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Remilla Scarlet


0 · 470 views · located in Alice's Academy for the Supernatural

a character in “Claire's Academy for the Supernatural”, originally authored by moahi, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name:Remillia Scarlet
Age: 8
Personality: Remellia is usually cheerful, and almost innocent, if you could call her that. She has a lot of patience and a high tolerance level, but once she snaps there's no going back.
Remilla was summoned by accident by a student who was just experimenting with the magic circle. As the power that was used to summon her was weak, she only appeared as a child. She meant no harm to them at first, being in a much more peaceful state than when she was in the demon world, but they treated her as a monster, shunning her and even trying to kill her. Frustrated, she decided that if there was no choice, she would rather kill them first, so she simply burnt the house down into ashes. No one really found out the cause of that incident, but she had being on the run ever since. Technically, she had no parents, so she views the school as a refuge and stays there.
What she looks like in hell: Image

So begins...

Remilla Scarlet's Story

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Leo walked shakily d own the halls, his eyes looking around quickly. His parens had won a free vacation, and it was only for 2 people. Of course they wouldn't come during his last day off for the month. They still hated him for causing a flooded house, a few fires, and quite a bit of broken furniture (not all in the same day, thankfully) from his previous flip-outs when he was 4. It wasn't his fault everyone seemed to HATE his guts! Closing his eyes, Leo took a long sip from his foam cup of coffee while walking.

Bad idea.

Of course, he walked into something. Or to be more precise, someone. His coffee spilled all over the person, and he started to yell, "Nooooo!"

But it was too late, as his foam cup broke on the floor. Leo looked up at the now coffee-stained face as things began to hit him. The blond boy really messed up this time…

Quickly, Leo flipped. So much pressure! Why did this always happen to him? "Ack! A-are you okay?! Oh crud, I'M SO SORRY! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" He shrieked. This was really bad. He fell to his knees and rolled up into a little ball on the floor, crying and twitching.
Glandur walked out to the courtyard with Rosaline on his back, the latter giggling with glee. The elf chuckled and the demon asked, “Can you put me down, big brother? I wanna show you something.” Rosaline was helped down by Glandur, and she reached in one of her pockets of her dress. The young demon pulled something out, and handed it to Glandur.

Was that... His old handkerchief, washed to a pristine white, like new? “You gave this to me, when I was crying from that mean girl. I kept on forgetting to give it back, so here you go! I also washed and ironed it.” She smiled happily as she held it towards him and Glandur looked surprised, then smiled.

“Really, for me?” Glandur asked, and looked amazed.

“Please, take it!” She smiled and Glandur nodded. Rosaline put it in his hand, and Glandur put it in his pocket.

Rosaline requested to sit with him on the bench, and they sat, Rosaline looking up at the blue sky with puffy, cotton clouds.
Getting up from under a tree in the courtyard, Nicholas walked to the cafeteria to visit his parents. They came a long way to see him, and he was maintaining a high grade in school. Nicholas knew they would be proud to see that grade, and all would be well.

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#, as written by moahi

Remilla stared a little dreamily out of the window of her dorm. Break passes in a flash. Not that she had anyone to visit her. She stretched her wings out behind her. Hell is definitely more exciting than this, but as long as she was in the human world, she never knew what she could find. Surprises seemed to be waiting at every corner in here, and as far as she was concerned, much more fascinating than the demon world. It was one of the reasons she had wanted to stay, anyway, despite being stuck in her eight-year-old body. She looked down at the people down below. There was a boy with golden hair. Leo? She thought, trying to place his face in her memory. She had almost read every student record she could find in the general office out of her boredom, and devoted it all to memory. Underneath the tree, there was another smaller girl and an older man. Rosaline and… Glandur. Yep, that should be about right, she decided. Not many people watching then, it was perfect for flight. She had hardly gotten a chance to stretch her wings after some parents saw her. It had been a mess to clean up. She opened the windows as wide as she could on tip-toe, before backing away to the back of the room. “And… go!” with a swish she was out of the window and into the sky, laughing with delight as she swooped over the campus. Feeling the wind under her wings was the best feeling in the world.

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Jin was simply walking around the courtyard, quite bored honestly. He never got any visitors seeing as how his parents were... well let's just say they wouldn't be visiting him any time soon.
He wore rather casual attire of a black, half long sleeved shirt and some black jeans. However his white as snow hair contrasted with the all black clothing he seemed to wear. Of course the common colour was not on purpose, they were just his most comfortable clothing that actually looked good on him. As he continued to stroll around campus, his bright, blue eyes noticed someone flying around campus? Seemed to be a female but it was hard to tell from the ground as she flew behind a building and sight of her was lost for a moment before coming back out from the other side. Well, isn't that interesting. You wouldn't catch Jin doing such a thing no, he most certainly did not want anyone knowing he was an Angel, especially someone of the female flying around's type. A Demon, he could only imagine what an annoying conversation might brew between himself and a Demon. Letting out a sigh and shielding his eyes from the sun as he watched the Demon fly around, he took his gaze away from the girl as he could hear distant voices. It seemed to be a young girl and an older male, he wondered what they might be talking about? Probably nothing interesting or at least to his interest.

For now, Jin went to a nearby bench, and seated himself on it, resting his arms on either side of the top of the bench and slouching down in the seat. When it came to being bored, the only thing he could do was really just relax.