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Serena-Leigh Brighton

"You just had to choose the woman that fears vampires above all else....congratulations on forward thinking, I must say."

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a character in “Claimed”, as played by SoulSurviver233



Name: Serena-Leigh Brighton
Nicknames: Rena (Ri-nah), Leigh (Lee), Pixie or Sunny (a pun on her last name)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Species: Human
Rank: Teacher, she taught lessons that consisted of basic arithmetic, letters and reading. She is not very good at music lessons however, although she can sing a little.
Appearance: Serena stands at 5'8" and is smack bang in the middle of the 'not too fat, not too thin' category. Her skin is naturally pale, despite her getting a slight tan in the warmer months of spring and summer. Her hair is a dark brown-black and she keeps it short out of an innate necessity, after all...if you had youngsters trying to grab at you every day, wouldn't you prefer that they grab clothing instead of awfully long hair? Her face is finely boned and with her unusually short hair, she looks almost like a fragile pixie of some sort. Her eyes are a dark brown-hazel and when she smiles she looks truly wonderful. However, many a man asked after her and every time she refused. "I love children, I really do...I'm just not sure if I want my own at this point in time. I truly am very sorry."


Personality: Serena is quite a gentle and loving young woman, so it is fitting that she takes care of and teaches other humans' offspring. However, she can be insanely stubborn when it comes to her way of doing things. She prides herself in running a very structured and clear lesson for her students and will tolerate up to three disruptions from each pupil, however if there are any more than this she will send them outside quick smart. Although she runs her lessons with a strong will, she is generally well liked by her village and the children she teaches. Every day that she gets off from her duties, she will find a place in flowery field or near a lake....somewhere where she can be 'free' and she will slowly unwind.

Serena-Leigh is generally positive and strategic in the face of adversity, utalising words and democracy instead of brute force despite her killer right hook. She looks for a balance between brains and brawn, but has never been kissed or fooled around with any of the men in her village. She thinks that there are many more beautiful women around and that they shouldn't settle for a plain girl like her. She envisions herself as pure white snow, her life so lovely and fleeting (in a comparison to the world and its age) that others may pause to remember her one day. Despite being stubborn and stern with her young human charges, she will patiently go over things that they do not understand or find confusing.

She is terrified of vampires, she would rather be in another country miles away than even remotely close to one. It doesn’t take much for her panic though when she does she often reacts in a 'fight rather than flight' manner. She needs to grow more confidence within herself but she is much too stubborn to let her weaknesses show, especially to those of whom are liable to exploit them.

View towards humans: "I have nothing against my kin, the other race that walks among us however...I wish I could live in a place that didn't have any of them at all!"
+ Kind
+ Gentle
+ Intelligent and resourceful: "You have to be...or your students won't listen to you, you understand right?"
+ A champion story teller: "Sometimes on hot afternoons, the children need a story instead of an arithmetic lesson."

- Can be too stubborn for her own good
- Her paralyzing fear of vampires
- Sometimes slips into her 'angry teacher' mode without realising
- Her low self esteem and confidence


  • Children
  • Teaching
  • Singing
  • Order
  • A lesson going well
  • Food
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Stargazing
  • Swimming
  • Vampires : "Oh without a doubt, they are scary blood thirsty...beings! Now hush children, it is time for our letters."
  • Bedlam in the classroom
  • Being confined for long periods of time
  • Over confident men : "It is fool hardy to be so top heavy, in water they would drown."
  • Childish behaviour : "If you are an actual child, it is fine, but if you are an adult masquerading as a five year old, there is no place for you in my world."
+ Her use of diplomacy and words to get out of a volatile situation or make peace with the opposing side
+ Her strong right hook
+ Her ability to make someone feel as guilty as though they had stolen her great grandmother's silver headed cane
- Her fear of vampires
- Sometimes is so stubborn that she can be goaded into doing exactly what others want her to do
- Her insecurities
- Her fear of crawling insects....especially cockroaches


Serena-Leigh's childhood was bright and happy, her parents loved her dearly and she was a fast learner. Her mother was actually a teacher also, but one clear spring afternoon that was all snatched away. Her mother was called away from her class of students to tend to an emergency within the village and a horde of vampires swept through the clearing. They chased the scent of blood, a baby had been born and the mother was still bleeding from the birthing process. The screams and cries of terror could be heard even from the clearing as Serena and the older children tried to keep the younger ones from investigating the noises.

Serena however came face to face with a vampire as it collided with her, still draining the baker's wife of her lifeblood. It dropped the now deceased woman and snatched the young girl up greedily, the eyes that it- she had...pierced Serena'd very soul. It looked her over and then sniffed her long hair and her round face, before snorting and dropping her like a hot coal. Those glassy, blood lust filled eyes regarding her as she gawked and trembled at the sight of the human woman's horrified face...frozen in time until she would be buried with the other casualties of the raid.
"Vile child...what has your mother been feeding you? You're too sweet for my tastebuds!" The female vampire hissed, blood dripping from her mouth at a steady pace. Drawing up her last drop of courage, Serena stood up on shaking legs and led the other children away from the sated vampire.

She ended up taking the others around the long way, on auto pilot as she traipsed through the ruined homes. Many human adults had survived, although to do so they had to commit the traumatising action of hiding under the bodies of the drained. The only things that registered that fateful day...were that her father had been drained, her mother would be mute until the day she died and those eyes...those sickening, cold eyes. Serena asked one of the survivors to cut her hair short, so short that for years after she would still be mistaken as a boy...and that way she could never feel that dirty from such a...a..creature smelling her to see if she was edible.

They could rebuild homes, the small school building at the back of the village church and the blacksmiths. But they could not erase the fact that twenty people had to be laid into the ground prematurely, including the woman and her stillborn baby that started it all. But still she learned, a teacher from two towns over came to take her mother's place in the village school. Then, by the time the teacher passed on Serena was fully capable of taking over and passing on her own knowledge of all things mathematical, alphabetical and sometimes....(though very very rarely) even musical.

Other: Has recurring nightmares of the vampire horde attacking her village...they called it "The Great Draining". "Great? There was nothing 'great' about it. It was brutal, horrific and absolutely malevolent, what those v-vampires did to us." Aaaaaand....KAPOW xP

So begins...

Serena-Leigh Brighton's Story


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Serena-Leigh Brighton: Human

Serena flitted through the darkness, glowing shards all around her...they looked like mirrors. However when she even so much as brushed up against them she was sucked into a memory and was forced to watch things that sometimes she didn't want to see. She knew enough now to avoid the shards that glowed red and show preference for those that glowed blue or white. The red shards held memories of nightmarish things...the vampires and The Draining that her village had been subjected to. However, the shards were becoming more and more concentrated as she went further forward.

There was the whisper of her feet upon the smooth floor and a hushed murmur as her dark blue-green dress dragged along behind her. These were the only sounds she heard and had heard it seemed, for hours. She gingerly side stepped what appeared to be a shining 'wall' of the shards and suddenly the floor vanished. Serena-Leigh screamed as she began to free fall, in a last desperate effort she grasped onto a shard that fell with her. It was a bright sky blue...and as she was sucked into it she knew that this was a memory of someone that she had loved so very dearly.

A dark haired man sat at the edge of a great lake, wheat fields stretching out to one side of him as though they were a never ending bolt of golden cloth. Village houses and other such buildings on his other, the people in their community going about their daily activities quite contentedly...without fear or worry. The sky was bright and clear, the day mildly warm as she got closer to the man and saw that he was fishing, a bell on the rod end of his line. The bell began to ring, just gently at first before it became more insistent...almost like a child demanding attention, whom would stop at nothing short of deafening others to get it.

"Looks like we have a lively one Rena...get the net would you love?" The man addressed her and she blinked before looking at him instead of the little brass bell on the end of the smooth wooden rod.
"Yes Papa!" Her voice sounded young and gentle as she ran eagerly to their fishing items only a few feet away and grasped an old net before bringing it back with her.
"There's a good girl, now...what happens when I get the fish out of the water?" Her father asked her, a twinkle in his warm brown eyes and Serena pretended to think for a moment before giggling.

"I put the net under it then we take it home to Mama for dinner!" She said and he nodded before starting to pull the fish in more and more. Soon they could see its fins and just as it got into the shallows of the lake, the young girl scooped it up in the net. The fish wriggled and squirmed for a moment before her father told her to look away and he killed it then removed the hook from its mouth. By the end of the afternoon, they had three more fish but gave one to their neighbour for dinner.

His wife had died of old age a few months it was a kind thing to do and it showed the deep connections that their community had within it. Their mother had been overjoyed at their catch, her beautiful smile was so bright that at that time Serena knew it could have raised everyone's spirits. They had their dinner and then she went to bed, being lulled into sleep by their muffled talking through the mud brick walls that separated her from the main living area. They would come into the shared sleeping room later...

When Serena came to this time however, her head was incredibly sore and she was unsure of where she was. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she realised she was sitting in some sort of confined space...a cupboard possibly? She reached up to touch the place where the painful throbbing occurred, earning a yelp for her efforts as she felt a bruise beginning to form just behind her right ear. Her memory was fuzzy, but she did remember being in the middle of a lesson when she had been spirited away. After that it was blank.

She frowned a little and stretched out her legs as much as possible, although a little impaired by the skirt of her dress. Her knees were still bent, but she was more comfortable now. After a few moments she went against her better judgement and began kicking at the cabinet's side panel...just to see if there was anyone out there whom would let her out. Hmm...silence. Not good. Fine, she'd see if she still had the lungs of a banshee, it's not like she'd be waking anyone up.
"Hellooooooo! Is anyone out there? You can let me out now children, if this is a game it certainly isn't funny any longer!" She yelled, a slight twinge panic in her voice as for just a brief moment she imagined what would happen if a vampire opened up the cabinet.


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Aziel Sutton

This was insane, madness even, what more would Malvern do to punish his people masking it as mere examples. Aziel sat quietly in his room his hand tapping a dark mahogany table each finger growing in pace as he grew more and more agitated. A warm flicker of tourch light danced upon his pale skinned cheek illuminating the cold stare he focused upon a door within his room. There it was, currently silent its breathing heavy sending his thoughts into a whirl of confusion, reasoning, and anger. Of all things, his father wanted this was merely impossible, Aziel could already feel the dry clench that saturated his mouth, it probably hadnt helped that he had stayed awake the entire night waiting and thinking of what was to happen unlike his kin. He was quite certain he was the only one of his brothers to know of his father new game, or decree as he liked to call it. He was the only one concerned enough to watch their father and his actions.

Living from a single human, this task may be possible for the strong willed, but for Aziel he knew it was near impossible. His thirst has always been extremely less managable than most others, it was a curse if not an impairment as it meant he had to feed more often not to mention the will power of breaking away before killing his host was never something he contemplated. It was never something he had HAD to consider.

As expected Cayleigh had appeared in the night a man in his 30s follwing behind her, it wasnt unusual for Cayleigh to appear when unexpected, Aziel barely battered an eyelid at her appearences anymore. This time however, she had brought what he had been fearing, the human his father had chosen to become 'his'.

It was a female, her body limp, unconcious, pale and slim, her hair jet black similar to that of a ravens was cropped short close to that of a young boys. Her face relaxed and oblivious to her surroundings as she cradled in the arms of the man behind Cayleigh. Her scent instantly struck Aziel his hand clenching around the arm of his mahogany chair padded in brown leather as it burned his throat like hot iron.
Aziel had naturally heightened senses, his vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell were more atunned than any other vampire. It made him incredibly powerful when in battle as he was able to predict movements easily, however his heightened taste and smell made his cravings for blood stronger also.

It didnt help that this human smelled delectible.

Cayleigh simply stood staring at Aziel emotionless as the man went ahead and stepped into Aziels dimly lit room, the burgandy red colour of his walls only showing in the area around the flames of tourches that were attached with metal frames. Bookcases layered against the walls filled to the brink of books from the past of human knowledge along with that of vampire knowledge many of them fiction whilst others non-fiction. Two chairs sat near the back of the room a chess board on a small table centered between them as Aziel was perched upon one of the brown leather padded chairs. Behind him was a small rise in the room from three steps leading towards a section closed off by an elongated heavy curtain, no one was alloud beyond that point other than Aziel.

Moving without daring to look Aziel in the eye the man opened up a second door in Aziel's room which had once been a cupboard but had now been converted into a holding for this human. Quickly he laid the human down before scurring away like a frightened mouse at the angered gaze Aziel directed towards Cayleigh, she merely stood and stared back not showing any response before closing the door behind her to carry on her work leaving Aziel once again alone.

However he wasn't alone.

He could hear her breathing, her every twitch and murmer. It was infuriating to resist the urge to satisfy his thrist.

Sitting there he stared at the door to that cupboard all night, waiting and trying to keep control untill suddenly he heard her shuffle soon followed by a small yelp. She was awake.

What would he do? What should he do?

Instantly Aziel licked his lips at his parched throat, was he parched or was it just his craving?

"Hellooooooo! Is anyone out there? You can let me out now children, if this is a game it certainly isn't funny any longer!" her voice rang through Aziels head like he had been standing under a bell as it was hit instantly tightening his grip around the arm of his chair no longer tapping his fingers on his chess table in irritated paitence.

It wasn't just his craving.

He had to keep control, this wasn't going to be easy for him to cope with, nor he doubted it would be for this human. Breathing in deeply in an attempt to calm the burn in his throat Aziel rose from his chair dragging himself towards the door of the hell cupboard. In one swift movement he wrenched the door open his eyes instantly averting to staring at the human as he gulped her scent hitting him again the sizzling burn stronger as he had grown closer to her.

Silent he simply stared at her, it pained to speak for he dare if he did so he would attack. Eventually however he managed to gain some control over the blazing hunger that was currently corrupting his mind.

"This is no game. Certainly not for you or I, that I can assure you." he paused his voice low filled with concern, dread, and anger.


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Serena-Leigh closed her eyes and thought back to what she had been doing before she was in this cupboard. What....what had she been doing? She remembered having to return to the classroom for something...her slate so she could test them on words. She'd forgotten it, and had gone back as her students drew their friends faces. That's when....what happened next? She growled in frustration at her lapse in memories and she kicked the side of the cupboard hard. Whoever or whatever had taken her was going to get a tongue lashing when she got out of here, that was for sure!

She let out a slow, even breath and leaned her head back against the smooth wooden panel and blinked. It was so dark that she wasn't even sure if her eyes were open unless she was blinking. She should have heard the rasping of the chair against the ground, but she only really knew there was someone out there after a few more moments. In fact, she was so shocked that she started as she heard footsteps, her brown-hazel eyes growing wider and wider with each of the clear distinct sounds.

Serena-Leigh winced as the door of the cupboard was wrenched open, light pouring into her dark holding place. She closed her eyes and shielded her face a little as she waited for her eyes to adjust, her fingers all bruised from struggling and fighting that she had no memory of. Once her eyes had gotten used to the brightness, she opened them and pulled her pale hands away from her face to stare up at the person whom had opened the cupboard. She regarded him quietly for a moment, taking in the dark shadow of stubble and the sweep of equally dark hair. The straight aristocratic nose and hazel eyes before her eyes wandered down to his lips. He was a handsome man....many times more attractive than any human male in her village had been.

She began to look at him in a confused fashion as he stared at her for so long before he finally spoke. She jumped at his voice and frowned a little, a shiver running down her spine at his reminded her of the richest honey imaginable. Something that she would never be able to afford, not on a teacher's yearly wages.
"This is no game. Certainly not for you or I, that I can assure you." His voice unnerved her as she detected concern and anger, but couldn't recognise the last emotion.

Then it clicked...the thing that had been bothering her about him. He was too handsome. Human men had at least one fault, he had none. That must mean...oh no....she was this close to a...a...a vampire?!! She shrieked and her eyes filled with horror before she grabbed the door to the cupboard and pulled it closed.
"You....You're a....oh no no no no!" She squeaked, trying to make herself as small as possible. "You stay out there! I'm not appetising, she said so! can't suck me dry." She yelled at him, her voice husky and slightly sweet sounding, despite the fact that she had just raised her voice at a male vampire. She was playing the 'if I can't see you, you can't see me' was usually a good plan, but her audience was usually children from the ages of six to about fifteen.