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Cayleigh Low

What is you wish of me Sire?

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a character in “Claimed”, as played by Lolkatlove


Name: Cayleigh Low
Gender: Female
Age: 22 human years, 102 vampire years
Species: Turned Vampire
Rank: Servent
Appearance: Light brown hair and a button nose Cayleigh has a petite figure and a childish image as her cheeks are plump and her hands small. She looks frail by appearence with her thin body since she was turned half staved of food. Her eyes are a light blue and lips a rosey pink standing out against her chaulky skin.



Cayleigh has never been forward, she was always the one that sat in the background and let everybody else do the work. Cayleigh had always been happy doing that, she liked to keep out of the way, that way she couldn't be blamed for anything, she couldn't be hurt and could always possibly run away if things came to worse. If someone asks her to do something she passively accepts unconfident in being able to say no. That just the way she is, a pleaser, to her if she can please someone then they may like her, then she may stay alive.

Staying quiet and out of the way is what she does in public, when she is alone Cayleigh likes to sing, she loves singing to meaningless tasks that she does as it calms her and entertains her at the same time. If she isnt singing she likes to wonder the streets of Corozon city noticing the smells and sights of new stalls and new people watching them with curiosity as she listens to notice anything new.
Its envigorating to her to discover new things, it thrills her yet depending on what it is she always remains cautious. As a human turned into a vampire many of the other vampires look down on her.

In her spare time Cayleigh also paints, her room is covered in spoltches of different colours from her painting. It is all she has to call her own now as everything she is belongs to the royal family. All that she once had was taken if not destroyed, her little skills as an archer when a human slowly forgotten over the years and her memories fading as she continues to live a demeaning life as a servant to the royal family. Her punishment from her human years.

View towards humans: She is conflicted, she sees them as food but at the same time since she used to be one she pities them and what has become of them

  • Good at what she does
  • Obedient
  • Independent
  • Can become a ghost if she needs not show herself
  • Quiet
  • Too Obedient (never speaks her own opinion)
  • Lives in her own world
  • Painting
    People watching
She has all the average stats of a normal turned vampire, nothing extra special except her ability to dissapear like a ghost with her silent walking and natural sense to stay out of the way.
Her weakness is her pity for humanity, and mercy as she would be easy to take advantage of.
Cayleigh was once human, her role in her village was to gather food. She did it well learning quickly how to stay invisible in the forest keeping clear of the vampires or other villages, eventually she was taught to use a bow and arrow so she could move onto hunting. However that skill proved vital when her village was chosen to be cultivated, when she was only 18 her entire family was slaughted by vampires right before her eyes. Only she and her older brother Markus were able to escape the raid that she knew of, for she never saw anyone else from her village again.
~After wondering in the woods for months she and her brother came across a rebel tribe. They took the pair in instantly teaching them how to defend themselves. Cayleigh was useless though, she didnt know how to fight it wasnt in her nature. So instead she quickly chose to stand on the side letting everyone else take charge while she did what she knew gathering food for the rebels instead of fighting. Her brother rose in the ranks quickly becoming skilled with a sword to the point he was chosen to go on a mission to raid a nearby vampire camp. Cayleigh did not want them to go but they did not listen.

Every human that went on the raid was killed, the vampires following the humans trail back to rebels camp where Cayleigh waited for her dead brother. The vampires slaughted all of the rebels as punishment for their attack. Cayleigh had hidden, afraid her heart thumping out of her chest. The vampires soon found her though with their senses. It was clear to them that Cayleigh could not have ever murdered a vampire, they discussed with themselves and eventually decided as punishment for her involvement with the rebels instead of killing her as that would be too easy they turned her and gave her too the royals to be a servant.

There are only a few turned vampires that had survived the original rebel wars and the pure breeds didnt want to turn rebel humans so the turned remained only a few making Cayleigh a hated turned as she was once a rebel.

Cayleigh is young for her age so still influencable to the elders, she dislikes working for the royal family unbearably as they were the ones who murdered her village. But she does thank them for keeping her safe from other pure breeds who would have ridiculed her if not killed her by now for being a turned.

So begins...

Cayleigh Low's Story


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Cayleigh Low: Turned Vampire (second born)

Darkness filtered over the halls of cobbled history joined by a faint sound of striding heels as they echoed bouncing off the dimly lit passage way. Torch flames flickering illuminated a stray spider crawling quickly into a hole within the worn grey stones that sheltered its home making up the walls that trapped it there. Natural light was unseen, banished from the swallowing stone that built the foundation of Ashdown castle resting in the center of Corazon City, the place where humans dare not roam.

In a graceful stride further down the thin ancient passage way, compared to the dull sheltered colours of the stones that built it, a striking bright red material flowed across the well worn grey marble floors the torch flames dancing on its fluid movement reminiscing to that of blood trailing through thick runny paint.

All through the chambers of Ashdown roamed the sounds of distance presences, they settled and patrolled as ordered their steps heavy to alert others of their presence as was law in Pandemon under Malvern's decree, the high king. Hesitation at each new sound stilled them before calming their nerves and disgust for the arrival of what was to later come to the city of beauty.

Cayleigh Low was no different as she glided through a lonesome hall her red dress accenting her child like figure the material long and a recent highly fashionable design. Her feet mirrored hand made black heels announcing her presence with every echoing step as she reached two large double oak wooden doors decorated in delicate carving. The carving was extravagant representing a classic beauty of ancient myth mixed with the humble truth as a beast, from birth or forced creation was shown in a story. The beginnings of vampires, Christelle’s story was the later, that of forced creation giving her the nature of a ‘second born’, or 'turned' as was the more common term.

With a strong uncaring expression she placed her hands on the doors pushing lightly as they creaked open loudly slowly scraping across the marble flooring. It would have taken two well built human men to open those doors because of the weight they held, yet for a young woman like Cayleigh it was nothing for one reason alone.

She was no ordinary woman, she was a child of the night, considered an abomination of her kind due to her history of once being human.

Not wasting time Olivia paced forward into the room behind the large oak doors, the floors gleamed in a polished wood which could reflect a muffled image of those that stood on it. The walls were neatly decorated in fine royal purple paint as a deep brown mahogany wood etched around half of the walls cutting them in half, the wood filled with the same carvings as the door. Directly across from the oak doors at the back of the room stood a deep mahogany built stage only a step higher than the flooring, a finely built throne sat elegantly on the raised platform again sharing the delicate carvings in the wood it was made with.

Clutching to the edges of the grand room huddled groups of women and men their eyes averting to Cayleigh upon her entry either with distain to her existence or uncaring to her presence in anyway. They hated her, everything about her; she was strange to them, a once living enemy accepted into the royal palace of Ashdown. Ignoring them with blissful ease Cayleigh headed forward with confidence towards the stage that was the reason for the gathering of the other vampires within the room.

The throne was filled with a feeling of authority and slight intimidation to the eyes of vampires nearly always fear. Malvern. He was the high king, the one vampire to have brought on the revloution all those centuries ago bringing vampires into the ruling race of the earth, renaming it Pandemon, destroying human cities leaving them as peasants whilst he rebuilt medevial cities. Corazon city was the largest, full of movement and activity it was where Malvern had made his home in Ashdown Castle.
It had always been this way as far as Cayleigh could remember from her human and vampire years, there had never been a change, change for vampires was rare if not uncommon. However the reason many were gathered today in Malverns throne was for one reason.

"My lord" Cayleigh lowered to one knee in respect not that she felt Malvern deserved it. "As requested the humans have been placed" she spoke quietly her voice no doubt heard no matter how quiet she was with the hearing that her race had. It had always been this way, her serving the royal family, that was her role, she had always done what they asked, even this latest task, one which puzzled her. Malvern had decreed that as an example his three children would be confined to feed on one human each, if they killed their human they would be left to starve and Malvern would punish them with death.

It was ludricous.

No vampire can survive their thrist without killing their feed.

But here they were, the game had begun. In each of the princes rooms a cupboard had been built which was converted into the holding of their human, the humans were strange, all female, each with an odd temperment. Cayleigh knew this as they had been brought only moments before to the Malvern still awake before being knocked out and dragged to their new holdings. She wondered how they would react when they awoke in their dark enclosed rooms, how would the princes treat them, will they take Malverns decree seriously or be foolish and not belive that he would kill his own children.

Cayleigh knew well that Malvern would kill his own children gladly if it meant he would be guaranteed to stay on the throne longer.

The setting changes from Corazon City to Pandemon


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Alexander groggily stirred in his bed, well he thought the bed was his. After all the room had his musk, which personally he found to be a repulsive smell while many a female told him otherwise. The smoothness of the sheets seemed to be the appropriate silks to be his and the size was also right, much bigger than was really necessary. His eyes were still closed as he groped along the bed, his body felt like it bore the weight of a mountain and was moving as if through a thick soup instead of air. Oddly enough, his bed was empty apart from himself...a miraculously rare occurrence.

With extremely exaggerated efforts, Alexander forced himself to sit up, earning a pain in his skull similar two a sword being driven through his left temple. The pain brought a bit of clarity and memories of the situation to his still empty head. At some point earlier,Cayleigh had picked him up from...somewhere, he couldn't grasp the fine details which seemed to dance just past his consciousness. He did managed to recall it somehow involved a grand-duchess and her daughters, a brief memory of several warm bodies sliding against his occurred. With that much of the previous evening recalled, he ceased to care. If anything, it followed the usual routine of him getting caught when important business went on. Which meant that either Cayleigh or someone else tracked him down and dragged him back into his room, with a cold yet polite apology to the other occupants of the area.

Well that was how he imagined it at any rate, he'd never exactly been able to witness the events himself since he was usually far from sober at those moments. A heavy yet satisfying sensation in his stomach told him he'd fed, question was which vampiress, but ultimately the matter was unimportant. It was at this point he opened his eyes at last. There was no light in his room, but for a vampire visibility was not a problem and an ostentatious but not gaudy scenery met his gaze. After all his room was decorated to show he was royalty, and the quality of some matters deliberately lessened to show he was just the third prince. From the seems along his doorway, he could tell that there was not a single lit flame in the entirety of his apartments A warm glow would have shown through if such a light had been on. There was no smell of smoke either, so the fires had gone out a while ago but there were a bunch of other smells he could faintly detect in his room...people had been in here. He didn't catch Cayleigh's, but that was no surprise. She had an uncanny ability to leave absolutely no trace of her passing through an area.

His body gave a light shiver, shaking off what covers he had, revealing his bare torso. It was beginning to get a bit cool from the lack of fire in his apartments. He also finally noticed the presence of a large cabinet, which was surprising since the thing was painfully unsuited for everything else in the room. Curious, he stepped out of bed and the cool air further confirmed his nakedness with its caresses. The cabinet had a strong scent of woman, and as he neared the soft sound of breathing could be heard. This was something new to him, perhaps it was something of a joke? At any rate, the scent wasn't that of a vampire...a new pet of some kind then. To be courteous, and not potentially startle a new animal he went to his bed stand and hastily lit a candle for some light.

"Well I didn't buy you," he addressed the cabinet and the creature inside it in whispered tones. "So some admirer must have sent you, one with poor tastes I might add. Or are you perhaps a present from the family, which makes this stranger still." His words were more for himself than anything but oddly spoken aloud all the same. He crept back to the large piece of furniture, and set the candle down at his side. Taking care to not wake the creature or put the flame out, he opened the cabinet to reveal... a human?


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Alexander ignored the question Luana had asked to herself, guess humans had a bunch of negativity towards vampires after all.

"I'm robed now, if that's the reason you insist on looking everywhere else." His tone held a hint of boredom, if all humans were like this then they were a truly pitiful species. Well considering the situation, her being like this wasn't entirely surprising, she might liven up It was at that moment, Cayleigh entered the room, Alexander completely failed at detecting her presence earlier.

"Kindly explain what is going on, such as why Luana has been brought to my room, there should honestly be no reason for this." His tone for once lacked the bossy and arrogant edge it usually held. He was still speaking down, but cautiously, Cayleigh was one of the few people he wouldn't try to push around. At that point Cayleigh began explaining the situation: something about preserving and expanding the human population, vampires learning to value their food source, and most importantly- that his father expected each son to have one human for food. Said human was to be preserved and well cared for and noncompliance would meet death by the King's own hand.

With the explanation finished, Alexander could only sit in the chair, mouth open. Frozen and staring like an idiot, after all this was like a scenario out of a nightmare. "But I don't even feed on humans," was the only form of resistance he could pitch at the scenario.


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She sighed to herself and laid back on the bed. This was just a really dumb scenario actually...Why her. She groaned and rolled over, burying her face into the silky sheets. "I'm robed now, if that's the reason you insist on looking everywhere else." Luana shrugged. "I really could care less. Thanks for telling me thought.." She might as well be nice to this guy, he wasn't trying to attack her nor was he being rude. Unlike the usual stray vampires she's had to deal with. Her mind was getting a little fuzzy at the smell of the room. Ugh... She heard someone enter the room but stayed in her position.

"Kindly explain what is going on, such as why Luana has been brought to my room, there should honestly be no reason for this." She listened in on their conversation, her eyes getting wider by the second. What...what!? They expected her to be some kind of human blood bank for this guy! She shook her head and quickly pushed herself up, and standing with her hands on her hips. Though she knew this was for the good of humanity, she couldn't just let herself accept this.

"But I don't even feed on humans..."

Luana's dark green eyes narrowed as she spoke. "So. You expect me. To just allow myself to become some kind of blood giver to this guy? No matter how nice he is, even if he's a prince, I don't care if he was the King himself, there is no way in hell i'm agreeing to this. I'm sorry Alexander, but your just going to have to find some other human." She said defiantly as she moved towards the door. Let the stupid guards catch her! She didn't care, nor was she thinking straight at the moment. She had a duty to her village.


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"So. You expect me. To just allow myself to become some kind of blood giver to this guy? No matter how nice he is, even if he's a prince, I don't care if he was the King himself, there is no way in hell I'm agreeing to this. I'm sorry Alexander, but your just going to have to find some other human." The words slowly drifted to him as he sat stunned in his chair. Cayleigh had done what she came for and went to leave as well. She made no move to stop the human, after all she didn't have to. His reply came in a completely numbed voice, he had no other options now.

" With all that was explained, just you really think I have the option of letting you go?" Completely defeated, he rose to his feet, "You may try to run, but know I have no choice but to catch apologies." He moved after her, completely zombie like in his demeanor but his speed was something that would allow him to slowly gain on her. In this there was no pleasure, no fun only heartless and hollow action; Luana with either realize this herself, or he'd follow her at just barely faster than she was running until she grew tired. If by chance she actually began to escape, then he'd chase after her in earnest.