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Valerie Geller

Life is good when your a wizard

0 · 996 views · located in New York City, New York

a character in “Clandestine”, as played by Hannahpop102



{"Life is one thing and death is like in a whole different category.” }
Everything Has Changed || Beautiful liar || Kissing U || In the Arms of an Angel || When I look at you || No Scrubs


|{Full Name}|Valerie Jillian Geller



|{Year}|9th year


|{Wand}|Oak wood, 11in and a coral core

A rabbit

|{Familiar}|A Lamb

{"I love love don’t you just don’t hurt because love sometimes stinks.” }



|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|

leg tapping
Always trying to balance out her life
thinking way to much
being way to careful
is sometimes clumsy

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|



nature breeze



|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Cute Kids

Dancing and singing
Making Quilts


øFearøLosing the parts of her she loves the most
øFearøBeing hurt
øFearøBugs and Insects

She has never been kissed


{"Time Heals All Wounds.” }

Valerie is a funny kinda gal who won’t take no for an answer she loves her friends and won’t let any of them get hurt every she, She is a girl that once she loves someone she won’t forget, Valerie has a really good picture memory and can remember any picture she had ever seen in her life her remembering precise words and sentences just don’t happen.

Valerie knows what it’s like to grow up in a living family most of the time she tries to fit with her family but sometimes it hurts her do be kinda different, Valerie is always in for a good laugh she loves hanging with her friends but ever since she started going to Hogwarts she feels different then she used to.

{"Everyone has a dark side you just show it better.” }


▲ Magic

▲ Planting flowers[/font][/center]
▲ Chocolate[/font][/center]
▲ Her Cellphone[/font][/center]
▲ Drawing [/font][/center]
▲ A long hot bath[/font][/center]
▲ Kittens (and Cats)[/font][/center]
▲ Music[/font][/center]

{" Yeah, because I was mad at you! Not because I stopped loving you!.” }
-Rachel Greene F.R.I.E.N.D.S



▼ Brussel Sprouts

▼ raisins[/font][/center]
▼ The Freezing cold[/font][/center]
▼ Bugs and Insects[/font][/center]
▼ evil Magic[/font][/center]
▼ Low Internet[/font][/center]
▼ Blood (spilling)[/font][/center]
▼ Losing dead skin[/font][/center]

{"Everyone has a past and they can’t change it except time travels.” }






|{History}|Valerie grew up in South Carolina in a small town like family where everyone knew her name she was the good girl with no fashion sense and didn’t have a boyfriend but she had her friends who would tie her through for the years to come she thought. Valerie lived with her Uncle and Aunt all her life they didn’t like her very much but she didn’t care very much since she had her loving friends.

Valerie got tons of As and Bs with her school so when the time came she would get to a great collage far from here so her family could she was only 10 but had the ambition of a 50 year old she felt sad for her Aunt Sarah she was being abused by her husband she felt pity but knew if she felt said and stayed for her she would never get out of there.

Soon before she knew it her Aunt and Uncle got a divorce Valerie was sad but knew it happened because it happened and it wasn’t her fault it was his so she moved on with her aunt to a new house it was bigger than the last one.

One month had past and Valerie finally had just settled in the new place and her aunt was seeing a new man he was worse than the last. Her aunt Jewel had asked the man to live with them and they were worse than ever, all they did was you know stay in their bed worrying about nothing she didn’t come out of there room for 2 weeks only to get food then they got the mini refrigerator. Valerie was heartbroken tomorrow was her birthday did they get her any presents but they didn’t she called up one of her friends and talked for 4 straight hours she was upset but now she was 11 and getting on her own two feet was going to happen sooner or later.

The next morning she got a letter addressed to her she was amazed it was from a school named Hogwarts she was so excited she knew what all of this was about and couldn’t wait and only dreamed of this since she was young she couldn’t wait but thought how she was going to tell her aunt she knew her aunt would say know but Valerie knew she was going to go no matter what she said because this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Valerie decided she was going to tell her aunt anyway so she sat her aunt down and told her everything her aunt was a little disappointed that she would do that to her but understood why, her aunt suddenly told her everything about her father and what had happened to him when he was growing up she said he had a ability and you will too.

Valerie was shocked that her aunt had kept such a secret to herself but her aunt reassured her it was in her best thought to keep you hidden from all this and said she had hoped I had never had it but knew her brother would have been proud of you either way, when Valerie heard this she was very happy so she got up and started to pack.

A few days later she said goodbye to her friends and wished them farewell and off to Hogwarts she went.

Once Valerie had got there, she heard they were sorted into houses she decided she would go to whatever house they chose for her with confidence and they chose for her Amity she was happy with the group she got and knew she would have a good time here.

5 years later she is going into her 5th year and can’t wait to see what more they have in store for her.

|{Family Tree : People of Importance}|Father : Derek Geller
Aunt: Jewel
Ex-Uncle: Don
Maybe Uncle: Tim

|{Happiest Memory}|This one day where she spent the whole day at the beach

|{Saddest Memory}|
the day her father passed away

{"I have my good and my bad days how bout you.” }

Wants to be kissed
Keeps secrets so no one can hurt her
avoids shrimp cause it looks weird


Face Claim ||
Jane Levy

So begins...

Valerie Geller's Story