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Aimee Moreau

"It's not a cape, it's a cloak~!"

0 · 347 views · located in Alice's Academy for the Supernatural

a character in “Claire's Academy for the Supernatural”, as played by Rabidness


Name: Aimee Moreau

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Angel

Personality: Aimee is not easily angered, except when one insults France, or her cooking. She often tries to hide she is an angel, and will attempt to change the subject when one asks.

Aimee daydreams a lot, and has never been in a serious relationship, but will give good love advice. This young angel considers herself to be pansexual and believes love to be everywhere. Aimee is usually flirty and is rarely seen without people around her, asking for advice.

Bio: Aimee was born in Heaven, but soon after an incident involving some demons being let into the gates, her parents were thrown out and Aimee was raised by a human priest in France. Soon after she turned five, the priest died and she was sent to live with his sister, an alchoholic and a drug addict who wanted nothing to do with the child. After some deals made with shady men, the child was sent here. Her aunt visits Aimee on special occasions to bring gifts, but is otherwise not at the academy.

Aimee usually wears a purple cloak she found when she was five, after the priest's death. She wears it to honor him, and found it while her aunt was throwing things away. The purple cloak is in really good shape, despite how long it has been around, as Aimee usually fixes it up every day by using thread and a needle.

So begins...

Aimee Moreau's Story

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Aimee walked out to the courtyard, meeting a blue-haired girl around 15 at a tree without anyone nearby. She had just gotten fixing her cloak, when someone needed to talk to her.

"Hey Aimee, I have a question... I think you’re an expert in answering it…”The girl said and Aimee nodded.

"Ask away. I am the love expert here, after all. Not just self proclaimed." Aimee smiled.

"Should I ask ... HIM... out?" Aimee almost screamed at this, but managed to keep her happy act up as the girl quickly glanced at a boy with white hair. She ALWAYS got this question. It was always annoying to see someone ask her this, because she would have to tell them the hard truth. If one didn't tell the one they liked, what if the person they liked got engaged, or died, or left them in some way?

"Yes, without a doubt. If you never say you like him, how will he know? ... Wait... Do you even know him?" Aimee realized the blue haired aqua, Indigo, probably never even talked to him.

As Aimee asked, it was too late. Indigo rushed over and Aimee tried to stop her, but the girl was too quick.

"Willyougoutwithm-" Aimee smacked her own forehead as Indigo turned into a small pile of shapeless, blue goo, her clothes now on the ground. Indigo turned into a goo when she was nervous, and the only sign of her about to turn into goo was Indigo quickly talking so her words were almost a blur.

Aimee continued to walk over and picked up the gelatin-like state of Indigo, and said to the man Indigo was about to ask out while picking up the clothes, "Sorry about that. Indigo gets really nervous when talking to men.”Indigo quivered in her gooey form after Aimee said this.

Aimee began to leave to the girls dorms after picking up the last article of clothing. Indigo was NOT going to be happy with Aimee when Indigo turned back into a human.
Meanwhile the duo of Glandur and Rosaline were looking at clouds. Rosaline pointed out a few clouds that looked like birds, and some that looked like cotton candy, and some that were abstract pieces of art. Rosaline giggled a little. She loved being with her “big brother”, Glandur.

Rosaline felt like they were being watched by something sinister, but tried to ignore it. She always felt like she was being watched, after that human scum killed her parents and almost killed her. This time, the feeling was stronger.

Glandur noticed Rosaline tensing up and not talking as much. "Something up?" He asked, a little concerned.

"Hm? ...Oh, it's nothing." Rosaline answered, and Glandur didn't push her to say anything else.

A few minutes passed, and Rosaline heard a distant voice talking quickly, so it was hard to understand what the female voice was saying. She looked over, and saw a girl turning into goo near a white haired man, and a girl with a purple cape with her palm on her face standing a good distance away.

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Jin glanced up at the girl who stood before him as he remained seated on the courtyard bench, wait what did she just say? Raising a brow at the young girl as the corner of his mouth raised into a sort of grin. "Huh? What was that, I didn't quite catch tha-" He was cut off mid sentence as he now realised the girl that had stood before him was now a pile of goo and clothes on the ground, he pulled a rather odd face to express how surprised and disturbed he was by what just happened. Did he do something wrong? What the hell just happened? "Uh... Are you.. Okay?" Pausing a few times between words, still trying to take in what had just happened he found it necessary to at least ask if she was alright.
Suddenly another female came along and picked up the gir- uh goo? Probably a friend? And apologised on, Indigo was it? Yes on Indigo's behalf for being nervous when talking to men. Well that made things much more amusing, he almost felt sorry for the poor girl, couldn't even get out a proper full sentence without turning into goo before him. "That's alright" Jin replied to the girl before then looking at the quivering goo and shooting it- her a soft smile "hopefully we can all talk again without turning into goo hm?" And with that said the female and he goo friend Indigoo- go, were off. Indigoo might become a new unfortunate nickname he had created for her.

After all that, he noticed the young girl and older male were still wandering around, what were they doing? Were they out here for some fresh air or something too? But, the girl seemed quite curious as to what had just happened moments ago with the goo. His sharp, narrow eyes looked into hers with an almost cold- but unintentional -glare. Something about her was off, it was obvious she wasn't human, possibly a Demon? Hopefully not. The male with her seemed to be an Elf by the look of his pointed ears but he shouldn't judge a book by its cover, even if he was confident in his accusations. He turned away, realising he was probably coming off as creepy or rude and continued to take in the world around him in the great outdoors.