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Natalia Ellen

"If you don't need anything, then go away."

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a character in “Claimed”, as played by Michaelis_xXx_Elly



Name: Natalia Ellen

Gender: Female

Age: She's only just over 230 years old, but appears 19

Species: A turned vampire

Rank: Natalia is only a turned vampire that joined the rebellion. She has her reasons, and she's put up a hell of a fight to stay true to her beliefs.


Natalia satnds at the height of 5'4, she has a pretty slim figure with curves to kill. She uses this fact to gain knowledge easily though, can't let anything go to waste. She adorns quite a few tattoos from her human life, a large one cascading down her leg and one on her chest, another on her right shoulder. Her hair is a bleach blonde, nearly white from over the years, it frames her face, bringing out her bright sky like eyes. Her skin is pale like chalk but as soft as what people think a cloud. She has a heart shaped face along with thick lashes and a button like nose, her lips thin but full enough for her.





Natalia seems to have a very cold personality towards the people around her. Being passive and over-looking a quantity of things. She's just very aloof though and has a nature serious aura about her that gives off the line "Screw off". Because of this quite a few humans and even some lower class vampires fear her. They heard rumors of what happens when she is angered. And they liked their heads and eyes where they were currently placed, so they made sure not to bother her or mess with her.

Behind this cold facade of hers though is just a girl who wants revenge and to settle down with someone. She's tired of constantly feeding, running, being afraid, she just wants a secure place she can go and feels safe. All she really wants is a mate, someone who'll take care of her and make her feel in peace. Though she'd given up on that dream after she was turned. Some call her the Ice Queen because of how fast her persona changed.

She thinks of herself as a monster, hatred is what fueled her, along with regret. She had wanted kids, a family, a home, security and a normal life. But that..that..grotesque creature had gotten to her. Of course she had hunted the bastard down and killed him, shredding him- that thing to pieces. But now she doesn't wish this life on ANYONE. Being driven by your thirst and lust. It was sickening. So now she plans to help take down this..empire the king created. Cause like hell was she joining their side anyways.

View towards humans
She'll risk her life to protect them and ever since she had turned she built up the ability to control how much she drinks from them. She only takes a bit to last her the day, never reusing the same person, then makes them forget the whole ordeal ever happened. She's fighting for them....


✓Hard working
✓ Strategic


✖Snaps easily (Easily angered)
✖Is pretty much void of emotion
✖Puts up a front


♥Peace and quiet
♥Unique characters
♥The colors turquoise and gold
♥Helping out others
♥Finding use for lost things
♥Having a purpose


✝Jerks and 'fakes'
✝Leaving things unfinished
✝The royal vampires
✝Turned Vampires who just accept their situation
✝Weaklings (She'd train one hardcore)
✝Cry babies
✝The colors yellow and red

She doesn't exactly have a great amount of power, her being a turned vampire and all. But she cherishes her powers. She is able to control her thirst for long periods of time. The longest she's been without is about a month. This is due to her subduing herself when she turned, refusing to kill a human. She also has the power to erase a persons memory of the last 5 minutes of their lives. She uses this once she's done feeding her thirst. She's looking for a way to become more powerful.

Her hardheadedness gets in the way of a lot of things actually. Since she thinks at times that she's the only capable one and such. Her plans and beliefs is usually what she goes by, and she doesn't exactly like listening to anyone else and taking their orders. She also tend to go off by herself a lot. This leave her vulnerable but she could really careless. It's about the revenge. Her anger also get in the way of her goal constantly too.


"Natalia...I love you."

Natalia wished she could just go back. Back to where she had a lover, she had a family. She could have had a family of her own. But the retched vampire took it all away from her. She would kill them. Kill them all. All those vampires that didn't deserve to live on her part. After her mission was complete, she would take her own life..

Natalia was born into a middle class family, sheltered and loved. Her parents were the sweetest couple you could ever meet, though they had there corks. But non-the-less, Natalia loved them with all her heart. She was a polite child, fun loving, and a crazy ball of fun. She would climb trees, build things out of mud, and ran around with her friends. She group up in a quiet town, hidden from the world of those creatures. Her mother and father owned a small toy shop in this town, it wasn't exactly a booming business but it made enough money to keep running. She remembers running around the store, giggling, and helping to make toys. She always thought of herself as santas little helper.

But as they say...all good things must come to an end...

If she could...Natalia would change that day. Would fix the fight she had with her fiance. Would have never ran off into the woods alone. Erase all those memories of her fiance calling her a monster and seeing her families corpses strewn across the shop her hand. She killed was her fault...she killed was her fault.. She would constantly think of these words to herself at night. When she was alone. When she was angered. She had fought with her fiance over the smallest thing...and ran off to the woods alone to cry. That....that was when a stray vampire found her. He attacked her, doing worse damage then she ever could imagine. It was her first bump in with a vampire. She limped home, her clothes torn and bloody.

When she arrived back to her fiance, he was worried and pissed. Though she didn't tell him about what happened, only that she had gotten jumped. But when he was cleaning her up and saw those puncture wounds on her wrist...he abandoned her. Called her a monster. Kicked her out. Distraught, hurt, and a mess, she raced home. She just wanted to cry into her mothers arms. But her thirst was aching her, pressing at her, but she refused to feed. She'd never be like them.

They were all dead.

She stared down at the bloodied corpses of her family members. What.....

What has she done!?

After that day she traveled alone. Killing every vampire in her way. Killing any person who got on her nerve. Destroying herself inside and out. She trained herself constantly to manage her thirst. She'd starve herself for days every time she accidently killed a human. She managed to control herself over time. She figured out her abilities and watched each time from the shadows as she wiped their memories and they returned home to their families as if nothing happened. She would only feed on men, not wanting to scare a poor human girl to death. She'd just wander around the lands, not knowing what to do. But once she heard and learned about the rebellion she just couldn't pass up the chance.

Other: She has an un-healthy obsession for animals. They just seem so free and comfortable with themselves...she'd never harm them.


So begins...

Natalia Ellen's Story


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Turned Vampire-Rebel

Natalia stared down at her hands as she sat on the edge of the rock she had came upon on her usual midnight stroll. These hands that had done so much...caused her so much regret...She frowned and let them fall into her lap as she looked up at the sky. Why was she constantly dwelling on this..these memories that had cuased her so much remorse and pain. Her long bleach blonde hair blew back gently as a breeze came by. She inhaled a deep breath before she stood and made her way back to the village. The village...half of them despised the fact that she was allowed to live there. Calling her a scowled and punched a near by tree. That word...that word was constantly floating around her. Coming off the lips of whoever she passed, whoever she came by. She let her hand drop as she turned and leaned against the tree. There was only time for revenge now...and the rebellion would help her achieve that Even if it elongated her time of servitude, she'd deal with it if only to guarantee her mission to be a success. She pushed herself off the tree and continued on her way back to the village. She crept into the entrance quietly, her bright blue eye glancing around the area for a moment. She had already fed this morning, to her disgust, but she never allowed herself to be near any human. Though it was required of her. She'd allow be near one if she had to. Most of her comrades were human too... She sighed. Luckily early in the morning there was barley anyone out..


Luana kept her gaze down even as she heard Alexander turn the corner. "Look I get it, you're angry, alone, scared and the last thing you want to do is give me the satisfaction of knowing it. You don't want to be food, there are other things- people that you're concerned about and want to get back to." She felt her tears threaten to spill over as he spoke. No, no...don't say it. She knows that! She knows....she wasn't scared...she was terrified. She quickly reached up and wiped her tears away, not wanting to look weak in front of him. Stupid, stupid, stupid... She thought to herself as more tears ran down her cheek.

"Sadly, I do know because I grew up in this and can empathize with your situation. In all likelihood I probably understand what you're going through better than anyone else, and certainly more than you'd wish." She covered her ears and shook her head. He was a vampire....he couldn't understand...but for some reason she felt like she could confide in him...what a dumb thought. She had no one she could trust now. But she looked up at him, wiping her face again.

"I....I will stay...if only to be sure my family is not harmed..and because it seems like i'm your only hope.." She muttered.