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Ivanna Cain

0 · 574 views · located in Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic

a character in “Clash of the Zodiac”, as played by dreammuffin



Ivanna Cain



♑ Capricorn ♑



128 lb

o Her eyes are quite unusual with their crimson color
o She gets incredibly flustered when someone flirts with her
o She can get rather violent when she's tickled
o Most of the time, you can find her with a lollipop in her hand
o She hates anything sour
o Has a habit of humming when she's bored or doing a monotonous task

Zodiac Abilities:
- Darkness Manipulation -
With this power, Ivanna can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. She can also solidify shadows to create constructs and weapons, and teleport herself through massive distances via shadows. The power can be used both offensively and defensively. She doesn't have much control over her power yet, so she can only do the most basic of things.
Control || Rudimentary
Known || Yes

- Enhanced Durability -
This power enables Ivanna to be physically attacked many times with little repercussions. She can also withstand a few strong attacks, but there is a limit to this durability, however. Past that limit, it is possible to harm her. If she increases her control on the power, she will be able to withstand stronger attacks for a long period of time.
Control || Passive
Known || No

Main Zodiac Power: Weather Manipulation [Atmokinetic Combat] || With this power, Ivanna can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. She can generate these powers in as large an area as she wants. This power also enables Ivanna to manipulate the main components of weather; Air, Electricity, and Water. The manipulation of weather has capabilities other than just creating storms. She can control the individual aspects of weather, such as creating lighting, for offensive and defensive combat.

Zodiac Level:

50% French | 50% German


Romantic Interest:

To be determined

To be determined

Patient || Introvert || Detached || Compassionate || Temperamental || Stubborn || Independent || Practical

Ivy's patience is something that hardly wears thin. While it didn't start out that way, she slowly learned to wait for things to happen, rather than rant about how slowly something is. That isn't to say that she won't fight for what she wants, but she knows she won't get anything immediately. Her patience makes her very good at planning and problem solving, and working towards her goals. It also helps her deal with people, as she won't rush anyone into telling her something by hassling and annoying them.

Ivanna is an introverted individual, who prefers the company of herself to others, and is usually quiet. She's a girl of few words, and doesn't speak more than she needs to. She wouldn't normally talk to anyone who doesn't initiate a conversation first, unless she has to. She often come across as detached to people. Emotional involvement doesn’t come easily to her. She doesn't generally get close to people beyond a certain point. She isn't that good at communicating her feelings to others, and she will take her own sweet time to open up. When she takes a liking to someone, becomes more lively. Generally, it takes a lot to become her friend, but she treasures anyone she can call 'friend'.

Ivanna doesn't show her affection as easily as others, but is still compassionate towards her friends and the people around her. They might not notice it, but it's in the little things she does. It's actually quite rare for her to be open with affection, because it leaves her feeling open and vulnerable, something she hates doing.

She has a very hot temper lying dormant underneath that, when prodded enough, can come lashing out. She finds it best to stay as calm as she can to keep her temper in check. She can get impulsive when she gets angry. Thankfully, her rage has rarely ever shown itself, as she's kept herself in check.

Ivanna can also be really tenacious and strong-willed. She likes to get her way, and by any means possible, she usually always does. She makes up her mind about things and it's near impossible to talk her out of it. Trying to talk her out of something is like trying to wear a boulder down into sand because of her patience. That stubbornness has gotten her into trouble on more than a few occasions.

Ivy grew up as an independent person, never choosing to rely on anyone for anything. Being babied or underestimated is something she loathes. She makes sure people know that she isn't someone to be protected, she can take care of herself. Her independent nature becomes plain in the thing she does, with no thought of ever becoming dependent on anyone.

Ivy is known for her pragmatic approach. Her calculating mind can also find the best solution to problematic situations, which is why she's unbeatable at chess. That is why when she is faced with a problem or decision, she always thinks things through very carefully before taking action.

♥ Her powers || Lollipops || Dancing || Stargazing || Nighttime || Being Alone || Food || Music || Smoothies || Reading || Books || Rain || Storms || Sparring || Winning || Flowers || Spicy food || Dogs || Beaches || Chocolate || Sweaters || Playing Guitar || Intelligence || Funny people || Mysteries || Bubble Baths || Sleeping || Friends ♥

✖ Heights || Failure || Feelings || Crowds || Weakness || Anything sour || Being Underestimated || Romance || Grapes || Waking up early || High heels || Nonfiction books || Being Interrupted || Her temper || Stupidity || Being let down || Sound of knuckles cracking ✖

x Heights x
x Failure x
x Rejection x

o Dancing o
o Playing Guitar o
o Sleeping o
o Sports o

= Detached =
= Her Temper =
= Stubborn =


Ivanna was born to a wealthy couple, the second child in the family. Her older brother was Sage, who was 2 years older than her.



Character Thoughts On Others:

Capricorn - TBA
Aquarius - TBA
Pisces - TBA
Taurus - TBA
Gemini - TBA
Cancer – TBA [I’m gonna leave these all as To be answered for ya(; )
Leo - TBA
Virgo - TBA
Libra - TBA
Scorpio - TBA
Sagittarius - TBA

Theme Song:


So begins...

Ivanna Cain's Story

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The front courtyard was busy with crowds of girls and boys, running about with duffel bags, suitcases, and backpacks. It was the start of the year; returning students were eager to reunite with friends under the warm sun, and first years wanted to make good impressions with their new class. None were clad in uniforms yet- colors and fabrics swirled as excited girls squealed and clasped each other, and at least one or two boys flipped colored hair as they exchanged high-fives.
Despite the commotion outside, the students were making good time into the school. Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic was a large piece of land, located 20 miles from the middle of nowhere. The building itself was all red brick and large windows, with a double staircase leading up to the main entrance. Between the grand stairs was an open gate, leading into the inner patio. Though this was also a means of getting into the school, (directly accessing the classrooms,) older students stood at the foot of the stairs, ushering the kids up them and discouraging entrance to the patio.
Once inside, the students found themselves in the entrance hall, or commons. It’s all high ceilings and benches, and could be fairly comfortable for students to hang out in if they so wish. The main offices were directly to the right of the main doors; straight ahead was the auditorium. The auditorium was one of the biggest rooms in the school, nearly matching the gym. The seats aren’t permanent; rather, they’re long benches, almost akin to pews, that were currently being filled with students. Most held their bags with them, though some upperclassmen deposited them in the corner, knowing they would be safe.

All of this, Mira Hampton watched with a keen eye from her seat on the auditoriums stage. She didn’t need to be present in any of these locations to supervise clearly; her Zodiac gifted her with sight. Through her parasight power, it was easy to switch between any of her upperclassmen’s eyes. Of course, they had given their permission. Being prefects of sort, they were her primary means of keeping an eye on everything at the academy- literally.

Mira, the headmistress, gave everyone time to make their way to the auditorium and settle down before standing. She was glad everyone was getting along- the school had never had to much drama or physical altercations, and she hoped to keep it that way. Still, as much as she loved to see the socializing, they all needed to quiet down.
She stepped up to the microphone, tapping on it to get everyone’s attention. Luckily, they all quieted.

“Good morning,” She began, smiling kindly as her voice rang throughout the room. “I’d like to say a few words before we officially begin the school year. Foremost, welcome back to our returning students-“
Mira was forced to break off as a few boys began ‘whooping,’ chanting something about the fourth years. Others joined in until there was a full out round of applause for the upperclassmen. She rolled her eyes, but waved down their noise good-naturedly until they stopped.
“Yes, we do have a bit of enthusiastic upperclassmen, and I’m just as glad to see all of your smiling faces here as the rest of you. But, we can’t forget to welcome our first years, our fresh Zodiacs, here to learn and prosper- let’s show them a kind hello!”

As the thundering applause took over, Mira joined this time. The older kids had always been accepting of the first years. There was absolutely no hazing permitted on her school grounds, and rivalry between years was prohibited with the exception of sports. Still, it always amazed her how the fourth and third years could welcome the younger kids with open arms. When she had been young, there was always a senior superiority complex at her Zodiac school- not having that had been a goal and she was glad to have accomplished it.

When the applause verged on a full minute, Mira waved her hands to quiet everyone down.

“Thank you everyone, and thank you first years for taking the first step the better understanding your Zodiac. This school is dedicated to helping you as an individual, rather than as a member of your class- never forget that you are special, and you deserve individual attention! You have a real opportunity to join in here, and be a part of something great. Of course, dedication to studies is expected, but joining sports, clubs, or electives is encouraged! Here, you will gain the confidence to be risk takers and face the challenges of modern living, whether you aim for the Earth Plane or the Celestial Hierarchy….”

Mira continued with her short beginning of year speech- these portions never varied much from year to year. Encouraging the new students to get involved, and the old students who weren’t already to give it a shot. It only took a few minutes or so to make her points, and then she moved along to what everyone was really curious about.

“As is customary to my beginning of year speeches, I’ll be taking the time to introduce our new and noteworthy teachers this year. This isn’t nearly all of our staff- a few are loitering around by all of you, and some are still preparing for tomorrow. However, I’ll still be doing what introductions I can for the new staff.” She gestured the male sitting to her left, who stood. His frame was slim and his face pronounced; shaggy blonde hair fell unkemptly over the glasses perched on his nose. He looked either uninterested, or about to pass out.

“You all probably know Deputy Head Junko-“ Some girls in the audience broke into shrill yells of adoration, half jokingly, and Kaine Junko’s expression immediately changed, lighting up as he bowed and laughed, before sitting again. Mira calmed the girls down, wishing he wouldn’t encourage their admiration.

“Next, we have a new Nurse- Madame Humingbird, who I expect you to welcome with open arms. Heaven knows you kids spend enough time in the infirmary, so be sure to say hello when you end up there.”

The headmistress ran through the few others sitting on stage, then added on a side note that a science teacher was off on a research trip currently and would return the end of the week.

“Finally, I would like you all to pay attention please, and then I’ll get out of your hair. Boundaries this year have contracted slightly. The swimming hole out in the forest is now about the end of the grounds. Of course, the shields are up, so don’t expect to be able to pass the area anyway, but now you can avoid unpleasant surprises. If you need to travel off campus, please seek approval in the front office. Aside from college and business trips, fieldwork will be limited this semester. If caught loitering on the boarders or trying to break them, severe punishment will ensue.
“Lastly, be sure to stop by the designated tables in the commons for room and schedule arrangements. There are signs over the tables and prefects will be willing to direct you to dorms, so do try not to cause too much chaos. Belongings have been predelivered to your rooms, but don’t forget any carry-ons you brought into this assembly. Core classes start tomorrow; electives and extra power classes must be registered for by the end of next week. Dress code is in effect on weekdays as of tomorrow.”
Mira paused, glancing over the student body. The assembly hadn’t taken more than 30 minutes, so none were fidgeting and most had paid attention. Good. She sighed, hoping she hadn’t forgotten anything.

“I do believe that’s all- I hope you take advantage of today to take a look around the school rather than spend hours decorating. Please listen for announcements. With that, I bid you all a good year! Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you in my classes!”

With that, the students were dismissed to go find out their dorm rooms and schedules, and Mira sat back down with a sigh. She hoped this year would be uneventful, despite the recent problems popping up on the Earth Plane. Hopefully, here would be safe.