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Rorie Daniels

0 · 352 views · located in Woodbury, South Carolina

a character in “Claiming”, as played by Whimsical_Wonder211


Rorie Daniels

”I think you’re some kind of wonderful. Whether you think so or not.”


| Full Name |
Aurora Cheyenne Daniels

| Nickname(s) |
Aurora has quite a few nicknames: Chey, Chey-chey, Au-rawr-a, Ro-ro (by her father), Ro (by her older brother), Squirt, Rabbit (a nickname her grandpa gave her), and much more. She gives nicknames like crazy, too. However, Aurora goes by Rorie. She has since a young age due to the fact that her grandfather called her it and it eventually just stuck. She introduces herself as such, deeming her actual name “eh.”

| Gender |

| Age |
She turned twenty-one [21] not long ago.

| Pureblood or Mutt? |

| Sexuality |


| Appearance in Description |
Aurora is a girl of average height, standing at 5’5”. All the way around, she’s fairly average. That would be if you’re asking her, naturally. According to Rorie, her older siblings (which consists of one older brother and two older sisters) got all the looks and she received the “leftovers.” However, unlike most young women she isn’t consumed with having to look fantastic. She has a set of wide hips, sturdy thighs and a slim waist (not very small). Her figure isn’t exactly petite, but her sides do have gentle curves. Due to running regularly and trying her best to keep in shape, Ro has lean muscle, nowhere near show-offy bulk, though. Her shoulders are rounded and sprinkled with faint freckles, and her skin is naturally a light tan color, grazed with a scar here and there from being a rowdy child and a clumsy person in general. Rorie’s hair is pale, golden blonde in color and falls in loose curls/waves almost past the middle of her back. Said hair frames a face that holds many innocent-looking features. Her jawline is smoothly rounded, lips full and bow-shaped (however, her top lip is fairly smaller than her bottom, to her distaste). Her nose is a bit wide, having received that from her dad’s side of the family, and she has large, doe-eyes. Those eyes are a baby blue, almost to the point of grey. Actually, they are mistaken for grey a lot of the time. Surrounding her eyes are thick, long black eyelashes that cast shadows upon her cheekbones when she blinks.

Ro always tends to have a smile on her face, especially upon meeting new people. Her smile brightens her face, consisting of straight, white teeth (thanks to braces when she was younger). As for attire, she tends to dress for comfort rather than style. A good pair of jeans (even of the “skinny jean” variety, tee shirts, hoodies, big sweaters, just whatever she feels. However, when she must dress up she can do that, too, and can clean up well. Ask her to wear heels and you might as well have asked her to cut off her own hand. Heels, in her mind, were invented by the devil, and plus, she cannot walk in them to save her life.

| Likes |

✓ Sweet Things
✓ Corny Jokes & Cheesy Pick-up Lines
✓ Animals
✓ Helping Others
✓ Big Sweaters
✓ Video Games
✓ Starry Skies
✓ Running
✓ Music (especially old rock music, believe it or not)
✓ Playful Fighting
✓ Her Job
✓ Romantic Comedies
✓ Cooking
✓ Playing Piano
✓ Her Family & Friends
✓ Laughter
✓ Fall
✓ Reading

| Dislikes |

X Loud Noises
X Rude and or Cocky People
X Rules
X Being Scolded/Yelled At
X Bullies
X Hurtful Comments
X Animal Abuse
X Scary Movies (though she wouldn’t admit it)
X Guns
X Liars
X Threats
X Death
X Being Alone
X Rap Music

| Fears |

X ~ Someone she cares about dying. ~ X
X ~ Large Dogs; she had a bad experience as a child. ~ X
X ~ Loud Noises; thunder, gunshots, etc. ~ X
X ~ Never Being Good Enough ~ X

| Hobbies |

~ Cooking; she loves to cook, especially when it comes to baking sweets. ~
~ Sketching; Rorie’s a fair artist, she’s minoring in it in college. ~
~ Volunteer Work ~
~ Playing the Piano ~
~ Exploring ~

( Possible Wolfy Form )

~ Personality ~

{ Caring/Friendly | Stubborn | Honest | Curious | Feisty | Adventurous }

Aurora, ever since a young age, has had a huge heart. She’s the type that if a lightening bug was flying around the house and her brother went to smash it, she’d go to shouting and save its life, scooping it up and letting it go outside. Yeah, she’s that girl. She hates seeing those weaker being picked on and becomes fiercely protective over whoever she deems needing protecting. She’s one for the “under-dog,” what can you say? She likes to help out in the community any way she can. May it be volunteering, starting up bake sales, or simply doing her job (which is at the local veterinary clinic). She’s the girl that if she happened to walk in somewhere and see an elderly person sitting alone, she’d most likely walk over and fire up a conversation. Ro hates seeing anyone upset, and tears are practically her kryptonite. If someone is upset, she immediately tries cheering them up; may it be a corny joke or an outrageous story of her clumsy experiences. She’s a goofball, and also a hopeless romantic. Rorie has that air about her that seems to just draw people in. According to her father, “Aurora never meets a stranger.” She can talk to just about anyone like she’s known them all her life. Usually, she’s the one people come to when needing to talk or a shoulder to cry on. She’s a good listener and generally cares about people, even those she just met.

Although Rorie is kind, she is also very, very stubborn. She detests being told what to do. As a young child, this got her into a lot of trouble. Honestly, it still does to this day. She wants to do things how she wants to do them- she wants to figure it out on her own. Aurora Daniels, well, she puts a whole new definition on the term “pig-headedness.” You tell her to do it one way and she’ll do it a completely different way just because she can. In her opinion, if it gets done, it gets done. Why does it matter how it gets done? She tends to push ones’ buttons just to see how far she can get with something, and then once they snap act offended and hurt. It’s just her, though. She stands firm with the things she puts her mind to, and is steadfast in her beliefs. Try to tell her otherwise, and, well, be prepared for a storm known as Rorie.

Aurora is also honest. She was raised to be this way, and it is how she is. If you don’t ask, she won’t tell, but if you do get ready for the truth. Now, she’s not brutally honest to the point of hurt feelings. She’d never hurt someone intentionally. She’ll find the nicest way to put something, and then say it in a gentle tone to where she doesn’t step on any toes. She likes seeing others happy, after all. It’s just, she’d rather be told something straight out then be fed a lie. Due to this, she is honest and hopes to receive the truth in return.

Along with her stubborn side, Ro also has quite the curious side. It got her in quite the trouble as a young child, too. When she was little she was full of questions. She’d want to know everything she could. If there was a door that said “Do Not Enter,” you best believe she’d be entering that door once the coast was clear (she would do that at the age she is now, too). She likes to explore and do different things. Yes, you could say she’s an adrenaline junkie. When she isn’t at work or studying for exams she’ll be having at college, she is out walking through the woods behind her house. She’s done this ever since a young age. Though they don’t change, and she probably knows them like the back of her hand by now, Rorie always finds something new in the woods to perk her interest.

Maybe it’s because she was kept on such a tight leash as a child, but Aurora is a very feisty girl in general. Once shy and meek, she is now outgoing and friendly. She likes having and good time and laughing. Her father, when describing her, uses the term “free spirit.” She is not someone for another person to tame or possess. She’s her own person, moving to the beat of her own drum. And, to be frank, she doesn’t plan on changing for anyone.

| History |

Aurora Cheyenne Daniels has lived in Woodbury, South Carolina all her blasted life. Until she was nineteen she lived on the same street, in the same house. You could say growing up she had a fairly normal life. She’s the youngest out of four siblings, and therefore is, is seen as, and is treated like “the baby.” Her father is the pastor at a local Baptist church. He’s the firm hand that kept the family together. He also kept Rorie in line and in church every Sunday and Wednesday. Yeah, she even sings in the choir and helps teach a Sunday school class now. Her mother is, and has been since Aurora was little, a surgical nurse. She works at the local hospital and is the nurse to one of the best surgeons there.

Growing up, Ro spent most of her time at her grandparents. Her mother and father were usually busy and her older siblings, well, they done their own thing. Her grandmother owned a small flower shop, still does, and her grandfather worked for the only lawyer’s office in Woodbury. Rorie was a big grandpa’s girl. She shadowed him practically everywhere he went and clung to his side. He taught her a lot. At the age of nineteen he passed away from a brain tumor, leaving Aurora lost, heartbroken and angry. For a while she drifted from church, but it didn’t last long. It really affected her grandmother as well, to the point Rorie moved in with her. And that’s where she is today, taking care of her grandma.

Due to taking care of her grandmother, Rorie didn’t go away to college. Instead, she began going to the local, small college. She’s going to be a veterinarian, and, by some luck, she got a job at the local veterinary clinic as an assistant while she’s working her way through school. She’s there most of the time. If she’s not there, she’s helping her grandma at her flower shop or volunteering. She doesn’t have much time for anything else. You could say her life is fairly simple and not much happens. Of course, it’s all bound to change.


| Other |

- Aurora has to wear glasses when she reads. -

- She has a fat cat named Balto. -

- Ro hums a lot, when she's cooking, cleaning, reading.. And she doesn't realize it until someone says something about it. -

| Theme Song |

|| Love and Theft - Angel Eyes ||

So begins...

Rorie Daniels's Story