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Darren Felix Boreaux

"When something shatters one's really is hard to build back one's sense of leadership, isn't it?"

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a character in “Clash of the Zodiac”, as played by aarondalea





Darren Felix Boreaux

“Just call me Darren- I don’t really have a nickname. But then again, it’s up to you, I suppose.”


“The best Sign of all.”




• Scar|| This scar holds a traumatic memory for Darren. Not only does it warn him about his powers as a Zodiac, but also in the dangers and improbabilities of life. It shows him not only that he is not the master of his own future, but that he is a pawn within the large scheme of things- and that if something does not go his way, he cannot stop it from happening. This scar is a mark of shame, of powerlessness.
• Rarely ever smiles|| Darren’s smiles are rather rare, though he tends to be extremely gregarious and kind. His personality doesn’t show through his face, though- it shows through his actions. His face tends to be in a constant grimace or even a look of anger.



Zodiac Abilities:
– Pyrokinesis -
A common ability amongst those born under the constellation of Leo, Darren started experimenting with his pyrokinetic abilities but a few weeks before he entered school. During this time period, however, Darren has self-taught and discovered some of the basics to his powers, though he is still much in loss as to how to control his powers to a larger extent. Currently, his powers are mainly limited to letting out jets of fire- he can sometimes manipulate them while concentrating hard on the jets he creates. A point of interest is that Darren’s fire is larger- more powerful- than the fires of other members of the Leo constellation, and he has seen streaks of blue inside his fires.

-Electricity Manipulation | Lightning Manipulation-
Darren has only been able to do this once, and was only able to do so after a horrible accident that he himself has shoved to the back of his brain. However, only for that flash instant, as pain coursed through his body, Darren was able to redirect the electricity out of his body and into the air, causing flashes of blue lightning to light up in front of him before vanishing into the air. Since then- around two weeks ago- Darren has never been able to create electricity no matter what.

Lightning manipulation, or electricity manipulation, is a higher-level for fire manipulation. Few are able to reach this stage of pyrokinesis, as it demands heightened concentration, training and patience. Without the right mindset, lightning can never be created.

Main Zodiac Power: [Pyrotechnic Projection] |
The results of this power look like small fireworks- and they are, to an extent. However, most would describe these explosions as bombs. As the manipulator grows more powerful, they can increase the magnitude of the fireworks until they are as destructive as nuclear bombs- not that this has ever happened before. These ‘fireworks’ carry the light and sound of normal, entertainment fireworks, but when used against others can also be used as a means of protection and attack.

The amount of Zodiacs that have been able to unlock this power can be counted with two hands- and almost all of them never dared to use this power, as they viewed it as wild and untamable.

Zodiac Level:
Level 1

“I was born in the land of dragons.”

“I mean, I do like to see people at their most basic form- their personalities, et cetera- but…I just can’t imagine dating a guy.”

Romantic Interest:
“To be honest, I haven’t thought much about this- yet.”





{Big hearted | Leader-like | Possessive | Confident | Stubborn | Loyal | Ambitious | Generous | Kind | Energetic | Optimistic | Gregarious | Egoistic | Dominating | Impatient}

Darren is rather similar to the many Zodiacs of the Leo constellation. Kind, gregarious and energetic, Darren tends to make friends extremely easily and loves to participate in activities. This ranges from physical sports to study activities within class. Within his groups of friends, he tends to establish himself as the Leader, guiding and leading everyone around to what he believes is the best option or best-case scenario. Whenever he makes a friend, Darren tends to be extremely loyal, making sure to not harm his friends or help them in any way possible. He is notoriously kind and nice, and loves to meet new people whenever possible. This, however, is extremely common within members of the Leo Constellation, and almost the entire members of the Leo Constellation act in this certain way. Compared to the other members, however, Darren’s niceness seems a bit toned down but not as easy to retract as the other Leo’s are fast to anger.

Also like the other Zodiacs of the Leo Constellation, Darren is extremely stubborn and dominating, with a rather inflated ego. However, something is broken about this ego of his- it is almost gone, nonexistent, but a shadow of it still resides within him. Whenever tackling a problem, Darren tends to take it upon himself to finish everything and not rely on everything, and he tends to take all matters in terms of pride and honor. He is extremely ambitious in terms of what he does, and rarely is he satiated with what he obtains or has. This doesn’t mean that Darren is willing to give his possessions away. Rather, Darren is extremely possessive, and can get into fights with others over what he believes is ‘his’. When he cannot get what he wants, Darren tends to get extremely impatient, and tries to pound through his problems through sheer force alone.

But, that all said, there is a sort of mellowness to Darren’s personality. There is a reservation and diffidence that is extremely rare within Leos. Though he is quick to act, Darren never does anything without planning his every step and move carefully to ensure his own success. He is far from rash, though sometimes his emotions to get the better of himself.


Talking | Conversations | Texting | Walking around | Moving | Control | Good scores | Looking good | Popularity | Competitions | Momentary solitude | Thoughtful people | Operas | His new life | Spurning himself on | Motivational speeches | Security

Negative comments | Rude people | stealing stuff | Having his stuff stolen | Memories | His mother | Drugs | Alcohol | Holing up at home | Gossiping | People who challenge his authority | Debate | Restrictions | Large fires | pictures of smoking houses | Smoke | The smell of smoke | Spiders | Sirens

x Thanatophobia| Fear of Death || Darren, just like most normal human beings, fears the day he leaves this world. He wants to live within the moment, and live it to it’s best. The sight of his father burning to death may have prompted this phobia to grow within Darren- and it has mainly worked as a way to spurn him to work hard and live as best as he can.x
x Thalassophobia| Fear of the Sea|| Probably because Leo is a horoscope of fire, Darren does not like water much. Pools? Sure. Rain? Fine. The sea? No thanks. Darren doesn’t like to swim much, and when he does have to go to the beach, he tends to stick far away from the water, sun bathing on the sand.x
x Baldness|| Though he is slightly different from other Leo’s, this doesn’t mean that Darren is any less vain. He doesn’t look forward to the day he loses hair at all.x

o Sword Fighting|| Darren is extremely good at sword fighting, and has yet to find someone better than he is. He typically likes to use double swords, rather than a singular sword. He learned how to sword fight early on by attending classes, though he stopped going to those classes rather early. However, this doesn’t mean that his skills at sword fighting are any worse than people who have been training for five years.o
o Gaming|| Darren’s account is rather well known around the League of Legends Universe- not that anyone knows. He tends to play around in many games, dabbling in xbone, DS, PS4 games, and all of them were relatively easy to play. Except for Dark Souls. But where did he get the money? Through his own means.o
o Making friends|| Darren himself considers this as a sort of talent though all Leo’s are rather exceptional at making new friends within short amounts of time.o

= Pride =
= Conflicting feelings|| His father's incident and the fall of his sister and mother has left Darren confused with his own personality and his life. He doesn't know exactly what to do, and this has led him to go down an extremely unsure path, causing him to say conflicting ideas and do opposite actions, leaving others unsure of what exactly he wants himself. =
= Anger =
= Stubbornness =
= Implicit Manipulative intents|| Though Darren himself has yet to admit even to himself, he does tend to become increasingly manipulative over whatever he claims as 'his'.



Born to Daniel Boreaux and Han Shenghong, Darren was loved by many and brought up in a semi-western and semi-chinese style. Though considerably free, many restrictions were put on the boy, especially from his father as Daniel himself was a Zodiac. His mother tried to take up the position as the “fun” within the family, taking Darren and his sister out to play. His father, due to the economical decline of Darren’s grandparents, was forced to stay within the Earth Plane while studying to perfect his Zodiac Skills. Daniel himself never thought of going back to school, content with the extent he had managed to explore with his powers, though relatively limited. When Vanessa and Daniel were born- the two were twins- he had been extremely happy to learn that the two were both born blessed by the Constellation of Leo, though worry filled his heart. This forced him to adopt the role as the harsh rule-follower and maker within the family, taking on the position as ‘Tiger Dad’- but he rarely was home, as Daniel’s main goal was to provide Vanessa and Darren enough money to make it to the Celestial Plane.

However, Daniel strained himself too far. After 7 years of constant work and lack of rest, Daniel gave in gradually to alcohol and smoking. Both did not help his already weak control over his Zodiac skills. Stress built up as Darren and Vanessa started to grow up, and their educational prices were rising with their height as well. Shenghong was forced to search for a job as well, in hopes of lessening Daniel’s burden- but Daniel quit his job immediately afterwards. Darren and Vanessa could only watch helplessly as Shenghong turned into the family’s only worker, taking up day and night jobs to keep the house running. Daniel fell further into alcoholism, and his drunken rages could be heard throughout the house. Smoke became a common phenomenon and spurts of red light were seen everywhere.

“Those days were utter hell…”

When Darren was 12, while Vanessa had been out at a friend’s house and Shenghong at work, Darren had been playing around in the house. “Apparently, I was making too much noise.” His father had barged into his room, demanding that the boy stayed silent. Darren could see the anger within his father- it was consuming him, and that one shout served as the breaking of the dam, unleashing something Darren’s whole family never would have expected. “Fire burst out of his hands, scraped my face, and landed on the floor. He couldn’t stop the fire- it burned the whole house down.” Luckily enough, Darren’s room was on the first floor and he managed to crawl out by his window. His father was more unfortunate, as the fire he created- and could not stop- continued to spew out of him, burning down the house and Daniel himself. Darren got away with a large scar on the left side of his face, and the memory burnt into his memory.

Shenghong collapsed afterwards; the pressure and the tragic death of her husband left her barren and hopeless. Vanessa retreated within herself as well, fear rising within her in terms of her probable Zodiac powers. Only Darren was left within the household, and he tried his best to cheer up his mother but to no avail. On the eve of his 16th birthday, Darren’s powers were awakened- but thankfully not in front of Darren’s family. The small flickering flame that had suddenly burst forth on top of Darren’s right index finger instilled a sense of fear and hope within the young boy. Darren believes that he has found a new means of attaining happiness, not just through friends- many of which he had- but also through his own two hands, through force and power.

“I knew, from then on, that nothing would be the same ever again.”

The moment the letter arrived for his acceptance into Seraphic Academy, Darren’s relationship with his mother and sister grew extremely distant. His mother was scared of Darren due to his powers; Vanessa jealous and fearful at the same time, angry that Darren’s powers had awakened instead of hers. Right before Darren left for the Academy, Vanessa plunged herself into a pit of depression, using drugs and self-mutilation as a means of release. The only thing Darren did for his sister- due to his overall lack of time- was to sign her up for therapy and rehab sessions. He himself is unsure if she attended these sessions or not. Darren had left the house without any ‘goodbyes’ and no acknowledgement at all. The Boreaux family is nothing but a shell of what it once was.

“I can only wish that everything will get better- and it should, because I am taking my own life into my own hands.”


• Father| Daniel Boreaux | Deceased || "Remembered as a loving father- a disillusioned but nonetheless loved father..."
• Mother| Han Shenghong (Veronica Han) | Alive || Veronica currently resides permanently at home. She rarely ever steps out of the house, and doesn't try to contact anyone at all. Currently, she is but a ghost of the Veronica Han that once worked hard and believed in a better future
• Sister| Vanessa Mara Boreaux | Alive|| Addicted to heroin, and a self-abuser. Is distraught about the fact that her brother's powers awakened, and has developed a 'hatred' to everything around herself. Does not attend school and stays about home, doing nothing but browsing the internet whenever she likes.


Character Thoughts On Others:

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Theme Song:

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So begins...

Darren Felix Boreaux's Story

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The front courtyard was busy with crowds of girls and boys, running about with duffel bags, suitcases, and backpacks. It was the start of the year; returning students were eager to reunite with friends under the warm sun, and first years wanted to make good impressions with their new class. None were clad in uniforms yet- colors and fabrics swirled as excited girls squealed and clasped each other, and at least one or two boys flipped colored hair as they exchanged high-fives.
Despite the commotion outside, the students were making good time into the school. Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic was a large piece of land, located 20 miles from the middle of nowhere. The building itself was all red brick and large windows, with a double staircase leading up to the main entrance. Between the grand stairs was an open gate, leading into the inner patio. Though this was also a means of getting into the school, (directly accessing the classrooms,) older students stood at the foot of the stairs, ushering the kids up them and discouraging entrance to the patio.
Once inside, the students found themselves in the entrance hall, or commons. It’s all high ceilings and benches, and could be fairly comfortable for students to hang out in if they so wish. The main offices were directly to the right of the main doors; straight ahead was the auditorium. The auditorium was one of the biggest rooms in the school, nearly matching the gym. The seats aren’t permanent; rather, they’re long benches, almost akin to pews, that were currently being filled with students. Most held their bags with them, though some upperclassmen deposited them in the corner, knowing they would be safe.

All of this, Mira Hampton watched with a keen eye from her seat on the auditoriums stage. She didn’t need to be present in any of these locations to supervise clearly; her Zodiac gifted her with sight. Through her parasight power, it was easy to switch between any of her upperclassmen’s eyes. Of course, they had given their permission. Being prefects of sort, they were her primary means of keeping an eye on everything at the academy- literally.

Mira, the headmistress, gave everyone time to make their way to the auditorium and settle down before standing. She was glad everyone was getting along- the school had never had to much drama or physical altercations, and she hoped to keep it that way. Still, as much as she loved to see the socializing, they all needed to quiet down.
She stepped up to the microphone, tapping on it to get everyone’s attention. Luckily, they all quieted.

“Good morning,” She began, smiling kindly as her voice rang throughout the room. “I’d like to say a few words before we officially begin the school year. Foremost, welcome back to our returning students-“
Mira was forced to break off as a few boys began ‘whooping,’ chanting something about the fourth years. Others joined in until there was a full out round of applause for the upperclassmen. She rolled her eyes, but waved down their noise good-naturedly until they stopped.
“Yes, we do have a bit of enthusiastic upperclassmen, and I’m just as glad to see all of your smiling faces here as the rest of you. But, we can’t forget to welcome our first years, our fresh Zodiacs, here to learn and prosper- let’s show them a kind hello!”

As the thundering applause took over, Mira joined this time. The older kids had always been accepting of the first years. There was absolutely no hazing permitted on her school grounds, and rivalry between years was prohibited with the exception of sports. Still, it always amazed her how the fourth and third years could welcome the younger kids with open arms. When she had been young, there was always a senior superiority complex at her Zodiac school- not having that had been a goal and she was glad to have accomplished it.

When the applause verged on a full minute, Mira waved her hands to quiet everyone down.

“Thank you everyone, and thank you first years for taking the first step the better understanding your Zodiac. This school is dedicated to helping you as an individual, rather than as a member of your class- never forget that you are special, and you deserve individual attention! You have a real opportunity to join in here, and be a part of something great. Of course, dedication to studies is expected, but joining sports, clubs, or electives is encouraged! Here, you will gain the confidence to be risk takers and face the challenges of modern living, whether you aim for the Earth Plane or the Celestial Hierarchy….”

Mira continued with her short beginning of year speech- these portions never varied much from year to year. Encouraging the new students to get involved, and the old students who weren’t already to give it a shot. It only took a few minutes or so to make her points, and then she moved along to what everyone was really curious about.

“As is customary to my beginning of year speeches, I’ll be taking the time to introduce our new and noteworthy teachers this year. This isn’t nearly all of our staff- a few are loitering around by all of you, and some are still preparing for tomorrow. However, I’ll still be doing what introductions I can for the new staff.” She gestured the male sitting to her left, who stood. His frame was slim and his face pronounced; shaggy blonde hair fell unkemptly over the glasses perched on his nose. He looked either uninterested, or about to pass out.

“You all probably know Deputy Head Junko-“ Some girls in the audience broke into shrill yells of adoration, half jokingly, and Kaine Junko’s expression immediately changed, lighting up as he bowed and laughed, before sitting again. Mira calmed the girls down, wishing he wouldn’t encourage their admiration.

“Next, we have a new Nurse- Madame Humingbird, who I expect you to welcome with open arms. Heaven knows you kids spend enough time in the infirmary, so be sure to say hello when you end up there.”

The headmistress ran through the few others sitting on stage, then added on a side note that a science teacher was off on a research trip currently and would return the end of the week.

“Finally, I would like you all to pay attention please, and then I’ll get out of your hair. Boundaries this year have contracted slightly. The swimming hole out in the forest is now about the end of the grounds. Of course, the shields are up, so don’t expect to be able to pass the area anyway, but now you can avoid unpleasant surprises. If you need to travel off campus, please seek approval in the front office. Aside from college and business trips, fieldwork will be limited this semester. If caught loitering on the boarders or trying to break them, severe punishment will ensue.
“Lastly, be sure to stop by the designated tables in the commons for room and schedule arrangements. There are signs over the tables and prefects will be willing to direct you to dorms, so do try not to cause too much chaos. Belongings have been predelivered to your rooms, but don’t forget any carry-ons you brought into this assembly. Core classes start tomorrow; electives and extra power classes must be registered for by the end of next week. Dress code is in effect on weekdays as of tomorrow.”
Mira paused, glancing over the student body. The assembly hadn’t taken more than 30 minutes, so none were fidgeting and most had paid attention. Good. She sighed, hoping she hadn’t forgotten anything.

“I do believe that’s all- I hope you take advantage of today to take a look around the school rather than spend hours decorating. Please listen for announcements. With that, I bid you all a good year! Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you in my classes!”

With that, the students were dismissed to go find out their dorm rooms and schedules, and Mira sat back down with a sigh. She hoped this year would be uneventful, despite the recent problems popping up on the Earth Plane. Hopefully, here would be safe.

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Darren sat in his assigned chair, his back rigid straight and his hands placed neatly on his lap. Underneath his hands was a pamphlet, a piece of paper and his bag, the only things he had retrieved from his suitcase when he had arrived at the school. His luggage was safely tucked under his bed back in the dorm room he had already visited, faster and earlier than nearly all the students that now surrounded him in the large auditorium. There was a din of excitement and anticipation that surged throughout the crowd, though the Headmistress was able to silence them when needs be- but it was still rather loud. Especially since Darren sat beside a group of giggling girls, their eyes roaming the crowds around them- stopping on a few- as if predators searching for a new piece of meat. But their giggles suddenly stopped the moment they saw Darren as he squirmed uncomfortably under their gaze, trying to hide his left cheek with his shaggy, long hair. It didn’t work. Immediately, the giggles turned into whispers as the girls constantly glanced at him, looks of amusement on their faces as they regarded Darren as if he were nothing but a dead butterfly they had found in a playground. He sighed as he returned his focus to the headmistress, trying to force on a nonchalant look on his face. People are the same everywhere they are, huh. Darren thought dully as he stared lifelessly at the podium. Ever since other students had started to fill in the school, Darren had been pointed at, whispered at, and actually called out due to the large scar that covered nearly half of his face. But Darren was used to it; the reactions here were no different from those at home.

But at least this place seems better than it was back home. Contrary to most of the students that sat in the large auditorium, Darren had personally signed up to enter the academy. When his powers had awakened, when he had received the acceptance letter, Darren worked in enough part-time jobs so he could travel and land himself a seat in Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic. He had craved to escape the clutches of his clinically depressed mother and his heroin addicted sister- and he had jumped the first train he could get onto. I hope they’ll be fine… It was obvious that the two would not be fine. Darren had been the one doing the chores for the past few years; he had been the one working while studying, at least trying to make sure that the bills were paid. But it hadn’t meant anything to his mother and sister. When he had left the house, telling them the reason for his leave only when he had already stepped out of the small dingy house that they lived in, his mother and sister had shot him eyes of utter hatred- and the door had been slammed in his face. I don’t think I’ll be going home for holidays. Darren sighed as the Headmistress finally finished her speech and the students that sat in the rows were finally free to go.

Contrary to the beckoning of the headmistress, many of the students stood up and immediately turned around to talk to the other students that now surrounded them. New year, new students- I suppose this means new friends. Darren turned to his right, opposite to the direction the gaggle of girls from earlier, and looked at a new student- a girl- whom sat right beside him. A taken aback look flashed on Darren’s face, as he had not sensed the girl throughout the opening ceremony. It was almost as if she were a surprise gift- but the look on her face said otherwise. It’s too late. I’ve already turned- might as well say hi. We’re going to have classes with one another anyways, right? Darren coughed once before putting on a beaming smile, looking at the girl as he raised his hand to shake hers. “It’s nice to meet you! My name is Darren Boreaux, a Leo Zodiac…you are?” Keeping his smile in place, Darren surveyed the girl’s expression and made sure to not move. She looks like a ticking bomb. Darren did not want to set a fuse off on the first day, even if he did control fire and explosions.