City Sinners

City Sinners


Two rival gangs, the Golden guns and Silver Bullets, have been at each others throats for years now. Territory, weapons, and followers are the main reasons for conflicts. Join a side and fight to gain your gang more territory in the great City of Cormount

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In the great, City of Cormount, is home to the two biggest gangs in the nation. The notorious, gang of young juveniles, The Silver Bullets, have recently grown tired of getting pushed around by their counter-parts and rival gang, the territorial Golden Guns. The Golden Guns and Silver Bullets have been at each others throats for some time now about a number of conflicts and issues, mainly pertaining to their shared suppliers of weapons, alcohol, and drugs, but now both gangs can't take it anymore. A new night club and strip joint, Liquid, has opened up on the line that is the territory boundary line between the rival gangs. The West side is home to the Golden Guns while the East end is home to the Silver Bullets. Liquid provides ample space, entertainment, and is a generally great piece of territory to own. This nightclub is the main fuse that now lights the spark and the spark lights up the fire burning between the gangs. Each have needs and purposes for the club and are willing to go to the ends of the earth to get the cities number one night club. Now each gang has spys, informants, and perhaps some hit men/women. The question is how far will each group go to achieve their rightful piece of land?

Liquid Nightclub



Golden Guns-between the ages of 21-25

Second in Command:
Third in Command:
Informants/ Under Covers:
Hit men:

Silver Bullets-between the ages of 16-20

Leader:Reserved by Fruity_Loopsxx
Second in Command: Reserved by ME
Third in Command:
Informants/Under Covers:
Hit men:


Code: Select all
[font=georgia][center][size=220][b]Name here – use the one that would be on your character’s birth certificate[/b]
[i]The <Insert which Gang you are in> [/i][/size][/center]   

[img]picture of your character here[/img]
[img]picture of your character here[/img]
[img]picture of your character here[/img][/right]
[size=160][u]At A Glance[/u][/size]   
[b]Full Name[/b]:
[b]Age[/b]: (Remember for golden guns its got to be between 21-25 and for the Silver Bullets its got to be between 16-20)   
[b]Sexual Orientation[/b]: (optional, remove if left blank)   

[b]Likes[/b]: List at least five, but feel free to add more!   
[b]Dislikes[/b]: List at least five, but feel free to add more!   
[b]Fears[/b]: At least two   
[b]Goals[/b]: At least one

[b]Personality:[/b](Here type up at least two good sized paragraphs describing your character’s personality. Give us an idea of how they view themselves, others in general, and their feelings on their place in the story-line. Things like typical moods and temperaments are also good, and feel free to add whatever you like!)

[b]Appearance Notes:[/b] If you do [b]not[/b] have anything that really sticks out about your character you are welcomed to take this part out. Example of something worth putting here: My character has a tattoo of whatever . Stuff like that.

[b]Normal Clothing:[/b]  Put a picture or description of what your character usually wears

[b]Favorite Weapon(s):[/b] Why?
[b]Other:[/b] Anything that you seem fit to put here. Or at least if I missed anything else.

[size=160][u]Biography[/u][/size]This is where you detail your character’s history, up to the point of being drawn into the story-line. Childhood, family life, schooling, and how they found and joined the gang. Please also make sure to cover any abnormalities you might choose to inflict on your character. If they’re insane, how did they become insane? If they are an experienced assassin, how are they, when, why are they so skilled? This section should be about 3-5 solid paragraphs.[/font]

Toggle Rules

•You may reserve a characters for 5 days only.
•If I don't hear back from you after the 5 day reservation time period I will PM you and give you a dead line to make your character
•Characters must be creative! And stick to your character and keep in character.
•Have fun and interact with other characters! Make relationships and plots/drama to stir up the role-play
•I expect good quality writing from you all. That includes grammar,punctuation, and spelling.
•Each Post must be 300 words minimum because if its any shorter I feel that it might not be detailed or as well written.
•Please contact me over the OOC or PM me to let me know if you are unable to post for more than 2 days. I only would like to know in the case your character is so involved and then has people depending on their posts to continue.
Maturity Level:
•Lots of Hardcore, dirty, and strong language so be warned.
•Of course I allow swears and cursing! What kind of role play do you like you are in its called City SINNERS.
•Sex is allowed but don't go full detail if you wanna go full detail do it over PM withthe other person. Just fade out as clothes come off.
•This is mature and you are expected to act your age here so do it.
•I am the creator and owner and what I say goes.
•Any questions ask on the OOC or PM me.
•Happy roleplaying everyone!! Enjoy!

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More like Mafia type gangs. Like the main plot is to get the territory of the nightclub Liquid. sorry if this is unclear right now and its quite alright I encourage questions. This roleplay is still in progress and editing so I hope it'll be ready to take in characters and players within a few days. :)

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Are we talking modern mafia like gangs or ghetto throwing up gang signs gangs? Sorry if this questions sounds retarded.

City Sinners

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