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Carmen Deville

"You're lying right through your teeth, my dear."

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a character in “Clandestine”, as played by aurban16



{"Respect is a really powerful magic too, you know.” }
-Jefferson Smith
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|{Full Name}|
Carmen Rose Deville





11 1/4" Cherry with dragon heart string core


A Japanese Scops Owl named Timo

{"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” }
-Nancy D. Solomon



|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
Collects antique jewlerey, mainly rings and necklaces
Often laughs at her own jokes
Always sleeps with a blanket given to her by her mother when she was young
Is deaf in her left ear, so she has a hard time hearing sometimes
Hates all dogs

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Physically Strong

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Hates silence
Is too trusting
Hearing Problems

Playing guitar

øNeedles and Shotsø
øDoctors and Dentistsø
øThe Darkø

Lost her virginity to her best friend, Declan, her freshman year, and has been in love with him ever since.
Hates her mother for smoking during her pregnancy with Roman, which led to his chronic lung and heart problems.


{"If you want to be happy, be.” }
-Leo Tolstoy


Carmen's mother, Nancy, has been the lead singer of a band called Zoo Orchid since before Carmen was born. Her father, Dexter, played drums for the band for six years during Carmen's childhood. She was raised to love music. She picked up the guitar at age seven after watching a documentary of Ry Cooder. She was a natural, just like everyone expected her to be. She was able to play almost any riff given to her. Obviously, she wanted to join Zoo Orchid, but her mother didn't want her to end up in the band lifestyle. When Carmen wound up at Clandestine, she was invited to join the orchestra her seventh grade year. She played the acoustic guitar for the first time, after playing the electric guitar for the past five years. Her favorite type of music is house music, and her inspirations are Ry Cooder and George Harrison.

All her life, Carmen has never been one for drama. She doesn't like confrontation or arguments. She would rather sit on the sidelines and watch a fight than actually be in one. Being around her mother's band, she was always seeing bickers and heated debates. Instead of involving herself, she learned to ignore it. Fights usually got resolved without her being a part. Carmen also never gets very worried. Whether it is school, friends, or music, nothing can break her calm attitude. She doesn't ever stress about big projects or become uneasy about being late. It's not in her nature to care strongly about accuracy.

Carmen hasn't had many friends. Her brother was her best friend throughout her childhood, and Declan came after that. She is willing to give her life for these people, and a select group of others. She will hurt anyone or anything that tries to get in their way. She can feel very protective over someone if they have a strong bond. Carmen will support you through thick and thin if you are there to do the same. She is also very devoted to concepts she loves, like music.

{"I desire the things which will destroy me in the end.” }
-Sylvia Plath


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{"Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal.” }
-Mike Ditka


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{"Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.” }
-Clarence Day



|{Place of Origin}|
Dana Point, CA

Muggle Born

On a dark January night, around 8 o'clock, Nancy and Dexter Deville gave birth to a baby girl. Dexter Deville was a well-known environmental law lawyer, and his wife of six years, Nancy, was a school bus driver. Nancy didn't need to work, but she loved children and chose to do what she loved. They named their daughter Carmen Rose. Carmen, for the French opera, and Rose, for the flower. She was a bouncing baby, but she sure loved to get into things she wasn't supposed to. Like her mother's jewelry, for example. Carmen showed a passion for rings, necklaces, and bracelets at a very young age. She also showed interest in the arts. From finger painting in preschool to taking guitar lessons in the second grade, Carmen loved anything musical or colorful.

Nancy Deviile became pregnant again eight years after Carmen's birth. She had picked up the habit of smoking two years prior, and found it very difficult to quit. She tried for a long, desperate two months. It was impossible for the woman. She smoked throughout the whole pregnancy, and went into labor four weeks early. Along came Roman Deville, a small yet fighting premature baby. He wasn't expected to live past the week, due to lung and heart conditions, but pushed on and became the perfect son.

Carmen was an average student through elementary school and 6th grade. But
one morning, that all changed. She woke up to a letter from Clandestine
Wizarding School
on her 12th birthday. She was a... Wizard? Her parents didn't
believe it, but decided to follow through and go along with the news. Surely it
was just a scam. But Carmen was a wizard, indeed.

|{Family Tree : People of Importance}|
Mother // Nancy Deville // Muggle // Age 45 // Alive
Father // Dexter Deville // Muggle // Age 48 // Alive
Brother // Roman Deville // Unknown // Age 9 // Alive

|{Happiest Memory}|
During the summer between freshman and sophomore year, Carmen and Declan took
a vacation to Maine. His grandparents lived there, with his two sisters.
They swam a lot in the ocean, ate a lot of lobster, and had sex four times.

|{Saddest Memory}|
Spending many nights home alone while her parents and brother were in the hospital.

{"All teenagers have this desire to somehow run away.” }
-Joan Chen

Due to Nancy's smoking habit, Roman was diagnosed with both aortic stenosis and bronchopulmonary dysplasia just days after birth. This has lead to frequent hospital visits and fees over the past nine years.
Carmen had one serious boyfriend, Trace, during her sophomore year, and into the following summer. He passed away in a car crash that same summer.
Carmen and Declan met in their 8th grade year. She does not regret losing her virginity to Declan at all.


Character Dialogue || #1EB4DA

Face Claim ||
Rita Ora

So begins...

Carmen Deville's Story