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Xavier Geremi


0 · 137 views · located in Eden ; The perfect city

a character in “City of Eden”, originally authored by Masquerade (Skye), as played by RolePlayGateway




Don't cry, you've done nothing wrong.


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Image♔ Full Name ♔:
Xavier Sylvester Geremi

♔ Nicknames ♔:

♔ Age ♔:

♔ Gender ♔:

♔ Race ♔:

♔ Master/Servant ♔:
He is Master to the Second Knight, Cecil Sebastian

♔ Romantic Interest ♔:

♔ Sexuality ♔:

♔ Face Claim ♔:
Byakuran from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Image♔ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ♔:
Xavier does not like the tight, constricting clothes of Nobles, but he wears them to please his parents. Usually found in white or gray, Xavier prefers light colors that match his white hair. Sashes, ribbons, shoulder pads, all of those fancy little details annoy the man to no end, but Xavier does what he has to around other Nobles. When alone, or in his room he can usually be found wearing boxers and a loose cotton shirt. He prefers very loose, breezy clothing that are easy to move around in and when he isn't entertaining guests or training with his magic, you can find Xavier wearing a large coat and slim fitting pants that aren't too restricting. He loves zippers and buckles because they are entertaining and so on his clothes you can usually find zippers and buckles that really have no business being there.

Xavier, like the rest of his siblings, has snowy white hair, but unlike his siblings, he has deep purple eyes. Standing tall at 5'9 and still growing, Xavier is incredibly skinny and strong. He is blessed with a high metabolism, which is a good thing because Xavier can usually be found munching on meat buns or sucking on lollipops. He has skin that tans rather than burns and long skinny fingers and toes.

♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ♔:
Xavier has a tattoo under his right eye that he got as a sign of rebellion against his parents.

♔ Weapons/Abilities ♔:
Xavier has two weapons of choice which are the Chackram and the Katar. The Chackram, taking on the appearance of a Frisbee, it is a metal disc with edges so sharp that it can easily cut off limbs, it can be thrown with the flick of the wrist and inflict deadly blows without the use having to do too much work. The Katar, Xavier's back up weapon, it's a three layered knife that folds out into Wolverine like claws that can be attached to the wrist and use to slice through your opponent.

♔ Personality ♔:
{ Optimistic | Outgoing | Funny | Confident | Sarcastic }
Xavier is odd, unlike his siblings who are mostly serious, he is sarcastic and always joking around. Some would say that all of the funny genes were passed down to Xavier. The boy has so much energy that it is hard to contain himself at times, he seems to always be bouncing around. Similarly, Xavier can always be seen eating candy. He loves food and seems to have an endless supply that he is always carrying around with him. Despite Xavier's hyper outside, on the inside he feels like he is slowly going mad. Even though Xavier isn't the eldest, there is still a ton of pressure on his shoulders to follow in his older brother's footsteps. Between trying to keep up and trying to help his twin, sometimes Xavier feels as though he is going insane.

Image♔ Likes ♔:
✦ Food || Nothing specific, he really just loves food in general. Xavier will almost never say no to a good bowl of soup or a lollipop.
✦ Flirting || This seems to be more than just a hobby, Xavier actually has fun toying with girls. He loves a good game of cat and mouse as well.
✦ His twin brother || The two have an odd sort of bond that no one really seems to understand.

♔ Dislikes ♔:
✦His older siblings || They're kind of mean to him.
✦His Father
✦Doing things for himself || Xavier is very lazy and hates having to lift a finger. He doesn't think slavery is morally wrong, he thinks it's great!

♔ Talents ♔:
✦Throwing Chakrams
✦Poking fun at people

♔ Flaws ♔:
✦He's not very good at assessing situations
✦Being serious
✦Is way too lazy

♔ Fears♔:
✦That slavery will become illegal
✦That he will join his Mother too early
✦Losing his twin brother.

♔Secrets ♔:
✦He's secretly going crazy
✦He's fallen in love

Image♔Bio ♔:
Xavier's history isn't particularly interesting, it's exactly like his other siblings. Mom died, Father went crazy, Alexander took over the house. Xavier was never really important, he wasn't the first born son or daughter and so he never really saw himself as anything more than an annoying sibling. He became lazy and except for the occasional lesson, really does nothing because there is nothing for him to do.

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So begins...

Xavier Geremi's Story