect city

a character in “City of Eden”, as played by Quelle



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If you got nothing to say piss off filthy noble, you corrupt the view.

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β™” Full Name β™”:
No slave need a family name, right? They are only those, who are low in rank, those, you can get rid off as you please. What? I am not mistaken in anything. It's the very truth in this wicked reality.

β™” Nicknames β™”:
Tar, Zenn, Tarco

β™” Age β™”:

β™” Gender β™”:

β™” Race β™”:

β™” Master β™”:
The Youngest Child

β™” Romantic Interest β™”:
Evianna (but he rejects his feelings towards her because of a strong thick-headed believe)

β™” Sexuality β™”:

β™” Face Claim β™”:
Sagara Miyuki from Red Data Girl

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β™” Physical Description/Clothing Preference β™”:
Tar is a fairly handsome, but more charismatic guy with a hint of a bad boy attitude. His expressions are usually firm but tells honesty and sincerity, despire there lays almost everytime a specific sarcasm within his eyes that actually attracts the thought of him rebelling, and leave the impression of strong-willed stubbornity. Of course, that doesn't often spare him from abuse of the higher ranked, in fact, it's the very trigger. Nothing that Tar ever thought of changing though.

He has very dark brown hair, usually bad hair (so it's often curly on the tips) as he doesn't really find a need to smarten up for anybody and also dark brown orbs, with light green shades. He surely isn't the tallest, around 5'6 feets, but his dexterity and unbelievable strength makes up for it hundred-folds. However, that isn't what's most noticeable of his entire visual, it's more the scar on his left cheek and those who are hidden below his clothes. Scars that showed his struggle for survival within this twisted community.

Not really having a big selection of clothes to wear, Tar is often spotted with a simple chemise and pants to go along with it, without that having any specialities. However, him being assigned to be the slave of the youngest Geremi child, they gave him some more proper clothes to wear. Due to his pride though, he refused to even touch it and generally, anything they give him and so no wonder that his attire looks torn and corrupted like he went through a pricky shrub with that.

β™” Weapons/Abilities β™”: He is a slave, of course, and slaves are not suppose to carry weapons. They are those, who are unworthy of holding one, at least, if it's not a kitchen knive. It is obvious that Tar also can't carry any weapon, but unbeknownst he ceased a penknife, a very small one, stuck if not in his worn-out shoes it's in his pants somewhere. Not like he planned to use it anytime soon, but it's reassuring to have something for self-defense. Kind of like what makes him solid and often functioned as his good luck charm.

He never really learnt self-defense or any martial arts, how could he?, but his ability to copy a skill/ movement by only seeing it once truly won't let him be defeated easily. Additionally to that, comes his various of experiences going against someone stronger and even if there were obviously more loss than wins, he took some knowledge out of ever battle, and through that he slowly becomes stronger.

β™” Personality β™”:
Sarcastic | Agressive | Determined | Charming | Charismatic | Rebellish


β™” Likes β™”:
β™₯ Children
β™₯ Warm bath
β™₯ His deceased family, he'll keep in his heart forever
β™₯ Football
β™₯ Card game

β™” Dislikes β™”:
βœ— Being called servant
βœ— Nobles
βœ— Knights
βœ— His average height
βœ— Cold days

β™” Talents β™”:
Football sense
Reading people's feelings
Getting people irritated

β™” Flaws β™”:
Lack self-control
Quick to challenge people
Not really a fast runner

β™” Fears β™”:
To lose something he treasures again
Letting a noble to kill him -- He better kills himself than that to happen
Seeing fellow slaves to die right in front of him and he can't do anything about it

β™” Secrets β™”:
Adores his "master" despite not saying it outloud; perhaps even more than adore, who knows
Had once an "imaginative friend" because he needed to talk to someone while being caged because of his rebellish acts
Can't read nor write; who would teach that to a slave anyway?


β™”Bio β™”: Born as a full-blood slave, he never had evident chances to own a better life; otherwise, it was simply hopeless. As a slave, you'll be either slaughtered or conduce as a servant. However, Tar was always the kind of person who rejected to lower himself under the rule of a flithy noble. No, he detested the current rank system, and wouldn't think twice to humilate a noble, whatsoever the cost. It satisfied him, despite it brought him much trouble and more importantly, injuries of a very high degree from tortur. An agony no one would have freely wanted to chose; at least, if that someone isn't as stubborn as Tar is.

How exactly his life was there, where the slaves fought for survival is unbeknownst, what is in record is merely that he was "recruited" by a noble of high status as a slave out of many he had, whom he used as his play thing, acted as if he owned their lives (god alike). A fussy bastard even a knight wouldn't mind to cut through in the middle, despite his status as noble. He treated, needless to say, his slaves poorly and without any mercy, claiming their dignity to be long taken away from them, and ordered them around like animals. It was simply hell. Especially for Tar, who ever wanted to protect and therefore get into trouble a lot with him.

It was Evianna who saved him from all the tortur, the cold, death near days in the cages and showed him sides, he never ever seen inside a noble before. Truly, beside Evianna, he actually believed in a noble side within a noble. That however, he rejected strongly within his mind. The personality of the majority of nobles was buried inside his head, didn't want to let go. Even though he wanted to trust her... he couldn't completely. He was just unable to.

So begins...

Tarcozenne's Story