Clash of Clans: Elements of Elyria

Clash of Clans: Elements of Elyria


Six elemental clans struggle for control of the land of Elyria. Where do your loyalties lie?

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Six clans - the Lucere, the Caliga, the Terra, the Ignis, the Unda and the Ventus - all fight for the favor of the blank-faced god Oudeteros, and control of the world of Elyria.
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i. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Remember that there is another writer behind the opposite screen, who is just as valid as you are.

ii. Do not cross-roleplay. If you've found your way here, you should know what that is. Letting personal feelings cross over into the game is not recommended, and if you find yourself doing so, you may need a short LoA (Leave of Absence).

iii. This storyline contains very mature themes, so please be of age if you intend to participate.

iv. Explicit material is forbidden from the forum. Keep it in emails or private messages.

v. Each character is only allowed to master one element. Multiples are prohibited.

vi. The royal and noble houses are more powerful than the citizens.

vii. Physical attributes are important. If your character belongs to a certain clan, please keep his/her physical description and representation accurate to the story. (i.e., Unda have platinum hair. A red-haired Unda for the sake of being different isn't allowed.)

viii. No one element is more powerful than any other. Please don't try to center the story around the element your character manipulates. Everyone likes a chance to shine in the spotlight.

ix. Noble families can bestow magical abilities upon citizens they deem worthy, but this is not done through the noble him/herself. The magic is in their Elementstaff.

x. Once registered, players have four (4) weeks of zero activity without notice or contact with a storyline admin before their contribution is removed.

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Character Portrait: Kieliah Draegar


Character Portrait: Kieliah Draegar
Kieliah Draegar

Daughter of the Lucere-Kral.


Character Portrait: Kieliah Draegar
Kieliah Draegar

Daughter of the Lucere-Kral.

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Character Portrait: Kieliah Draegar
Kieliah Draegar

Daughter of the Lucere-Kral.

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